Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 people who mean a lot to me...

Hi fam,

Meet Crystal (my Kitty) and Olivia (my new friend who lives at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary).
Hey, take a peak at their website and browse through the wealth of knowledge available. While you're at it, coo over the angels who live there. We're so lucky that badass farmer Jenny Brown (that's her real name) and her groovy hubby Doug Abel are our neighbors! They birthed this beautiful oasis for rescued animals and Olivia the goatess is one of their treasured Queens. Olivia is also a cancer cowgirl (so is soulfull farmer Jenny).

Winters are tough in the mountains and Olivia's Lymphoma isn't making it any easier on the girl. So Jenny and Doug brought her inside to hopefully bide her some more time. Enter Crazy Sexy Olivia's Revolution.

On a recent mid-afternoon hooky visit to the farm, Jenny and I brainstormed about her healing. Why not try some wheatgrass? Bingo! My awesomely educated vegan BFF rang up our local veggie hut for a mat poste haste. Wellllll, guess who took a turn for the better? Guess who went from not being able to stand to walking again? OLIVIA! If it works for a goat...hmmm....Jenny also feeds Olivia a healthy diet, herbs, lots of good greens and buckets of immune boosting love.

Olivia is the poster child for why they need to build an animal hospice, which will provide a warm, clean facility for incoming animals that must be in isolation and those with special needs. Please support WFAS in their efforts to provide care for animals like Olivia. Again, check out their website and if you're feeling generous send a little of YOUR green to Crazy Sexy Olivia's wheatgrass fund! You don't have to be a millionare to make a difference. AND if you're in NYC on March 24th, check out their "Komedy for Karma" benefit. It will be massive fun and hopefully hubby and I will be there so we can all hang out!

Now on to Crystal, my hairy daughter of 15 years. This kid is ridiculous! Fun for days but lately not so much. Well, if a lifestyle upgrade works for the goat Queen, how about for mine? Enter the wheatgrass. She starts today. Zen kitty. Check out the needles in her noggin! Zoinks. We found a kickass complementary vet so yesterday was all about getting her chi flowing and glowing. Right now she's lives in snot and sneeze city. I gotta say we went the western way and no luck. In fact, she's worse. Not that it's their fault but the problem is bigger than the symptom. Sound familiar?

Crystal and I will now be going to acupuncture once a week (if I'm gonna haul out the cash for her I better damn well do it for me). Plus, her diet is in for a major change. This morning she looked at me with that knowing pit in her stomach. I think she feels like death row kitty and that last night was her final junky big Mac meal. She's right. If healthy eating is good enough for NY city prisons, it's good enough for kitty - and for you and me too! These kids make me want to step it up in my own life. If I’m going to take the time out of my day to care for my hairy child then maybe I can do a bit more for me too.

Do you ever put other people first and forget or shelf yourself? Do you ever feel like you just don't have time for you? Priorities.....

Peace and fur (on the folks that need and truly own it),

PS. Guess what!?! We have a Guest blogger from the Humane Society who wants to give us more skinny on their triumph. How cool! I hope he's done with the post later today or tomorrow.

Bye for now. Talk amongst yourselves. :)


lurky me said...

Hi Kris and the CSC community! I am coming out of my lurkiness today in the spirit of zen kitty and goatess animal love. This is framed in the bathroom of my yoga studio:

The Life of a Dog

When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.
Never pass up an opportunity to go for a joyride.
Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstacy.
When it's in your best interest, practice obedience.
Let others know when they've invaded your territory.
Take naps.
Stretch before rising.
Run, romp and play daily.
Thrive on attention and let people touch you.
Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.
On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass.
On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.
When you're happy, dance around and wag your whole body.
No matter how often you're scolded, don't buy into the guilt thing and back and make friends.
Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.
Eat with gusto and enthusiasm. Stop when you've had enough.
Be loyal. Never pretend to be something you're not.
If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.
When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close and nuzzle them gently.

Peace out girl scouts! (and clint)

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey Kris
I have always put pretty much the universe before me most of my life...things changed after the dx of I am fighting the feeling of being too selfish, but hey I am trying to stick around to be with everyone, so really it is not selfish at all.
I am getting yoga and mediation in daily all week, It feels like a victory for me.
love the spike filled acu-cat! Thanks for the aminal love, they love us so much it's time we gave back!

patricia said...

Hello everyone.,
Kris you are awesome and I CAN'T SAY IT ENOUGH. your kitty is so blessed to have you and knowing you, the knowledge and care that you have that kitty is going to live to be 100 :-) What a lucky hairy daughter...i love that!

well I just wanted to share a young woman who is a cancer survivor : In my researching on the web I came across a young woman's blog on myspace and found a statement on her website to be so real so uplifting and so strong. Her attitude is one I find in alot of you here in the CSC community and I just had to share her with you. What a gal..reminds me of Kris :-) so strong and such a great outlook on things.

NEVER EVER GIVE UP My name is Katie, I am a Liver Cancer Survivor. My attitude is one of sheer defiance. I am NOT a cancer patient. I am a person living with cancer. I do not HAVE cancer, nor does it have me. It is simply leasing temporary space in my body. I do not let the disease bully me. I face it head on. I defy it. I would not wish it on my worst enemy, but at this point, I don't know that I would have it any other way. I am not the same person as I was before the illness, but I am NOT a victim. I am a Survivor, and now I have a job to do because cancer may leave my body, but it will never leave my life...and that's ok.Please help with raising money for cancer.

Have a wonderful day!

Grendle said...

Hey Y'all!

For a while now I've been sprinkling a little Green Vibrance on my dog's food and she LOVES it. Even if there's no food in there, she'll lick the powder off the dish. They're so much smarter than us!

broccoli and doggie kisses,

LolaBloom said...

What an amazing and fantastic post! I devote much of my time to my 5 fur-kids and the many fosters that come in and out of my doors and they are such special little fur-people!! There is so much wisdom and love in their little hearts.

This post put a tear in my eye, a joyful one, knowing that there are such lovely places that take such good care of our little furry ones when they too are in need.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Much love, wheat grass, pets and scratches to Olivia and Crystal!

Basic Me said...

Two best smells in life puppy breath and horses. I have to tell you Kris that your lifestyle choices lead into the life of you pets.. well they are souls in our lives. Mojo Duncan's helping hands dog had the most stressful life. When she retired at 5 and Saatchi came here to take over that was just not going to happen. I wish I had known. Helping Hands dog have tremendous stress and usually die early and it broke my heart. But boy does Saatchi have a life that is so different. When you know better you do better. Saatchi is on organic food filled with grains and veggies and not fillers and whole protiens. Her life is full of peace even though she works hard. I suppose we have all learned that when someone or both of you are sick you have to take a mintute and nuture yourself and the fur people who love you in your life. We live so differently now. I have also just realized that with the new bs. the new work, the new lifestyle we came to a realization that that some things were being neglected ....:( we have to remember to celebrate our lives and love inside all the celebration of book deals and missions working out and speaking engagements.. when working out and yoga get stressful you know you are on overdrive. I like you was up at three am in the hospital working. Thats when we re-evaluated. In other words duncan took the computer home and the crackberry.. hahah.. he was risking death.. haha.. anyway I am so thrilled about the new blog about your fur people. I love that you are encluding all animals in your circle of healthy life,. that is how it should be. I look forward to the guest blogger.

Kris did I miss the opening of the forum? how is it.. I know wonderful.. Let me know how it goes.. I cannot wait to see it.

Ok.. Love those kiddies (goats and Kitties) hugs and many blessings for a new day.

Love peace and eggplants.. Callie

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey all
Does anyone live in or near Atlanta Georgia?

Someone sent me an email.. they are selling a ten day package at Brenda Cobbs living institute for 795...normally alot more cash than that.

If yes, email me at mom2samnjaz@sbcglobal and I will forward the info to you asap.
love and green veggie beasts

Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner said...

I love your blog! My mom is a melanoma survivor and I am trying to learn to manage depression and anxiety with diet. Can't wait to delve more into your writing.

amylydia said...

Hi there! Love the Green Vibrance idea! :) Where do you purchase it?

joyfuljude said...

What beautiful pets. Please give them hugs and pats from me.

We absolutely adore our pets. They are the 4 legged people in our home. They are allowed anywhere they want, they sleep in our bed, and they get by with so much more than our human children did. The dogs and I hike about 2 miles every morning. It's my gratitude time :-) And there's nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a cat, eh?

We are so fortunate to live just up the road from our vet(s). Three women and they are all very progressive in their thinking and practice.

Going a few posts back to "what happens when we leave this earth", I ask everyday that when it's my time to go, that I get to work for St. Francis in God's front yard with all the pets. umm...unless it involves snakes and then I'll pass that on to someone else :-)


cancer cowgirl xo said...

I adore the Green Vibrance idea too. So smart! I get mine at the health food store, wholefoods, etc. Anyone get it at a better place? Perhaps you can get it online too.

Becky said...

Hi, everyone!

I am reminded today why I love being a part of this community. It's been a weird week of digesting information that was somewhat new to me about my liver situation. AFter being somewhat bummed, I now find myself calm and resolute! I think, "hey wait, alot of my CSC friends are dealing with something like this, look at Kris for friggin' sake! If they can do it so can I!" I am renewing my efforts to keep to the regiment and believe!

Patricia, I love that quote. I need to print it big and put it up on my wall. Thank you.

I love goats! May daughter wants to get one. Maybe someday!

Love ya all.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

That's right Becky! Good for you Lil' mama. Keep on keepin' on and spreading the love. What else can you do? Nada. I love watching stinkin' thinkin' turn around.

Carpe Diem baby!

Grendle said...

I got my Green Vibrance from, I'm sure there are a lot of places that carry it!


Dr.Sue said...

I love this post! I've been a cat resuer for 25 years. My current three "kids" are awesome. The girl, Beetle Juice, loves fruit. She eats all fruit except citrus with me, she also drinks my green drinks out of a big wine glass! My other two boys, Elton John, who I rescued from being drowned in a pond, was thought to be a girl when I got him at 5 weeks & who I had named Ella, to my surprise the vet said, the cat's got balls,hence we change to Elton John-which I thought appropriate, & our other, Conrad, like cantelope but thats about it. Of course, no by-product food for them. (I however had a cat when I was growing up that ate 25 cent friskies & drank lake water & died at 24 by a car, so go figure!)
Natalia Rose has a link to a raw food diet for cats,haven't tried it yet. Anyway, I could go on & on about my furballs. I'm gonna check out the farm you mentioned, so cool about the wheatgrass!
Pets rock!

feelin' hopeful said...

hello everyone!

I have been wanting to come out of lurkiness & ask this question and now it's the perfect time!

It's like I don't even know where to begin so I will just try to make it simple.

9 1/2 yr old lab/collie mix who suddenly started dragging her foot, which has now turned into her full body practically being paralyzed over the course of about 3 months.

been to 3 conventional vets. after treatment for Lyme, and then ultimately given steriods with the assumption of a tumor on the spine..things are no better, but worse. Our pooch is carried in and out of the house, hand fed and stuck in one spot. I believe it's time for this beloved pet to be given peace. My fiance (her owner) does not agree with this and has now moved on to seeing a holistic vet.

here is my problem....I wished we STARTED out w the holistic vet and now i feel the poor pooch is too far gone. my fiance lost his mom to cancer in november and i believe trying to save his dog the way he couldnt save his mom.

and finally the question. should I just be supporting my fiance regardless of how I feel deep down about the dog's condition? should i just throw myself into this holistic approach considering its how I live my life even though I feel like the dog is suffering? Am I being a complete hypocrite for trying to persuade him to do what I believe is the right thing? Its taken a huge toll on us.

I am not even sure I am making any sense but I saw this post - and bam! I needed to get it out. thanks for listening....

youvgotdale said...

Did you or your people submit your documentary to the Peabody Awards this year? I just had lunch with the current Director of The Peabody Awards last Sunday in L.A. and I told him all about you and your documentary. He hadn't seen the complete list of documentary submissions yet. I'm hoping you submitted! My email off the blog is YOUVGOTDALE@AOL.COM
Also, just got hold of a DVD of JIVAMUKTIi yoga with David LIfe, Sharon Gannon and Michael Franti called "Power To The Peaceful Yoga" Cant go wrong with Yoga and Michael Franti, right? I love it.

Michelle said...

Hi everyone!

Long time lurker, first time poster...

I LOVE that you wrote about pets today! The funny thing for me, is that my dog is what first brought me to your site. When I was doing my research into getting a new puppy, I learned all kinds of things about pet foods, and all of the terrible things that are used to make them. As it turns out, we've mostly been feeding our pets foods that are completely inappropriate for them. Why are all of our dog foods filled with corn? This causes most of the alelrgies they get, and is not something they would naturally eat.

If anyone wants more information on pet foods, this site has great info to get you started: (Some veggies are good for dogs, but not in huge quantities, and they need to be ground or juiced first so that they can digest then and get the nutrients.)

Anyway, I eventually realized that my new dog was eating better than I was. Since it didn't make sense to start feeding the dog poorly, I thought I should probably figure out what exactly people should be eating!

So eventually, I ended up on your site, and life has changed. I am now completely obsessed with learning about whole, healthy foods, and eating greens. Thanks!!

Callie - yes! puppy breath and horses are definitely the two best smells in life!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Youvgotdale! No we haven't, didn't even think of it. I wonder if it's too late. Hmmm. Thank you so much for thinking of us! Ya wanna job? LOL! I'll see if its too late and if it isn't we'll send. Fingers crossed.

Feelin' Hopeful: I did the reverse. Miss Holistic went main stream all the way because I was scared and hated to see her suffer. I developed a huge double standard. Good food for me, but listen to the white coats for her. In my defense, she's really finicky and it's like war to get her off fancy feast. Kitty is worse now and she's 15, but that doesn't mean it's too late. No way.

Leave space for miracles. If I was you I'd give it a shot. I'm really serious about acupucture. Can you find a practicioner for your pooch? I know there are many forums that deal with holistic med for animals. I believe Treehugger has one.

What do you guys think?

Amy said...

Hi Kris - I am amazed at your wonderful and beautiful spirit. You are such an inspriation. I recently jumped on the juicing bandwagon and am loving it. Just wondering if you would share 1-2 of your favorite green sunshine recipes? Also, and tips for using the leftover pulp?


feelin' hopeful said...

thanks kris - for your response!

I have to admit, its really really really really hard to stay positive when the holistic approaches so far have failed to help.

she was given a week of neoplasen, her body went thru hell taking that. given all sorts of oils, eats fresh ground beef or chicken, vegetables, premium dog food, etc. now given Rhus tox - I am not even sure what all of these things are but the dog is not responding and my fiance's in denial.

I feel like continuing to be supportive and to stay on board is unfair to the dog and gives my fiance false hope.

When does the time come when its ok to say good bye and what looks like me being negative is just me being realistic?

I have a lot of thinking to do!!

youvgotdale said...

Go to WWW.PEABODY.UGA.EDU and click on CALL FOR ENTRIES. It may be too late - or there may be a nominal late fee. It's worth a try. It seems you can send supplementary materials ie., your book, reviews, your Oprah spot, etc. It might be worth putting together a package and sending it to the Chair, Horace Newcomb. There may be a form to fill out. It's worth a try. And yes, anytime you need a rep in L.A. you let me know. I have lots of TV and media connections out here. If I see or hear of any other opportunities that would be good for you, I will let you know. Your documentary changed my life. Good testimonial, right?

Dee said...

Kris this post made me feel so much less crazy and I love you for that.

One of my babies (insert- dogs) has hip dysplasia (he's a purebred, he can't help it!) after aggressive surgery on the poor little guy, he still favored it out of habit which of course was well, not moving his recovery forward. So, after one of my own acupuncture sessions I wondered out loud to my lovely needle man (yes, I do acupuncture and yes, I am afraid of needles, you'd think after all my treatments and tattoos it wouldn't bother me but I still look the other way!) and he informed me of a friend who's a needle man as well, but for pets. I've been taking my Fez (my dog) for over a year now and it's really done wonders for him. Every one who asks me, when I tell them what I did, I get really big eyes and 'oh...kaaaay...that's different' responses. Hey! It's works! Besides, who wants to be like everybody else, let the freak flag fly!

As far as the Green Vibrance, I get mine most of the time online from their site when I stay on top of it, but sometimes I forget to order it and just grab it from my local Whole Foods. Price wise though, it's cheaper online. Be careful though CSC community! Make sure you price everything out to find your cheapest price and to INCLUDE SHIPPING AND HANDLING when you do that.

For my dogs (all what seems like fifty of them, I keep rescuing more!) I'm a big fan of the Halo products, and the Vita-Dreams Daily Greens are fantastic. It's basically the same idea as Green Vibrance, and my dogs love it. That combined with a few other supplements and quality food (that when you open the can it GASP looks like ACTUAL food!), all my dogs are in fantastic health.

And can I just say that I think I'm in love with Olivia? I'm going to donate now. Thanks Kris!

Tae said...

Oooooohhhh. My little furbaby (otherwise known as Opi, a lively little tuxedo kitty) is about to become a veggie head! He may have withdrawals from the Fancy Feast though.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Yes, I feel like that sometimes-wanting the best for those around me and sometimes lacking for myself but it's definitely improving!

I am also getting nervous...tomorrow is scan day! Eeks. And the area where I've had my cancer 3 times (spinal cord) has been hurting lately. Ugh.

Thanks in advance for the thoughts and prayers.


Rebecca said...

Terrific post! I just had to change my pic to show off my team: Mr. President (after Lester Young not George) and Samantha. They are such an important part of my family and I've always been careful about what I feed them. No corn meal and meat byproducts for me and none for them. I read this great book a few years ago, The New Natural Cat by Anitra Frazier. Among other things, it advocates for a raw diet for cats. It's chock full of wonderful information on natural healing for all sorts of ailments. The number one protocol in all of her treatments is change your cat's diet! Get rid of that Friskies, 9 Lives, Fancy Feast fake food! And she encourages fasting. While I just don't have time to make homemade raw meals (plus I kinda have an aversion to ground chuck and chicken liver in my kitchen), my cats eat like I do, small amounts of healthy, whole foods, with natural ingredients and fresh veggies. I give them canned food and mix shredded carrots, zuchini, sweet potatoes, they especially love sprouts in their food. And I even give them a probiotic. Damn, sometimes I think those cats are better taken care of than I am!

Getting back to our childhood models for my parent's home, bowls of dry food were filled to the brim for the cats to graze all day and all night. Boy, were those cats fat! Not to mention the health problems. A dry food only diet causes liver, kidney and urinary tract problems.

On a total non-sequiter....I saw an amazing film on PBS a few years ago, Animal Attraction. This woman's cat was driving her crazy until she takes him to an animal psychic farm. It's unbelievably funny and quite compelling. It might make you think twice about what you say around your creatures!

Happy thursday.


p.s. I have a shirt that says "Donna Gato". Jason thinks it's just missing the "Loca"!

p.p.s. Yes to the Peabodys! Emmys as well, Kris. And if Dale doesn't want a job, I do!

Dee said...

Rach- How did this NOT come up in our conversation a bit ago? Shame on us! You should know that I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, like always. And that to let me know, you know, when you know. You know? Stay strong girl, no matter what it is, you have a major posse of support and love around you always.

Cravin' Veggies said...

Hi everyone!

I love this post. I would have never thought of sharing Green Vibrance with pets! Clever idea!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Dee - me and you need an acu date with are critters. Then we'll go shopping.

Rachel - As of right now, your name is on the electric altar. If it's good news, bring it here. Not so good news, bring it here. We're all thinking about you, sending you mad love hon.

Becky said...

Feelin' hopeful,

I think your dog and you will know what's right. I would try all the holistic "stuff" thats makes sense! And for me and my past furry friends, we seem to have a sense of what's best and if and when "it's time." Good luck.
Rachel, wow, I know how you feel! I am including you on the prayer list tonight and tomorrow. Can you take a bath tonight? I find warmth really helps soothe me. Deep breath. We're all here.xfiplyu

Dianne said...

Kris, eating raw has been popular for felines for a while now. You can buy it commercially. I feed mine Innova Evo, which is a dry "raw" food with no corn but instead sweet potatoes and real meat that cats need. Cats are obligate predators, which means they eat every part of what they kill. They need bones in their diet. My cats won't eat anything but Evo now. They can smell it when I bring it into the house. The guys at the pet store call it "kitty crack."

You can find several Yahoo groups for raw feeding. Good luck with it.

Dianne said...

Here is the general rawfeeding

And here is for cats

Caution! Some of the cat postings include discussion of pinkies and other things you may find disturbing.

adventure grrl said...

Okay, cute kitty with the acupunc. needles MUST BE my new screen saver!!!

I love today's post. I put EVERY BODY'S needs before my own. Is there a self help group for that?

I think why I do it, is because the more I help other people, the more I can forget myself. There is sometimes a certain FEAR in really LIVING our lives or really LOOKING AT OURSELVES...

So if we can "hide" by helping other people, we can procrastinate the things we fear and still feel like good people.

Well, this post is the KICK in the BUTT I need to start really looking at my life, thoughts and dreams and ponder why I treat my fluffy 9 pound mutt better than myself. (PS, he rocks!)

Anne said...

Even if you could get a cat to eat (only) a vegetarian diet, they can't be vegetarians, right? Aren't they made to be carnivorous?

Tae said...


I'm setting up my alter tonight and you are the first thing I'm praying for. Strength, baby, strength. So many thoughts will be with you on that scan bed tomorrow.

love, energy candles and Buddhas,

Rebecca said...

Anne, No, sadly cats cannot be vegetarians. How wonderful that would be! They need lots o' meat.

amylydia said...

Thanks for the green vibrance tip! Thanks for all of the encouragement on this site. Makes things much more hopeful.

amylydia said...

Whoops!! Sent to quick... Meant to say the encouragement on this site makes things much easier!! :)

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Adventure girl and others:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

- Marianne Williamson

She is one heck of an inspiration for peace, love, activism and get out of my way! Plus she is so nice and giving. If it wasn't for Marianne my head would not have been screwed on straight when CSC aired. She gave me many pep talks over her cell phone. Read her or listen to her on CD.

Dr.Sue said...

You fly with your pets, right? I never have before. I decided I'm not going to drive back to Mpls from AZ, I'm letting my husband go solo w/2 of our cats & I'm going to fly with one of my cats in about 6 weeks. He's 10 lbs, but not really small. I want to put him under the seat & not put him down below. What do you think?

Good vibes,thoughts & prayers for you for tomorrow.

I'm going to try the Innova. I've heard that's a good brand. I currently have Avoderm that I thought the cats would like, since they love avocados, but they really like Authority & we not happy when I tried to just give them Avoderm. I learned my lesson & will slowly incorporate or mix with some Pet Promise, canned food.

Thanks, Sue

Dee said...

Sue- Yes ma'am I do. As long as you have a carrier for your pet and it fits into the standard airline guidelines, you'll be good to go. However if you're flying commercial, make sure to call your airline ahead of time because there are certain restrictions and fees attached. Most airlines also require a 'health certificate' from your vet, that has to be completed no more than ten days prior to your flight. Again, I'd check with your specific airline because each one is different <- man it's SO true! Each airline has it's own specific rules. Your vet can also give you (well for your pet LOL)a gentle tranq to make the whole situation a lot less traumatic, the noises and bustle in airports can scare most animals, heck it scares me a lot of the time! Keep in mind that your 'carry on' will be considered your pet/petinbag, so you can't carry on a suitcase and a bag AND your pet in it's bag as well. If you have any more questions or want more specifics, just let me know!

Kris- I find Marianne Williamson very powerful/moving/meaningful. Especially this:

“We are not held back by the love we didn't receive in the past, but by the love we're not extending in the present.”

Pets AND shopping? I'm in.

Cravin' Veggies said...

Kris: I can't quite tell if Crystal is really pissed or very relaxed in that picture. She is sooo cute!!

Sue: I also have a cat with Gender Identity issues. We thought he was a girl... his name is Holly. Poor boy.

Rach: Sending you good vibes and keeping you in my prayers.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Kris cool post! love all the pics! And there really is nothing cooler than a full grown goat hanging out in the house, ya know! :)
Kris and anyone who has cats must read up on this site, it has AWESOME info for holistic treatment for cats in almost every kind of ailment...
This site was a Godsend to me when my cat was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy/heart failure... Her heart was the worst my vet had seen, in fact he sent her ultrasounds and tests to a cat heart specialist, and even the specialist said it was the worst she had seen, and that my cat "Coco" was only using 20% of her heart and just couldn't believe she was still alive, well anyway, they only gave her no more than 2 weeks max to live, and sent me home with toxic heart drugs,along with other crap, i tried the drugs for 2 days along with the blood pressure meds too, she got 100x worse in 2 days on those meds, then I stopped them and decided to do it my way, and do it natural, and did a bunch of research, never in my life have I researched anything so much that my cats heart disease lol, and anyway ... Thank God with heaps of research, & lots of prayer, I came up with a treatment filled with herbs, minerals, vitamins...and she lived 8 more wonderful months :) it truly was amazing, and the beautiful thing was she was happy, and it was not prolonging suffering, Coco had such a strong will to live and those last 8 months of her life she was truly happy.

the total crazy thing about these cat meds is that alot of them are actually toxic to cats and can cause death! its just so ridiculous... for example the vet gave me "Digoxin" which if you do a bit of research Digoxin's root form is from a plant that is highly toxic that kills cats. And then the side effects Digoxin shouldn't be given to cats with kidney issues (which she had due to her failing heart) also loss of appetite which then she wouldn't eat, thereby getting weaker each day,which also affected her heart more junk effects, its just a ridiculous vicious cycle... I fully believe WHOLE HEARTILY is alternative medicine for animals! It REALLY WORKS!!!!!
So in honor of Coco, and all our furry kids we all adore, My 'handle pic' will be Coco for awhile :)

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Grendle~ love the green vibrance idea!!!

Dr.Sue~ lol I know, I could go allday taking about my furballs too :)

feelin' hopeful~ totally try the holistic approach :) you got nothing to lose by trying it, also the
is very useful for dogs too!!! I use it for my dog... because the general principles of treatment is the same for dogs as well as cats... the only different things would be the weight/dosage etc... and double check on the herbs cause sometimes a certain herb is safe for a cat, but not a dog- but that's quite rare...check out the article section, also the books section, get the Dr. pitcarin

Kris & everyone~
with pets get this book for your cats/dogs!! its full of AWESOME info

Hilary Baumann said...

One of my two cats had acute on chronic kidney failure at the end of last August. Traditional meds did a lot in the sense that without an IV of fluids he wouldn't be with us today - he was super dehydrated.

I had to take a serious look at what I was feeding them though - and FAST!

When I brought him home from the vet I had already switched his brother over to an organic canned cat food already (no more hard food, no more "high end" food from the grocery.) I had also brought home the vet recommended prescription cat food but had already started reading "Food Pets Die For" and was leery of even that.

His prognosis was poor to guarded and the vet did say it was important to get him to eat ... anything I could get him to eat was better than nothing at that point.

He could barely walk, he basically was monitored 24/7 by myself and my boyfriend. When he made a certain raspy meow I would put his food bowl in front of him so he could eat and when he pulled his head back in disgust we would take the bowl away. He had no interest in the vet's recommended food so I gave him the organic soft food and eating dime sized amounts were cause for celebration.

A week later he was well enough to walk out into the living room and eat his brother's food when I tried the prescription food again. I actually felt better about that given what I was reading and gave up on the prescription food at that point.

He went back to the vet after a week of being home ... the vet's response was that he hadn't wanted to tell me but he thought my kitty would be dead in a week and not improved. His bloodwork came back with huge improvements, he had gained 1 oz (usually cats lose more weight) and he was strong enough and willing to fight the vet some.

To keep this short (ok, shorter) over the coming months there were some more checkups, he came off most of the drugs (there's still a phosphate binder and sub-q fluids because of how little of his kidneys are left) and his health improved visibly.

I did try homemade meals with no success. I also tried raw organic with no success (and by no success I mean neither cat would even consider eating it). I researched the heck out of soft cats foods to find what I thought would be the healthiest and also healthiest with his needs in mind (low salt, low phosphates...and ignored the low protein the vet suggested and aimed for quality protein.)

His brother loved the wheatgrass I grew but the kitty I primarily grew it for had no interest in it (though wow - his brother's poop was super stinky the day I let him eat as much as he wanted. Incredibly vile smelling. He now only gets it in smaller amounts occasionally.)

So I'm feeding them mostly Petguard Chicken and wheat germ now - the Turkey and Rice Petguard when I can get it in (no grocery here has their special order process down.) And my fallbacks are the Wellness canned foods. There are some other good brands if you don't have to mind the salt and phosphates as much and there are some other good brands that I simply couldn't get locally.

Both cats have less dander, less shedding, neither has had matted fur since the food switch, and the white fur they have is bright white now (no pet food dyes.) He no longer has eye goop or nose goop. Both cats now play more like they did when they were kittens (thought thank goodness it's not the entire day.) We had a bit of a hairballing issue for awhile but that's leveled out. We also had a constipation problem in the initial weeks of transition which was resolved by adding small amounts of canned organic pumpkin.

I think I could take him off the phosphate binder if I could get the Turkey and rice regularly. Overall he's a happy "healthy" little kitty.

He is 8 years old and the food they were eating was never recalled. Looking back, he had been extremely sick once as a kitten and I thought he was just a really thirsty kitty his entire life ... my best guess is that one of the vaccines they gave him back then damaged his kidneys and the bad food I fed him for the last 8 years didn't help him but helped the progression of the kidney deterioration.

I do reiki on him as needed (he paws at my lap and gives me a look - he never sat in my lap EVER before this.) I also rub his hind legs a certain way based on something I read about improving kidney function. No clue if that helps but it doesn't hurt (I think I would be more sure if I knew more about Traditional Chinese Medicine.)

Some of my favorite pet books include:
- Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food by Ann N. Martin
- Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats
- The Nature of Animal Healing : The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat by Martin Goldstein D.V.M.
- Whole Health for Happy Cats by by Sandy Arora and Regina Schwabe (this one has more info about raw food but also gave me the formula I needed to figure out some of the ratios in the canned foods)
- Four Paws Five Directions by Cheryl Schwartz (this is Traditional Chinese Medicine for pets, I had a bit of a hard time understanding it but it might have been because of the lack of sleep at the time I was reading it.)

There are some really good online resources if you even have a cat with CRF (chronic renal failure.) Most of the resources deal with the western medicine approaches but these can still be good in times of need or in educating about the who and why of each med. Certain things can be harder when they can't tell you what makes them feel better or worse.

Anywho ... I think I may have mentioned in the past that this was part of what prompted me to look more closely at my own nutrition. Actually I had started doing some research before this but this pushed me to move on certain things faster (I read books on people nutrition to get an idea of where to look for certain bits of info on cats too.)

I am not a cancer cowgirl - but whoo hoo I did not get bronchitis this last fall which is the first time I didn't get it in the last 16 years!
I do hope the books listed above help some people ... if anyone wants CRF specific links, don't hesitate to contact me (post an off topic comment on my blog if you can't find my e-mail.) :)

Not sure if I could get my kitty to sit still for acupuncture but who knows. I do tease though that when he gets his sub-q he does deep breathing exercises and zones out.

Kris - love your blog! Always interesting, always evolving. Thank you for this great resource!

Basic Me said...

Chris from Wyoming... I have been spinning and packing my veggies, we just got in from fresh market.... Duncan is reading my mail to me and you my lovely, left me the best note.. oh I was cryin' in my greens... well the kale will be salty.. you letter was so beautiful !!! You all give me so much strength.. Thanks you and I love you dearly. Thank you for reading the devotional. They are making that into a book and I am sending the first to you. You are so precious.

Now guys this blog is getting dangerous.. Saatchi said back away from the screen and touch board... she has to have one pleasure but she is a greenie too..

Jennifer (Gooney) AKA precious one.. and I are talking our phones out of battery almost a bit over an hour today.. so sweet.. she is spicey and boy dont let her fool ya she knows her stuff....she is going to whip ohio into shape.. we have giggled until our jaws ache.

Kris.. I just cut that quoate out of Marianne Williamsons new book Oh it is so true.. If not YOU who if not NOW when.. Move it we are all blessed and on the verge of changing the world. I am ready... haha..

I love the goat.. I worked on ranch when I first got married and we had race horses there and miniture horses and many cows for breeding and show.. I love animals.. Saatchi and all her family are happy huskies..Huskies are hard animals to own because they are nature at its purest. The only eat when hungry or after excerting themselves and should eat every little for a 100 pound dog. Some people feed them load and loads of food and it kills thier metabolism. The are naturally fuzzy but they dont get there until they are about three to full fuzzyness so people think if they are heavy they look fuzzy.. then they cannot run or play. We are really strict breeders and have had many puppies brought back. That is fine.. just no puppy dumping.. Anyway they have some great new foods now that are wole grain, blue berries, and wheat, and you can buy vegan or carnivore. She is a worker so we do by meat for her. She has to have salmon oil.. I wish I could figure that out. I did the wheatgrass on MOJO she felt much better after the WG and holistic food, at the end of her life she went vegan but her cancer just exploded and she got into so much pain we had to help her on her journey.. I couldn't let her lie in my lap and suffer all day when she had given her every day to our life and making it wonderful. Listen quick medical not. I found thru research for basicmissions that if your dog or cat has a prescription as a companion dog they can ride in the plane with you as long as yo have a carrier.. Service dogs can ride out of a carrier but they have to be trained helping hands dogs.. and that is wonderful not cabins or getting lost. Cats can also be given a prescription as a companion animal and no one can ask you not to fly with them in the cabin although you may need the script. The best thing we ever did was have our animals helping hands certified because hotels cannot charge and must allow them. But they have to be good little furry citizen the rappers and little bow wow barkers have to behave.. haha. anyway thought that would be good for you to know sue on your way home. NO travel fee with script.. I think.. sorry. I dont know about cats.. dogs no fee..

ok.. got to go get the juicer running... oh heather.. I have to tell you harriet juiced sweetpotatoes.. then she couldn;t understand why it didn't go so well but she took the pulp and made sweet potatoe cornbread and sweetened the juice with sugar and made ice cream.. not quite on the diet.. but have mercy it was good.

Now everyone tease Jenn about her accent.. haha

Oh clint tell me as much as you can about buying this MSM by the pound..please.. I went and bought some for sister ... ya'll put her on your electronic alter she is very down just found out her endometriousis was very bad and cannot THEY say be able to have children again. She has one son two adopted children. She just go remarried and wants a baby so we are getting her juicing and wheat grassing although she is protesting but dr.s are the worst patients then we are going to use the green juice as an anti-imflammatory and we are going to have a baby... haha..SHE AND I with some help form Jeff her hubby. Jennifer told me about the MSM today.. I am praying it helps duncan cut down on pain meds too.

Now Rachel honey just breathe and stay calm. The scans are going to be easy.. The results are scary but the scans will be comfortable and everyone will be lovely. I am praying for you and just activated the basicmissions pray chain of 700 folks.. also... I have a new page on it is fab we even have healing classes.. so we activated thier pray group. I will be praying for you so hard and remember that no matter what you will be the same rachel fighting here today!!!! Fabulous and Fierce.. We want a checkin asap when your home. We love you.. Bring your ipod.. I put " eat pray love" on mine and just coasted thru... wasn't as bad as I thought.. The ipod and the Jammies helped that Kris has given the sewing sites for in her book. So I am sending you cyber tulips and joyful love and precious prayers and hugs and if you close your eyes you can feel all of us reaching out to you with our hearts and holding you. We love you, hold tight and it will be over soon.

Tae it is good to hear those puppy words.. how is hubby?

Kris if you can send me the info to get a release I will put the farm on basic to raise some funds too.

Love to you all.. I am guessing forum is not up? It will be better than ever.. hugs and love..


Kim said...

Kris and all you canser folk:

I have not blogged for a long time...I have been reading, but not participating.

My friend ended her battle with the big c two weeks ago. Found out just after went quickly. Her funeral however was the most amazing and upliftine exp of my life. It was a true celebration of her - talk about a room filled with light and love....450 of us high-fiving, cheering and screaming to her. It was wonderful. Talk bout a wonderful hubby....

Kris, thanks for the sanctuary website. I gave it a peep and was in awe of these people. So, I bought a cute T (what is one more?!) and will sponsor one of the to choose...

If I only knew what I know now back then...our sweet girl (dog) passed away about 5 months ago. She lived a great 14 years with us. You have educated us all beyond belief and are such a gift from God!! Thank you. I can now use this info for our new addition - Harry. He is my sweetie boy.

Lots of love and light to you all....thanks for the inspiration every single day....don't know what I would do w/o you all!!


Dr.Sue said...

Do you do your cat's sub-q yourself? I did for my cat & also a friend of ours cat. It's really quite easy, a little scary at first. I got the supplies from a vet friend, hung the bag from the high cupboard handle, pulled up the skin on his back & stuck in the needle & opened the valve. I wish now I would have been doing it daily instead of every other day, it was a big improvement to the 16 year old, but my cat had a stroke months later & I think I maybe could've prevented it. I don't know that for sure & have long since stopped beating myself up about it. It'll save you money if you do it yourself & I think my cat liked having it done at home instead of the trauma of going to the vet.

Thanks for the info. I am planning on checking out some different airlines & will get a soft carrier to fit under the seat. He has some alprazolam from his vet back home in Mpls that I gave him only once. When we drove from Mpls to AZ,it took us 3 days, on the first night in the hotel I couldn't find him,I thought I was losing my mind. He had pulled or ripped the corner of the boxspring out & had crawled up into the frame of the bed. Needless to say, that was quite traumatic for the both of us & we both took the alprazolam, lol!

Anonymous said...

Kris ~ thanks for the great post. I wish we had a holistic vet around here, but we do not. I was thinking that acu would be great for my pooch. He has arthritis pretty bad and can no longer jump up on the bed.

Everyone ~ I read all your posts... they are great. Thanks for saving me from the insanity of researching early pregnancy :) The wealth of information available can drive you mad!

Much love and hugs!

goony said...

Ello Mates!

I first just want to thank you lovelies that emailed me. I'm going to get back to you in the morning because I'm just dog tired right now. As soon as I'm done with this post I'm hitting the sack! I spent the whole morning with FIL at the oncologist's office. I was expecting a brick wall regarding complimentary treatments, but the doctor was neither here nor their about them. He doesn't believe in them, doesn't promote them, but won't advise against them. Actually after letting it all sink in I kind of feel like maybe he thinks this cancer is going to get my FIL no matter what, so just go do whatever makes you feel better. FIL has several tumors in both lungs. They metastisized their from his arm, so it's not lung cancer, but sarcoma that traveled there. The tumors are agressive and growing pretty fast. Dr. said very mild chemo is our best chance at slowing it down, but nothing will kill the tumors. I think differently!!!!! Hard core chemo is just too risky. He can't do any trials because of his knee. So with all the options laid out in front of him, I did my best to educate him on the alternatives, he chose to go with this mild chemo (1 drug) and we're going to back it up with green juice, a probiotic, some MSM, positive thinking, and prayer. He started the chemo immediately after our meeting with the doctor. Last night I made him 4 Quarts of Green Juice, it took me 1 1/2 hours, but it's so worth it.
Kris, I took your book with me and it gave me the strength I needed to get through it. I now understand how appauled you all are about the food they give you while doing chemo There were candy jars everywhere, and then the made him a big lunchmeat sandwich and a bag of fritos. Christ are they trying to keep him sick?
So anyways, I had a long talk with Callie this afternoon and I just love her to pieces! Such an inspiration, and a true friend. And she is fricking hillareous!!!
After that it was back to the hospital to take care of FIL. I didn't get home until 8:45 tonight and I'm emmotionally drained. Today was my birthday, and while it was a tough day, I wouldn't change a thing. I know I have made friends here that truely care and because of that I think I was better able to give my FIL the support and love he needs. I am a stronger person because of all of you.

Rachel, I'm praying for you and good results on your scans. Stay strong friend.



Glomerulife said...

Meet profy My cat- short for "Zen the professor " /smile

she has been the best companion away from home and family.

well I used to feed her whiskas until the vet annual tests showed she has some slowing down of her kidney function (how ironic ! ) turned out it was the lead tinted food that was later withdrawn. I use Royal canine as her dry food- stopped whiskas as wet food but had no success with the organic brands from whole food ( and my apartment did smell like the fish market)

what do you guys use? Kris do you feed crystal any processed wet food?

Animal hospice is such a noble project, will definitely check the web site

take care now

p.s. how did the forum go ? did you get my e-mail- looking forward to check it out.

p.s 2 according to the BBC 1 in 3 will have cancer at some stage in their life- and this is in the UK where food is less processed than anywhere I have been(though not a measure , i know) This , as you may agree ,raises too many questions. have we become better in picking it up or have we deviated so far from all that is natural and burdened ourself with what makes an erroneous gene or a harmful environmental factor cause a cell to go nuts.

what are your thoughts?

learning this makes me more drawn to this blog and other integrative resources.surely we are missing out on something.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Happy Birthday goony!!!

Glomerulife~ oh my gosh! your cat is so adorable! :)

granola said...

Hey everyone,
Thank you for all the animal info. I am a huge animal worshipper--they define "unconditional love." I adopted my furbabies from animal shelters. I have to recommend--even if you want a purebred--try (or visit your local shelter--also, Petsmart houses local shelters & typically has animal adoptions Sat. mornings).

Also, another very interesting animal sanctuary is in Clinton, NY
One of the cofounders of this nonprofit is an animal communicator, Dawn Hayman. I saw her speak in person, and she was fascinating. She does animal communication over the phone too. They rescue abused and "discarded" animals too. Anyway, if you are interested, check it out.

Vegetarian times this month (actually, March 08) has a good article about cats/dogs not being able to be vegetarian.

Oh, and I cannot leave without mentioning (again and again)--please go to and click for all the charities there. I have a new one I just read about: to supply rice to the UN World Food Program. It is a wordskill game. I haven't gone there yet--it's my next stop.

On April 15th, PBS is airing "King Corn" about 2 friends that track an acre of corn from seed to supermarket.

Peace out!

Glomerulife said...

p.s 3 Crystal is adorable .. looks like she did not mind the needles at all :)

granola said...

As I was typing, on and on, I missed some new posts.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOONY JENN MCCARTNEY! I truly hope you can find some time to pamper yourself! YOU DESERVE IT!! How about a hot candlelit bath with some "Band on the Run" in the background :) oh, did I mention--only use soy candles--sorry, I can't stop myself.

Everyone's furbabies are beautiful, and I know that they all won the lottery with you all as wonderful furparents.

Dianne--Hope all is well with you. Give us an update when you're ready. Positive energy to you!

Glomerulife said...

Marianne Williamson paragraph is very powerful - which book did it come from?


Basic Me said...

jennifer... happy birthday to you.. happy birthday precious friend. happy birthday to you... I wish I had know it was your special day. I cannot belive we would have sung you to death.. I am so proud of how strong and wonderful you are.. My goodness you are a woman to behold. fil and entire family are so blessed to have had you born today. I know you have to be exhausted! You are a juicing one man machine.. goodness... Duncan said call her ya'll can talk another two hours and I thought I would leave you alone and let you sleep. I am so blessed to have you in my life. You are a gift. I love you dearly. Hugs and Blessings and Happy Birthday.

Callie and Duncan and Saatchi Bean... dont be a tea tottler..haha have some champagne for you big day add it to your green juice for a cooler. ha.. Alabama lemoaide.

Love you all.

Basic Me said...

Oh the book the quote is from is
" The Age of Miracles" it is all about the journey to middle life and finding that you are it.. and that it is time to find enough faith in yourself and your wisdom and God to move yourself into the path of your life. Fabulous.

it is by Marianne Williamson

enjoy it is a must read!

Basic Me said...

Clint huggy bear that is going on my wall.. I love the the Day in the Life of a Dog.. fabulous.. peace and honey. Callie

clint said...

Hey Callie:

Heard your beckon call for MSM, natures beauty mineral for women. If I need a supplement, I always order from Biotics Research Labs. They have pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements available to the public.

The reason I order from these folks, is because they put their products thru an emulsification process, allowing you to absorb 100% of the supplement. Not a lot of other supplement companies invest the $$$ to do this, which is why other products are cheaper.

So, if your taking say a 50mg capsule of the Biotics Research brand, your able to absorb ALL 50mg of it into your system. Taking a 50mg capsule of most other products, your probably only absorbing 10-20mg of the capsule, the rest is excreted, and not able to be absorbed. You pay a little more for their products, and get 300% more bang for your buck.

I usually order the 1 lb. of MSM here

There's also a great book on MSM called: 'The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain' that is written by a few doctors... a very good read.

Hope this helps,


clint said...

Hey Goon-Meister !!

HAPPY Birthday ! ! !

I do hope your load gets easier from here on in, you've been toeing the line a lot girl !


Did you get the Ozone DVD should be there by now me thinks.


debbiedoesraw said...

Happy bday goony Mc C! sounds like you had a "good" onc least he did not ignore you completely or tell you that you are nuts! Your FIL is SOOOO lucky.. wish someone would juice my greens, 4 qts is a whole lot of green love my friend.
Keep your chin up and your eyes on the goal, you are doing a stupendous job.
Hope you get a long hot soak tonight!
love deb

clint said...

Sorry, here's the link on MSM again.


seelunarun said...

Hello! Lurky McLurkington here. I feel like you’re all members of this family from another realm since I found this blog last fall. And ultimately it wasn’t the discussions about mofo cancer or the writings of brilliant Michael Pollan or even colonics and enemas that finally prompted me to come on out and introduce myself. I opened up the blog today while wearing my favorite Woodstock Farm Sanctuary “Peace begins on your plate” t-shirt and I knew it was time! Although I’m half a country away from Woodstock, I wear my shirt at every opportunity to heighten awareness for this wonderful sanctuary (and the ideology behind it). Do go visit their website!

Luna, my lovely pup, helped get me through the dark days of treatment last year. And she continues to help by motivating me to take the time each day for our heart-pumping walks—even in below zero temps! And to think she was days away from euthanasia in the shelter since no one wanted to adopt an older dog with cancer! That was 3-1/2 years ago. Two years after that, I was diagnosed. We have a special bond, we’re both survivors!

My cancer journey has led me to all sorts of wonderful places, this being one of the most supportive and positive. Thank you, Kris, for your beautiful, welcoming spirit, and to all of you-—the regulars and the lurkers alike. Folks like Debbie, Dee, Clint, Goony, Tae and others I can't recall at the moment…like I said, I feel like you’re members of a family I haven’t yet met but that I somehow know. What's so cool is that every individual offers something valuable to this community. Thank you! And Callie, I agree that the smell of puppy breath and horses are indeed two of the best in life, I’d just add the smell of a dog’s paws. Does anyone else think they smell like corn chips? (Uh, not that I eat corn chips anymore. These days, I try to get my MSG, partially hydrogenated, disodium phospate and dextrose goodness from whole food sources ;) Go veg! XO Cindy

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey Lurky Lurkington!
Mr Pollan says we are "corn chips with legs"...maybe our pups are too!
I love my pup.. I will put his pic on my blog tomorrow.
I am at the library getting "in defense of food" and stealing some computer time!
love you all

She8 said...

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share that today is my husband's (and my) two year cancer-versary. Yup... two years ago we were at Disney World with our 4 and 7 year old kids when we got the diagnosis. What a journey it has been and continues to be!

My husband is an inspiration to me and maybe some of you will be bolstered because two years ago we learned that with his stage and type of cancer, he stood a 15% chance of being here today...

I've learned that no matter what you hear from the so called "experts", trust your intuition and keep doing what you think is the right thing.

Blessings to all of you...

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thank you SOOO much everyone. I feel the love and prayers and feeling ready for tomorrow-face the music and get through it! With having an off 'ice day' here, I had a day to eat healthy and take care of myself (on Thursdays, I usally have 12 hour straight class days!). It was perfect.

Thanks again!


Tae said...

Callie- Ken is doing okay. He has been such a trooper through this whole thing and being a bigger and better man then I ever knew could exist. I'm so lucky. He went back to work today, as he is ready to focus his life on the living and let things return to normal. Dave's memorial service is tomorrow and we have just about finished cleaning out his room and tying up his loose ends. That has aided in the mourning process, I believe.

Goon! Happy birthday, girl! I adore you for healing and loving through juice and the fact that you are going to bat for your FIL. He is lucky to have you as his coach.

I'm going to get my ass moving today for the first time in a long time. Gym, treadmill and MP3 player, here I come. My body is full of healthiness, but is yelling at me because I don't let it work itself. I sometimes forget how vital that is. Shame on me.

love, juice and ass shaking-moves,

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Goonsters: happy belated bday! I love that Granola calls you Linda M. She was fierce and focused. I'm wicked proud of you doll. Keep it green and raw for FIL. You know what to cut out and what to add. Is Wheat grass a part of your regime? Try it if you can. Moves mountains. But most important, do not lose yourself in this. Goonsters needs Goonsters time. Guard it.

*Granola- you are a pistol or as my grannie would say, "a pistol packin' mama"

Rachel: Sending you light and love...

Tae: Can you take me to the gym with you??? Please!!!! Oh my, I need to blog about the scale and body issues. Been getting lots of emails about these topics and I'm feelin' pretty crap right now myself. Thank you fro mentioning movement!

Dee: How many tattoos? I want some but I'm chicken.

Callie: You asked about the forum on some post, maybe this one, can't remember. You haven't missed a thing honey. We were on the phone with Dhrumil for 3 hours yesterday. I had no idea how complicated this stuff is. There's like a million rooms to figure out. Getting closer.

Where's Sandra?

LYB said...

Okay, not an animal fan but I LOVE that all of you are! I LOVE that all of you take your animals as equal loving members of your families. My husband is a HUGE animal fan. We used to have a wonderfully beautifully hilarious and loving golden retriever. We had to put him down about 4 years ago, but until him I never understood the power of love from a pet. He was truly a member of our family and one with such reciprocated unconditional love. We did a lot of home cooking for him and I know he loved it. He is still with us in spirit today and he would have loved this blog.

green cheers to you and your 4 legged loved ones!

LYB said...

Yes, Dr. Harding does look at your blood under a microscope among lots of other things. I have a whole blood work up for markers etc. on Monday. In addition he does a 24 hour urine analysis for metals etc. He is using the microscope for my blood on Monday too. I haven't been feeling well lately and he wants to see what is going on. Since you live a few hours away I would call him and see if you like what you here, I suspect you will. I don't know what insurance he takes, if any, but you can ask that too. About 15 years ago he was my primary western doctor. He always had a holistic approach, but now he is all progressive and integrative. In my opinion, the best of both worlds. He is fully knowledgeable and respectful of western medicine, but equally knowledgeable and respectful of alternative care, diets, really treating from the inside out and treating the whole body for wellness. His wife is an acupuncturist too. What is so cool is that he is all about this raw-vegan diet and appreciates the need for it. He would love what we do here. Let me know if I can be of any help and if you do come up here to see him let me know, maybe we can meet for a coffee....oh no, not about a green jucie :-)!

Tae said...

Kris! I love and adore the idea of a blog/post about exercise and body issues. I think its something everyone struggles with.

Yes, moved my flat ass on the elliptical trainer for 50 minutes today.

Dee said...

Kris- I've had as many as 11+ (all of them have been smaller than an inch and most of them are in places nobody would ever really see unless I pointed them out) but I've had quite a few of them removed. Not really because I regret them, but just because it felt like... that chapter of my life was closed and done with and it was time to move on. My most recent addition is my diagnosis date 02/04/05 on the inside of my right wrist. If/when you get one make sure it's something that really means a lot to you, all of mine are very symbolic/meaningful to me (yes even the ones I have had removed).

goony said...


Thanks for the birthday greetings!

I slept like I was in a coma last night, but I woke up feeling like a haden't slept a wink. Hate that. I remembered Kris saying she takes a B12 because that's the only vitamin you don't get being a veghead. I haven't eaten meat in 2 weeks. Went cold turkey, except for fish. Maybe I need some B!

Kris, I don't do wheatgrass.............yet. I need to get one of those hand crank juicers, so I can do that. They sell these little bitty patches of it at my grocery, and after this new topic on our beloved pets, I was thinking of getting some for my 2 kitties. Your little girl is so cute. She doesn't seem to mind the little needles at all! You are such a good mommy! PS, I used your name at the oncologists appt. yesterday. He said he has never heard of anyone curing themself with diet. I said, "you haven't heard of Kris Carr"! He said no, LIAR! I said, "Kris Carr, Book, Documentary.....liver"?! No. Then I told him all about you and the others here, but I think he has heard of you. LOL

I lost one of my kitties in January (Jack). I have 2 more kitties, Molson is 13, and Charlie is 8. For my birthday I told my hubby I want a puppy. We went to the animal shelter a few days ago and they have a 3 month old black lab mix, and he'll be available this Saturday if nobobdy claims him. I think I might get my wish this Saturday!!!! I'm so glad this topic came up. I'm ashamed to say I never put much thought into my cat's food. I don't buy the cheapest dry food, but not anything natural/organic/ or anything. Sometimes I give them tuna, and they go mad over that! I'm going to have to put some more thought into what I'm feeding them. My kitties are indoor/outdoor, so they do go outside and eat greens, and I aways grow catnip for them in the summer and they munch on the dried up leaves all winter long. Boy do they go crazy when they eat that stuff. My old man Molson acts like a kitten after some nip!

Clint, I didn't get the DVD yet. Maybe today. I hope I hope I hope!!!!

Callie, I was so caught up in everything going on yesterday, my birthday was just the last thing on my mind. You know when you get into your 30's I think birthdays just don't mean as much. It's just another year. At least for me. And it was hard for me to feel like celebrating with what my FIL is going through. Just didn't seem right. As long as I get me a puppy, I'll be good!!! Thank you so much. Alabama lemonaide huh! Think I might have to try that!

Some people can see people's aura's. I think I can feel them, and you have a beatiful aura. You are so so special. I hope you and your hubby are healing together and remebering your precious brother-in-law in a happy light. Oh my gosh, my but is getting flatter and flatter! How come when women lose weight they can't just lose it in the right spots damit! First the boobs, then the but. Never the stomache or the thighs!!!

OK, gotta get caught up on things. Looks like a tornado ran through my house, and I am so behind on laundry, I had to go buy myself new panties this morning, or go without!


shortdarkandveggie said...

Hi Gang,

I havent posted in a loonnngtime- but i wanted to tell you all how much you all rock. All of you!

I feel gratitude for all of you sharing your stories and lives.

Its really huge!

Peace and paws


goony said...

Oh, I almost forgot. I was wondering if we could do a poll. I know Kris and Callie and a few others here have healed themselves with this CSC diet, but I'm wondering if anyone is healing themselves with CSC diet and traditional methods like chemo. How bout it?

Traditional & CSC diet?

Just CSC diet?

Who's having success doing what?

I'd like to proov the Onc. wrong when he says this diet might counteract the chemo.


Dee said...


That's totally late I know but it slipped my mind. Blame chemo brain :) please...hah. I hope you have the most amazing birthday ever, you deserve it!

Elizabeth M. said...

Goony - Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you! sounds like you did great yesterday. Call if you'd like...

Kris & All - thanks for the fur fix! I haven't had fur fun in the house in a long time (lost my two 21 year old cats about 12 years ago) Sweet things...Love to visit friends with furry pets and love all over them. :)
veggie love to all

clint said...

Ok... Tae, 50 Minutes on the Elliptical !?!!? YOU are my idol !!!
After THAT amount of time on the machine, you should be able to crack a an egg on your butt, no ?

If you don't get the DVD by say Saturday, let me know, I'll mail you another copy (thru a different channel)
Hope you took time for yourself to celebrate your B-day !


Dee said...

Goony- I am currently doing the diet, chemo and radiation as well as a few other clinical trial treatments. I would love to know why your onc thinks it would hinder your chemo? I've never heard that one before. The only thing my onc at DF worries about is digestion because the treatment can be hard on the stomach. Maybe that's more what he meant?

Basic Me said...

Hello Bloggies and Bloggers..

Everyone is up early and blogging away. I so spprieciate the MSM infor I think I missed it last time around. I had no idea about it unitl our Gooney told me about it and lights went off everywhere.. Of course I couldnt find anyhere. UGH>>> It was a battle yesterday I have had a hard time with these veggies folks. FIrst I love Ala. but heaven to get organic food you would think I was trying to explain the exact pyshic make up of the string theory to people at the market. Well we have a very foo foo market that I have fallen in love with FINALLY yesterday they had all the organic foods I asked for and now I will not have to pay shipping and handling.. Just a first child. hah Anyway.. I was so please organic here means not in a can. Its green aint it.. got them leaves on it. well how much more fresher do you want it.. 8 mths of this. SO my system will probley go into shock. hahaha Anyway so I ordered this brand of MSM from my health food store and it should be here on next friday. I get wheat grass flats ordered in and it will come with that. It is to late for the order for tomorrow. OK I am so looking forward to this. Gonney said her pain is much better. Duncan really has a lot of pain. Tp get up in the morning he has a nurse come in and give him his meds in and iv and get him comfortable then if he has a good day we battle balancing the oral pain meds. Bad day She comes back alot or welive th shunt in and he gets the iv meds.. so I am praying that this helps.. he cuts his owns meds back as much as he can.. but he will not live life out of the bed..He is doing remarkably well. Like many his dx. is not good but he is defying gravity.. he does so well. His health report was like magic the other day... no diabetes, no cholestrol meds or triglceride meds ever again.. very few siezures and is up to walking almost a mile a day even with pain. COuldn;t get out of that wheel chair last year. SO we are so pleased.

Cindy yes I am with you honey.. those little paws smell just like doritios.. I love that..Huskies smell like vanilla milk like bears when hyberbating and it is soooo nice not to have dog smell after play.. OH my Lab smelled like a little boy after playing.. my nephew can clear a room. haha..

happy Cancervesary!!!!! She8 well I bet mickey and donald were not your favorite folks.. I tell you I have never been but want to go.. I am so glad all is better.

Kris.. thanks for the update. I was worried about you you sound tired.. how can typing sound tired I have no idea. But please never take a question as pressure ... It is so hard getting websites made and up.. the humanityhealing one we had made is fab but it was excriociating... and took forever.. and now I am having trouble with my new site that is being is not easy... But make sure you are taking good care of you honey bee we have to have our queen bee or the hive would be very sad.. so slow down a bit.. turn it all off and take time to just be with little cystal reading something that is not for work and have some hot herbal tea and relax a bit.. we can't let you get burned out and pooped.. you wont be able to pop then.

I do not know where Sandra is I haven't seen her in a couple of days..but she has been traveling so maybe they are in a odd location with the play? She said she was working on her book.. so she may be buried under work. speaking of I am cheating and have to hop to it.

Bought a t-shirt yesterday.. and called about making them hero of the week on basic maybe we can raise some money.. animals do better than people. haha..with us anyway. Although it always works out in the end. The universe send the problem then the solution.. so how can you beat that for a job.

OK.Tae.. I am so happy to hear things are getting better. Duncan lost his big brother this year. And it is hard... peace comes. His bother suffered a lot so he is happy that is over.. Just hard to adjust to.. Fill those days with happy things. right.. And you sound happy. Have a good workout.

Alright guys.. time to hit the job!
Wanted to say I was thinking of you all.

I love you Gonnster.. and happy birthday.. I have some botox I got for my birthday wants some botulism??? hahahaha You know the joke.. crazyness.. I cannot believe we spoke that long and you never told me it was your birthday. You are amazing but we hardly took breaths.. haha. Hugs and love have a great day tell fil and hubby and boys we are sending out love too.

Peace and Joyful Joyful!

shortdarkandveggie said...

Hi Goony!

I dont have canSer, i have depression and anxiety, But i have seen a huge change in my illness by eating a mostly raw, veggie organic diet and doing lots of yoga and walking. I also take the meds but i have seen the diet part work more so than the meds ever have.

Rebecca said...

Holy snow! I'm loving this winter wonderland.

Happy Birthday Jennifer! Can't wait to see that puppy. Good for you for rescuing. Labs are wonderful, smart, adoring, mischievious creatures. We always had them growing up.

As far as the poll and the CSC diet. To me, it goes beyond just food, although I believe it is a key part of the foundation of healing. But if it were just chemo and diet, Kris would be rich and General Mills would be churning out fresh organic, cancer curing veggies faster than you can say cancer free! As you probably know, my MIL has inoperable pancreatic cancer. When her oncologist gave her no hope of survival, she immediately found alternative treatments (thanks to my naturopathic MD SIL) and her diet was the first thing she changed. She's not doing the CSC diet, but the anti-flammatory diet. It has many of the same principles; no processed food, no sugar, alcohol or caffeine. Loads of fresh, organic veggies. But she does eat meat in moderation. As long as it is organic and grass fed. As Pollan says in his book, there is no one perfect diet that will cure everything. But we all know that the Western diet is evil. So if your FIL's onc says he can go on eating McDonalds as usual, he's out of his MIND! Anyway, it has now been 13 months since MIL's diagnosis and she is doing GREAT! She is doing chemo, Gemzar. And there was a little bit of growth before the chemo but it seems to have stopped and the cancer has not spread. Highly unusual for pancreatic cancer. When she first told her oncologist about her plan for treatment, he was skeptical. Of course this comes from an oncologist who has a spread of candy and diet cokes in the chemo room! So, in short, Yes! diet and chemo are helping tremendously.
And also, Jennifer, if your FIL is not cured, there's no question that a great diet will help him feel better during the stress of chemo and the other effects of cancer.

Tae, I've been really thinking of you and your husband. You seem so strong. I know that grief comes in waves. I'm glad you're doing well, but let the floods in if they come knocking. And you can always let down the dam here. My husband lost his little sister (19 year old Shelby) a few years ago. It has been a long journey towards healing and understanding. Which also brings up another aspect of cancer that I'm very interested in. My MIL strongly believes that her cancer is a spiritual affliction. Is it a coincidence that she and her husband were both diagnosed at the same time a few years after losing their daughter? It's common knowledge that emotional and physical stress weakens your immune system and you're more prone to catch colds, get ulcers, etc. But you will never hear an oncologist say that treating emotional and spiritual afflictions can help in the road to healing disease. So, as much as diet has been a crucial aspect of her healing, emotional and spiritual healing have been also critical.

Jann, my beautiful MIL, if you're lurking out there and I hope you are, I love you tremendously! You are my hero. Come join the fun and unleash your beautiful rays of human sunshine on the CSC world. You are the epitome of Crazy Sexy!

Love, Rebecca

Tae said...

Goon-your made me well up. Thank you for one of the best compliments I have ever received and right back at,ya! Oh, and I totally detest where I lose weight from. I never had an ass, even when I was 70 pounds heavier. But now, its still flat and now my boobs are 2 cup sizes smaller. Damn. The one things I hoped to keep from my fat days.

Clint- *taps egg against ass* Nothing. Sorry. Its always been uber flat. I bet you on really hot days, I could make pancakes on it though.

Rebecca - I think the healing will come in waves. Its not quite real yet. I'm waiting for another storm of memories and tears to hit. As for your thoughts on cancer being a spiritual affliction, interesting. I do believe that mind manifests itself physically. And my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer a month after her divorce from my grandfather to whom she had been married for 47 years. I think, perhaps sometimes, stress or great depression may egg that cancer cell along...but I doubt that it causes it. Interesting to find if there is a study on that.

Ok, I'm a total CSC crackhead today. Can you tell there is a GIANT snowstorm in NH and I'm stuck in the house. I'm so catching up to your all in In The Defense of Food We need a CSC chatroom for days like this.

Basic Me said...

Hey Jenn.
I know what you mean about the birthday ezpeically now that mink is out of the question cannot be a veg head and get a mink,,, I was however surveying the best of the best in church on sunday.. Now thank God I not obsessing over shoes.. you have to have an addiction and that is mine....they will have to pull my cold dead hands out of a shoe aisle because I will drop dead fighting at a sample sale over the lastest jimmy choos.. hahah.. gotta have a vice.. I am hoping the puppy come home.. you would have so much fun.

Now I did chemo radiation and the diet.. just on this last bit..of cancer I took 6 mths had been doind the diet for two and wanted a break from chemo to see what it would do and the lung and lymph tumors died from maybe diet alone. Maybe some of the meds still floating around. I know I am well now and so blessed; I suppose every cough for a while will have me scared.. but if I have to I would do chemo again if I knew it would work.. if not them I would just stay comfortable.. So that is my story jenn. My cancer started as bone but bone jumps and went to cervix, the lungs and lymph nodes. So it must not have been fast growing like fil. Love ya honey bun.. I have done the by undies things.. hahaha... many times.. being a care giver is hard.. remember not to put to much pressure on your self. I know that sounds impossible sometimes.. but darling if you dont rest there will be no one to do the work or help anyone.. it took me years to get that.. so thank god the rite aid has undies and shampoo. Love ya. calile

Cravin' Veggies said...

Rebecca: Your comment is so beautiful and heartfelt. I am glad to hear that your MIL is doing so well.

Goony: Keep on keeping on. Your strength will keep your FIL strong.

Tae: I am snowed in here in NE PA, too. Bleck! A chat room would be fantastic for any day, but especially for go-nowhere days like today! Maybe we should all get AIM screen names!!

Peace, love, and dreams of spring.


Chris said...

Happy Friday! This last series of posts really makes me feel like you are all sitting on the porch together. Wonderful and thank you!

Callie-what kind words to come into this morning. As always, you lift me up. I am so excited that those devotionals will be in a book!

Thanks Sharon and Debbie-I will get that juicer out of the box!

Have a wonderful weekend you lovely people!
Chris in Wyoming

Rebecca said...

Cravin' Veggies! Ha! I heart NEPA.
You can take the girl out of Scranton but you can't take Scranton out of the girl. Hana er no?


Tae said...

cravin' veggies-I have AIM its Trillian58. feel free to message me....same for anyone else!

Cravin' Veggies said...

Rebecca: *chuckling* Hayna.. for sure! LOL (Or if you go further down near Pittston, it is 'henna er no'. Strange area this is. Just glad The Office didn't pick up on these colloquialisms. ;) So, how do you know Scranton?

Tae: I will have to try to set that up later today. I'll let you know if I succeed. Right now, though, I've gotta get back to the laundry... grrrrr.

Rebecca said...

Ah! So you're from down da line. I'm a Scranton girl. Born and raised!


Cravin' Veggies said...

Rebecca: No Way! My oldest sis lives in Southside. Her kids are around your age. Small world... :)

Cravin' Veggies said...

Rebecca: And yes, I live down da line... Moosic-ish. Not up da Eynon.

Iffat said...

Hi lyb,

yes, I am going to call Dr. Harding today and I found his web site.
I am definately going to make an appoitment with me and my child (who has very severe food allergies).
I will let you know how it goes and when I am scheduled for the visit.

I would be delighted to meet you.
Thanks for everything sweety.
love and blessings

Hilary Baumann said...

Dr. Sue,
Yes, I administer his Sub-q fluids daily. The vet showed me how before I brought him home (the vet I now use is a half hour drive so bringing him in each day really wasn't an option...) We're doing around 110 cc per day now though initially we were doing 200-300 when he first came home. I also bought him a pet water fountain that I use filtered water in since he loved to drink from the shower or sink before (had to modify it so it wasn't gushing water and does more of a trickle like he likes it.)

I get the bags of fluid from the vet with potassium added (since without his potassium levels were dropping initially.) After research online I think my vet is giving me them basically at cost (or at a loss after adding the potassium) - I just have to keep it up and not skip days.

Even with the vet showing me how to give the Sub-Q, I found the following site very helpful:

It is initially quite freaky to have to stab your pet with these big thick needles but you get used to it pretty quickly and if you do it right they barely feel it. I still haven't perfected warming the fluids so he does end up shivering sometimes which is probably the worst part.

No I take that back ... I think he's telling me that the mint flavored phosphate binder is worse. :)

Rhonda Radliff said...

Hey Ya'll...
Jennifer, happiest of birthdays (belated of course). I hope your celebration lasts years.

I love the goat photos and info! My daughter and I have a rescue dog named Daisy and she rules the house, as babies are known to do.
Daisy slept with my daughter Lili for many months, but about 6 weeks prior to my diagnosis of cancer, Daisy wouldn't be more than 2 inches from me. She slept near me and literally never left my space. I was annoyed in fact.

After the diagnosis, the dog seemed to have a huge exhale. She 'relaxed' and gave me some space! It was only then that we really recognized that she was trying to tell me something. She was being annoying, like constantly climbing in my lap and pawing at my hips. I have CML and the greatest concentration of disease at the stem cell level is said to be in the large bones.

Can't imagine life without Daisy, even with her bad breath and white hair everywhere! By the way, she LOVES raw veggies.

Can't wait to test the forum!

Prayers, chants, and dances for you all! I am heading for bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday the 26th and I think I'm starting to 'pre hurt' in expectation of the big poke!

Happy Friday,

Rhonda Radliff said...

ooops almost forgot...

zen doggies doing yoga? Please send info on that if anyone knows how to calm the beast with yoga! how funny.


Dianne said...

Gooney/Jennifer and everyone else... before you decide on a puppy, promise me you will take a few minutes and look at some of the younger dogs. Where I am volunteering, the puppies and kittens practically fly out the door, while some really great animals get left behind. At WARL there are dozens of dogs 1-3 years old, housebroken, full of great energy that need a forever home.
One of my favorites is Wish, a brindle pitbull mix who likes to stalk his den mate when we take them out to play.

debbiedoesraw said...

Ok am I the only one who wants to see Tae fry an egg on her ass??? I 'm just sayin'....

Tae said...

I am willing to put money on the fact that it can be done. I may get a 3rd degree sunburn on my pretty little tush, but it can be done. Ladies and ass really is that flat.

debbiedoesraw said...

Tae the Egg Fryer Lady:
Can you post it on Youtube?
love deb

Bueller said...

That is the best picture I have seen in a LONG LONG TIME. Crystal is a true good sport! Love to all.

I wrote up my story on my blog today and raved about you and how you helped me reverse cervical dysplasia.

I think it's a really important message to get out there as surgery is often recommended when it's not necessary. I'd love for you to read it and use it if you should ever need a guest piece!


Lauren said...

Kris I'm so glad you blogged about pets! I love my animals and my sweet doggy Teddy was the best! I am still so mad that he got prostate cancer last year. It really wasn't fair! Obviously there never is a case where it's fair. But he was only 7 and neutering a dog is supposed to prevent stuff like that. Geez!
So I wish I had known about holistic approaches cuz I would have tried anything. I was looking up stuff like crazy. I'd call my mom and say give him walnuts cuz causes cancer cells to commit suicide! Then I'd call her and say Stop the Walnuts -- their toxic to dogs! Then I went home and started feeding him cayenne pepper (from pills) smushed into peanut butter. Can you believe he actually ate up that spicy peanutbutter? Silly dog! I probably gave him too much PB. Poor doggy. Loved that boy. Miss you Teddy Bear! Mama loves you!

Krystle Freelove said...

Kris love.... I am so anxious to see our new forum... are you able to update us? I heard it was going to be on Vday? The computer didnt gobble it up, did it?

Peace and veggies!
Krystle Freelove

Dianne said...

Here's a video on Going Green with your pets

and here's the web site of the Big Bad Woof, a women run, free trade pet store in Takoma Park DC.

Glomerulife said...

GOONY happy belated b-day
hope you got my e-mail

I can sense your frustration with the situation you are going though and your oncologist inability to support you in the alternative-conventional hybrid you seek.

he did not lie though - there is no case in the medical literature that suggests there has been a "cure" through diet- but that does not mean it will not or cannot happen as long as the foods chosen cannot do harm

May I suggest that you clarify how did he think diet can counteract the particular chemo offered and what foods in particular?

don't though let this get to you.
you have my e-mail and i can help you through how to review the medical literature if you It is a tool available to everyone.

for example i when i searched wheat grass this is one of the things I found

Wheat grass juice may improve hematological toxicity related to chemotherapy in breast cancer patients: a pilot study.

this is the link

again do not despair .. clarify things more and find the balance you seek between science , healing and hope.

you will not lose


Glomerulife said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glomerulife said...

Goony Sorry ,, i cannot seem to post the whole link

let me know and i will take you step by step how to look something up- you can always ask the oncologist for clarifications when you want about what you find.

by the way .. a pilot study means
a small scale one that if shows any results can be expanded into a bigger study to confirm the results.

i will try and search a funny link to send it to you .. i have a feeling you can use something that can make u smile

let someone give you a big hug for me!


Rhonda Radliff said...

Regarding Wheat Grass juice and all things dark green...

I was neutropenic (sp) after the first month of chemo for CML. I had to stop the chemo because my levels were too low and I had pneumonia. I was told not to have raw foods during this time and not to do severe detoxs because it could negate chemo effiency. So, for the first month of chemo I complied and was 'just' a vegetarian, cutting out dairy and sugar where possible too.

After I took a week off the chemo I was full on raw (80/20) and ate MASSIVE amounts of veggies that were dark green, dark purple, dark orange, etc. I added wheatgrass, etc. In the two months that have followed my blood levels are NORMAL. Not just 'good for a girl with blood cancer.' NORMAL. I have the immune system of a very healthy person, with the dark rich oxygen filled blood I so love.

I am not in a clinical trial for wheatgrass, fermented yeast, probiotics, vitamins, and raw food... but I can tell you that these changes have made a huge impact on my ability to take the life saving drugs to fight my cancer! I am stronger and am trying to handle the chemo and LIVE along the way. The wheatgrass and veggie foods are helping me balance the conventional with the 'complementary' medicines.

Yes, I also enjoy acupunture (although my dog hasn't gotten any yet). I also try to get a massage from time to time. I also think lots of sex may help, but I'm working on that one. (Laughter is also a big help in healing!!!)

Wishing you lots of health and love,

Glomerulife said...


good for you and keep it up, because of people like you - studies like i mentioned are thought of and only to prove that science can back up this and it is not a sporadic case or two.Once benefit is confirm there will be more advocates- once benefit is a possibility and no harm can be done
why not give it a shot - as debbie who is now doing raw - the best of luck to her and everyone else.

you are a true inspiration.

thank you

goony said...

Dee, Reem, Rhonda, Rebecca,oh shit, howabout everyone that responded cuz I can't remember......brain is melting from thinking too much!

I asked the oncologist about vitamin C therapy, ozone therapy, IPT therapy, diet changes, green juice, supplements, trials. He said that "there is no scientific proof that these things work. There is a lot of stuff on the internet, but no proof. People can say whatevery they want. In theory, the nutritional things like vitamins and green juice could work against the chemo, because of too much antioxidants". He even used the words "snake oil" at some point. I tried for a bit to explain that I hadn't just been surfing the net and found some interesting info on how to Cure Cancer With Flavanoids!!!!, but that I speak with real human beings everyday that are taking control of their healing and having tremendous success. His response was to "do whatever makes you feel better". So what makes my FIL feel better is trying more chemo. This time he'll be doing Gemzar. The first time he did chemo it was a drug called Doxtril. He can not do any trials because he had his knee cap removed last month due to a staph infection, and it is not healed yet. So he won't be trying the IPT, or the Vit. C therapy, but we are still looking into ozone, and we are definately doing lots of green juice, a probiotic, MSM, and faith. I need to start getting educated on wheat grass. Does this clear things up? If I'm not making sense it's because I've got a lot going on in my head and it's just getting jumbled up and coming out wrong. I'm terrible at explaining things so people can understand. But anyways. I love, love, love all of you that have resonded to the poll. It is really interesting to me to see who is trying what and having success. Ok, I'm signing off. Gotta watch a movie starring huggy bear, I mean George Cloony! Michael Clayton! Sleep well everyone. I'm sending a big fluffy blanket of peace and sweet dream vibes to ya'll (Callie really has the accent!)


clint said...


Most doctors (notice I said most, and not all) think as a Group, and not as individuals.

In your situation, you are forced to get your answers for yourself, for one simple reason, he doesn't Have the answer(s). As much as you'd like or want him to.

He doesn't have an open mind.

Kris's doctor (in her documentary) had an open mind, and was open to looking at alternative viewpoints, and wasn't as fear based as your doctor appears to be. (no offense).

When I was 21, my doctor told me to eat 2 servings of Jello a day (to help heal a severely ulcerated colon ??? ... WTF??) and said ... "it doesn't mater what you eat, we'll eventually have to remove your entire colon".

I was on my own after he said those words, and haven't seen him since.

Stay the course, and don't be discouraged ...

And for the record... George Clooney BORROWED the name Huggy Bear from me... he caught me on a good day.



Dr.Sue said...

Happy belated birthday! You sound SO much better, less stressed, more confident & more in control. Sometimes a situation just calls for action & you stepped right up! You got some good advice from the group. Writing down your questions & not being afraid to ask them. Good for you. Knowledge is power. I'm so proud of you. I know your FIL is. That was a really big step & I bet that doc thought about what you said to him & the questions you asked him. Bravo!

I'll take 2 Trailmix pancakes please!
In my early 20's a guy I knew always called me "flatbutt", nice, huh? Did I call him "freak animal murderer" when he was in a punk band & ripped the head off a bat with his teeth during one of their shows? I did not. But I never forgot that nickname.

That's a good idea getting the water fountain, my cat always wanted to drink from the faucet too.
I was giving Lactate Ringers as the IV fluid & would just lay most of the bag in a big mixing bowl of hot water to warm it up. We all love our animals, don't we?
xoxo Sue

Sabrina said...

Hello all!

Your kitty is GORGEOUS!! My cat Fishbreath (yes, I think it's a very classic name) died almmost a year ago and he had SO much personality. I love cats for that. One time he was chowing down on our dog's food & I caught him red-handed and yelled at him. Well wouldn't ya know he took one look at me & then proceeded to take a HUGE bite of food and scampered out...I couldn't be angry at all I just laughed and laughed.

I am very interested in holistic medicine and any web links on holistic medicine (fields to go into, education programs, or any specific interests you all know of) I would love to read any info you know of!! I really liked all the info on links about holistic healing for cats/dogs. I am pursuing a Nursing degree but would like to specialize...possibly open up a practice under my father and be the first holistic practitioner in the area. Everyone here offers a wealth of knowledge and I've learned an incredible amount in the short time I have been a part of this community!!

I'm sending lots of love out to you all! Each and every one of you possesses an awe-inspiring strength are all amazing sources of inspiration to me (and I know to everyone here as well!). Thank you Kris for having this blog!!!! I can only imagine how fantastic the forum will be!!


Kelli said...

Lurky McLurkington,

Laughing histarically about your comment about dog's paws smelling like corn chips. I always call my dog's feet "dorito feet" but fritos might be more appropriate. :) I agree that they should be added to the list - something I look forward to when I wake up and come home each day.

As for all of you battling tough times - I am sending loads of love and positive energy your way! This site touches my heart every time I get a chance to visit and hope that the charma of positivity and support comes back to touch each of you as needed.

What an incredible group of people!

JANN said...

Hello everyone. I am Rebecca's mother-in-law who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 13 months ago. Rebecca has inspired me to join in this wonderful blog. Wow! What an amazing group of people you are! I've learned how important it is to surround oneself with loving friends/family and I can see how you all have done this for each other. I'm honored to be able to participate. As Rebecca told you, I was given 3-4 months to live and even the oncologist as well as the radiologist and family doc concurred. They all said that even chemo would not make a difference, so when I decided not to take it, no one tried to talk me into it. WELL...something shifted in me that day I was diagnosed. I was given the gift of hope.

I had lost faith in "hope" several years ago when my 19 year old daughter Shelby had died after a 5 year struggle with depression and anorexia. As we (she and I) fought hard against these afflictions, we never tired because we just knew that she emerge, finally, well and happy and ready to help others. We had big time hope. And tremendous faith in God. So, when she died, hope died too. And my faith was badly damaged.

I've experienced many blessings in the years since Shelby died, including 2 grandchildren, a great son-in-law Michael who married my daughter Lylen, and now the wonderful REBECCA (who you already know and love) who married my son Jason. But throughout these last years, is spite of all the joy, there was something wrong deep down inside me. I felt a deadness, a hopelessness, an inability to truly grieve for my daughter. I experienced way too much self doubt and blame and recrimination. I lost the ability to cry. But when I was given the "terminal" cancer diagnosis, the deadness immediately disappeared and I just KNEW THAT I WAS NOT GOING TO DIE.

I was lucky to know about naturopathic medicine cause my daughter was about to graduate as an ND in Oregon. Within days, I headed right to Portland to see Dr. Dickson Thom. He acknowledged the seriousness of my condition, but he was optimistic. He explained that we get cancer when 3 systems are compromised: the digestive system (including pancreas, liver, stomach, kidneys, colon, etc.); the immune system (including the lymphs); AND the emotional/mental system. His naturopathic protocol would address the digestive and immune systems. That is, his prescribed regimen would strenghten my body so that my body could heal itself. But he stated emphatically that I must deal with whatever emotional/mental/spiritual issues I was carrying if I hoped to get well.

This resonated with me. I knew that I had to finally deal with my personal "stuff". I knew another doctor in Oregon whose practice is based on the mind/body/spirit connection and he was willing to work me in. He utilizes NET: neuro emotional technique and kinesiology to find and identify blocks to healing. He found that I had what he called a "bitter root" which had progressed through the years from anger and unforgiveness to a deep embedded bitterness, the next stage of which is death. Carolyn Myss talks about this in her book, Anatomy of the Spirit. She says that our biography becomes our biology. I cannot emphasize enough the value of this work. My work with Dr. Kris Peterson (Hermiston OR) and my own spiritual journey back to faith and God is a key reason that I am doing so well and thriving 13 months after I was given a death sentence.

There are 3 factors that I credit for this miracle: The diet, the protocol that strengthened my immune system and the resolution of personal trauma accompanied by spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is very personal. Each of us has to find our own way here.

I did start chemo last June, six months after diagnosis. The naturopathic doc adjusted my protocol so that my body would be ready for the onslaught and I have tolerated it well. And the tumor has shown zero growth since then.

I'm not out of the woods yet. There is a still a big honkin' tumor on and in my pancreas. But it is just sitting there. There has been no metastasis. And the pancreas is still functioning normally. Pretty cool, huh? Thanks for giving me a place to tell my story.

debbiedoesraw said...

JANN- had to tell you what a warrior princess you are... I deeply believe in the trinity that you mentioned...emotional stuff is so important to clear.

Bravo to you and keep us posted,

Lauren said...

"These are animals, not human."
What a great observation! Maybe kris should put up a bunch of pictures of humans and animals and we could all play the game "Is it a human or an animal" Ding Ding Ding...It's a goat, no it's abe lincoln, no it's a goat...awe times was a giraffe. Oh damn I was gonna say giraffe!