Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tushies to Target!

Calling all Crazy Sexies!

Let's put this bitch to bed once and for all. WHAT IS THE EASIEST JUICER TO CLEAN? Forget about what all the raw foodists say, forget about centrifugal force or slow grind. We NEED to juice and if the machine is too hard to clean, it collects dust! Be honest. We're busy and forgive me, LAZY. There is always time for you but we've been domesticated to throw ourselves under a bus in this country. Believe me, I'm no better, more about that in the next blog. GULP.

The top o' the line juicers are costly, sorta like the down payment on a prius. Sooooo let's do a study! Will you help me? Go to TARGET and buy a juicer. COME ON! Do it. Take your tushie to target (or linens and things etc). Be a detective. If you like it keep it, if you don't, rent it! Renting is what I do with clothes sometimes. Naughty but true, tape the tags down and strut that dress (carefully) then return it the next day. Why not? Stylists do it for Supermodels. We're no different than Heidi Klum!

Email me your data and we'll start a liquid revolution.

Right now I am using the Green Star (it does LOTS of other things too but it has many pieces to put together and wash) and I also use the Breville (I thought it sucked, why is everyone talking about this? Then hubby realized ours was busted - aha! I'll give it another chance when I return it). 3 is a charm, I have a cheap old one too with no name. Very good but not sure there isn't a better one.

Make millions and someone invent one!

Onto another topic, blenders. My friends, the vitamix rules and it is expensive but worth it! As I said in the film, it is the cadillac of blenders....

The resources page will be up this weekend! It will have links to lots of my favorite products. If we're gonna rebuild a gorgeous temple house (our bods) WE NEED SOME DAMN TOOLS!

Peace & juicers,


Linda said...

Several years ago, I ordered a Titan Gold 102 juicer is a centrifugal juicer, but it has tons of power and...drumroll can get biodegradeable FILTERS for it! Pop off the lid, pull out the filter (and toss it into a compost bin, preferably!), unscrew the bolt and rinse the bowl, screen and blade well! Easy peasy cleanup! I've had some cheaper, store-bought juicers in the past that I was ho-hum happy with, but this one really gets each drop of juice out..the pulp on the filter is nearly dry! I love this only problem is I don't use it nearly as often as I should!!

Kris - I loved Crazy Sexy are an amazingly talented, funny and inspirational person! I don't have cancer, but your fabulous doc motivated my butt to dust off my juicer and start taking better care of my SELF..the self that I obviously have been taking for granted for the past few years! Thank you for the big kick in the butt...and all the great suggestions and ideas here on your blog! You amaze & inspire...keep on keepin' on!

PS - Do you know where I can buy PH urine test strips (actual stores, not online...I want some today! lol)

Kate said...

Hi Kris & fellow c-word gals!

I'm new to juicing and decided to get my toes wet with a manual one (a bit of a workout to get the juice, but I need the exercise!) I would love it if the resources page could include an area for posting juicing recipes. I’ve discovered a few sites and would be happy to share them. Also, I'm growing my own wheatgrass and have been experimenting with different concoctions using it.

My friends laugh that I’m becoming crunchier by the day. I’m embracing my inner organic-loving, granola-making self!

Warm hug,

summer said...

I have an older model Breville..which I find easy to clean. It can go in the dish washer too. And it works great... juices whole apples.

I feel like with juicers you get what you pay for.. if you get a cheap may end up wasting all your money on more fruits & veggies. I totally recommend Ebay for buying new or used appliances much cheaper. Also the Green Star is supposedly the BEST but is hard to clean. Keep in mind though that it also juices wheatgrass--which most juicers don't. So if you are planning on buying both separtely, it may pay to spend the extra money on the GreenStar.

I think a vitamix is even better than a juicer though. Juicing leaved behind the fiber--whereas if you just threw your greens/veggies/fruits into a vitamix with some water and liquified you wouldn't be wasting anything and would retain all that important fiber.

Michelle J said...

Hi Kris,
Thanks for all the info on the many questions i asked! I have another one :O)...i was wondering what do you think of organic wheatgrass tablets or organic wheatgrass powder? Also, there is something i found called Green superfood in powder or tablets. The website is Please let me know what you think. I do realize that doing the shots would probably be better but i live in a very small apt and do not have the room to grow it. Once again, YOU ROCK!!! Love ya Michelle

finding flow said...

you are an inspiration -- thank you. can you tell me your favorite juice blends? i am stuck on beets and cucumber cut with a dash of carrot and orange. i have a cheap juicer and it seems like half of my veggie goes into the filter! i am looking for recommendation - so thanks for timely question.

Charleen said...

On the juicers....I did a ton of research and reviews rated the L'Equip (sp?) very high. I honestly hate it and just bit the bullet and bought the Green Star. My girlfriend just bought one for her father that has prostate cancer and is entering the juicing revolution.

Question regarding enzymes....what enzymes (mfg) do you recommend?

Thanks for the love...back at ya:)

Anonymous said...

I just bought the Jack LaLanne Stainless Steel Power Juicer for $89 from Costco on Sunday so I could join in the juicing revolution. It was reasonable and they have a decent return policy so I thought I would give it a spin and see what I think. It has not left the box yet but when it does I will let you know what i think...
Thanks for the motivation...

christina said...

Wow, Kris! This is my second visit to your blog, I am so inspired! We too are just newly entering the wonderful world of juicing. I have a Krups, I have only used it twice. But it seems to leave a lot of pulp behind. I look forward to reading more reviews on here.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

WOW! You gals are resonding to the call quickly! Great!

Kate - great idea! Maybe I will add that to the forum, which is in the works. Post those sites for us girl.

Summer - Yes girl, good wisdom words. You have me thinking the breville is the way to go for most, green star so expensive and in my experience most people won't deal with all the parts.
It does do wg though. Good point. Add a little olive oil to the gears and you'll get more juice. I have a hand crank for wg, it rocks.

About the blender, yes and no. For cancer patients it is really important to juice because you can get way more veggies and it is also great to for your digestive system to take a break. Juice is that break. I had 3 cukes juiced this morning. Very alakalizing. At the major detox centers for cancer - juice is the tool. At least that is what I leanred in my training. Hippocrates serves it 3 times per day and they see results. It is all so inspiring! I do both to cover all the bases. If we are eating 80/20 were getting loads of fiber. xo

So gals, we need juicers AND blenders to arm ourselves! Juicers are number one and blenders are a VERY close secon....or a tie. If I didn't have both I would be lost....and bloated. :o

Tragicomedy said...

I bought the Jack LaLanne Juicer from Target for $99.00 (it comes with a $10.00 gift card). It didn't come with directions or the recipe book that it says comes with it (I went back to the store, every box was missing both). It is a pain to clean and what I normally do is have a "Juice Day" and I bottle it all up. The pulp catcher isn't very good, most shoots out the side. The basket/filter is awful to clean and you have to wash it and then put in the dish washer, to get it fully clean. You have to wash a total of 6 things, including wiping down the outside where any spillage may have taken place. I put a grocery bag in the pulp catcher, but as stated. It still shoots out the sides. It works OK, but the effort required makes me use it a lot less. It also won't work with bananas, avocados, and things of the like as they don't have juice. You have to be quick with hard things like apples, because it spits them back out and it hurts! It's a test of reflexes. Juicing isn't fun because I have to use a bowl. It only has enough room under the nozzle thingy for a small glass.

I also bought the Back to Basics Smoothie Elite (on sale for 20 bucks, in store by the way). Regular price is $34.00. This thing is great for fruit smoothies. It blends ice beautifully!! I run fevers a lot, so anytime I have one I had a few cups of ice, some organic OJ, a bunch of strawberries and a banana, mango or peach along with a cup of organic yogurt. It blends the ice well enough it's almost like it's an icee! Leaves NO chunks at all. It is hands down the best and cheapest blender/smoothie maker I've ever had. I LOVE it! It's perfect for shakes, too (and powder drinks). Clean up is a breeze. Just rinse and go. No scrubbing and very few parts. It is self-serve (push and pour like fountain drink machines) and works with large glasses.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

charleen- hopefully if my resource section is up and running this weekend the enzymes will be there too. I'm endorsing a few supplements as well, so you can all just click on through to those sites if ya like. Important basics, enzymes, probiotics, omega. The must have barebones. As my site grows I'll connet you to other companies. The enzymes I use are sold at the Hippocrates Health Institute - I think theirs are the best.

Finding Flow- love that name! My favorites juice:
Cuke, sweet pea sprout, celery. 2nd fave: cuke, broccoli stem (they are sweet, don't be grossed out), kale and celery. Add more cuke if those are too strong for you. My juices are ONLY green. That's me.

Michelle- Wheatgrass powder: Well, better than nothing but not half the punch, I don't care what these companies say. A product that I have seen some results with is E3 live in the freezer section.
Does your local health food store sell shots of it? Can you make veggie juice too? Hey, how about you make a juice and add that powder! Hmm. xo

Charleen said...

If you don't have the time to juice daily or a couple times a day, is there a way to store juice so it doesn't lose it's nutritional composition?

Tragicomedy said...

I hope not, Charleen! I hate my juicer so much that I juice for about 3 hours in one day to keep it for 4-5 days to drink throughout the week. :O

Michelle J said...

Hi, wow so much info on stuff its making me crazy!!! I looked up E3 live and it is very interesting. Expensive too! And its kosher!!! Do you take it? As far as WG i will take your suggestion and put the powder in juice! Well, i plan to hit Target this weekend to buy a juicer...not fancy but functional! Love you Kris for all your help and time that you take to answer our questions!!! I will let you know which juicer i buy. Be well!!!

vdub06 said...

I just bought a Breville Compact Fountain for about 80 bucks a few weeks ago. I'm really happy with it, clean up is not too bad at all and the pulp is pretty dry. I add the pulp to pasta sauce or homemade soup so I don't waste it. The energy boost alone is well worth it!! Thanks for all your great advice and enthusiasm. By the way, you big tease, what was your really exciting news???

Michelle J said...

Hi Kris, can you tell us which enzymes you use from Hipprocrates Health? It would be most helpful!!! Thanks you are the bestest!!!!

Becky said...

OK, my head is officially spinning! I am going to check out your resource site when it's up, Kris. You know you've started a revolution, right???? Went swimming today again (this has been one of my lifelines along with your book/documentary/advice, etc) and at least one of my swim pod has been following you too! I swim in Maine and as of today had 7 women join me for 30 minutes in 57 degree water. Talk about feeling alive. Til I get the juicer, I'm doing as much 80/20 as i can get away with. Anyway, thanks a bunch.

lisa said...

Hi Kris,
I met you in Conn. a few weeks ago. Remember me? Are you sure you didn't take Nystatin? Did you get tested for yeast?
I appreciate you not just shooting me. I have to explain, I am also a microbiolgist but the kind that worked at pharmaceutical companies so if there wasn't a double blind study say diflucan vs an alkaline diet to kill yeast... well ya know.

I ate lots of cooked vegetables but I just couldn't handle raw but after the summer I did some allergy testing and found myself actually allergic to brewers and bakers yeast. So, I guess you can have yeast in your body and your body can actually develop an allergy to it. Anyway, since lots of salad dressings have vinegar, I started using evoo and a lemon or lime and made my own salad dressing. It has taken a while to get my digestive system able to handle the raw food but now I can handle about 2 cups of raw veggies a day.
I also juice and ( well I don't actually do the juicing I go to a local health store) and found that to heal my digestive system.
If anyone out there has problems with digesting raw food, I found having allergy testing (IgG) and eliminating those foods even if they are in everything like wheat or milk to make a HUGE difference with the raw vegan diet.

I think my favorite part of your movie was when Jackie Farr said 'breakthrough' pain. I suffer from RSD and am very well aware of that!

Keep up the good work and now that I know that juicers are available at target may actually buy one :)


Tragicomedy said...

We need a list of what we haven't tried and to make a list. We can all sign up for a type of scavenger hunt and then post with our findings! I'd be down for 'renting' a new juicer. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid to say I'm not the juicing expert, but I'll be interested to see what the opinions are.

By the way - I saw a very familiar face on a preview for Oprah ;)

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Yup. Oprah. Monday. Doh! I'll blog about that tomorrow folks. Guess what I did on the show? JUICED. :)

PS. So far I think I'm going with the Breville. My posse Gal Terri is helping me reach out to companies for the site. One company will be giving away free wellness water carafes to you gals. We're going to ask Breville if maybe they will discount. Why not ask?!!

:) sleep with the angels....

granola said...

Thanks for all the info! Can't wait to get a juicer!
Peace & veggies

Cathy said...

I started out with a jacklanne juicer a few years ago and that worked fine for me until I wore it out! I was crankin that thing every day! It was akward to clean and I noticed that it was a little messy while the juice was coming out. A year ago I upgraded to the breville and I love it! Pretty easy to clean (although I just had cleaning! lol) and my juice has less pulp in it and more great! I like how it comes with the container to catch the juice which fits pretty securely over the nozzle where it comes out. I would highly recommend this one.
As for blenders, Kris, I totally agree with you about the vitamix. I just invested in one a couple of months ago and it ROCKS!! Love, Love Love it! It was works the extra bucks. And I figure what better to invest in than my health!
Learning so much here, stop by everyday for my fix!
Many hugs to you!

Charleen said...

Do you still think the Green Star is worth the investment? I have one on the way and wondering if I should opt for something different. Also, you're endorsing the Breville, but there are several models....which one?

Oh, my favorite juice combo so far is carrots, apples, celery and ginger. Loads of antioxidants and tastes yummy too:)

cally said...

Well, I've gone and done it. Ordered my first juicer. I don't have CanSer, but rather a nasty, awful autoimmune disease called myasthenia gravis. My daughter has autism. It's time we try something new....

Thanks so much for "turning me on!"


Jamie said...

Ok, so i'm a slow mover here.. but honestly, i dont know, what is the difference between throwing your fruit/veggies in the blender and using a juicer?? i'm soo new to this and have NEVER ever had healthy eating habits, so i need help people!!! if anyone has any really good idea's about how to get a 'nutrition virgin' started, plz email me!! hahaha. and plz put something familiar in the subject line so i know it's not spam lol. I want to do the right thing for my body but cringe at the thought of 'healthy blah' food. help!!

Episcopollyanna said...

We love the Breville too.

Tina said...

Kris- u rule! total inspiration, Devi-
We initially got a GreenStar juice b/c it was supposedly "the BEST"- little did we know it is the best for wheatgrass + little else. So after a couple of years of frustration, poopy tries at regular juicing- we traded it in (one for one) for a kick-*** Breville juice fountain. yes, yes, pricey. but if it's the difference b/n using it ALL the time or never, is there any question? cut back somewhere else in the budget + get this juicer. it simply sucks in the veggies, spits out the juice, is a cinch to clean- SO EASY! love + juicy blessings-

stephani said...

I LOVE my juicer! You heard it right.. I LOVE my juicer. It is fast, efficient, and easy to clean. What else could I want? It cost $264 which is way cheaper than a funeral. It is the Breville Juice Fountain Elite and I love it. Enough said.

Becky said...

Is the Breville good for wheat grass too? I just want to invest in one machine.....

Liz said...

Love this blog! I have cancer and am using alternative methods to live with it. Juicing and fasting are a huge part of that. I'm using a Green Power juicer and love it because it does grasses. I love to put radish and garlic in my juice...spices it up a bit!

Tragicomedy said...

I just wanted to let you all know to keep your eyes on places like Craigslist and Ebay for 'demo' blenders. Usually they have been used just once for demonstration and sold much cheaper than the original price. I just grabbed a vitamix for $75 bucks and it works perfectly!

Also, what I forgot to add in my other post. Regarding the Jack L. power juicer, it says it takes wheat grass. It takes it and spits it directly into the pulp catcher. :( I bought some cheap hand-crank thing for grasses.

ps: I hate the word verification. I mess up like 5 times in a row. :(

Anne Carpender said...

I use the magic bullet. It's the little mixer on the info commercial. Great little piece of kitchen equipment. I love it cause it cleans so easily. The best...

Antonia said...

Kris, i saw your Crazy Sexy Cancer last night and I am sooooo motivated to start my 20-30 days juice fast!! I`ve ordered 10 min ago all the books that you mentioned here, my last big move is the RIGHT JUICER...Here is a very informative web I just found There are a lots of tips and very detailed information about each juicer offered on the web! I am still going to wait on your input before I make this big purchse :-)
lots of respect and love,

Alexis said...

I can't wait to hear the results of this juicer survey...I've been wanting to start juicing for awhile but haven't quite known where to start in finding the right machine. What a great help this will be! :)

thejuicechick said...

Hi Kris!

After having a JuiceMan Juicer which is centrifugal and hating cleaning it (it was a pain), I now have a Champion Juicer and think cleaning it is much easier!

That's my vote.

peace, emily the juice chick

thejuicechick said...


Comparing the two, Champion is a masticating type juicer vs the JuiceMan (centrifugal) I know for a fact that my Champ gave me much more output of juice per produce. When you're using organic fruits and veggies you gotta squeeze the most juice for your money.

Juicing vs blenders is also about releasing the live enzymes and nutrients from the fiber so your digestive system doesn't have to do that work. You get more nutrition from juicing since you have basically "predigested" it by extracting the juice from the fiber. And when your system is compromised by something like cancer, giving your bod a break is the name of the game.

Live enzymes are what heal the organs and if you store the juice for longer than 30 minutes, the live enzymes start to die off.

here's my favorite:

1-2 carrots
1 apple
handful parsley
kale (and/or spinach)
1 celery
small chunk of ginger

green powder
ground flax seeds
protein powder(optional)

you can add cukes or beets with or without their tops. Just know that beets are strong so use them sparingly (1/4 beet). They're a great liver cleanser though and cleansing the liver can be key.


peace, emily the juice chick

Kelli said...

Hi Crazy Sexy Juicers!

I have had the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer for years and it is great for fruits and vegetables, but bad with grasses. It also takes up half of the dishwasher if cleaning it that way - not ideal.

I did a little research after watching Kris's documentary and ordered the Omega 8000! I can not say enough good things about this juicer! There are only a few SMALL parts to clean (FANTASTIC!!!) and I can juice grasses, along with vegetables brilliantly. And even better yet, it is an attractive (stainless steel) juicer that I am proud to display on my kitchen counter. I don't feel the need to put it away between uses or when I have company over.

Also, if you are looking to grow your own wheatgrass, I found a great ORGANIC wheatgrass grower in Texas called Dogwood Gardens Organic Farm ( It is easy to grow at home and a whole lot cheaper than buying it at the local smoothie shop. I personally find the growing experience "good for the soul", similarly to my garden, but with much faster results! :)

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones! I have send my sister Dr. Young's books and hope she TIVOd the last airing of Crazy Sexy Cancer to watch. Our mother passed away a couple of years ago after an inspiring 10-year battle with breast canSer. Just wish I knew more about the nutritional side of health at the time (instead of just the drugs) to have another weapon against the disease.

Thanks for the inspiration, Kris! You are remarkable!!!

Lucy said...

Does anyone have the juiceman juicer? I remember a roomate of mine had one and it seemed to work quite well. It is simple to take apart and pop in the dishwasher, too. I won't do wheat grass, but otherwise, not bad for the price. Hey Kris, what brand is your hand cranked wheat grass machine or where can I get one? I live in San Francisco. Tanks. Rock on!

goony said...

Kris - First about getting a juicer. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer this week for $49.00. You can get it at Target as well, but it is $10.00 more. It works great! I did my homework first and it was rated 4 out of 5 stars, and the price was easier for me to swallow compared to the breville.

Second - Kris you have turned on a light inside of me. I do not have canSer and wouldn't dare compare my struggle to yours or anyone else's here that has canSer. I have endometriosis and some other female probs. and at 30 years old, I had to have a hysterectomy. Unfortunately that didn't solve my problems and I have continued to try to heal myself with vitamins and supplements and by using beauty products without parabans. Adding the juicing is just another step in the right direction for me. 2 months ago I started taking MSM to try to ease my pain naturally because I can't stand taking vicodin anymore. I'm almost afraid to say that it is working because I don't want to jinx it, but it IS working! The thing is, you can get MSM back in your body naturally by eating raw food, so maybe by juicing, I won't need to take the supplements anymore. I've also switched from sythetic vitamins to whole food vitamins. I didn't even know that what I was taking was synthetic!!!

Anyway, you are so brave and so beautiful. There are beams of light shining from you! Your are my superhero! Thanks Kris