Saturday, October 27, 2007

Make over your make-up!

Today’s blog is inspired by our posse gal Beth. She asked if I could blog about beauty products, good thinking love! In my on going effort to educate people about healthier lifestyle choices, it’s important to tackle a small thing that can make a big impact on our overall health, our little ole make-up bags! Do you really know what's in the products you put on your skin? Many dangerous chemicals and toxins lurk in our beauty products. Being a detective starts with your diet but it certainly doesn't end there.

Check this out, the largest organ in our body is our skin. What you put on your body, you literally absorb. So if you wouldn’t drink a bottle of Jergens, then don’t put it on your body because your skin literally drinks it in. A better choice and one I use daily would be coconut oil, so luxurious! Here's some food for thought, the average consumer babe uses between 15-25 personal care products per day! Many of those products contain hundreds of dangerous synthetic chemical compounds. Chemicals like parabens, which are synthetic preservatives found in shampoos, make-up foundations, shaving gels and even food, have a chemical structure similar to estrogen which interferes with production of the body’s natural hormones and more importantly, containing potential links to cancer.

Unlike (most of the) food and drugs we ingest, the cosmetic industry requires NO pre-market safety tests, monitoring, or labeling. That’s right, due to gaping loopholes in federal law, companies can put virtually ANY ingredient into personal care products. The European Union has made major advances in the regulation of cosmetics in the past several years and has banned the use of substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction in cosmetic products. Unfortunately, the US hasn’t yet followed in these footsteps! With statistics like 1/3 of all men and half of all women will have cancer by 2050, it’s important to investigate how exposures in our daily lives increase the risk of cancer.

Not everyone can roll out of bed ready for their close up, but your daily make-up routine can expose you to more chemicals than a toxic dumpsite. I'm not saying you have to go au natural, heck no! Instead, opt for natural products derived from plants and minerals.

There are hundreds of natural products out there to try. Here are a few my favorites to get ya started.

Peace Keeper - lip paint, gloss and polish!
Lavera Mascara – no parabens, made using rose and jojoba. YUM.
Jurlique - makes great face moisturizer and other products, so does Dr. Haushka.
Grateful Body - Skin and body Care
Simply Divine - great line of body care products.
Buddha Nose - love the lip balm and other goodies.
Pangea Organics
Farmaesthetics - luxurious!
Bee Yummy Skin Food (
Care by Stella McCartney
No Miss Nail Care
Almost Natural Nail Polish Remover
Burt’s Bees. I love Burt’s especially the Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranite oil.
Glo Minerals (sold at Whole Foods) they make a great base and concealer.
Zia and Larenim (mineral spelled backwards) make great powders.

One of the best places to browse natural cosmetics is Whole Body at Whole Foods. Next time you are nearby try stuff on and play! You’re skin, organs and body will be glad you did! Making a commitment to find the healthiest products for your body impacts many different areas. Natural products are better for the planet as well as your skin. Plus natural products aren't tested on our animal pals either. Pooches, bunnies and other loving critters will thank you too!

For more information check out the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics they work to protect and educate consumers on personal care products.

AND tell us some of your favorite natural products! I'll post a big list in a day or so.

Peace, veggies and healthy (but DAZZLING) lipstick!


Rhianna said...

Hi Kris,

You are amazing! You have taken utter devastation and turned it around ~ you have blossomed and grown and opened and enlightened all of us! Thank you so very much. I discovered you on Oprah last week (though you looked familiar- perhaps your acting past?) and then watched your Crazy Sexy Cancer TLC doc (so fantastic) and now your blog. You truly have become a hero to me - I am so inspired by you and I feel that I was led to your positivity for a reason. Mucho Blessings to you along your golden path,~Rhianna Brandt (Dunedin, FL)

granola said...

Hi Kris & fellow bloggers,
I find that Almond oil is great as a body moisturizer. When I buy products, not only do I look for all natural, but also for "CRUELTY FREE." Sometimes there is a little bunny with a circle & line through it. That means NO ANIMAL TESTING OR INGREDIENTS. Giovanni makes hair care products & lotions. Same for AVALON ORGANICS and NATURES GATE. I don't have a Whole Foods Market here in upstate New York, so I patronize my local health food stores (which also supports the local economy :)). It can be expensive, but I recommend starting one product at a time. Don't overwhelm yourself & you won't get discouraged. These products are not only better for your body, they are better for the environment.
And that's my 2 cents ;)

Joyce said...

So glad you touched upon this all important subject.
To add to your list, check out the impressive products with reasonable prices from Kristie at

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Granola - Great tips, I hope we get lots more so we can put together an awesome list! Almond oil is great and you can add a few drops of essential oils like the one sold at Essential 3 (the link is on the Good Stuff Section of my website). I love making my own blends!

Rhianna - big hug to you sista. xo

Liz said...

Hi Kris, Loved the shows, and your energy. It has been a huge help to me. I have cancer too. Thought about you as I juiced cukes this AM. I'll look for the products mentioned on your post. The motto I live by is, if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin. There are a couple of skin and hair treatments that I do that some might want to try.
For hair, use mayo (organic of course):) and raw egg make to make one heck of a hair conditioner! Mix it up, put it on, and wrap your hair in plastic wrap for about 10 min. Wash as usual with as natural a shampoo as you can get your hands on, and rinse with vinegar and cold water. It makes my hair shine! Also, oatmeal makes a great facial mask. I use organic oatmeal. Mix up a little (no need to cook it) rub it on, and let it dry. Wash it off. It is a little messy, but fun! And the results are great. Cheap too!

Cathy said...

You are an amazing, wonderful, and truly inspirational woman! Thank you for sharing your life story with the world. You are inspiring me to eat healthier and live life to its fullest- I love you!! I just wanted to offer up a website where you can find/look up the safety of your specific cosmetics/beauty products. Go here:

On this website you can search the products you use and they will tell you if it is safe or not and what is in it that is unsafe. You can also search for safe alternatives. I have found some products at Whole Foods that are listed as UN-safe according to this website, so you have to be careful and check them out.
Thanks Kris, you rock my world!!

bav said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Just got home from Whole Foods, (I seem to live there now), I have already started browsing the Body section, but there is so much there it is overwhelming to me. Your list will give some direction to start checking out specific product lines. Thanks!!!!!


Cravin' Veggies said...

Happy weekend to ya!

Let's also not forget the dangers of antiperspirant!

Deodorant only... or crystals are an even better option!

Thanks for all the recommendations and links!



Paula said...

Hi, I use reconstruction surgeon told me about it.
A breast cancer survivor sent me your book. I love it! I just had my one year tests and am waiting for the results so the book came at a perfect is giving me strength. I ordered 2 more, from Amazon, for 2 of my cancer friends. The TLC special was GREAT. Many people called me after it was over to make the same comment. You are the BEST. Don't ever stop "Keeping On".

Nicole said...

Love the post. I'm a product junkie but over the past two years I've become granola girl - buy veg and organic as much as possible. I LOVE Burt's Bees! Thanks for the other suggestions.

fear-free said...

I would also recommend Aubrey Organics. All of their products are completely synthetic-free and 100% natural, most are vegan as well.

Jane said...

Thank you for getting the word out about the garbage in personal care products. Anything with propyl derivatives (propyl in the ingredient name) can also be considered harmful to humans and animals. My personal favourite range of healthy personal care products is Aubrey Organics, very reasonable pricing too. Take care. Jane

Lauren said...

I've heard grapeseed oil and safflower oil are good for babies because they have a large molecular structure that doesn't penetrate the skin.
I haven't done my own research on that, so I'd don't know if it's true.

tcj said...

hey miss kris-
does anyone know about aveda products
i love the way they smell but find that as i am not 15 anymore...i need a thicker cream than they have to offer. i also like origins but realize now after reading this post that i don't really know how natural they are...thanks for inspiring me to find out!! love your blog!!

bav said...

Kris, another food question, sorry, but I am perplexed. I am trying to be strict with my quick-exit food combining during this detox phase. It has just dawned on me, however, that I have been using hemp wrong. I have shelled, organic hemp seeds, which I love to sprinkle on my salads and put in my smoothies. However, I tend to put avocado in both to fill me up. Technically, I am improperly combining, aren't I? I should keep it either hemp (nut/seed) OR avocado (starch), yes?? Down the road, I will relax the guidelines, but for now, I want to really cleanse as thoroughly as I can. A long blurb to basically ask, hemp goes in the nut/seed group, right?

Thanks for your patience with me, I'm learning, slow but sure.


Anne said...

Hi everybody!

Not sure whether to post this comment on this blog, or on yesterday's.

Two questions:

1. Can anyone recommend a good WHOLE FOOD multivitamin with B-12?

2. Are fruit/greens smoothies alkalinizing? (Someone posted yesterday about fruit/yogurt ones being acidifying--I'm guessing because of the yogurt?)

Kris, I tried the green smoothie this morning. I think I'm not a stevia person. It tasted way too sweet. I drank about a cup of it, then couldn't face the rest. Whirled up my usual blackberry/blueberry/raspberry/banana/greens/flax seed smoothie, but added the hemp and green vibrance. Going to try the greener smoothie again tomorrow sans stevia.

Jane said...

Hi Anne,
New Chapter is a great whole foods vitamin. I take Stress Support Multi with B12 in it. I've read elsewhere to 'easy does it' on the B12 (low dose only) if you have mercury amalgam fillings. Hope this helps.

mimuna said...

Kris and fellow bloggers-- I have just cut and pasted from this blog all the information that I want to put on my fridge or take to whole foods with me, so I dont forget, and printed it- it was 9 pages! Wow! I am so glad to have such resources- thank you Kris, thank you all!

mimuna said...

oh- and I love all the photos-- the blog looks so pretty :)

Basic Me said...

Brilliant I just saw Anderson Coopers special Planet in peril.. how does this apply well he has 230 chemical in his body 150 of the toxic ones came from make up.. figures may not be right but it was daunting.It made this YAYA cowgirl cancer babe think twice about her Este Lauder but you have to ha ve something..So Burts Bees has organic lipstick and I will be on a search for safe products.. I swear halloween wouldn't be the only thing scaring the hell out of folks if I went without make up. HAHA Blessing and peace.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Beth - you can do avocado and hemp. Avo is not a starch it is a veg (technically a fruit) but it is neutral and combines with just about everything. So no worries lovely.

Anne - Try to add greens slowly, and cut WAY back on the stevia if at all - really that stuff is ten times sweeter so just a pinch. Could you add avocado and cuke to your fruit mix, aybe half and half and if it is not sweet enough then a DASH of stevia. Also, cinnamon if using so many fruits - lowers blood sugar. Fruits and veggies are alkalizing - yogurt (dairy is acidic).

Not sure about a good general vitamin with B12, I take my b12 separately. I will have more supplement links on the site next week. Researching the best of the best for you all. Was that it?

Cravin' Veggies said...

Hey Kris! Just caught your spot on "Your Total Health"... amazing as usual. Thanks again for sharing your life and tips with all of us.



Michelle J said...

Hi, thank you Kris for your valuable information!!! I was wondering, have you heard of the brand Neolia? oil body wash and hair products. I used the body wash and really liked it. Anybody??? Thanks...Michelle

Justme117 said...


Whoa-twin brain. YESTERDAY I was gingerly putting on my suave lotion and it struck me....everyday, I put this ALL over my skin. My largest organ is drinking this stuff right up! So I decided no more! I threw it away and went online to see what to use as an alternative. I ended up with Vitamin E oil (because it was all I could find)--but I was interested in coconut oil or shea butter or something. Anyway, I started reading your blog today and I thought WEIRD-this is all about the epiphany I had yesterday! So I came to the very logical conclusion that we have twin brains.

I am going to have a hard time giving up my mac lip gloss though.... I mean. Oh boy. I love lip gloss. I have a bajillion colors. But its ok. Maybe every once in a while I can have a secret tryst with my beloved lip gloss.

I have been reading from the Hippocrates Health Institute. I am totally committed to becoming a bona fide juicer. I have been doing my homework and I know its the right move. My friend has lupus, and she juices like crazy! But it has done wonders for her health. So tack on you and Dr. Oz....and I know I am in good company with this juicing thing! I had a question though. Why do you use 2 juicers? I was reading about all the different kinds and *%$#@!!!!!! A bit overwhelming. I think I like the masticating kind, or the twin gear kind....but really i dont know. And I want to be SURE I am getting the right thing. Its a lot of mula. And I know you like the breville one but what kind is that?

Anyway...I will stop with the rambling. Your a beautiful person Kris! I hope you are well!

Alexis said...

Well, I have to plug the stuff that I am a representative for. I'm a consultant with Arbonne International and if it isn't pure, safe, and beneficial (the 'ol motto) we don't make or sell it. We don't test on animals or use any kind of animal products whatsoever (right down to not using beeswax in lip balms). Everything is botanically based, designed to restore pH balance, uses no mineral oil, and on the cutting edge of technology. One of my favourites is the prep and plump lip gloss, which comes in a bunch of really great shades and has great lip plumping action. I love working with this company because I believe in the products and the philosophy so much!

I loved your documentary and have really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks so much for taking action and using your experience to educate others. :)

Kris1969 said...

You are an amazing woman- i am inspired, and my mom- 2 year BC survivor, loves you too! You are providing great information and hope - Thank you

Miss Mrs...a blog of everyday delights said...

oh my gosh! i'm so glad you posted about this! this is one of my passions: educating people on how important it is to be careful of what they put on their largest organ. I highly recommend products by Arbonne International! They are 100% vegan, use no dyes or fragrances, have no mineral oil, are tested, hypoallergenic, ph balanced and AMAZING!

I'm so happy that this topic is really coming to the forefront now. It's so important!

Vincent Flack said...

Hey Canser babes!
I use Vitamin E oil mixed with Burts Bees carrot seed spray.. lovely glow! On the bod, nothing but sesame oil. On the face, Love Your Face tinted moisturizer and a natural balm all at Whole Foods. On the pits, Hansen natural deoderant or Burts Bees spray..a bit strong. Guess what, the cleaner your system the less you smell anyway=swear it's true! For facial cleansing a got a bar soap with goats milk and shea butter, all natural of course. Got to get a good shower soap now.. any suggestions?
love deb

Vincent Flack said...

sorry gals, the tinted moisturizer is by kiss my face..deb

cuponooodle said...

Hey Kris!
Your awesome! I love your film! Love your book! and just love and adore you! you rock! thanks for EVERTHING you have done for everyone by sharing your life and ALL you have learned to everyone!
also- this blog its so helpful and fun to read :) and all you peeps on this blog who comment are awesome! its like one big crazy sexy blog party!

I just wanted to mention really quick to everyone on the subject of make-up/hygiene/etc. is the topic of dental stuff. the other night i was finishing up my 'tape dental floss' and happened to notice for the first time how it resembled a roll of teflon plumbing pipe tape.....i thought "no way! dental floss could not also be using teflon.....could it? oh no!"

so i quickly ran to google (God bless google) lol! i did 5 minutes of research and sure enough... ALOT of dental companies are using teflon in their dental floss! even in the plain ole' wax simple flosses.

So today i went out and got me some
"Toms of Maine" dental floss tape (teflon free).

Check this site out it will give the run down of almost every brand and if they are using teflon in their floss-

And then there's the issue of fluoride and a whole-nother post! lol! if you don't know about how bad fluoride is go to Dr. Merola's articles they will give you all the info you need about that subject.

Anyway Kris thanks for all the make-up tips i was wondering about what you where using. i have to un-poison all my drawers of crap now! lol!
thanks alot! and lots of love to you and your hubby! :)

(p.s.- and even though my name is 'cuponooodle' i dont eat that crap! lol it was just a joke between me and a friend. its nothing to do with that soup. being a 'nooodle' means just being a dork- but in a good way- "your such a nooodle".lol)

cuponooodle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cuponooodle said...

opps..Oh i forgot to ask one more thing-
what makeup and moisturizer would be good for an easily prone acne face?

i had rosacea when i was about 11-13yrs.old, i took tetracycline for about a year- the rocesia left and never came back, but i still had plain ole' acne since i was 13 and now I'm almost 30 lol, still with acne issues. will eating raw clear it up you think? i assume it will to some degree- I'll let you know! :)

Since last Saturday after reading your book i have changed my eating to 20%cooked and 80% raw
your chapter on nutrition has changed my life! :) and no dairy! im lactose intolerant anyway lol. all that info in your book on PH levels and Enzymes just really clicked and made sooo much sense! im going to read all the books you recommend! :)
in the past i had changed most of my eating habits due to my 2 Dr Perricone books i bought several years ago. But nothing like an 80% raw diet you have inspired me to!!!

Dani Glaser said...


I saw you on Oprah, and you blew me away... then I was flipping channels the next night and watched your documentary. You truly are an inspiration on how to live! I have been researching safe "body" products for a while. Just switched to Afterglow cosmetics ( Another great resource is the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetic Saftey Database: ( Be well! Dani Glaser, Croton on Hudson, NY.

Dani Glaser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dani Glaser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CarolMcC said...

For incredible pure and natural soaps, try -- they are wonderful.

Thanks for all the great tips!! Life is a team let's play!!!

(Flowery Branch, GA)

strongerthanit said...

Good morning Kris and fellow bloggers - I'm brand new to the blog; in fact ANY blog! What a wonderful support; I have renewed hope, your film and this banter has done much to relieve sense of hopelessness. Quick introduction and six year medical trip/chronology: I'm a mom of four, business owner, singer - now that's the "normal" part. The "challenge" has been: Primary cancer is breast cancer; mastectomy #1, recurrance; mastectomy #2, metastasis in liver; liver dissection, weakened immune system from drugs, drugs, and more drugs; sespsis and osteomyelitis, breast reconstruction; massive MRSA infection and gaping wounds, chronic MRSA infections and lesions to this day. Remarkably I am not dead. Was it Issac Newton who said: "If I see farther than most it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants"? Just when I was feeling emotionally weak and battered, a dear friend gave me a copy of your film.....indeed there are giants everywhere - we must simply be willing to look for them and become humbled by their knowledge and experience. Many thanks to all. XOXO Strongerthanit

shushushan said...

oooh la la!!! i LOVE haba products--& would happily share some of my favs...:)
lotion: alba-- very emollient body lotion
lip stuff: dr. hauschka lip care stick (muy $$$, but wirth every penny)
shampoo/cond: i switch it up, but right now am doing a nature's gate/jason combo
deodorant: uncle harry's (i like the lavender/tea tree)
face lotion: weleda iris (i love all weleda products!)
baby shampoo: my absolute all time fav is baby oh baby! smells sooooo good.
baby cream: weleda calendula cream
face mask: kiss my face pore shrink
whole food vitamins: rainbow light

kris, i have to add how much i love this site. although haven't chimed in a lot, i am on it everyday. :)

have a wonderful day everyone,

Cravin' Veggies said...

I have an acne issue as well. (I am in my late 30s, OY will it EVER go away??) I have recently been using Jason Tea Tree Oil shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I also use diluted tea tree oil on my face. I have been looking for reasonably priced safe cosmetics. Thanks, everyone, for the awesome info!

sarah lou said...

hi kris!

dvr-ed crazy sexy cancer but there was a glitch half way through and i didn't see the notice on the replay 'til thursday when i'd missed the last showing. can't wait 'til the dvd is released.

anyway, i'm not a big body product user, but i will be searching all of these out and maybe treating some folks (and myself) with something special (and good to their/my bodies) for the holidays.

will seek out your book.

find you such a wonderful inspiration. thank you for sharing your life and your story. :)

granola said...

Hi Kris & fellow bloggers,
Just a big THANK YOU to all (especially to you, Kris, for sharing your story with the world and starting this blog!) I finally feel like I am not all alone or extreme in my beliefs about nutrition and healthy living! I LOVE that everyone is sharing information and I have learned so much!
I have more info to share too. I bought a water filter for my shower head. After I learned about how our skin absorbs everything, I ordered one (from Aquasana, & I love it). Now, when I shower other places, I really notice the difference in my skin & hair. I saw a show about how people can buy filters that put caffeine (can you believe this!) into their shower water so they don't need coffee!!! YIKES! Kris has a shower filter on her good stuff link.
Also, I use crystal deodorant, but I find that if I really don't want to smell, I keep a commercial one on hand. Plus, the crystal deodorant lasts a long time!!
Again, THANKS TO ALL!!!!
p.s. next discussion-the electric car & solar energy?! check out the documentary "who killed the electric car" & "energy from the sun"

Anne said...

Gotta say . . . the green smoothie is awesome without the stevia! Green and pure and clean--doesn't even cling to the glass. It tastes like pure grass growing in the sunshine. I'm on my second pint.

We're coming into greens season here in California. My CSA box each week is beginning to include great blendable/juicable greens like turnip greens, beet greens, chard of all types, kale and bok choy. My mesclun mix in my garden is HUGE. It's the perfect time of the year to up the raw!

For you who mention acne: Have you tried pure, raw honey? It has helped my 11-year-old daughter, who has the hormones hopping these days. She washes her face with it morning and night and it has made a huge difference.

Vincent Flack said...

Hi all
The best natural toothpaste is the original licorice flavor by aruomere at Whole foods or Wild oats. It is very concentrated, just use a dot of it! Correction on my is Toms of Maine natural from Trader Joes.
good thoughts to you all
cll survivor, future 100 year old superhero!:)

fear-free said...

Another good product line to add to the list is MyChelle. They are not all vegan, but quite a few products are, and all are vegetarian. They are all naturally based. The ones that are not vegan have honey or beeswax.

Christina said...

Hey Kris and posse -- you can add LUSH products to your list of safe beauty products -- they have stores in major cities and they're online at All their stuff is food grade, no crap allowed. Such good stuff. [and their happy hippy and Karma scents smell SOOOOOOO yummy!]

And hey, Kris, I just saw you on NBC's total health programme with Hota Kotb.......great interview, and SUPER CUTE haircut! I'm lovin' it!

Keep rockin' on!

Cravin' Veggies said...

One way to eliminate the need for body creams/lotions is dry skin brushing. A *natural* bristle brush is a must. It exfoliates and stimulates lymph flow. If you brush daily, after a while your skin is sooooo soft, you really don't need much moisturizer (maybe just a touch on your elbows, knees, feet). Coupled with a shower filter and drinking mucho water, you'd be as soft as a baby's bottom! Ooh la la!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Honeybee Gardens (esp. Lip products!)

pammi said...

I just discovered this site today after reading the book and can't wait to start transforming my life as well as my health. I'm a hair colorist and am dealing with breast canser and am looking for natural hair color alternatives for myself and my clients. Any suggestions? Thanks Kris for all you offer to all of us.

bav said...

Kris, at one point you asked everyone about natural hair coloring, as Pammi just did. I just ran across the following on your friend Natalia's blog....

"I've just discovered the best natural hair care salon where you can get the most stunning color treatments without any chemicals: The John Masters Salon at 77 Sullivan St. (Between Spring & Broome Streets) in SoHo.

Not only were the color and highlights that Jen, one of the stylists, created the best I've ever had done, but the environment itself was ultra blissful to boot. The salon is a zen-like space with lots of fresh air, high ceilings and harmoniously vibing stylists and clientelle!

John Masters is devoted to the healing of our planet and his love of mankind shows in everything he creates. He is also on the board of Global Green, an environmental organization with a mission to address the greatest challenges facing humanity. His whole MO is about bridging great beauty with great cosmic sense which he aptly calls, "Super Natural Beauty."

All this and a very moderate price tag for NYC: color services start at $125. You can reach the Salon at 212.343.9590. Happy, healthy coloring!"

Those in NYC, check it out!

cuponooodle said...

wow! i spent hours on this blog last night! all of you are just amazing!

Kris i cant wait until your supplement recommendations!

I'm trying to find a good multi-vitamin, and enzymes etc.

I'm not eating any chicken,meat,eggs,no animal anything etc- except just fish. (but because of mercury i cant eat that everyday etc.) so I'm thinking I'm lacking some of those vitamins most vegetarians usually lack- not getting any complete proteins except for my fish days 2-3x a week.

what are those ph drops you speak of?

skinfreeRPh said...

HI Kris,

One of my clients recommended your blog to me and asked that I tell you about my skincare products. I am a pharmacist with over 30 years in compounding and natural products experience and the owner of a company called Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio. In response to the needs of my community pharmacy patients, I developed a line called "Skin Free(R)". You can find our ratings on the Skin Deep website to be very good. I wanted to offer a reasonably priced, easily available line of quality organic products. Skin Free(R)products have no colorants, fragrances, preservatives, harsh chemicals, or petroleum based ingredients. They are never tested on animals. The products have been distributed by the University of VA departments of dermatology, oncology and radiation therapy. I have shared them with over 100 dialysis centers in VA and NC.

They are effective against eczema, psoriasis, extremely dry skin, and the nagging side effects caused by chemo and radiation therapy. They work in two ways: 1) by the things they do not have in them and 2) by the components of the natural oils and butters of which they are composed.

Skin Free (R) products retail between $2.99 and $22.99. They are currently available at 312 CVS stores in VA, DC, MD, PA, and on They are also available for a limited time on my website If any of your readers are interested in trying them, I will gladly waive S&H fees and give them a 20% discount on their initial order. They just need to say "CRAZY SEXY CANCER" in the comments box of the shopping cart.

I hope this information helps all. I have had great reports from patients with all kinds of skin ailments and offer testimonials on the website.

All the Best, Julie Hilton

LNastasi519 said...

Hi Kris!

I love your blog, I also talked with you on myspace awhile back (I don't have canSer, but I do have Crohn's Disease). I try to use all natural, organic skin prducts as well. A few of my favs are : Jasons, Burts Bees, Juice Organics, Toms of Maine deoderant and toothpaste, Aubrey Organics (the face wash has coconut oil in it, sooo nice), Nature's Gate.. those are my faves. Can't wait to see the list!

organicmom said...

well you are wonderful and beautiful for helping spread this good healthy news. I think maybe you were at the panel at Whole Foods Bowery on Friday or someoe close to you was in the audience. Anyway, as you said, we need to watch out what we are using, because, unfortunately at this time Uncle Sam is not looking out for us. Whole Foods Whole Body is a safe haven and the Team Members there have taught me so much about what is truly beautiful. A couple more thoughts: please dump any synthetic fragrances (some are very swanky and expensive). They act as faux estrogens and endocrine disruptors. They are womanizing girls far earlier than normal and feminizing boys by tricking our bodies into accepting them as estrogen. These are the phthalates Anderson Cooper tested so high on in his body burden study. They are widely believed to be one of the major causes of rapidly rising mens infertility rates.
We deserve the best, all of us, men, women, children, wealthy and not-so-wealthy. Often what we need is in a form very close to the way Mother Nature grew it. Fragrances made in a lab do not attract bees or animals, they are naturally repulsed by these. We have been hoodwinked, and need to retrain ourselves about what's really beautiful. We're worth it!


KitKatKathy said...

Love the make-up will begin shopping tomorrow. Kris - I check your site every day - thanks for sharing the tips.

Kathy (New Milford, CT)

Karson said...

Kris and all - Thanks so much for the great tips! I have been using quite a few natural products for a while as well and love them! (Favorites include Jason, Home Health Face Cleanser, Burt's Bees, Avalon) I also knew parabens were bad, but had no idea they act like estrogen in the body! Wow! My breast cancer was estrogen-receptor positive, so I am trying to avoid any "extra estrogen" these days. Ha! I got rid of my Nalgene bottle because of the chemical in it that acts like estrogen in the body and try to avoid as many plastics as possible. I now use a Klean Kanteen and love it! Thanks again for all the inspiration and good information!
Wishing you all giggles and sunshine,

Beth said...

I saw Crazy Sexy Cancer on TLC and got inspired. I just read Raw Food Life Force Energy by Natalia Rose and borrowed an old Hamilton Beach juicer from a friend and plan to give juicing a try Monday. I have two kids ( 3 and 8 months) and anything that can give me more energy will help us have more joyful, funfilled days.

Thanks for the inspiration.

playing with soap said...

I just saw your movie Wed night and thought how inspirational you are (it was so good that I recorded it on my DVR). As for me, I don't wear makeup, not because I don't need it, unfortunately my face just can't take all that covering up. But what I decided to do two years ago was to start making my own soaps (cold process soap). Besides that it is a blast to make your own soaps and body scrubs, it also gives me the opportunity to choose ingredients that I would like to use on my skin.

Thanks again for creating such a wonderful movie!!!


playing with soap said...

Hi Kris!!!

I just saw your movie Wed night and thought it was so great that I recorded it on my DVR.

As for me, I don't wear any makeup, not by choice, it's because my face can't stand all that covering up. In any case, what I decided to do two years ago was to learn how to make my own cold process soap. Besides that it is a blast to make my own soap, it also allows me to choose what I want to use on my skin.

Thanks again for creating such an inspirational movie!!!


playing with soap said...

Oops, I'm so sorry that I left two comments (now the third). I thought I lost my first comment. Sorry, I'm still relatively new at this blogging thing :(


Cassie said...

HOORAY! I've been all about using the all natural, animal product, chemical free products lately, and so far I've got the household cleaners, soaps, shampoos, laundry/dish detergent,... But I was having a hard time finding the chemical free cosmetics, so you're blog came at the perfect time for me! Thank you so much!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Gods blessings to you Kris and your family! I just wanted to say thanks for everything! You have poured your heart,time and energy into your blog,website,book,film, lol anything else? lol...You are stellarly fantastic and total awesomeness! :) I have overhauled my food,lotions, everything, even down to my chapstick lol.
I bought some Burts Bees goodies due to your recomendation, and I love the stuff!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

hey everyone check out this link-

even your 'safe' products...type in your product names in the search bar and see whats really in it! it will tell you also if your product has known cancer ingredients. sadly even a few 'safe' companies do use some bad stuff, like jason, lavera, and others... most of their products are safe, but some are not for example- cancer know additives where used in:

theres alot more too-with those brands and alot of other 'safe' natural companies that signed that campaign for safe cosmetics pact... so to be on the safe side even if you have good natural brands- run each product thru that search to make sure! cause i spent hours on that website yesterday and today, and have found some sad surprising info on "safe natural organic" companies

for the most part though- these companies are doing a great job at trying to keep most of their products free from bad stuff. so kudos to them for doing the best they can :)

health watch center said...

Hey Kris,

The beauty of your nails and hands will be increased a lot with the best nail polishes which will not affect our nails. Some nail polishes may give attractive look for our nails, but they may damage our nails.

Cathy said...

Kris, Love all the crazy, sexy info you are posting here! I also try to use as much natural products on my skin as well once I realized that the skin is the largest organ we have!! Something I never gave thought to before. I use simply divine botanicals (saw that on your list) and I love the stuff. I use the eye gel "pack your bags they are leaving" (how cute are the names!) and it feels great going on and I watch the puffiness go away. I also love the coconut milk body lotion, feels good and smells delish! They send sample sizes too girls so you can give it a try and see what you vibe to! Haven't tried too much with makeup I will check out your recommendations. I use bare minerals foundation since I thought it was better than regular foundations with mucho chemicals. But I am sure it is not free enough. Any thoughts on the bare minerals makeup?
Love ya!
Cathy :)

rough olive said...

I watched your documentary and was in awe of your strengths. I just found your blog and have been reading every day; thanks for all that you have given your readers. Since I started reading your blog I have changed the way I eat and think about my body. I am not a big user of make-up but I am a fan of creams and balms. I try to always use Burt's Bees. It is my fav.
Thanks again.
Tara (Tampa, FL)

mimuna said...

Does anybody know how natural Kiehls is? Its not in the database.


apoopslingingmonkey said...

mimuna... if you sign up as a user you can actually add it to the database i believe...
i going to sign up too. i have 7 products that where not in the database, and i saw a link saying how we can add them and im not sure how or when they get rated...

but in the meantime you can look up the individual ingredients on your Kiehls product. individual ingredients are on the database and just see what they rate as.

(oh and sorry about those other 3 links, after i posted i noticed blogger cut them off they where really long and i guess the post format wont hold a long link like that)

oh well at least this one works :p

Joy said...

I am inspired by you and the way you live your life. Kudos to you for making *the-best-tasting* lemonade out of some really sour lemons!

Love your blog btw...:)

Tragicomedy said...

Great post, love it! I also love Burt's Bees. I use the Fig shade Lip Shimmer for everything, it has a nice minty taste to it and a great color for a natural daily color or put on a little extra and it makes a deep shade for evening.

Cravin' Veggies, I also use Jason products. I actually buy the shampoo and conditioner of every sent and then buy the matching bath wash, body lotion and face wash. I'm 30 and still suffer from break-outs and this face wash is the only one that doesn't break me out (and smells great, too). I also have the Jason Vitamin E, the eye cream, and the toner. Once they go on sale again (CVS usually has better sales on Jason stuff than Organic Markets) I'll try out the other stuff. Some didn't get great ratings on that website linked, but most is pretty safe. I also have the deodorant, too - I use the tea tree and aloe vera ones (stick).

I use burts bees dental care products.

Note: Juicing ladies! Don't forget what's inside of the skin and seeds that got tossed into your juicers catch. Scoop it up, add a little honey, sour cream, or something to hold it together a bit better and lather it on your face!! If you juiced something very seedy, that works good for mani-pedi's. Don't be too shy to test out what you were going to throw away. :)

strongerthanit said...

Hi - There is so much good information here!! I've tried the SkinFree products - they are great!! But CVS only carries a few - I've discovered the website: - check it out fellow-bloggers....more "good stuff"! Thanks, Kris! Strongerthanit

Jamie said...

That's a great point apoopslingingmonkey (about how a lot of the "safe" products still have some bad stuff). One thing I find about a lot of advertising is that products will say they are organic b/c they contain organic ingredients, but that doesn't mean they don't contain other things as well!
It's good to do your research. Just because a product is natural doesn't mean that the natural ingredient is good for you as well right? Lots of natural things are irritants as well so pay attention to your body for allergies and adverse reactions too!

Question: I'm a bit ignorant but those of you who use oil do you mean that you just buy regular oil and slather it on your body? B/c wouldn't that leave ya quite greasy?

Charleen said...

Hi Kris,
I just wanted to follow-up with you regarding the blogs we were exchanging during the nutritional segment. Although the subsequent blogs haven't been relevent, I'm curious if your dr mentioned why the study I'm in isn't a good one for you. If you recall, I also have EHE and am participating in a clinical study managed by Sloan Kettering and Blumenthal Cancer Center. I've now been taken off the drug twice due to side effects, which apparently are outside of the norm and majority. They can only reduce my medication one more time. Although I signed up for 3 months, I'm seriously considering going off the study. Since there is no known cure for what we have, I'm more concerned about living my life instead of wishing each day the study was over..... How can you live in the moment if all you want to do is hurry it along?

Tragicomedy said...

PS: For any new people who don't have a Whole Foods nearby. Check Mothers Market, Henrys Market or Google your city name + the words "Organic Markets".

Mothers has a HUGE beauty department including all natural fragrances that smell amazing!

Henrys, even if you can't access one - bookmark the website. It has great vitamin and supplement information on just about anything you can think of. On the website, mouse-over "Health" then click on "Health Center". After the page loads, go to the area that says "Vitamin Guide" and click on "A-Z Index", also check out the other areas, too.

The website also has recipes and tons of the latest 'natural' news. I check it out a lot. If you have one nearby, check it out, they have good prices on their organics.

Happy shopping!

Jamie said...

Oh! One more thing I was going to ask. Right now (don't have a juicer) but am trying to up my veggie intake. During winter when it's much harder to come by fresh veggies, how bad are frozen organic brands?

Jamie said...

sorry for the large number of my comments. I just wanted to give an example of products that are natural but still have bad chemicals in them. I was checking out the Honey Bee Garden products and the second ingredient in their bubble bath is sodium laureth sulfate. So don't always believe the advertising - read the ingredients!

bav said...


I don't have a juicer either (my old one bit the dust) but I've faithfully been doing green smoothies every day, or hitting the juice bar, when I can. And I feel a huge difference just with that. I do cucumber, spinach, celery, coconut water, sprouts, sometimes with avocado. Yum! You can pretty much find those ingredients all the time. I hope to get a juicer for my upcoming birthday, so I can't imagine the even greater boost I will get with "just juice." Frozen isn't as ideal as fresh, alters some of those good enzymes. I just keep hearing Kris' voice in my head, "just grab whatever is green!" :)


mimuna said...

Jamie and Bav-

Did you guys know that Kris has 10 juicers to give away? All you have to do is write 2 paragraphs about not letting it gather dust on your counter top.... and email it to her at

You cant win if you dont play (my moto) Good luck!

Witness said...

Kris, you have rocked my world! I cannot thank you enough for all of your courage and inspiration and ENERGY!
I did want to post re: natural cosmetics. I'm a licensed Esthetician and have used Jurlique products at home and in the spa, they are so great! Haushka is v. similiar, less $$, both started from same people.
I have 2 natural skin care books that have great recipes for making your own skin care from your kitchen pantry, I would love to mail them to you, what is the best address?
Blessed Be, lady!

Jamie said...

Actually I did email to enter the win a juicer contest!
Bav - thanks for the words of advice. Wow everyone on here has been great. I agree with what Linda had posted some time ago - can't wait for a forum!

It's so "ironic" that lately I've been exploring the issue of toxins and just gradually making changes to things like my cleaning products and such. And it's amazing how often the obvious stuff really misses me sometimes. I've really learned to pay attention to the difference between "green" products and products that are free of things that are toxic to us. It can be hard to find something that meets all the criteria you're looking for (I've found lots of green friendly products but a lot of them still have harsh agents like sls) thanks for all the encouragment peeps! The good stuff is out there - ya just have to do some lookin ;)

Anna said...

hi soo dissapointed cos i cant watch the in Poland and i dont have tv soo there is no way for me to see it.ive only seen the trailer and i got are an amazing women.i know so many people that dont have the strenght to fight to show the world that you can be strong you can try to be positive even when everyone tells you that there is nothing to be positive about.i wish i could turn my life around.i have already in a way, ive change the way i eat although it could still be better, ive started exercising.still have a problem with aprouch to life, i get very are such an inspiration.wish i could hug you!!take care and i wish you alll the best!!

bav said...


Thanks, I did know about the juicer give-away, and have thrown my name in the hat too!

Thanks for making sure I was in the loop!


dale said...

i am in new port richey and in palm harbor almost everyday... do you have a support group??? are you interested in emailing each other??? ( i am a huge fan of kris'... just got the book and can't put it down... she rocks!!!!!

mimuna said...

Thank you, Posse- I'm a better person because of you all :)

apoopslingingmonkey said...


anyone know of a safe day moisturizer (one that has a bit of SPF), and a night moisturizer thats safe, that wont break your face out? maybe an oil free.. its seems almost all safe/natural brands of moisturizer have so many oils in them...(but i have heard the argument- that those with oily skin who use oil free stuff are only making their problem worse, because of oil free products, your skin then goes overtime and makes more of it, so you keep buying oil free stuff thinking that you have to, when really if you gave your face the oil it needed- it wouldn't have to produce mass amounts on its own...a vicious cycle lol)


offhand anyone know of a good sunblock that its toxic (its seems most are)

White Cat said...

Hi Kris,

I caught only part of your documentary the other night on TLC and I found myself bawling. It is also interesting that your blog today is on cosmetics and what we put on our skin as I have full body disease skin cancer. I just turned 41 and am in the fight of my life to save my skin and to keep one of these from metastisizing. Listening to your documentary was like having someone reflect back to me what I have been thinking and feeling for the past 11 months. It also struck me that even though there are different types of cancer, the fight is all the same. Your story has motivated me to adopt a macrobiotic diet by helping me realize that I need to fight this from the inside and well as the outside! You are an amazing soul and you are my hero! Heidi Shafer, High Springs, FL

DE said...

I'm a bit late to the party, but thought I'd add that one of the best thing I ever did for myself was to look into making my own body care products. There's so much healthy stuff that can be used to take care of yourself (eggs, honey, oats, baking soda, beeswax, milk) without using all of the other stuff that has so much not-good stuff in it. I'm not all the way there yet, but I'm trying not to use stuff on my skin that I couldn't (or wouldn't!) eat.

Raw Vegan Mama said...

" Arbonne International and if it isn't pure, safe, and beneficial (the 'ol motto) we don't make or sell it. "

Please do use this. I thought the smae thing until I read the ingredients.... It is not safe and pure and natural. Not even the baby stuff (I believe they have parabens in them, among other things.)

Sorry -- but I really had to point that out.

Even J/A/S/O/N and Kiss My Face products that are sold int he health food store contain parabens and other ingredients you do not want to put on your body. :(

Witness said...

Response to Apoopslingingmonkey (which makes me laugh every time, I love it!): regarding acne products - essential oils are not "oil" and that is what is in most "natural" products. These will not break you out! Anything that says it is "oil free" only means they do not have mineral oil, but they could have other oils that are acneic (lanolin is the worst!). Jurlique makes really nice stuff and their Tea Tree Face cleansing gel is all natural, and tea tree oil is great for acne skin, its antiseptic. I am an esthetician who has struggled with acne my whole life. Believe me, the less you use on your skin, the better. Jurlique also has a great sunscreen, however, in the US, to be deemed "sunscreen/sunblock" it HAS to contain chemicals! This is the FDA LAW. If you really want natual sunscreen look outside the US and look for the natural sun blockers Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. both are natural minerals that sit on top of your skin and reflect the suns rays instead of absorbing the rays like chemical sunscreens (Parsol 1789, Oxybenzone, etc). Email me if you have more questions, I could talk about skincare for HOURS!

apoopslingingmonkey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
apoopslingingmonkey said...

thanks witness! :) i didnt know that about the difference of oils etc.

(about the name lol- years ago on the discovery channel there was a video of a monkey in a tree throwing poop down at people. it was the funniest thing! i can still see it, it cracks me up everytime...crazy awesome monkey!)

Poorvi said...

Hi Kris,

Question - I have been losing a lot of hair lately and my hair is much thinner than it used to be. Can you advise me on what i should and should not do to my hair and what i should and should not use on my hair? This would be a great help! thanks!!

Dani Glaser said...

Hi guys, there's an article in today's New York Times entitled Natural, Organic Beauty. Very timely!!

Mel said...

Organicmom mentioned Anderson Cooper's body burden test...I went looking for info about that and came across this online quiz that gives you a rough idea of what your body burden might be, depending on what household products you use, whether you have carpeting, electronic appliances, etc. It's not a lab test, of course, but I found the quiz interesting. There are a few items on there that I hadn't considered before...

organicmom said...

Hi to Christina

sorry but LUSH is filled with synthetic fragrance, which I would strongly recommend anyone avoid as that means phthalates. Phthalates act as a faux estrogen and that is especially bad for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, women of childbearing age who may want to become pregnant and anyone with their immune system compromised. The Environmental Working Group has lots of data on levels of phthalates in what might be your fav fragrances. Or maybe now that we know what these lab generated scents have been doing to us our 'obsession' with certain fragrances will just disappear.

James Frame said...

A very good quality and paraben free personal care range is

Apart from the packaging... which isn't that great... all of the products I have used of theirs are great.

Mel said...

I just ordered some of the No Miss Nail Care products a couple of days ago after reading this blog, and my package is already here today! I've just put on the nail polish and topcoat. Really nice nail polish--goes on smooth, no streaks. The polish isn't totally natural, but does not contain Formaldehyde * Toluene * Dibutyl-Pthalate or Camphor. It smells a bit chemically...there may be better, more natural polishes out there.

The color I bought is Daytona Sand--lovely nude color.

I was mostly interested in the non-toxic nail polish remover. Last week, I removed some polish with a product that made my finger tips sore and bruised feeling for hours afterward! Can't be good. Though I haven't used the remover yet, I smelled it, and it is MUCH better than regular products--uses a fruit acid solvent and other plant-derived ingredients. This product looks like it's def worth the effort of ordering...

They also threw in a free sample of a "No Tears" eye make-up remover. It does contain parabens though...

I love getting new products! It's like Christmas!

Dani Glaser said...

Last week, I read Julie Hilton's comment (on Make over your make-up!) about her organic skin products that she created as a compound pharmacist ( for her community pharmacy patients. Her products receive the highest safety score on the cosmetics safety database (0 or 1), which was very important to me, along with a reasonable price. I've been using Skin Free products for the last several days and they are amazing!! I already see the difference... so, take Julie up on her generous offer... you'll be glad you did. (Free shipping and 20% off if you put "Crazy Sexy Cancer" in the comment section.


Kathryn said...

Kris, I just wanted to point out... you mentioned making over your makeup, and I wanted to remind everyone of the recent mercury scare. Some of the popular lipsticks out on the market now have been found to contain traces of mercury. I don't mean to sound like an alarmist, but anyone who uses a lot of makeup should be aware of this!

Hilary said...

A great (but not complete) list of organic makeup companies can be found here:

I also highly recommend signing up for the e-newsletter at
I got an e-mail about the lead in lipsticks practically before it hit the national news.

I also use the Cosmetics Database to compare products:
If what you want to look up isn't in their database but you have the ingredients you can create and account, enter in the ingredients and be able to get the information on that product (it doesn't get added to the public database though.)

They've also added a nice review feature that will be even more useful as people leave their comments about products. Meanwhile a good place for a LOT of makeup reviews (including non-organic) is

Some of My Favs:I love MOST (but not all) Burt's Bees products, Everday Minerals eyeshadows and foundations, Aubrey Organics conditioner (haven't tried their shampoo yet), Tom's of Maine Deoderant, Alba Hawaiian Kona After sun Lotion (LOVE this stuff but I have a bad feeling I may be getting caffeine via my skin - hehe.) I could go on...

Also plain old olive oil or EVOO is a great makeup remover (can't part with my waterproof mascara and it helps get that off even.) I use the Burt's Bees Orange essence facial cleanser sometimes the same way. With the olive oil and the Burt's Bees Orange Essence, apply it to a dry face and massage it all over (maybe add a little water to the Burt's Bees.) Using a warm washcloth to remove it or follow up with a quick face soap (I like alba Hawaiian pineapple facial cleanser.)

Hilary said...

PS - forgot ... Hilary Baumann not the other Hilary who I've seen post here... need to see if I can change my blogger info to show my full name.

Aundie said...

check out all natural organic skin care ilike, by szep elet ( it USED to be in the same containers of Eminence Organic Skin Care-- but they branched out on their own and changed teh ingreidents.... so ilike is the way to go (google it!) It's even made in europe so its much more regulated then here, in the USofA

Stephany said...

A few additions...

Honeybee Gardens ( makes truly water-based nail polish that comes off with rubbing alcohol - no need for any crazy stinky remover! They also have a peel-off polish that doesn't last as long.

Honeybee has also spent the past two years making their Truly Natural Mascara. You'll actually understand the ingredient list in MASCARA.

Black Cherry color lipstick by Zuzu is the best brown-red I've found and, again, is a super-short ingredient label you'll understand every bit of (a few oils and minerals for color, that's it).

I have struggled with acne since age 12, and nothing has taken the wind out of those sails like pure, organic jojoba oil. I know it seems like jojoba OIL shouldn't be the antithesis to acne and OILY skin, but you'll see, it works! Add a drop of tea tree oil to it if you need more serious help or have a breakout time o' month.

I combine pure vitamin e and cocoa butter to use in my eye area, since they ARE comodegenic and CAN clog pores. So, only around the eyes for me - and NOTHING has worked better. I used to be a chemical peel, glycolic mess and NOTHING has worked better for fine-line fixin' than vitamin E and cocoa butter. Swear on my BCFF.

And all of these oils are a few bucks a pop and last AGES - super huge savings for me.

In response to the earlier post that mentioned Arbonne, I would still say "be careful." I have samples from a friend at my house and they're loaded with chemicals, at least according to the label.