Friday, October 26, 2007

Recipe swaps!

Here's a pix of me and Dr. OZ swilling our favorite liquid sunshine. The dashing doctor brought me a sample of his morning green elixir and it was delicious - now that's my kind of house call! Hey, have you seen the GOOD STUFF section on the website? Remember, I just got 10 free juicers for you (well they are not here yet) and I need to give them away! Write me a brief (2 paragraph at most story) with your commitment juicing and your promise that it won't just gather dust and send your note to We'll pick the folks we hope are the most committed. Sorry I don't have more - I will in the future! Vita Mix has offered free shipping for people who by through our site. Every little but helps!

Basic AM blend (Mmmm, sounds like coffee - nope!)
cucumber (1-2)
celery (2-3 stalks)
sweet pea sprouts (huge hand full)
*note: this is enough for 2 people.

OZ blend

Green smoothie
handful of spinach
green apple (less sugar)
2-3 scoops of stevia
filtered water
ice cubes
1 scoop of Green Vibrance (green powder)
1 scoop of hemp powder (hemp is very high in protein)
*Add Frontier brand flavored drops if you like, no alcohol and lots of different tastes - like coconut.
Speaking of coconut, if you can use coconut water instead of filtered water even better - remember you need young thai coconut, they are big and white and you can find them in chinese markets and whole foods.

Apple Sprout Smoothie
2 cups Green Apple
2 tbs coconut oil (also known as butter, my favorite brand is Nutiva).
2 cups sprouts

Remember if you can't find organic or if it's just too darn expensive support your local farmers market. Also, check out the post about organic food a few days ago, if you buy conventional just try and stay away from the fruit/vegs that are the most sprayed. Just peel the other less toxic fruits and veggies on the list. It's a great list, print it and put it on your fridge! Once again, here is the link


PS. I'll link to Green Vibrance, Nutiva and the Hemp Protein on the Good Stuff section of the site so you don't get confused.

Peace and veggies!


Lauren said...

I really want to learn how to eat healthy like you, but I don't know how! I guess I have to buy some books. That juice does not sound appetizing to me. I wish it did, but the smoothies I like have strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and yogurt. Yum. What's cuke?

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Loving the recipes, Kris!! Keep 'em coming!



P.S. lauren-

Cuke is cucumber. Kris/Oz's drinks would have an alkalizing effect on the body, where fruit/yogurt smoothies are acidifying. Alkaline is the goal. A great book/books to start with are Dr. Young's "pH Miracle" and even "pH Miracle for Weight Loss".

juls said...

Oh thank goodness-- juicing made easy! LOVE the recipes, it makes me feel like I can totally handle it. In the past, I've been overwhelmed about juicing, but now, I get it, Kris. I can do this- I'm not so afraid of it. :)
Thank you- I feel like you are saving my life!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Thanks cravin' veggies! Good answer, spot on, you know your stuff girl!

You are wlecome mimuna! xo

You can do it Lauren. Check out my nutrition chapter in my book, it's a great start.

Linda said...

Lauren - the juice doesn't sound appetizing, but it's like drinking a green garden...and the flavor really grows on you! The first few times I did the cuke/kale/celery combo, I never dreamed I would be able to drink it everyday...but I'm completely hooked and actually look forward to gives you big energy! Throw in an apple and/or carrot the first couple of times..they'll sweeten it up..gradually you'll start playing with every veggie you can find!

Kris - you da' bomb!! Thanks for posting your recipes! I have to you grow your own sprouts? I'm thinking of venturing into that territory, and maybe checking out UofG (google)& Hippocrates about sprouting....I've never been able to find pea sprouts in stores (haven't check WF's an hour away, so I make the journey to that mecca about twice a month), but they sound so yummy! Any major advice about sprouting?

Cydrice said...

Kris: I REALLY hope this message gets to you! I was catching up on Tivo recently and caught your taping on the Oprah show. I now know why a pamphlet regarding new cancer treatments and technologies was sent to me and why when I barely have time to breathe that I actally sat down and read it. I've re-typed the article relating to liver and lung cancer below and I'm hoping it will provide you with some new and hopefully useful information. If you want to send me an address, I would be happy to mail the entire pamphlet to you.

Radiation remains an important weapon against many cancers, but until recently, it was difficult for doctors to use this treatment on lung and liver tumors. Why? Because these tumors tend to move as the patient breathes, making focused radiation a challenge at best. In the past, “moving targets” required treatment of a large margin around the affected area to ensure the tumor is covered during breathing movement. The challenge was to minimize potential damage to normal tissue while delivering a desirable tumor control dose at the same time.

But now, radiation oncologists at John Muir Health have begun using the ExacTrac Gating system, the newest component to the Novalis Shaped Beam Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy System, which makes more accurate treatment of moving targets possible. By matching advanced X-ray imaging of the tumor with external infrared tracking markers, a tumor’s movement can be continuously monitored in three-dimensional space. Gating allows the radiation beam to be synchronized with the patients breathing frequency, enabling physicians to interrupt the treatment beam in milliseconds and only continue to deliver treatment when the tumor is located exactly in the path of the beam.

“When the tumor is in the targeted region, the treatment comes on, and when the tumor is out of that region, it turns off,” explains Deep Patel, M.D., a radiation oncologist at John Muir Health. “So now, we can focus the radiation just on the tumor, and that allows us to give patients higher dosages of radiation.”

In fact, studies have shown that up to 50 percent of normal tissue can be spared from radiation using adaptive gating, which translates into reduced side effects and better treatment outcomes.

The Novalis system was originally purchased by John Muir Health to provide a highly accurate and precise method of targeting tumors and brain malformations using stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy, thereby sparing normal or unaffected brain tissue. The equipment is able to treat areas outside of the brain with high precision, as well.

“our main usage for adaptive gating, at this point, is for the lung and the liver,” says Vincent Massullo, M.D., radiation oncologist at John Muir Health. “However, the technology has the potential for use in other parts of the abdomen such as tumors of the kidneys or the pancreas or even the prostate.” At this point, however, the studies done on these areas of the body have been limited.

For more information on John Muir Health’s advanced treatments with shaped beam stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy, and adaptive gating, call the John Muir Radiation Oncology Center at (925) 947-3250 or visit

Best of luck to you!!!

D said...

Hi there - I saw part of your film on TLC the other night and I look forward to watching the whole thing.

One of my very dearest friends was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's. I've told him about the film and your blog.

Thanks for being so generous with yourself - we're all richer for it.

Jaime said...

Hey Kris! I wrote about your awesome book/movie on my blog, feel free to check it out! I will also link to your site, if that's okay with you?
You are definitely an inspiration, and I have recommended your book to several women! :) As a patient, grad student, and someone who works in the field, you inspire me to do more! Keep it up.

and ps - was Dr.Oz as hot in person as he is on tv? ;)

Lauren said...

I bought it! I also got the Raw Foods Detox one. Hopefully, I'll actually put it to good use. I know I have to stop eating all my frozen meals, but I can't cook!
Hey -- shout out to the Bk! We probably live down the block from eachother. Or probably not cuz it's kinda a big borough I guess.

Lauren said...

Thanks Linda for the encouragement!

Ines said...

Hello there - is it just me? i don't see a "Good Stuff" section on your blog, is it on another site?

cancer cowgirl xo said...

The Good Stuff is on my website.

Ines said...

ah, yes - your website. of course! thanks!

blissfully robin said...

Kris -
Saw you on Oprah - taped your doc, bought your book. I don't have cancer but you have changed my life anyway. Your message is so powerful and I want to thank you.
take care & feel good.

bav said...

I finally found young Thai coconuts, hooray!!! The nice young man (who was super cute too) at Whole Foods chopped it for me, collected the water, and I was on my way. So now, silly question, do you eat the meat too? It seems kind of squishy.

Kris, did you see my question about products at the end of the previous post? Jaime wants to know too.

Much thanks!! Big hugs,

susy said...

Hey Kris!
What an amazing accomplishment! From healing your own body temple to touching thousands of others lives through your Awesome story! My name is Susy and I worked in the Hippocrates greenhouse (W. Palm) for a years time. I now have my own company called Susy'Sprouts; organically growing, selling, and distributing fresh Wheatgrass and living sprouts located in Miami, Fl. Just wanted to reach out to you in Thanksgiving for all you are doing, as we both help to spread more Health Abundance on this planet! Way to go on Oprah, Kris!!!! Peace and much love, Susy
My website is new and not yet finished. Feel free to check it out.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Bav- Great question and Jamie's answer is awesome too. I try to answer all the questions but it is hard as there are so many. Let me do an entire blog about beauty products tomorrow. OK? I'd love to. And if you guys can think of a way to gather questions that would be great. The forum will be up soon, maybe you can help come up with the threads or remind me to transfer some of the biggies form the blog. GO team work! xo

Tan said...

Hey Kris, I saw you on Oprah and you had such an impact on me. I'm African and I'm in U.S. for graduate school only. My daughter is almost two and she's here with me, my husband had to stay back at home because of his job. We miss him and that adds to my stress. I had an uncle that died with stomach cancer a few years back, but I was young and did not understand. I may not have the worst diet in world, but after watching you I believe that it can be better. I usually cook, but being a mom and a student makes me eat junk sometimes. My main concern is energy, I used to be more energetic before I was a mom, but it seems like now I find mysfelf a lot seating in front of the TV. I have a gym membership and was excited in the begining, but more and more I just stay home watching tv. When I saw you on Oprah, you looked so radiant that I felt that I need to do something about my life. You looked so happy and healthy that I wish I could be like you. I'm looking for a yoga instructor, but I haven't found one yet. I took two yoga classes at the gym, the first time I liked the instructor, but for some reason the second time it was with a different instructor and I did not liked the way she was teaching. I already went to look for you book but did not purchase yet. I also looked at some yogi diet books. Can you tell me what the difference between the yogi diet and the diet you follow? What does your morning meal consist of? Is it just the juice? What type of yoga do you do? All the best. Tan

gshoemate said...

Got my juicer and love it. As soon as I took it out of the box I threw in a pear, apple and bananna and it made a whole glass of kids were fighting over it. You rock Kris!!! I made a green juice this morning but I should of skipped the kale...not my thing. But will try again tomorrow.

Hmmm...thread for the could split them up like exercise, nutrition, recipes, general discussionand a questions and answers with Kris.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for posting those recipes!! I really have to say--you are such an incredibly inspiring person. Amazing, beautiful, and vibrant!!! I read through your blog after commenting last week, and I keep going back to it! I have been using it as a reference for the best juicers, blenders, etc. Then I went to the good stuff section on your web page and immediately went to Amazon to order a bunch of the books!!! I have been pretty desperate for resources. As you know (from my original comment) because of my heart problem I have been very very serious about finding a way to equip and heal my body through a holistic lifestyle. It has just been very overwhelming because I am pretty clueless and there is SO much information out there! Its hard to know what information to listen to. So THANK YOU!!!

I liked what you said about keeping everything in balance. Its not just diet, its not just spiritual, its not just the mind!! For me right now, I would have to say that my body/diet is the thing that is out of sync. I really am committed to this. I have seen how this has such a dramatic change on the body. I cant believe that I didn't live/eat this way before I had a problem with my heart! But luckily (in a way) my heart has given me a kick in the butt. In a lot of areas actually! Its taught me a better way to live physically and mentally! So, I tip my hat to my heart....

You should make a cookbook! I would buy it ASAP! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing a little more of the specifics of your diet with me. I truly dont know what to do! It would be cool to have a guide.

I hope your day was amazing! I hope the crisp cool weather brought pink to your cheeks and a smile to your face!!

Keep eating those greens!!

Radioactive Tori said...

I would love to learn how to juice. I had cancer a little over 2 years ago, and am still following up on "little somethings" in my lungs. I have tried so hard to be healthier, and am trying to do everything I can to support my body in fighting "the yuck" (that is what my kids call my cancer).

It has been really hard to go from a super healthy full of energy person to someone who goes to the doctor at least once a week. I'm sure you know what I am talking about. I used to do triathlons, and still train as much as possible, but I also need to let my body recover.

I am incredibly jealous that you hung out with Dr. Oz. He is awesome! For that matter, so are you!

Kev-03 said...


Thats great that your going to have a forum, I think thats a great idea. I'm a 4 year survivor and have been a member of a support forum over the past few years. Great way to get information out and to talk with other people! I'm looking into doing the whole "juice" thing too =) Just saw your film, it was awesome.


Soaring Eagle said...

Never in my life have I wanted to TRULY LIVE more than after seeing your documentary. I have suffered from chronic (disabling, 24/7)dizziness for sixteen years and keep telling myself I'll do this and that thing "when I get better". Complete recovery MAY never come, so I'm going to really try to give myself permission to follow my heart and my dreams NOW! I want to live in the moment, love and laugh every day that I am here. Thanks for your incredible inspiration!!! YOU ROCK! Peace, love & hugs to you. :)

erika said...

I saw your documentary and fell in love with it. I have locked it on the DVR so it cannot be erased. You have literally saved my life. I don't have cancer, but I am not truly living my life. What am I waiting for? An illness to give me permission? How ridiculous is that thinking? I have 3 small children and a wonderful husband. Next well, live fun, live free! I am going to read your site and gather information, buy books, hopefully afford a juicer, and start living. The thought that I could change my life down to the cells in my body by what I put in was fascinating. I can't wait to get started. I can't wait to give my kids "green" juice! They drink a store bought one now, but it's full of sugar! I am a M.O.M. (Mom on a Mission)!!! Thank you for your courage, inspiration, and kick ass attitude!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

You are all sooo welcome! I love reading your stories.

Big tip: Green, even if you are making smoothies and juices remember I am not advocating 100% fruit. They are definitely better than store bought and OK for kids (they need fruit), but we need green or at least semi green. Try one fruit (2 max) and the rest green - add stevia to sweeten more. Eventually you want all green. Another great fruit to add is lemon or lime - they are strong so you won't need other fruits but you will need a bit of stevia. I'll give you a recipe in the am.

Soaring Eagle - have you ever been tested for Candida? Just a thought.

Soaring Eagle said...

HELLO ERIKA! - Walmart has affordable juicers ~ mine cost just $29. My mother bought one at Walmart for $60 and swears by it because she can put ginger, garlic, "anything" in it and it doesn't clog and is super fast. I can get the make and model for you if you want ... no problemo! :)

HI YA CANCER COWGIRL! - I'm confused as how candida could make me dizzy (don't remember being tested for it, but I probably was over the years).

Also, how many hours a day do you spend preparing (including cleaning your juicer - how many times/day?) on preparing your juices and food?

Will you soon write about finding "our joy" everyday" (THAT spoke in our wheel)? I do eat much healthier than most, but am in a relationship that's too often negative and ugly that I fear might kill me one day if I don't do something (it's poison to my naturally positive spirit!).

And how do you do your food-combining?

--- Too many questions, I know! I know! Sorry!!!

RE: RAW FOOD & CLEANSING - I NEVER felt better than when I did Dr. Sandra Cabot's Liver Cleansing Diet (fresh squeezed lemon in water every AM, followed by raw veggie juice; min. 40% raw foods; only fish, eggwhites & legumes for protein the middle four weeks; nothing artificial; distilled water, etc.). My mind felt SO CLEAR and my body much closer to being HEALTHY AND WHOLE.

I think Life is telling me to "get back on the wagon" - LOL. People think I'm so "deprived" when eating seriously healthy, but that's not true. Once you get into it, you don't want to eat anything else and crave the foods your body really needs!!! That has GOT to be good news for anyone who hasn't ever tried it!

I'm just a person with a long-term chronic illness, - I don't have cancer and I hope it's okay for me to post.

This is the second time I'm writing all this, as google/the blog wouldn't accept my ID and password. I'm sure I'm alone ~ not Blog-adept! I HOPE I can get this posted this time around. Help me, God?!?

I do pray for, send postive energy to and totally ADMIRE you all!!! May you always be blessed in every possible way, Helen :)

Krystle said...

Kris I hope to meet you someday! I love people who love life! I watched your documentary for for the second time now. I also have it on my DVR and its going no where! If you are in need of someone to give a juicer to, Ill promise you it will not go unused!! I go to the state fair every year and they sell the Vita Mixers, I watch their demonstration year after year, hehe! Have a wonderful evening babe!

Soaring Eagle said...

PS - My Mom's "super blender" was $50-60 at Walmart and it was a Hamilton Beach. She says she'll loan it to me because - well TMI.

PPS - We get VERIA network with Dish Network ~ it has ALL Amazing Alternative Option shows, plus yoga & pilates, etc. Check it out at!

Time to kick some exercise butt tomorrow! My blood needs OXYGEN!!!

Cheers & blessings, Helen :)

Diane said...

Juicing! What a healthy practice to get into. I have an Acme 6001 juicer that uses disposable filters that makes clean-up easy. About 6 yrs. ago I was given a book by Norman Walker who started writing about the benefits of juicing in the 1930's. I think it is one of the easiest and one of the most beneficial things you can do for your health. Kris, you are a blessing to so many people.

Soaring Eagle said...

I promise to shut up after this, you hot ladies!

CANCER COWGIRL XO (hisory behind name?):


* Your Website Manager needs to show you different options (many I may not know of)...

* you could have a Search Engine to pick out certain words, but it seems that would be too cumbersome

* I have to agree with "gshoemate" ... divy up the forum in categories like she suggested and reference dates on your blog if you don't want to re-answer an "old" question.

That's all! Goodnight! Sweet dreams night & day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I saw you on Oprah the other day & am truly inspired!
Thank you for being a great inspiration!!!
I can't wait to follow your journey on your blog.
Hugs ~
Samantha @ Loving Green

Meg said...

I stumbled onto Crazy Sexy Cancer on TLC the other night while I was looking for something to watch. Suffice it to say that I couldn't change the channel! I bought your book today and I want to thank you for your story. This past January I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and right after had a total thyroidectomy and radioactive iodine treatment. It's no fun being radioactive! I too would love to start juicing, but am a bit put off by green things. I'm a 3 vegetable kind of girl...potatoes, carrots, and corn. Do you have any tips on starting slow to minimize some of the vegetably-ness?

Dream Secret said...

Dear Kris,
I wanted to post this before but I felt like I didn't know what to say without saying a whole lot but I decided to just put this out there and say what is in my heart and I will go from there. I am 32 and married 9 years with no kids. I am living with Crohn's disease or Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I was diagnosed at 25 after years of sickness. Which is a little different dealing with a Chronic illness that might not kill you in fact you will most likely live with it for a long time. I am on a ton of meds and feel just lost. I am losing my hair and my mind I think literally. I talked to my GI about nutrition and they have the nerve to tell me that my DIET has nothing to do with my DIS-EASE. WHAT! That can't be right. I had a juicer that I tried to use because I can't really eat raw or even cooked veggies. I have a narrowing in my intestines which makes stuff hard to get through BUT juice I thought I could do. However, juicers are hard to clean and after a few weeks of trying my best it now sits in the garage feeding many dust mites everyday. I want to get a new one so I am thinking I might go to Target this week and see what I see (I will share the info with you too good or bad...I know you are on the prowl for a great juicer). I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you were on Oprah. I love what you said about her. I had a mentally ill mother so sometimes I think of Oprah as that universal mom we all never had...what an honor to be on her show and I like you journal everyday and visualize and Oprah is on my radar. Never give up your dreams right. I just wanted you to know how amazing it has been to have this new outlook. I might have Crohn's but I want to be the best me I can be. I want to go back to my childhood dream of being a stand-up comic (which I have been working on for over a year) and get out in the world and make the sick people laugh. I have so much more to say but for now just know you have inspired me to live fuller and wiser and happier. Thank you for your spirit. I think Crohn's has been a blessing for me too. Sometimes you need something to show you how strong you really are before you believe it. I know that is how it was for me. Thank you thank you thank you!!! You are a white light for all of us. Many blessings to you and yours. Congrats on the marriage. It is pretty great being a sleep-over with your best friend every night.
Much Love,
Ruth Ann Rich

juls said...

Dream secret- I find your story very inspiring too :)

Anne said...

Hi Kris,

Loved the documentary, thought Oprah segment was too short, and SO appreciate your blog and the details you're sharing within it.

I don't have cancer (that I'm aware of), but I'm 44 years old and on a steady quest toward a healthier lifestyle. In past couple years, spurred on by an increasingly sensitive stomach and some minor depression, have inched from consuming the SAD and too much wine toward a meat-free, dairy-free, alcohol-free existence. I'm heading toward 80/20, but have a few challenges:

•weight. I am naturally very thin. (115 pounds; 5-foot-6) I don't wish to lose any weight.

•lightheadedness in mornings if I don't eat enough. The foods that relieve the lightheadedness for me seem to be acid-forming. I strive for raw mornings, but need to conquer the lightheadedness.

After your blog today, I'm hoping hemp protein and an avocado may be the answer! (I've been doing fruit/green smoothies--a la Victoria Boutenko--and am eager to go more green.)

Looking forward to the mental health aspects of your blog. Cleaning up my diet and making sure I get in a couple-mile walk every day has done wonders for my serenity, but I'm ready to kick it up a notch!

Got myself the hemp protein and green essence today and am eager to fire up the Vitamix in the morning with your smoothie concoction. I'll be going light on the powders to start with, just to make sure my body warms up to them okay.

Thank you for sharing.

erika said...

Kris-Thank you for the info on adding a couple fruits for the kids!

Soaring Eagle-Thank you for the info on the Wal-Mart juicer....but I have to tell Mom's are awesome! So, I am talking to my Mom tonight about "Did you see the Oprah the other day with Kris and Randy on it, it was changing..." She says "no, I didn't see it but whosawhatsit at work saw it and said it was great, do you still have it recorded?" I say "well of course, you need to come over and watch it along with this awesome documentary...I want a juicer, I am trying Dr. Oz and Kris juice recipes ASAP." And what do you think she tells me....that's right....she has a juicer collecting dust that she has never used! SCORE!! I get it tomorrow!

Joyce said...

Thanks so much for offering such great info and encouragement.
You're a blessing to behold.

thejuicechick said...

dream secret,

There is a FABULOUS book out there regarding naturally healing Crohn's disease:

The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin

I had colon cancer so I am interested in anything intestinal/digestive. He also makes many products for nutritional support. Read his story. It may just help you.

hope this helps.

peace, emily the juice chick

thejuicechick said...

ps to dream secret,

have you tried a Champion Juicer or an Omega 8000? They are really easy to clean. At the height of my juicing-to-cure-my-colon-cancer days i was juicing 3 quarts a day. So clean up HAD to be easy.

Check out and invest in a good one (rather than a cheaper one at target since you already have one collecting dust).

Just a thought.

peace, emily the juice chick

Kim said...


I just bought my first juicer and I am so psyched! I cannot wait to try it out as soon as I open it up. Found a Breville at Bed, Bath & Beyond for a good deal.

I met you in Denver and I am still in awe of the woman you are and the light you shine on all of us. Thank you for being our angel.

You have been a huge inspiration in my life in such a short time. I am now on my way to going back to school for holistic nutrition through NTI here in Denver. This has been a passion of mine for years but fear has stood in the way. Your light has obliterated that fear!

I have a great website that sells beautiful medallions - it is called I am wearing one of her medallions (I was muscle tested to see which symbols I "needed"). I could feel the difference immediately. She blesses each one before they leave her...

Here is what they are: "Lilitah sacred symbols contain frequencies that work with your body's natural energy, raising the vibration of that energy to encourage healing, harmony, and manifestation. The simple act of placing these symbols around yourself, your home, your children and so on can bring about the shift in your life that many of us desire and need so desparately.

Life is about celebration, and one thing in each of our lives that we all can celebrate is personal development - the breaking of old patterns and the implementation of new, better and more beneficial ones. Lilitah sacred symbols offer a set of tools that have been shown to help facilitate this wonderful and thrilling process."

You are the absolute BEST Kris.
Peace and Veggies right back at 'ya!

Unknown said...

I already have a juicer, but needed a new blender.

I purchased the Oster Fusion Blender/Food Processor. It was around $60, and an unbelievable bargain! It has a reversible motor and a setting specifically for making juice drinks. It starts slow, then speeds up at intervals and reverses direction to ensure that everything is pulled to the blades. It's much quieter than many high-power blenders. I've used Vita-Mix blenders, and think that this is the next best thing, if not better, for its value, power, settings, construction, etc. It's also very easy to clean.

Happy blending!

Unknown said...

I was so inspired tonight after I saw your documentary, although I don't have cancer(not that I Know) But I am a overweight 25 year old and have just realized that you have something incurable and are able to change the way you eat. I finally have a wake up call and the inspiration to change and live my life with some hard work. Thank you so much for that. PS after reading some of your blogs it looks like you need to write a cookbook. Thanks again, and I hope the best for you!

Basic Me said...

Hey Kris... Update on Callie and Duncan.. we are 7 days into our new posistive happy life and voila .. no more envy when the dog goes poop... 3 a day.. hahahah.. i know ot much info but it means health right.. the whole full tilt boogey method is working.. pain down by half.. pills for pain down by half...poops up... energy up.. you have created a monster ... two.. boked two new speaking events and am psyched.. I have some control now.. only regret.. siberian husky sad... doesn't like brown rice balls misses steak.. she does love sprouts though... thank you thank you thank you... will keep in touch.. leaving the house with husband sweetiepie to go find orgainic make-up today he can get up and out.. can you beleive it.. 63 days in the bed... he looks great and his pain is at a 5 a 5 hurrah.....symptoms are getting a whooped bottocks.. hurrah. shopping therapy to commense. Love and peace... many blessings callie

Green Machine said...

Hi Everyone,

I do not have canSer, but have been having a horrible urinary problem for almost a year and a half straight. Basically, my urethra is inflammed and won't settle down, and I feel like I have to go the the bathroom 24 hours a day. I have charged up thousands on meds and doctor's visits to no avail. I was inspired by your show, and now I need to take action to heal my body. I am getting married next summer and cannot live with this misery anymore! SO, I took my fine ass to Target and found a Juiceman on clearance for $12.98! Thanks, Kris for posting these recipies -I am off to Whole Foods to get the grub. I wanted to ask about Candida - how do you get tested? I am also very intrigued about this acid v. alkaline diet thing. I have been off what I considered to be acidic drinks because they make the urinary problem hit the roof, but I did not realize until now that so many of the other foods I eat might be acidic. I would like to start charting my urine pH along with a diary of how bad I am feeling - maybe the two are related? Where would I get some pH strips on the fly today?

Thanks to you for serving as a positive example to the rest of us!


selftaughtgirl said...

Can you recommend a particular brand of wheatgrass juicer?


juls said...

Kris and fellow bloggers-
Do you drink green juice and green smoothies every morning? Or does one or the otther suffice....

Kiki said...

Oh Yay!
I couldn't wait so I went out and bought a juicer yesterday (the Breville Juice Bar).

I juiced last night and threw out the pulp but that hurt me so this morning I used the pulp (from kale, spinach, celery, cuke and one carrot), added one egg and made some little fritter like cakes.
They're absolutely delish!

I used extra virgin olive oil to fry 'em up, is there an even healthier fry oil I can use?

Heather said...


I really want to learn how to eat healthy too and I want to try those smoothies, but I have a sily question. Isn't a juicer a machine to get the juice out of oranges? What do you do with a cucumber or ginger? Can you just throw it all in a blender?


Unknown said...

The "Oz blend" is similar to the Green Lemonade from Natalia Rose's book which I make regularly in a breville juicer and love it.

My question is though, are you "juicing" these in a the breville or blending them in a vita mix? Have you talked yet about the pros cons of each? I love the juicer but feel like I waste a lot of veggie (and thus $$) by filtering out the pulp. I am wanting to make some "smoothies" in the blender instead but my blender just doesn't get it done with all the greens, is the vita mix really worth it?

Unknown said...

Kris has suggested that (esp. for people with canSer, diverticulitus etc.) juicing more often then blending is more favorable for the body because all the extra fiber from the pulp, skins, etc. can be a bit harsh on the system.

I myself prefer to blend. The extra fiber really helps to fill me up and keep my blood sugar stable, as I am hypoglycemic.

I bought a Oster "Fusion" Blender for around $60, and it is AMAZING. It chops SO finely that it is practically "juice" when I add some ice and water (I also use protein powder and nutrional yeast, which thicken it. All you have to do to clean it is blend hot water with some dish soap! Check it out on Amazon, but you can also get it at Target, etc. Just make sure to get the "Fusion" model.

This has been my fav. recipe so far. The recipe makes 64oz, which amounts to 4 12-oz "meals" that I pour over ice (I drink 1 or 2 a day)

1 avocado
1 cucumber
1 apple
1 celery stalk
2 carrots
1 handful of kale
1 handful of spinach
4 scoops of protein powder (23g protein each)
4 tsp psyllium husk powder
4 Tbl. Brewers or Nutritional yeast
4 Tbl. cold pressed flax seed oil
8 oz filtered H20
1 handful of ice

The protein powder that I use is 100% Whey, with cocoa, sweetened with sucralose (yes, I know...but artifical sweeteners are gonna be the last thing for me to break. I love my diet sodas). I'm not sure how Whey factors into this lifestyle of eating, but it's what I had at home already. If Kris or someone else can let me know, it would be much appreciated!!

I hope this helps!!

joeynicks said...

What is the name of the juicer you are using to make your green drinks? Somebody told me it was a Green Star. Is this accurate? said...

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