Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stack the odds in your favor

Hi Crazy Sexy Cherished Friends!

Last night was the first Crazy Sexy Bootcamp at the New York Open Center and it ROCKED like Springsteen! I'll be blogging all week about the nuggets of the night - boundaries, breath, nutrition, CanSer Posses, Survivorship, creating your own Save My Ass Tech. Inc, and more tips for headbutting fear. So let's dive in nude!

Let Desperation lead to Inspiration and Education……

Unravel these ideas in this mantra in order to make a kick ass healing game plan. You don’t have to be a canSer patient (spelled wrong to annoy it) to benefit from this mini advice-from-the-trenches. This is about life and LIFE is a frickin’ Juggernaut of Gorgeous, Staggering, Messy, Brilliant, YES, NO, Holy Cow, Holy Shit, champagne supernova, love, loss and learning. The only thing you have to bring to this experience is the willingness to be FEARLESS…

Fantabulous Tip O' The Day:

Eat your Veggies and Shake Your Ass Rock Star!
No one knows more about you than you. Create your Owners Manual. Check in daily. Do a body scan and make adjustments accordingly. We need to be our own medical, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual advocates. Your body IS a temple and your mouth is the ALTAR. When we tune in to the temple we can access our own inner pharmaceutical lab. We can move the Rocky Mountains!

This is what helps me, I am vegan and I follow a mostly raw foods diet. Since I changed the way I eat I have seen big changes in my overall health. Even though I still have a completely stable canSer, I feel awesome! But it’s important to do your homework and understand how to eat this way. You can be what I call a “muffin vegetarian” and feel pretty tired and lousy. In my experience, a vibrant and effective vegan or vegetarian diet means that the majority of your food source comes from veggies! If you don't want to veg head (although veggies are tres sexy) can you cut back on the chops and properly food combine for better digestion? Can ya eat smaller portions of elbows and tushies and surround your plate with greens for more alkalinity? Um, yes. There is always, always a way to participate Yo!

Here’s a little science: the body maintains a delicate PH balance. Basically, by eating a more alkaline diet (leafy greens, veggies, fruits and juicing) as opposed to an acidic diet (high in animal products, processed foods and starch) we flood our bodies with chlorophyll, oxygen, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. As the Nobel Prize winning genius Dr. Otto Warburg said, no disease can live in an oxygen-rich environment. Now that’s food for thought! Junk goes in and junk comes out. If it’s invented in a laboratory it will take a laboratory to digest it! If it has a shelf life longer than yours, DON'T eat it!

1. Get back to nature and back to the garden.
2. Shake your booty.
3. Eat the right alkaline foods that supply your body with oxygen and enzymes.
4. Drink pure water.
5. Give your colon a regular spring cleaning.
6. Keep the stress level down and the joy factor up.
7. Snooze. Snooze. Snooze.

Now get outside Angel Head a Go-Go! Walk or trott. Start the engines running on that juicer! If you don't have a juicer get your cute butt to Target or your local go-to chain and swipe the card! Stack the odds in your favor loves. We all can make a difference in our inner and outer worlds. I'm off to make my green drink (cukes, celery, kale, sweet pea sprouts- anything GREEN).

Peace and veggies!

PS. Post any questions on nutrition ya want. If I don't know how to answer them I'll ask my kick butt chow guru mentors. Let's figure this bee-atch out! SMOOCH!


jillian said...

Kris, you have such a positive and refreshing attitude. You are such an inspiration to everyone.

summer said...


I saw you last night at the open center and decided to check out your blog. It was such a pleasure seeing you speak and watching your move.

I was surprised and happy to hear that you are a raw vegan as well. can you please share some of your recipes? What do you eat? Do you eat any sweet fruits? (I know Hippocrates does not really support fruits). Please share.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Thanks for coming last night! There are a few recipes in my book and I'm working on a diet/cookbook for next year. I will post a few- in fact, why don't we all share?!? I do small amounts of fruits, but if you are healthy you shouldn't have a problem. Especially if you combine properly. The only time I eat fruit is in the AM. I do raw till noon, big veggies juice and if I get hungry some fruit. HHI doesn't support fruit as they believe sugar, any sugar feeds cancer. I have found a lot of research that supports that notion so I don't do much at all. But I'd rather have a banana than a bagel or an apple over a bag of chips. On the road fruit was definitely easier. Keep it up love!

AnnaBegonia said...

You are awesome. Just when I start to give up on hope, you bring me back up to where I should be! Thanks so much :)

Jill Aldrich said...


Love your blog, love your voice! I check in daily for a little community and for news on how to change my Osso Bucco-lovin' ways :)

Picked up your book at Safeway (now that's market penetration!) Love it!

Write on...


kplondon said...

Kris, I love your book and your website. I want your movie to air here in the UK - any plans?
One huge favour: can you pleeeeease create a forum for the cancer posse? How else am I going to find my pen pal and a few hundred other kindred spirits? What do you think? kplondon

gshoemate said...
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gshoemate said...

Having a stressful canSer day and I knew I could come here for a pick-me-up...thanks Kris!!

So, I can't seem to find fresh wheat grass in my area however at the local health food store, they have frozen wheat grass in this better then no wheat grass at all?

Thanks a bunch

Brian Dowd said...


I am down in Austin, TX at the Ride for the Roses weekend for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I have spoken to several fellow bloggers and your a hit! You really are impacting so many people. Like Lance, you are one of the inspirational leaders int he cancer community.

I made sure to tell a few people who did not already her about you and your story.

Keep up the great work!

susan said...

Kris: I saw your documentary and met you at your Borders booksigning in L.A. You recommended a book to me, "The Raw Foods Detox Diet" by Natalia Rose. Do you know of another food-combining book that's in-the-know out here called "The Body Ecology Diet" by Donna Gates? If so, I was wondering what you think of it / how it compares? Also, in your holistic travels, have you come across any non-toxic hair coloring products or proceedures? Have there been any healthy hair color breakthroughs since the old head-dipped look of Henna? How can we do blond in a healthy, non-toxic way? Thanks for the education and inspiration!!

lulusophiejulia said...

Hey Kris,
My husband & I were at the Open Center last night and we can not stop speaking about our amazing experience we had. We were both so thrilled to meet you and be a part of the special evening. We were so moved by your spirit and soul. We will be forever changed. I had a couple of questions to ask you if you have time to respond.
1). Do you eat any of the frozen soy products such as morningstar or bocca burgers?
2). Do you take a multi-vitamin?
3). Do you excersise in the morning or evening? Does it include yoga, walking, weight training?
4). Can you share what a typical day of eating would look like? (ie: breakfast = banana & smoothie with kale, broccoli, etc).
5). Do you ever drink red wine?
6). What are some of your favorite restaurants in nyc and/or woodstock?
thank you again for an evening filled with such positive energy and deliciousness.
Gina and Scott

Shelley said...

I happened upon your website and just read your book. Thanks for being your inspirational self! I am 36 and I was diagnosed with uterine cancer this year and it has been a whirlwind. I wish you book had been out when I first got the news, it would have been a great help. I am doing well and I look forward to you future books and watching the documentary tomorrow.

I would also love to second the motion for a forum for the cancer posse!

vicreggi said...

I am a 22 year cervical cancer survivor; my older sister is currently undergoing chemotherapy for a rare and difficult form of breast cancer. Your documentary was so very inspiring. I ran out the next day, bought your book, read it from cover to cover and gave it to my sister. Thank you so much for your wonderful work--you are a blessing.

Obsessedwithlife said...

How do you maintain your diet when you are traveling, going out to eat, going to dinner at a friends, etc? Thanks.

-Rachel from CURE forum

rockinrobin said...

Well, Kris I see that you have been listening to your "inner Mother." You have been very obedient. We all feel re-charged when we have contact with others that are living a Vegan diet. I am glad that you are back!!!
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.- Emerson
Mush Love,

Lisa White said...


What do you do about eating breads, pastas, rice. I have found sprouted whole grain forms of all and am thinking those are ok, just as long as they are not the biggest thing on the plate.

I also am a little confused on the grasses. Do you grow your own or is that something you get at the health food store? Do you cut them off at the dirt line (which is what it looks like you're doing in the film)? I just haven't been able to find too much about it yet. I'm sure I haven't exhausted all possiblities because changing your entire diet requires lots of time and enery!! But, I would love it if you could lead me in the right direction. I'm so excited because I grew my first batch of sprouts this week - so easy and fun!

One more thing, do you test your pH everyday with pH strips for urine or saliva? Can any doctor look at your blood for acidity/alkalinity?

And for Summer, there are a ton of recipes in "The pH Miracle Diet" by Drs. Young.

Thank you Kris! You are quite THE woman!!


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi all,
So many good questions! So many GREAT students! I want to leave the blog up for another day and then I will answer ALL your questions in the NEXT blog.

Kplondon- Baby doll, you know I'm working on the posse forum. It's at the top of my list I as well as national posses. We really want to follow in the amazing footsteps of Gilda's Club. I will be blogging about it after nutrition.

A nutshell of what my schedule is like and what is next:
1. Get the resource section up and running before next TLC air date 10/31 AND a very cool interview which I can't talk about yet... he he he
2. Finish DVD with awesome how-to extras and deleted scenes (due 11/5)
3. Finish 2nd book due 11/25
4. Canser Posse central!!!!!!! Create a forum on the website and facilitate groups where needed and where the interest is.

Please keep checking in all, we have a tiny staff of 3 people but we're burning the midnight oil to make the magic.

xoxoxoxo Kris

Rachel said...

I watched "Crazy Sexy Cancer" and even though I don't have cancer it really applied. 6 months ago I was told I have Celiac Disease… this diagnosis lead to a gluten free diet that over time has made a grocery list of ailments go away.
I am 23 and for years I was told that the migraines, asthma, fatigue, skin rash, thinning hair, joint pain, anxiety, untreatable depression were in my head or not related health issues. I would go to doctors in crippling pain, eyes swollen shut for no reason, sores in my moth and be pumped full of steroids and sent home.
It was amazing when I was told I had Celiac… there was such a simple fix… change what I eat. It is amazing what food can do… good and bad. Now that I eat no processed foods… now that I eat mostly veggies I feel like a different person. I haven't used an inhaler in 3 months… and not because of steroids.
Why am I writing this? Because "Crazy Sexy Cancer" is about a lot of things but a big part of it becomes about food/ healing. Just like you talk about in this post… Food can change (or at least help) the way a person feels. It is so simple… hard… but simple… give up the crap and give in to greens!

Thanks for everything.

katiepps02 said...


I just finished watching 'Crazy, Sexy, Cancer' and I felt an overwhelming need to try and contact you any way possible to tell you what a GREAT documentary that was. I have never been drawn into any documentary as much as I was into yours. I laughed, cried, felt the excitement and disappointment, and gained knowledge of not only health, but life as well.

I know your journey has been a long but life changing one and I admire your drive to stay so head strong and know that you have cancer but cancer doesn't have you. Congratulations to you for all your achievements thus far!

I don't have cancer, however I'm not a stranger to what it is. As an outsider looking in, I thought cancer, any kind, was something that was evil, terrible and no good could come from it. I fought with my grandmother and grandfather who both had cancer. One was small cell cancer and the other was thyroid cancer. I went to the chemo and radiation appointments as well as all the doctor visits. Basically, I lost them both even though they fought long and hard. I apologize if this puts a damper on things but I felt I needed to explain why I felt like that.

I want to thank you Kris for changing my way of thinking. Your effervescent attitude towards life and using cancer as a catalyst for healing and learning will definitely have an impact on my life from here on out.

justine said...


Hi!!! :) my name is justine i am 20 yrs old and from california. I attend Baylor university in waco, texas...the lamest city :)anyway, i was watched ur doc last week in TLC for the first time. it was by far one of my favorite. u are an inspiration. my mother died of a rare form of stomach cancer when she was 28, i as 1. she got sick in nov. 1987 but doctors didnt diagnose her until jan 1988 and she passed away in april 1988. i have never understood cancer and the challenges that go along. mainly bc it has been hard on my family and they never talked about it. many ppl on my mom's side have passed away from cancers. i haven't really taken care of my body unfortunatetly until i saw ur doc. it has motivated me, opened new doors, and really just made me realize that cancer is a risk factor for me, although i do not have it- its a big part of my life. its weird bc the only two memories i do have of my mom are the night night she passed away and she used to sing some where over the rainbow to me...its crazy i can rememeber that. i wanted to change my diet, and get heathly. i watched ur 21 day fast and i really want to do it- as not only getting healthy, but for spirituality, a tribute- to what u went through, what mom went through what many ppl go through. its hard to explain all my emotions that were triggered last week and all that went through my mind. ur an amazing person- ur beautiful, strong, and inspirational. thank you so much.

what exactly did ur fast and diet consist of??? (i know it was raw veggies and fruits, but can u please be more specific?)

Aaron said...

Go through sad days sometimes . . . very nice to come across something relevant at random on the upper channels that I don't usually watch. The title was the hook, the content the line and sinker. I don't even have anything but my brother-in-law has ALS and a one-year-old daughter and he's been seeing all types of nutritionists and doctors and it's all the hope he and my sister can get.

But I've got to go grade some papers now. Maybe that's why I'm sad.

Brilliant film, is what I wanted to say, is all.

gshoemate said...

Wow Kris, so many things in the works. Can't wait for the DVD and the new book. Staff of 3...are you kidding? If you need any drone work done, Ginger is at your service...anything to take my mind off my own canSer and help people with theirs.

One more question, can one eat raw without doing the juicing? If I were to do the frozen wheat grass along with a fruit in the morning and then do raw throughout the day and maybe some chicken for dinner, would this get me by or does juicing have to be part of it?

Thanks a bunch, can't wait for the new blog.

omkatie said...
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omkatie said...

Kris, I found out last week that one of my closest friends, at 30, has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. She's never smoked a cigarette in her life. It just feels so unfair.

having seen your film a few weeks ago, it's the only thing I can think of wanting to share with her. i don't want to push any advice on her, so she can walk her own path, but I wanted to thank you for giving me something to share with her, as well as some backup for my belief in the power of the science of yoga (which has pretty much cured my own depression). I will also have the honor of chanting with Bhagavan Das here in Los Angeles at the end of the month...I hope I can send her some good energy that way (and I'll also be sending her your book). Unfortunately, she lives in Europe so it's the best I can do. Do you think that us doing kiribati chant and prayer for her here in the states can help? Wow that sounds so "new age"....but I know it works for me....

At any rate, thanks for giving me hope. We need it right now.


bav said...


It was so awesome to meet you the other night, definitely worth my trip from Maine. Although I feel silly, because I didn't say half the things I wanted to tell you. I think I was a bit overwhelmed.

Primarily, I want you to know how you have taken away some of the isolation for me. I am the only person in the U.S. with my kind of canSer. Yup, the only one. So that has heightened my feelings of being alone in all this. So much of what you have shared is what I have felt, you have helped me to feel connected again. And that is immense. So, thank you.

Like many here, I too want a daily guide to what/how you eat. And I would also like to know what your fast consisted of.

Big hugs, big veggies, big dreams.

Paperless Network said...

I was told about your documentary on the tv by Dr. Youngs newsletter. I am here in Phoenix Arizona. We will be opening a health store with raw food and a hangout environment. Will not be open until December. If you ever come into town look us up. I would like to meet you. You are a great person and my prayers are with you. Check into getting a water ionizer. Water is the foundation of all life. I am reading a great book right now called: You Are Not Sick You Are Just Thirsty. Is is about how water is the cure the for most aliments and that most of us are dehydrated.

danster said...

Kris - I saw your film for the first time a couple of days ago - I was only going to watch for a minute and stayed, riveted, for the whole 2 hours. At first, I watched because it seemed so strange to see a young, vibrant woman with "the C word". But by the end of the film, I understood that you were just like everyone else, with a life force that would not be denied. Your movie profoundly affected me, and I see that it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Thank you. Myla from Nampa, Idaho

bav said...


I forgot, I wanted to ask a water question...I've been doing some reading about water, pH, electrolytes etc of the various bottled brands. I am wondering what your thoughts are on nitrates, phosphates and silica? It seems the alkaline waters have higher concentrations of these elements, which are things I would think are not desirable. Have you come across any of this in your research and what is your take on it?


TLH said...

One thing that I think you should make clear though: raw foods are bad if you're having chemo. Foods need to be well cooked when you have an impaired immune system!

Xtina said...

Kris, I saw your film this weekend. Fantastic!Four years ago on 10/17 I was having a radical hysterectomy (invasive cervical cancer, in 4 lymph nodes, how dare it go there?!!!) I am so glad you are sharing your adventure, thrilled that you are controlling cancer, pleased that you defined cancer the way I felt about it. Definitely not a gift...but an amazing catalyst. It took me awhile to convince myself that I could still consider myself a woman, but I eventually realized that not having a uterus, or a cervix or ovaries, doesn't keep me out of slumber parties. Your story bolsters my confidence that if I should have to face cancer again (which I suppose the docs think is inevitable since, as they put it, I have been xposed to more radiation than some of the Chernobyl victims- but I am not truly convinced!)I will rise to the occasion. Life is the important thing, not the cancer. Attitude is important and you truly inspire the right attitude! Thank you!

mollyloraine said...

kris, I was also diagnosed with ehe in 2003. I am 30 years old and am blessed with 2 boys. I have IT in my lungs. I was wondering what treatment you are doing now. I am on Nexavar and tolerating it well. I would love to talk wih you more please at any time,

bav said...


Actually, foods need to be organic and well-washed when you have an impaired immune system, or just don't eat the outer skin. Don't believe the hype!! Eat your veggies!


Tragicomedy said...

I watched your show and went and bought your book, The pH Miracle, and The pH Miracle For Weight Loss (for my stud-muffin partner). I also bought The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, Food to Live By, and The Whole Foods Market Cookbook. Excessive, probably - but I'm not even done.

Anywho, did you use the Alkaline drops in your water? I am so confused on which drops to get, as I am comparing prices of $5.00 up to $50.00 for essentially the same product. Then comes to issue of the pH sticks. Do you pee on them? Put them in your mouth? Dip them in your drink? Who knows?! As the machine looks quite sploogerific (I know, I'm gross) - I'm not paying that much money for a machine to make my water awesome, when I can buy these snazzy drops for five bucks and make it even more awesome (simply by touching it, of course).

Thanks in advance!

PS: I went to record your show the 14th and Discovery Health Channel cut it off!! They only showed an hour of it. Needless to say, my dvr recorder dohickey is set to record on Halloweenie day, because TLC is showing the full thing.

Glomerulife said...

seeing your documentary and having a chance to learn more about alkaline/raw diet -I think it makes sense and i wonder if it would help many including myself in primary prevention of major diseases .

the 21 day feast/fast is very difficult to stick to when your family is cooking a steak or raosted chicken .

is there anyway on earth one can start right and not feel starved ?

what would typical day diet be with the raw /processed food if you do not mind me asking .

colon cleansing ..hmm laxatives ?or the grass and tube you showed in your documentary .


Barbara said...

I was just thinking today about my vegan recipes and looking forward to cooking them. (We're not into raw foods.) You've encouraged me to add a few of them to our menu this week. And YES to water! During chemo weeks, I'm drinking 3 liters a day. My nurses tell me this is a major reason why I'm having so few side effects. Glub! Plus, this job skill helped last week when I had my first CT scan. Drinking three 20-oz glasses of Sprite mixed with berry-flavored contrast dye? No problem, honey! Even better, while I was slurping, I read the Shopping Therapy section of "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips." You know--"I have to have a scan, so I need something new," "I hate scans, so I need something new," etc. I was the only person in the waiting room laughing. Now that's good medicine! Thanks, Kris!
ovarian cancer stage 1C
fifth chemo was today--one to go! Yaaaayyy!!!!

Anna said...

Hey Kris - hope you're having a good day!

I'm mostly vegetarian (trying to reduce my meat intake all around, but the only dairy I have been eating is organic). I'm having a really hard time finding variety and not eating like a muffin vegeterian, especially in winter - any tips?

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hey Gang! Go to the next blog and I will answer most of these questions. If I don't answer yours, post again.

kah said...

I love your comments on nutrition! I deal with a chronic pain condition that I help manage through what I put in my mouth! It is amazing how one's diet can make such a world of difference, yet something that is so basic too!

cherry42 said...

Kris, I just saw the end of Crazy Sexy Cancer last night and I thought it was great. I just spent last year fighting Stage 4 colon cancer that had gone through my colon into my intestines and ovaries and I was given 2 months to live - well to make a long story short, I beat it. My interest in getting in touch with you is not over questions about your illness or what you ate, but I was astonished to see that there was mention of your butterfly socks and I noticed in one picture that you had a butterfly necklace on. I did not see the beginning of your movie so I do not know if there was some reference to butterflies or not. Thus my reason for finding you. Last year dragonflies and butterflies came to me on a daily basis in the form of real ones and other forms and so much so that I knew that it was sign that everything would be all right. In fact, every time I saw a butterfly I said thank you God, and to this day I still give thanks when butterflies are brought into my life. I don't have enough time or room here to tell you about all the wonderful experiences that I had last year, and you might think I am totally off my rocker but I was so interested to hear and see the reference to butterflies in your movie that I just had to get in touch with you. And if nothing else, wanted to let you know that if you have butterflies, everything will be just fine with you as it was with me.
Thanks for your time and I would love to hear from you.
Susan Snow

Simone said...

hi kris,
you have a funny kind of magnetism. i hadn't meant to watch your show, but found myself getting drawn in after a few short moments of watching you slide in & out of the ct scan machine. i noticed that you're a virgo, same as my little 7.5-week-old girl, nico. i hope she shares your same effervescence. keep on keepin' on!

Shamyra said...

Hi Kris, I watched your documentary last night and just wanted to say thank you for doing it. Now, people have an idea on what we go through. I myself have stage iv breast cancer(found out Jan 07 when I was 28 and my daughter was only 10months old) I'm 29 now, but feel so much older.
I'm having such a hard time with this and don't really know how to deal. My daughter and husband are my life and they keep me going, but there are some days( alot of days) when everything is just so gray.Everytime I hope for the best, I get more bad news.
I guess my question is, how do you do it, stay so positive with everything you have gone through??? I really admire how you are dealing with this. I wish you all the best.

Yvonne said...
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Yvonne said...

Hi Kris.
I stumbled on your show Tuesday night and I have to say the timing coudn't have been better.
I've advanced BC which is now metastic in the bones. I've entered the world of palative care.

I'm usually pretty positive but lately there's been a few more hurdles. Just starting the 2nd year of treatment and I was feeling pretty low.

You show helped alot, and put a fire under my butt to get back on track.
I'm going to make even more of an effort to change my eating habits as per your advice, as well I was so thrilled to see how you are kicking it, attitude being so very important.

Thanks so much, I needed a boost and you really helped.

Additionally I'd love to share with you an idea I've started called the Mala Concept.
It's a way for the people in your life to get involved and give you a piece of their love, at the same time giving you a wonderful memento, and small piece of their karma.
Let me know if you're interested.