Sunday, February 17, 2008

Book Club "In Defense of Food" - pt 2

Hello Healthy Town!

After the post V-day blog I realize just how big we are - YES! This electric town rules and within a few days we'll being flying on swings in our village green! But until then it's BOOK CLUB time.

Ya’ know why previous generations ate better for the most part? Because food was food. Food wasn't a multi billion dollar industry driven by corporate greed, manipulation and government subsidies. The food business has been overtaken by the chemical companies. And their inbred cousins the pharmaceuticals are standing by ready to mop up the damage – all the way to the bank.

As King Pollan so eloquently says, we've entered “The Age of Nutritionism.” What the heck is that? In a walnut shell, this refers to all the nonsense on the spaghetti box. If products on the grocery shelves could speak, this is what you'd hear....

“Buy me, I have omega 3's!”
“Oooh, pick me, I was injected with anti-oxidants! And I have less calories than the fiberless bee-atch next to me, I mean who does she think she is?”
“Oh yeah, well I'm fortified with calcium AND vitamin D, and I reduce cholesterol and toe fungus!”
“Big whoop, I've had the fat liposuctioned out of me and you Soccer Moms can too!” “Purchase me and you'll have more sex ‘cause you’ll be skinner and happier, and then you'll make more money and go to Paris and buy Gucci and meet Johnny Depp...and...and..” (the package is thinking)....”OH YEAH, (drum roll) and you'll solve global warming because I’m in a green box! Screw Al Gore, BUY ME!”

In this age of nutritionism, we’ve lost sight of the forest for the trees – i.e., the kale for the vitamins. Scientists assume it’s the isolated elements of kale that matter. But what if it’s kale itself – in all it’s glorious complexity - that somehow works? What if we applied this dissection to people? What if I cut myself into pieces and sold you just my foot? Would that help you walk and navigate your cancer journey better? You need the whole thing, body/mind/spirit – your thoughts, your ideas, experiences; your eyes, your heart. We’re all greater than the sum of our parts – you, me, broccoli.

(watch I get an email, "Hi Kris, you are so awesome, I would like your foot, and please send ASAP. Best wishes, Flavs". Oh, and treat cancer with my isolated, age of nutritionism, product - imiediently. :) *Shit, we're gonna get hammered now! Sorry gang.

Here's where we're different from our grand folks: WE’RE LOST! Do I eat a tomato (assuming you can find a real one) or do I eat a partially hydrogenated hubcap with a hundred year life span? Well, I’m confused, because I read about a new study showing that the Hubcap has more lycopene! Whatever that is - more must be better!

Who the heck really knows how all these invisible ingredients work when they are isolated in a lab and then jammed into a noodle? They can glue some fiber to the jumbo sausage but that doesn't mean it's good for you. We've been brainwashed to believe that we no longer understand our bodies, they do.

Because it’s all so confusing and scientific, we need a master's in nutrition to get through dinner. But who has time for that? Enter the EXPERTS - they'll clear it all up and give us a trusty shopping list. Well, here we are with all this EXPERT help and where has this gotten us? Fat, sick, broke, unhappy, dying early, and screwing up the planet on our way out the door.

From Michael Pollan:
"All our uncertainties about nutrition should not obscure the plain fact that the chronic diseases that now kill most of us can be traced directly to the industrialization of our food; the rise in highly processed foods and refined grains; the use of chemicals to raise plants and animals in huge monocultures; the superabundance of cheap calories of sugar and fat produced by modern agriculture; and the narrowing of the biological diversity of the human diet to a tiny handful of staple crops, notably wheat, corn, and soy. These changes have given us the western diet that we take for granted: lots of processed foods and meat, lots of added fat and sugar, lots of everything- except vegetables, fruits and whole grains."

Hope I don't sound too negative, but follow the money...

…And I'm the dangerous one? Thank you all for your kick ass comments about that. I appreciate it.

Peace and broccoli,



pixywinks said...

Bravo sister! I was drinking my green juice at work the other day and someone came by and told me too many greens were bad for my heart and my blood pressure. Really?!!! Seems it has too much vitamin K. Uh...OK...I think I'll take my chances. Ha Ha Ha

Shelley said...
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shelleafy said...

Hi Kris and everyone!

Hooray for Book Club! I missed last week but I have been reading along. The bit that you quote made me think of a question I have been meaning to ask this little community for some time... It is regarding "the industrialization of our food".

I know most of us have spent lots of time un-outsourcing food prep; eliminating packaged foods and getting back to out kitchens and juicers with real vegetables. How many garden or grow even a small amount of your own food?

skyecat said...

Hi Kris,

Thanks--I've just finished Michael Pollan's book, (recommended by you and your book club). No Kris, you are not too negative: but are very honest. I learned quite a bit in the chapter- Eat Food: Food Defined, and picked up many tips on shopping for "real" food. One tip: "Shop the peripheries of the Supermarket and stay out of the middle" really hit me: the (alleged)food products in the center aisles--making claims of being a good source of this or of that, are just sugar coated and truly not healthful! In fact, they are the antitheses of health.

Well, I've got to go--am yet a "juicer" but a willing to learn and potential juicer--have learned so much already just by viewing your site.

Thank you all for your spirit and positive diatribe--I look forward to it on a daily basis.


heather said...

Thanks for getting us started, Kris. Pollan's point you mention - is it the beta-carotene in the carrots or the kale, or is it the carrots or kale as the whole food - is the point that struck me most. I look at my bathroom counter littered with all sorts of supplements from my old way of operating - antioxidants, omega-3, etc. - and realize how much I had bought into the voodoo that nutritionism traffics in.

I'd read those first six chapters of Pollan's book last weekend and then headed to the grocery store, a regular mega-grocery that's within walking distance, not Whole Foods which is a drive away. I found myself in the middle of the store that a year ago was the only place I shopped feeling suffocated by the realization of how little on the shelves is actual food. Honest to gosh whole, unenriched, unaltered, unsupplemented food.

All the "high fiber" this and the "omega three" that and seeing "natural Cheetos" in the organic section. Natural? Cheetos? For real?

I was watching people load their carts with all sorts of processed madness realizing that a year ago, that was me. I allowed myself to believe I was eating healthy because I always chose low fat, low cholesterol, high fiber, trans fat-free processed foods. I drank skim milk and ate low fat, sugar- free yogurt and went along my merry way feeling healthy and happy as a clam. Nagged along the way, of course, by fatigue and chronic lower back pain and digestive woes and the like.

I left the grocery store last weekend with what little organic greens I could find for juicing feeling very grateful to this community for opening my eyes this last year to another path. It's a path for myself, for the community, for the world that deals in hope and healing and truth rather than fear and misinformation.

Pollan's book is a great example of that truth, and I'm looking forward to reading more about the nutritionism myth. Thanks for suggesting it - it's a great read.

Be well, everyone. Happy Sunday.


strongerthanit said...

Kris -

Well said.....and so, so true; what a sad, sobering commentary on how our food has been killing us - canser or NO canser. Thankfully your humor pulled me up: LOVE the "fiberless bee-atch...even more than "their inbred cousins the pharmaceuticals". Now wouldn't your wicked little grocery shelf banter make one amazing Saturday Night Live sketch? Oh, the days of Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Jane Curtin, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin......for all the baby boomers out there - can't you just see these guys? Holy fruits and vegetables!! And to think the cone-heads were a hoot! M

cancer cowgirl xo said...

PS. I really adore what our beloved Cravin' vegs said on the last blog...

"don't you just love opening your fridge door and seeing a garden?!?! Much better than looking at half empty pickle and mayo jars!

I spend sooooo much time in the produce area of the market that the produce guys probably think I have a crush on them!! LOL

Peace and greens,

So true!!!!!! xoxox

Humor makes all this stuff digestible, it makes it so we can pull ourselves up by our boot straps and keep going against the tide.

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Basic Me said...

Hey! Boy are you right. And Pollan is king.. When I was in cooking school I wondered all kinds of things.. One we were in Europe UK and Paris and all the foods were spoiling so quickly. The bread you bought today gone tomorrow. When I asked about the food we were using in school they said well " It is naturally grown and organic. From the flour used in the bread to the chickens nothing has a pesitcide or preservetive in it. Well that floored me. Every thing was delicious and I never gained a pound. When xmas rolled around they had wanted me to prepare and American christmas dinner turkey, dressing, southern sides. Well I bebooped in to the butcher for a turkey and he said no. nononono.. we cannot sell you such a thing.. I thought ok.. then he said we do not grow turkeys here and if we shipped them at our standards they would begin to grow... grow? what the hell.. he said that in america the food expecially the meat we produce is so full of hormones and preservetives and junk that makes a chick grow into a full grown animal in three weeks that it would begin to grow the creeping crude. well that blew my mind. I have never looked at a turkey the same way! I did learn I was in an very insular situation but as I traveled and did my internships I learned tha an organic egg, one cup or organic just flour.. no bleach not junk and some water will make pasta that melts in you mouth in about three minutes.. No box with nine hundred chemical.. we a made food into a chemistry set. Today the apples we buy are beautiful. But if you pick your own apples from hierloom trees dear god the difference. This weekend I spent the week buildling my little ourdoor garden. I cannot wait to have a real tomotoe and salad straight from the garden ... I love food.. it is an art form.. but I am so intriqued by this book because he has nailed the nail on the disease coffin..when we decided that a tv dinner and a microwave makes food. We blew it. Can you belive just last week a resturant opened here... that is called Newks.. all it sells is prepackaged microwaveable food. Why on Gods earth would anyone pay to eat that crap.. It is amazing.. well while I was planting this garden with BIL and family it was amazing to be the array of junk that kept popping out of the cooler.. cheese nips, fired chips, cokes, and one cigarette after the other.. now I had made tons of food.. what amazed me was how I had gotten away from thinking about what I eat and this whole year has changed my mind on food. It is not refreshment in a bubble it is water to repair the cells and hydrate it is not entertainment although I love to enterain it is nourishment. Strange how you can practice something that before long becomes a part of you. Now last little bit on a long comment.. sorry. I have huskies.. you all know that.. well my siberiam ran a bs. route with BIL and Duncan the other day.. they took them all at once instead of one a day for a treat. Well Duncan and I packed lunch for them but the dogs wanted the guys lunch we have a very strict dogs eat dog food and water rule because BIL has thier huskies way over wieght .. well long story short they drove through McDonalds and got six small burgers.. well do you know that the huskys.. who will eat water bottles.. and junk off the ground sniffed those burgers and backed away.. unreal.. I swear it.. backed away whining and frightened now if they won't eat it what the hell is in the thing.
Ok.. I am loving the book club. Kris you look lovely in your photo.. OH.. just a thought for any of us having trouble reading because of cancer or not feeling well.. the libray can get you the audible book on mp3 player you can check out for a dollar.. and.. you can go to but you have to buy it.. not prices mine was 14.00 and it is your audible forever to put on the computer or on mp3 move around. whatever..
ok.. I have chatted way to much. sorry. Love to you all and Happy Sunday. Rest day hurrah..Love you all callie

Tech said...

I think the other problem we have with food is that people (Certainly here in the UK) are constantly trying to reduce their food bill. They'll happily spend hundreds of pounds on the latest high tech gadgets, hairdos, clothes, cars etc but food? Sheesh, no you gotta cut that grocery bill. All that does though is make it harder for the farmers to survive and grow good, wholesome food, and on and on it goes until you have the situation today where people don't even know how to chop vegetables! No kidding, a friend of mine saw a leaflet for an adult ed class that was teaching people how to do just that!! I'll be pointing some friends in the direction of this post because you have it summerised perfectly (I tend to go into rant mode and then nobody listens. ;-) )

Dr.Sue said...

Hey all,
Last night when my husband was flipping thru channels, we came upon the last few minutes of Q&A with Michael Pollan talking about his book, In Defense of Food. It's a 1 hour program & we can all watch it! It's on C-SPAN2 BookTV, Search BookTV, put in Author's Name & up will come "Watch Now". I haven't done it yet because it was at midnight that I found it, but I'm sure it'll be great!

In our society everyone wants a "quick fix". Why not box a box with 20 unpronounceable ingredients in it if it gives me omega-3, vit E & Calcium? Why not take a pill for my 10,20,30 years of eating Mcdonalds & crap food to lower my cholesterol? Lipitor is the number 1 selling drug (along with generic vicodin-ha!) There is the new over-the-counter drug, Orlistat, to lose weight. (don't mind the "oily discharge" that goes along with it & the fact it pulls out good nutrients from your body too.)
I've been eating "the periphery" for years, however, not exclusively, & I love "bad food" like cheese, but people ALWAYS tell me they don't have time to wash & cut up fruits & veggies, and what do you eat? Isn't it boring?
Our society is lazy & they just figure they don't want to deprive themselves & then they'll take a pill to fix it. The 3 diseases that can be treated SO easily with cutting out the crap food, are Diabetes, High Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol. Without even touching on canser, these other 3 diseases aren't as "scary" to society, & yet they still don't change. Do you ever look in other peoples' carts in the check-out if you aren't at a healthy-type store? Unfortunately, they are usually overweight moms with 1-3 little kids. I just want to give them MY cart! Anyway, let's watch Michael on C-SPAN, if you can. Have a great Sunday.
veggies rule, Sue

Cravin' Veggies said...

We have an organic garden in my backyard. Of course we grow too much, and love to share with friends, fam, neighbors. We often get comments on how the carrots taste so carrot-y, and the tomatoes in the grocery store never taste as good as home grown. Home grown heirloom (or even organic purchased) veggies taste sooo much better. Why? Because they are not tampered with. Scientists have not been messing with the structures and bonds in them. They have not been allowed to add the "tastes like carrot" chemicals.

In Ch 4, Pollan uses the terms Old Think and New Think which remind me of the Orwellian Newsspeak from 1984. Did we ever think we'd really be living like this?

Peace & bunches of kale and chard,

crazysexyshrink said...

hi peeps and crazy sexy mommy to be-
love love love the v-day post (sorry for the delay-in the weeds i am:( miss kris you can only do what you can do which is exactly what ur doin! we all know the medical community will always have it's issues with a forward thing warrior like you. the smart and healthy docs know there is room for east and west and the God complex docs motivated by fear, greed and power...well really who needs em?!

so psyched the final edit is in for book #2 -you should be proud...i am. ok now i need to catch up with the book and the blogg-i miss my friends here -hope you are all kickin butt and takin names!!
your crazysexyshrink

Cravin' Veggies said...

Here's the link for Book TV:


shelleafy said...

Dr. Sue; I share your cart observations. It really is both sad and amazing what some people will buy. The thing is I look like the person you would assume is pushing the crap cart (minus the kids) and I am not. I was much thinner actually when I was eating all the bad stuff.

I also love what Heather said it is so much about the standard of what is deemed to be healthy. "I allowed myself to believe I was eating healthy because I always chose low fat, low cholesterol, high fiber, trans fat-free processed foods."

This I think plays into why people "do not change" and it is sometimes because they really believe that they are doing the right things. My mother for example bought a bag of sugarless candy last week thinking she was choosing the healthier option. We know that was not a wise choice; skip the candy and pick up some fruit. Needless to say the candy made her sick and I gave her the fake food is never healthy lecture. It is just like the whole 70's margarine fascination; people often embrace change especially when it is wrapped in a "science" said this is good for you package.

Dr.Sue said...

Thanks for providing the link to Pollan's lecture, can you tell I'm computer challenged?!

goony said...


RIGHT ON! Everytime I'm around a doctor I see nothing but red flags. There is NOTHING dangerous about your message to eat natural foods. The problem with our society is people don't know what that is anymore. Thanks, I'm going to email Callie and Liz, and see if I can find someone thru them. GUESS WHAT! I got my FIL to drink GREEN JUICE yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the first time, and he LOVED IT! I put some extra lemon in it so it was pretty good if I do say so myself. So I actually have 2 juicers now and I'm either going to give one to my sister-in-law so we can both make-and-take him the juice, or I'm going to leave one at the nursing home and whoever goes up there can bring some veggies and make it right then and there. You should have seen the look on the nurses face. She said "Green Juice"?!! I just thought to myself, how sad that this trained medical professional is looking at me like I have 3 heads because I'm holding a glass of green vegetable juice. I got the same look and remarks from one of my sister-in-laws, that showed up right when I was giving it to him.
I have actually been asked by the people at the grocery store why I am buying so many veggies. The one girl said, "are you feeding an animal at home or something"? Why would she think the veggies were for an animal and not humans?! I politely explained that they were for me and my family.

Liz, thanks so much for your response! I'm going to check out your website and blog after I finish up here. Maybe when you move to Ohio we can get together. I live in Medina, about 30 minutes from Cleveland.

Clint ,

I talked to my FIL about the ozone machine, and as soon as he gets moved to his new nursing home with internet access, I'll show him that movie about how they are using it over in Europe. Oh, that reminds me of a joke my son told me this morning, "What nationality are you when you are going to the bathroom"? "European"!!! Anyways, I felt a little embarrassed to tell him you have to buy a machine and stick a tube up your arss and then somehow it helps you to heal, but I told him and he is VERY interested. He will do just about anything right now. They moved him from the regular hospital to a real shit-hole nursing home this week, and it is so bad that he asked for a move to another place, so this week he'll be moved and the new place has internet access. I know once he sees the video he'll be on-board. So thanks!


joyfuljude said...

Just had to say I LOVE your post Kris.

We live in a very small town at the back of BFE but we do have a very good health food store and 1 grocery that has an excellent organic section. Between that and growing most of my own veggies (no chemicals allowed and the fiber at the back of the juicer makes great compost),we are FINALLY getting back to where we should have been years ago.

Just reading packages in groceries makes me want to barf.

The whole fructose syrup (which is in just about everything) is a horror in itself. It's been banned in Europe for years!

"chemical companies. And their inbred cousins the pharmaceuticals" - don't even get me started. Ugh....

GREEN peace....


goony said...


OK, as soon as I'm done here I'm going to email you, or try to find your number on your site. I can't wait to speak with you! Unfortunately my FIL can't fly. He can't even get himself out of bed. I tried the recources at the back of Kris' book, but wasn't able to find anyone here in Cleveland. I guess sarcoma is rare, and his type is very rare.

My son is, well, I just don't know. I thought he was fine yesterday, and then we put him to bed last night and this morning we woke up to PUKE ALL OVER THE BEDROOM! I'm so tired of cleaning up puke, and I'm so over not knowing what is wrong with him and not being able to help him, so we got him cleaned up and took him to the ER. We were there all morning. All they could come up with is he still has the flu. For 2 weeks now! They said the strain of flu that is going around this year really hangs on for up to 3 weeks, so I guess all we can do is keep cleaning up puke! He's lost 6 pounds, and that is a lot when you only weigh 50 pounds to begin with. Poor little baby. I really need a magic wand! OH, guess what, I went to the book store the other day to get a vegetarian cookbook, and they didn't have it, so as I was walking out, a book caught my eye....... Living Yoga! I wasn't even looking for it, it just jumped out at me, amongst all the hundreds of books it was surrounded by. So weird, so I bought it, it was only $4.00. One of those I can't explian it moments where it feels like someone is guiding me, you know! OK, I'm going to work on getting ahold of you now.


Cravin' Veggies said...

Dr. Sue: Ah, no worries. I got your back. lol

Goony: YAY for your FIL and the green drink! Thank goodness he is opening his heart and mind to new ideas. And it is all because of you, sweet thing.

Shelleafy: your fake food story reminded me of my SIL... she is complaining that her kids are eating too much junk food (who buys it??) and told me that I would be happy to hear that her daughter is now eating lots of fruit. Fantastic, right?!?! Well, she said that canned peaches and canned pears are her favorites. WHAT? Seriously. Tried to explain that it isn't the same as the real, unadultered, organic stuff that I buy. Don't think she understood, though.

She often asks why it is that her kids are ALWAYS sick, and my kids are very rarely sick (and get well very quickly if they do come down with something.) Helloooooo? Look at the shit that's in your grocery cart. The produce fits in the child seat area, with room to spare. The rest is filled with chips and candy and ice cream, canned fruit and veg, and sugary cereals. Hmmmmm. Why are your kids sick? Some things are obvious.

Lauren said...

Wait...back up, how can I meet Johnny Depp? Just kidding.

Can I just say that I've started sliding backwards fast with this diet. I started last Nov. and kept making positive steps toward the healthier lifestyle, which eventually led me to being raw 'til dinner, but now I'm nose-diving. I started working with kids again, which has gotten me sick. I've been bummed that I was being so healthy and yet still get sick. But with grad school and having to be at work at 8am I was getting maybe 6hrs of sleep. So I guess I can't expect miracles, but after reading the Ph Miracle I got discouraged. I feel like I could never get to that level and if I don't then I'll never see the results like those people in all those amazing testamonials.
Another thing is that I got the stomach flu recently and when it was coming on I was eating salad. So I was nauseous while eating the salad and later that night well...I was in the bathroom all night -- you get the pic.
So basically since then, the thought of eating salad makes me want to spew avocado chunks.
I can't get myself to eat salad again! Sad.

Sorry for being so lengthy.

denise said...

Hi bloggers, great comments about Pollan's book. I blogged once before, but enjoy following along daily. Your loving and supportive comments make me feel part of the "herd."

Teri, I wanted to thank you for the suggestion, quite a while back, of Brian Weiss's meditation cd. I ordered it and listen to it daily. I have really noticed a difference. I feel much more at peace. Thanks

As to the comments about other people's grocery carts. I too used to take note and get bugged by what they were buying. I was putting way too much energy into thinking about this and getting discussed with it. I decided it was negative energy and it was sucking alot out of me. I made a promise to myself to quit looking, focus on myself and my own efforts, and to just send them love.

Also wanted to comment that I was making a daily green veg. smoothie in the vita-mix, but after hearing Brian Clement speak here in KC last weekend, I have changed that habit and now back to a morning veg. juice. He said that you lose a lot of the the nutrition in the blender. Darn! It was so easy.

Peace and blessings to you all and happy juicing. Kris, congrats on all your accomplishments. You rock..!!!!


apoopslingingmonkey said...

Kris great post :) yeah you know what really irritates me is the labels that say "fat free" and "no sugar"...It's like yeah 'fat free' yeah fat is the devil, so lets just load it with twice as much sodium and msg that srinks your brain blood vessels and give you a stroke, so we can make up for the lack of fat flavor. And the 'no sugar' yeah lets take out the sugar and in place of it lets add a fake sugar chemical that causes cancer.....WOW! what great ideas huh! lame...

Yeah your dangerous one? YEAAA RIGHT!

Love you girl! & rock on with your message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

clint said...


I haven't read the book, but I did see a video on Michael Pollan here, at the Revelle Forum.

He seems like such a cool guy.. and very conscious. Kind of like the Deepok of the food industry.

gooney: (Jennifer)

Great news about your FIL having his Maiden Voyage Green Juice Drink...Congrats to you ! !

As far as the Ozone video on the web that I was talking about a few weeks back, (Ozone, a Medical Breakthrough) I can't find it anymore. It must have been taken down, cause it's not on any search engines, or websites for that matter. We might have to enlist the services of Miss Dee to find it ! ! ;-)

Dee, you up for the challenge ?

So, I finally found a place where they sold the tape (VHS) and it came just last week. I digitized it, and made into a DVD. If you still want a copy Jennifer, I'll send you one... just email me your address (see my blog profile) and I'll shoot you a copy ASAP.

Hope your son's better, and is thru "Ralphing" and on the mend.


holistic chick said...

This subject drives me crazy! People really don't know that what they're eating has no nutritional value. They don't even know what "nutritional value" means or why it's important. We're so brainwashed into thinking this stuff is good for us. The thing that drives me so crazy is that it's driven politically. The gov. gives the crap, cheap crops money that the big corporations use for they're, well, crap so-called food. Then the big corporations give the politicians money for their campaigns. It seems that the health of our nation is not important to them. Things have to change!

I also agree with he fact that people are lazy. I was speaking to a women who between her and her two young kids have acid reflux, tons of food allergies, asthma, etc. When I told her I'd help her, she said "but I hate to cook" and made all kinds of excuses not to change. Okay..venting is done :o)

With that guys rock. This group of folks is a huge inspiration to everyone else. Keep the positive attitude about health and it WILL become contagious.

Goony - so sorry about your son, I can't imagine what you're going through. Go with your mom instincts

Just for the record..I would do whatever I had to meet hot Johnnie!

strongerthanit said...

Teri - Welcome Back! Has anyone heard from dear Beth? I worry when the old-timers aren't around.

clint said...

holistic chick:

I agree, it IS frustrating when you listen to a person's "logic" when it comes to food and feeling well.

I used to counsel people who had cancer and AIDS, years ago. . . numerous times I would have a man sitting on front of me, wanting help....dying of AIDS, and saying to me:
"I want to be well, but I cannot give up my ice cream" !

(lo-o-o-o-o-ng pause)

It was about that time, that I got an understanding of peoples Emotional Attachment to Food. . . it's powerful !

Alcoholics don't drink cause they're thirsty, over eaters don't eat cause they're hungry... most people are literally medicating themselves" with food.... and as a result, getting illnesses like cancer.... and still, won't change what they eat.

You can change your job, change your clothes, change your mind for that matter.... but changing the food you eat sometimes takes an Act of God.... or . . . cancer....or.... Kris's Website :-)


strongerthanit said...

Huggy Clint -

Words so true - Oh, the relationship with food is so complicated - tied deeply to all sorts of things and we've all only scratched the surface. And after 25 years dear hubby and I still discuss the differences of our upbringings: he eats to live and I live to eat. Go figure....actually, I do figure - it all makes sense to me now: he's never been sick a day in his life, he weighs the same as he did in high school, and he still gets into his size 32" Levis; I am the one who has been blessed with canser and chronic illnesses over the years. And my high school weight and clothes? HA!! They are all in a land-fill somewhere. Alas. Not really funny - much truth to: WE ARE WHAT WE EAT?!?!?

clint said...


Genetics sucks sometimes.... doesn't it ?

Am sorry to hear your dealing with illness. It can be frustrating being around natures oddballs, like your hubby. It's weird isn't it ?

It's like they can eat 'Nuclear Waste', and not even fart !

What's up with that ?

(dern genetics!)


goony said...

Clint (Huggy)

Gasp! The video is gone?! I wonder why? Too much interest? I'll email you my address, can I send you some money?

OK, so tonight I am cooking vegetarian chili. First time. The recipe calls for some vegetarian meat crumbles from the freezer section. I think it is made of soy, but can't really make out the ingredient list. It's long. Do you think cooking up some portabellos and chopping them up real fine would be a better idea? I'm new to this. So as I'm making my vegetarian chili, and my husband is kinda sorta making fun of me but trying not to piss me off at the same time, a news station reports that there is a MAJOR recall on beef. The cows were so ill they couldn't walk, but they chopped them up into pieces and shipped them off all over the country, including schools, ANYWAYS! My husband is making a steak at this moment, and I just want to throw-up, but I just can't stand to see or clean up any more vomit!!!!!lol.


Basic Me said...

Yeah! masha.. no joke.. what is it.. This weekend I sat after a hard day of tilling a garden with my BIL while he was smoking one cigarette after another.. here we sit.. bringing over our akaline water.. and food that we can eat and my ,,ung tumor that is healing was acutally hurting from breathing hard and I just was blown away.. how can people live on cheese its and chips never think twice.. I have a sister that eats fat from daylight to dark and eggs benedict in the morning.. not a hiccup.. not me.. what is it ... that old genetic eight ball aways pops to cancer and I have researched it and I am the first.. first person in my family to ever have cancer.. they all smoke and drink and eat tons of cajun roast and rice and gracy, fried chicken every sunday and bisuits each morning.. sometimes you just have to stop in amazement..

OH>> found something wonderful out.. you know all the pulp that is in the juicer after juicing well on a day that you cook take all those little bits and make the best vegatarin broth on earth for the base of your soups and stews.. I am 80 percent raw foodie and 20 percent cooked each day so each day I cook something to go with one meal that is cooked.... like sweetpotatoe and cocunut milk stew.. five minute soup... veg. broth drop in mushrooms, (dont tell debbie SHHH) bok choy and tofu and then add thai seasonings. Sometimes it is greens and broth. Or Brown rice with saute veggies.. Small bits of warmth make the days seem more normal for me. We also put cooked beans on salads and those beans are wonderful seasoned with the pulp from a week of juicing.. dont wonder about the ingrediants just dont use any other fruit in veggies broth except lemons.. delicous. OK.. I am just pondering life and visiting.. Duncan Eric would call it procrasintation.. Have to get ready for the week. Have to get the promotional packets ready for a talk in New Orleans.. and get ready for monday..

Guys I haven't heard from mary I need to zoom back into some emails and find her number and call her. She did well after surgery and then had five days to wait to hear the results the dr. said it looked good preliminarily? Oh lord.. spelling next life I am going to be tall be able to enunciate and spell.. oh well cant get off this ride now.hah.. love you all I will check in with her and write later. We are having a killer storm here and I cannot get a good signal right now.

Kris or anyone with Lung tumors.. does anyones elses hurt on humid days or days after tons of yoga.. My little healing freckle is bothering me a bit and it has been a while.. and i am sick of it.. wondered if anyone else had that football stuck up under your ribs feeling at times.. doc says no worries pop some meds.. but I am questioning.. Well thanks.


Basic Me said...

Jenn I have the best Veggie chili recipe Hold onn I will get it right after I kill the dog..

Silly Chilli

One tablespoon Olive Oil
1 onion
2 small garlic cloves
salt pepper garlic and oinion powder to taste
2 zucchini cut in chunks
2 yellow squash in chunks
2 carrots in chunks
mushrooms as many as you like
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 teaspoon cumin ground
3 cups tomatoes.. some cans or fresh both are great
1 can of black beans.. I do not add these I do not like them in the reciepe.. but do it to taste.

Simmer this with enough veg broth or water to cover you can cover it with a lid and it will cook faster but should only take 20 -30 minutes..

when it is finished garnish with fresh cilantro, avacado and a dash of lemon juice.. ( duncan hates the lemon.) we use what we have or like) My in laws also add cheddar and sour cream we are off dairy but we when were on it it was delish! It is also good on brown or white rice or with organic polenta, grits, or cornbread also way off the plan.. but for others.

remember to season it up to taste I add all sorts of seasonings cayenne pepper and the like

Enjoy love ya call as soon as storm stops. Callie

clint said...


Yes, the video has disappeared off the web . . . for obvious reasons (to me at least) it's too much of a threat, and they don't want that kind of media out there for people to see.

Jennifer, thanks for the $ offer, but please just send your mailing address, I'm fine with it.

Mel said...

I haven't been able to read Pollan's book, since I'm reading several others for school right now, but I did catch him on C-Span and really enjoyed it. I get sooooo incredibly angry when I look at a product's ingredients in the store and find that it has high fructose corn syrup (and what doesn't these days?). I was discussing this with my fiance, when he said something rather interesting: He said, "There is one reason and one reason only why everything we buy for the rest of our lives will forever contain corn syrup." "What?" I asked. His response: "The Iowa Caucasus." Now, no doubt this is a huge oversimplification and said with dramatic flair, but it really got me thinking. How much power does the corn-growing industry have, and how can we change it??? I believe change is going to have to start from the bottom up. People have to want it.

denise said...

I do have a hx of lung cancer, no active tumors, and yes I do have intermittent pain. Sometimes it does follow yoga. I have more diffulty with dry weather in the winter, so I try to sit in a steam room several times per week. Hope this helps. I know it gets my attention when I do have pain.

Keep the faith,


goony said...

Kris, Callie, Clint, Liz, and everyone who is praying for my FIL, I just want to relay a message from my FIL:

"Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, that is so great"

I just got off the phone with my FIL. I told him about how Liz knows of an awesome doctor in Chicago, and Callie has him on her prayer list, and has connections, and can help, and how Clint is sending him the ozone video and how there is an organization that will help fly him and house him if we can't find a doctor here, and he just lost it. He was crying pretty hard and couldn't talk for a few minutes. I've told him about you all before, but tonight he really recieved the message and is just blown away at your prayers and support. So thank you for everything. We both have hope again.


scnewme said...

I'm finding Pollan's book to be a real eye opener and its harder and harder not to feel like I'm preaching to my family and your souls, no more Doritos, margarine, Lucky Charms, sweet n low, Lean Cuisine - they're all poison! Oh no, the chemo has made her crazier than ever, haha!

Its just the whole concept of being used as rats in some crazy experiment has my blood boiling.
I seriously think we should start a petition - either nationally or state wide - would something like this work? Anyone have any ideas on how to stop this??

Clint - I googled "Ozone, Medical Breakthrough" and its seems that the video is still available, as long as you're willing to pay for it now!! This guy Geoff Rogers seems to have it in his possession and holding it for must be on to something, my wise friend!


Martha said...

Hi everyone:

I have absolutely zippo to contribute to this conversation tonight. Except to say that I'm staying for two weeks in a hotel in San Antonio and have made a point of buying as much of my food in the produce section of the supermarket down the street as possible. I feel cheesy waltzing through the lobby bearing supermarket bags, but what the hey, they're getting 13 room nights out of me. So a few nights here and there when they're also not getting room service is a good thing.

Speaking of the disappeared, WHERE's MARY????

(I brought Omnivore's Dilemma with me to read at night -- to the swooshing sounds of I-10 eighteen floors below me)

Nighty night y'all.

debbiedoesraw said...

Alright Callie, put down those mushrooms!!! No fungus allowed... at least according to the PH miracle folks..

Love this blog and all of you..
Jennifer: Tell your FIL he is floating on our mosh pit punk rock energy to kick canser ass...well, just tell him he is being carried by all of us in our prayers and here on csc.

gotta go, so tired, just worked two ten hour days in a row..yikes!
love and veg

Justme117 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
clint said...

gooney: (Jennifer)

Am glad your FIL could cry about it all... and "tear off a layer" and let it in.
Sounds like a good step towards healing to me, no ?! :-)

scneweme: (Sherry)

Yes, I had to buy it, then make it into a DVD (as VHS decks are fading...)

And your so cute about the public rise-up against the "Corporatocracy"

The more you know, the more you don't want to know. I don't want to be one to bring the dark stuff into this blog, but there again, knowledge is power... right ?

Truth is, there have a few cures for cancer in the past 7 decades, that have all fallen by the wayside. One of them being by Dr.Royal Raymond Rife

Dr. Rife discovered a cure for cancer in the 1930's and found that cancer and viruses resonate at a certain frequency. He developed and made his 'Universal Microscope',(or Frequency Instrument) that can magnify things 60,000 times and was able to see and blast these cancers/viruses with certain frequencies with the use of the microscope. (I'm giving you the short version here)

In the 1930's, Dr. Royal Rife took 30 patients with varying diseases that were terminally ill, and left for dead by western doctors. In less than 2 months, ALL 30 of the terminally ill patients fully recovered.

Morris Fishbein, head of the FDA at that time, heard of all this and contacted Dr. Rife and wanted to "buy in", but was turned down. Subsequently, is lab, the J.C. Burnett Laboratory, was mysteriously burned down.

A short time later, Dr. Rife was indicted by the AMA for "fraudulent medical practice". Rife wins his trial, but his doctor friends roll over and turn their backs on him. All of Rife's medical records are destroyed, and Rife becomes an alcoholic.

Bottom line . . . in 1973, the Supreme Court rules that the FDA "can decide without a hearing which evidence it would allow.". . . meaning that they are the Law, and they decide.

I'm with you all the way Sherry, but it'll take a huge effort to sway public opinion.

We need more Kris's.


patricia said...

Hello Kris and the CSC community.
First time commenting but I must admit I have been a lurker for a very long time. I have finally decided this shy girl must comment. I first would like to say COngratulations on your WONDERFUL news Kris. I am so happy for you. and shame on those Dr's for saying you are dangerous....maybe they are the dangerous ones only offering/wanting one treatment option for their patients. Maybe they should suggest your findings to their patients and in addition to their current regimen see if it helps them...The only danger i see in you is you putting canser out of business!!!!!!!! oh i guess in return those docs would lose their job/profession...maybe that's why their scared of you.:-) Keep it up girl we need you and you are awesome, you have brought so much light into a subject that seems only dark at times. I also would like to thank everyone for being so open sharing your life stories, experiences and advice with everyone. I truly appreciate it and hope that I will learn to come out of my shell and be able to contribute to the community in future posts. I do not have canser.I have lost loved ones to canser. I do have health issues that are still in the process of being diagnosed. I am seeking better health and nutrition. I have been a vegetarian for 14yrs. I do juice my greens everyday and do the lovely wheatgrass shots daily too..I even have my 21 month old son into it. Every morning when he gets up he runs to the kitchen and points to the juicer on the counter and either says Wheatgrass or juice mama...I love when he says's so cute. He helps me water the trays too. I also make him fresh juice daily along with my own and he loves it. Well enough of me rambling. Thank you to all. You inspire me andI truly enjoy your company.

clint said...

I thought this book was interesting enough to have a look-see . . . it's by Jeffrey M. Smith and seems related to Michael Pollan's book, it's called
Genetic Roulette.

Mainly talking about the dangers of GE (Genetically Engineered) foods.

Here's what some notable people said:

“When I worked at Monsanto, I warned both scientists and executives that our GM foods may cause disease, but no one was even willing to listen, let alone investigate the unpredicted side effects. For them, it was all about profit. Now our whole population is threatened by the serious dangers described in Genetic Roulette.”
—Kirk J. Azevedo, DC

“I used to test for soy allergies all the time, but now that soy is genetically engineered, it is so dangerous that I tell people never to eat it—unless it says organic. Genetic Roulette tells you why you must avoid genetically engineered foods to stay healthy.”
—John H. Boyles, MD, ear, nose, and throat, and allergy specialist

An interview with the author if your interested, can be seen


scnewme said...

Clint - a little "food for thought" huh? To me, the read on Dr. Rife was like a bad science fiction story - it is extremely difficult to grasp the twisted sick truth of these actions.

And the interview re Genetic Roulette - very sad when you hear it from the powers that be, the majority of whom do nothing but watch the entire process unfold and sit on the sidelines in the face of dangerous results.

Although disheartening at the least, we must remain hopeful and focused in the face of this deception, even with the knowledge that our dearly beloved AMA and FDA are the culprits.

I am not discouraged or darkened by what you've said Clint, actually the contrary. An uphill battle - no doubt - I'm willing to start small but set my sights high. There is obviously great power in politics and money, but the power of the people should not be discounted either.

Clint, Thank you for opening these doors and giving us a very small peak into the "darkness." Ignorance is not mind is abuzz now and that's a wonderful thing!

xo Sherry

strongerthanit said...

Huggy Clint - Genetic Roulette is an interesting read! If you liked it, "A Commotion in the Blood" is compelling as well. What we do to ourselves - coupled with "who we are, AKA: genetics and DNA" is often the culprit for disaster - or not....we are a great vat of chemicals and chemical reactions - I know, not what true "believers" want to hear, but as all in our village, there are many thoughts, views, and opinions. Don't slam me for!! Anyway, while I've touched that subject, although I am not a Christian nor am I a believer in God, I can still appreciate Callie's (you out there, hon?!?)and others' writings, prayers, and thoughts. There is ALWAYS something to learn, regardless of who we are and what we believe, so long as we respect one another and celebrate our differences; and, I truly believe that we all do. Anyway, talking about "Callie" - your post had me laughing - the picture of your BIL huffing and puffing while digging WHILE huffing and puffing while (sadly)dying....oh those nasty smokes. It must drive you up a tree. And others' eating habits now that you've made the members are tough (feel your pain, Jen - you are doing it, though - just push forward - you've got lots of support in us) but your sister in that trap??? Didn't you mention a while back that she is a CARDIOLOGIST and should know better?!?!? UGH!! I have found this whole experience to be an amazing learning experience and a test of my patience and willpower. For those of us who have slowly made the "connection" do any of you have difficulty maintaining neutral thoughts and not become judgemental when around friends and family? I try SO hard to keep my mouth sealed - though in all honesty my thought-synapsis are running a mile a minute - you want to shake 'em all! Of course, then I come back to earth when I remember that it was I doing the same *&() "food-thing" two years ago....alas. M

goony said...


in a good way. I found a doctor that is 30 minutes from here that has combined Eastern & Western medicine. This is what he does for cancer:

• Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT) for Cancer, Arthritis, and Infections
• Specific Cancer cell Enzyme Inhibitors (Poly MVA)
• Targeting Agents (Hyaluronic Acid)
• Immune Therapy: Natural killer cell stimulants (AHCC, MGNIII, Iscador, Shark Cartilage)
• Tumor cell fibrin coating inhibitors (Wobenzyme)
• Angiogenesis Inhibitors (Cox II)
• Oxygenation Therapies: H202, Ozone, Hyperbaric Oxygentherapy
• High Dose intravenous Vitamin C
• Mild Silver Protein 1200
Mild Silver Protein 1200, even in low doses routinely kills
bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mycoplasmas.

Liz, I wouldn't have found this Doctor without your help. Your Doctors website provides a link to Doctors all around the world that provide IPT therapy for cancer patients. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Clint, do you see that, he does ozone therapy!!!!!

I'm waiting for them to call me back this afternoon.


clint said...

GREAT Jennifer !

Am glad you found someone local...

Please scope him out first, and make sure he's got good credentials, and even referrals. There are a few doctors in Houston here that do the same as your guy that I wouldn't even think of referring to, because they are a little too slippery, and charge WAY too much, and are in it just for the money.

Use your intuition... :-)

good luck,


I Love your Xena Warrior Princess attitiude....aim high !


goony said...


I feel like I just went on the demon drop. They called me back and the treatments cost $1000 - $3000 per treament. He would need a total of 12 treatments, so it would cost $12,000 to $36,000. Not covered by insurance, like their website made it sound. How do you check their credentials?


Basic Me said...

I told ya'll not to tell debbie about the mushrooms.... people people people. Well Jen am glad all is well. The storm finally stopped so I am coleecting my info and given all my clients a call it may be a few hours. But I cannot wait. Until Deb wrote the article on basicmissions I had no idea about the mushrooms. I am gonna give them up.... slowly... ahahah my last good thing. I love mushrooms. Now if anything is wrote with my little brussel sprouts and lemon I quit. That is my all time favorite food.. notouchytouchy.

Clint I am not surprised someone has found a cure or mulitple cures for cancer. When Duncan and I went to the Mayo in Minn so fiqure out what was wrong with him.. they told us there will never be a cure for some diseaes.. and I asked why... the answer from the specialist was " because we have conglomerates that are making money hand over fist, doctors, overpoputation and a cure is discouraged. What is incourage in research is to find a moderate treatment that sustains life but not quality and continues with people spending fortunes trying to get well and then dying so all the big bs. wins, pharmecuiticals, product placements in hopsitals i.e. scans ect..., and dont forget the whole funeral bs. it is booming. I remember reading many books that Linus Pauling wrote towards the end of his life about how he wanted to take his wife and her cancer as a case study feed her only veggies and whole foods and no sugar massive amounts of vitamen c and he felt that she could have been kept in a remissive state. Unfortuately she did not want to be a test case and died after two years of terrible treatments. He said over and over he was no condoning leaving western medicene out. But once you strip the body of the healthy enzyemes and bacteria and poison it wiht chemo you have no hope it you dont delete what caused and feed the cancer in the first place. He was a sharp old dude..

Ok.. Peace and blessing to you all. Masha how are you after you hopsital stay.. tae I hope you are having a good day and I will check on mary today. Well back to work. Hugs ... and Veggies.. sweet potatoes and huggy bear.

Grendle said...


When I was first dx, my wonderful friends and family planned a fundraiser to help with my expenses. I'm a freelancer with no insurance. It was a great you think that's possible for your FIL?


braintumorsurvivor said...

Hi all you lovelies.

Clint -- you are so right. People are MEDICATING themselves with food and alcohol.

I'm not yet reading Pollan's book. It's very popular at our little library, so I'm still waiting in line. But have also enjoyed "Real Food," "The China Project" and "Vegetable, Animal, Miracle." But as soon as I get my hands on Pollan's book...

And thanks for the BookTV link -- I'll watch the interview today!

Help me out you guys. What are BIL and FIL? And I thought I was such a high-tech hottie...

Whole_Body_Healer said...

I totally agree with the Pollan quote! I don't know if he goes into this, since I don't have the book, but there's also the fact that our soils have become so nutrient depleted, in part by this very industrialization. I was listening to an interview by a nutritionist the other day that gave some interesting stats on how many of today's carrots one would have to consume vs. a carrot of 50 yrs ago...Magnesium: 4 2008 carrots vs. 1 1958 carrot, Calcium-2 vs. 1, Zinc-10-20 vs 1.

And yes, on the marketing hype, hype, hype. The other side of this is that when nutritional studies have been done with disease & find out that a key nutrient that is found in say, broccolli or fish has a substantial positive impact on the disease, this information gets distorted & hijacked by a marketing machine and totally taken out of context & removed from the "living system" it came from, ala your lycopene hubcaps. This lycopene hubcap phenomena then becomes the predominant, collective "knowledge" (propelled in some cases by said EXPERTS) about the various nutritional benefits of "foods", totally disconnected & distorted from it's living source, and the study that revealed this in the 1st place.

Whole_Body_Healer said...

Don't know if you all saw/heard the news about the recall of 143Million pounds of beef (much of it after already being consumed by schoolchildren, various federal food programs, & fast food eateries)? This happened in California & was on the news here. This is a clear example of the potentially serious consequences of the industrialization of animals for food & the abusive practices it often entails. Cow's who were not able to stand were shown being forklifted to processing, which is technically illegal. Here are 2 different articles reporting the news, each with a different perspective of the seriousness of this dismal failure in the system, not to mention the horrible abuse of the animals & possible impacts on humans consuming the meat.

USDA Recalls 143
Million Pounds of Beef Products Already Consumed by Schoolchildren;
Slaughterhouse Atrocities Shock World

Orders Largest Recall of Ground Beef - New York Times

debbiedoesraw said...

Parents I beseech you..if you do ONE thing for your kids, pack their healthy lunch each and every day. I know it takes time, but jesus, joesph and mary I DARE you to eat one school lunch and then continue to let your babies eat that crap. It make Mc Donalds look healthy...I call it prison food.
Don't our kids deserve a few minutes of our time each morn?
love Deb

Whole_Body_Healer said...

Looks like the NY Times link didn't work...Here it is again:

Orders Largest Recall of Ground Beef - New York Times

Mel said...

Here is a link to the video footage taken by the Humane Society undercover investigator that captured the abuse and use of "downed" animals. Be forewarned that it is really, really upsetting and not easy to watch:

After seeing this video on my evening news, I joined a email writing campaign on the Humane Society's website to demand the use of downed animals be stopped. It's not enough to make me feel a lot better, but at least it's some sort of tangible action. If anyone is interested, you can participate in the latest campaign which is to put pressure on Congress to pass legislation to enforce a "Downed Animal and Food Safety Protection Act":

Note that you will receive email updates and requests from help from the Humane Society after submitting your email address. I've maybe received 3-4 emails in the past few weeks.

LYB said...

boy oh boy oh boy....or girl! A belated congrats to Kris! I am celebrating with you and using it as positive energy.
So, I step away from the computer for a few days and I missed so much. I was on vacation with my family and had so much fun I barely got on the computer. A blessing of course, but then I missed so much here. Traveling made it very difficult for me to stay on the program. I did the best I could, but I wasn't close to perfect. I remained vegetarian and carried Lara Bars around, but it was hard. I was so happy to get back home last night and make a big huge fat green drink, it was so good!

Now I need to vent. I am fighting with my meds and the side effects. I think I am the only one who goes 80-20 raw, vegan and green drinks and gains weight! frustrating. I am so not comfortable in my own skin these days. The weight gain and other side effects are brutal, but my dr. keeps pushing me to stay on the meds...... no one seems to understand. They just say I need the meds, and maybe I do, but I feel like crap and I don't feel healthy unless I look healthy and quite frankly extra weight around the mid-section is not healthy....and not sexy either.
I think I need some new recipes to change it up a bit. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. I am off to prepare some Green Madrid Gazapacho from Dr. Young and some Rice and Pinto Beans....... sorry to be so negative, really I am sorry.


Whole_Body_Healer said...

Mel, thanks for the You Tube link. I agree that it is really bad. They showed a portion of this video footage on our news as well. Yeah Humane Society! Great job uncovering this & alerting the public. I hope a silver lining in this becomes public outrage at continuiing to tolerate this practice.

Whole_Body_Healer said...

Clint, thanks for the link to the Genetic Roulette Interview. His book, Seeds of Deception is another interesting one.
The video, The Future of Food, is another good source to see where our food supply is going & the impact of GMO endeavors on it.

YouTube - The
Future of Food - Introduction

I am SO glad Jeffery Smith is out there trying to make people aware of the dangers of GMO foods throughout the world. It is amazing to me that other places in the world, Europe, even Venezuala have rejected/banned GMO foods, and yet the US still allows this. Without clear labeling requirements of GMO ingredients in processed foods, it seems unlikely that those who routinely consume these foods will gain the awareness to stop consuming them, and with the marketing hype getting consumers to buy these foods, unless you have some dis-ease that is causing your body to break down or a loved one who's body is, you may not even "consider" the possibility that processed foods have a negative impact on your health, much less the potentially dangerous impacts of the GMO components. Marketing hype combined with, "I'm not suffering any negative health effects from eating what I'm eating" (not realizing that nutritional defecits can take time to manifest as symptoms in the body, or making the connection to these "foods"), and the emotional attachments to food mentioned previously, generate a defacto reinforcement of what is. If people such as ourselves share this information & dialogue about this with others, slowly the ripples will expand to more & more people's awareness.

Whole_Body_Healer said...

I can't find the original reference to this, but here's an "interesting" (twisted) connection back into cancer. Did you know that the original legal case for genetically modified seeds, once approved, opened the doorway for gene/DNA patenting? This in turn has allowed biomedical & drug companies to patent the discovery of genes related to diseases such as cancer; for example. the BRCA1 & BRCA2 genes connected to some forms of breast & ovarian cancers. The patent holders can then "license" out the use of the gene for use in cancer or drug research for a hefty monetary fee (increasing the eventual consumer cost of an associated drug), or it can "restrict" the use of the gene to gain market position & exclusivity of drugs connected with that gene. Here's an article that explores this further.

HER2 testing:
The patent "genee" is out of the bottle -- Goldman 176 (10): 1443 --
Canadian Medical Association Journal

Dianne said...

Not just for your kids, but for yourself. Check out laptop lunches.

Whole_Body_Healer said...

Hey Clint, just wanted to let you know that I tried to respond to your message twice & it got rejected! Thanks for saying hello.

granola said...

Hi all,
WOW--the recalled beef is AWESOME! The industry has been getting away with this BS for so long, and it has finally caught up with them (personally, it took too long)! If this didn't happen, it would just continue on and on (like other things that we don't even know yet). This just has to WAKE UP those out there sleeping to the industrialization of the food supply & cruel and inhumane treatment of animals!!! The media should show the Humane Society coverage the way they cover Brittany Spears!!! I just know that if people were educated and aware, as Michael Pollan and others are trying, they would change their ways. (I have to have hope that it might happen).

So, that being said, on another hopeful note, WE VOTE WITH OUR DOLLARS--think about it--why are you able to buy organic foods in your average grocery store? Because, as the masses became educated about the pesticides and chemicals on our food,we decided that if we can have all natural food, we will pay for it. Hmmm...make money selling natural foods. If we weren't willing to pay for it, it wouldn't be in the stores (in the same token, that is why potato chips & soda get an entire aisle to themselves LOL). So, get out and VOTE with your dollar--NO genetically modified or engineered food--and go to the HSUS website & sign the petition--and go to & click on the links today & everyday to provide food for the hungry, health care for children, free mammograms, help for the rainforest, and food for shelter animals. Please do it--it is so easy.

Clint HB--Thank you for all your info & links & recommendations--love them!

Strongerthatit--thanks for your book recommendation too. And as for do I judge what others eat--I usually get a comment or question at lunchtime (like, why do you bring your lunch to work everyday, how come you never order pizza, etc.) and they receive an earful of information about health/nutrition. I have to admit that most curious people are interested because they want to do the same. I have a couple of converts at work that now bring their lunch everyday & no white flour or high fructose corn syrup :) But yes, I do get strange looks sometimes & the comment "soon you won't be able to eat anything" (I just love that one! Especially since they could be right!)

Goony McCartney :) If you want to check out a Dr., your state has a Department of Health. I believe you should be able to look up if any action has been taken against them & check their credentials--where they received their education, etc.

Callie--Thanks for the update on Mary. Let us know when you get in touch with her. Also, thanks for the info on the veg. broth. I hate to discard the leftovers from the juice. And, of course, thanks for Basic Missions!

Deb-love all your nutrition info! Awesome!

Everyone-I read all your posts! Thanks for sharing!

So, I end with this friendly reminder that high gasoline prices and tainted beef can have a GOOD side---because they might actually lead to a larger demand for passive energy sources and a natural food supply for all :)

BTW, check out this link about solar energy:
Great & interesting info re:solar power. Scientists are working on solar cells that can be painted onto aluminum siding. Imagine, no more power bill, clean energy, and no more gas station because you plug in your electric car to your solar powered electric outlet (Let Freedom Ring!)
Peace out!

She8 said...

Hi everyone!
What a beautiful place you have created, Kris! Everyone here is an inspiration to lurkers like me... My husband is the canser warrior (esophagus) and through this journey I have made significant changes in my approach to food - moving in the vegetarian/vegan direction. After living this way for the past year and seeing all the benefits, I truly believe it is the best gift you can give yourself and your family.

Dianne and all,
You may want to check out for more great ideas about vegan food!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Granola and Whole Body Healer: Did you email me about the forum? I really want you both to start a group in the first week....

God, these chats are so refreshing....
Thank you.

Clint: I would love to post those terrific pix you sent about families around the world and their average weekly meals. Is that OK? Wow, man, you are a wealth of info....

Kiki said...

I just wonder what the status of teh forum is :(
I must have been beynd the 60th emailer because I never got a reply but I'm so excited (read impatient).

Iffat said...

Hello everybody,

I was out of town for the long weekend with my family and guess what I missed alot there? This blog.

Thank you kris, for making us a family, community and neighborhood.

Kris, if you didn't get my message before then again BIG CONGRATS TO YOU AND BRIAN.

Way to go my friend. you Rock.
Congrats on beauty spots scan and the BIG Amazing news.
I am sooo... excited for you guys.
Can't wait to see new little bundle of joy and happiness.

Cheers (green juice, off course)

Love and blessings for you all

Dee said...

Clint/Huggybear/Celeryfiend, did you say my name? Lol! See what happens when I get busy with my work in New Orleans! I miss all the good/amazing/wonderful chats in this fantastic community! I tried emailing you earlier but gmail is being really weird...let me know if you didn't get it please!

Laura- I totally know how you feel, I've weighed as much as 250lbs and as little as 110lbs (thanks to steroid treatments, clinical trials, and good old fashioned chemotherapy- I'm 5'8 and a half btw) and when I was at my highest, I was at my lowest mentally/emotionally. That connection you have with your body vs what you see in the mirror is a dangerous one. It didn't matter that the medicine was doing what it should, it didn't matter that the Prednisone was saving my life, I didn't feel like me and it was one of the most difficult times in my entire life. I thank God, good music and Kris Carr for helping me through (seriously Kris, you know it's true!). Of course now, I should be about ten lbs heavier to be at an 'ideal' healthy weight but you know what? So what! My body is doing what it can and I am doing what I can for my body. The body is a resilient thing, it's the human mind that takes more work to get under control. Thoughts and negativity can consume you, positivity and support will help, but nothing can make you feel better about yourself unless you want it to. Do something that makes you feel like you, whether it's volunteering, playing on a playground, running around in a monkey costume throwing grapes at people, whatever it is, whatever your inner freak flag is, bring it out and wave it proudly. Cancer/illness is one of the best forms of self appreciation out there. It gives you the opportunity to completely change your life, to change your mind, to change your habits, to embrace who you really are in your soul and in your spirit. It gives you the opportunity to do all of that, it's just up to you whether you take advantage of that! And don't apologize for being 'negative', it's not an easy situation by any means. If you ever need to vent/rant/whatever my email address is in my profile (just click my name) and feel free to contact me any time, day or night.

As for everyone else who is contributing such amazing points of view to this conversation, I love you all!

I have to admit, that excuses drive me crazy. I hear them all the time. What really sticks in my craw is the whole 'I'm so tired and I feel like shit' okay, well, when all you've had to eat is microwavedsupposedtobechickenwingsbutprobablyisgodknowswhat with a cup of fakebluecheeseladenwithsodium on the side and a coca cola three times today alone, are you really that surprised!?! And what's more disturbing, is that they really are! The fact that eating a natural/organic diet is considered to be 'weird' or 'out there' is just proof of how deranged the entire situation is. The fact that I get stranger looks for buying up the entire produce department, then the woman buying five super size bags of potato chips, loads of soda, pop tarts and other junk for her children who are already overweight and busy coughing and complaining about a headache, just baffles me. How dare I eat actual food! The nerve of me!

It's easier to buy junk, it's easier to eat junk, because that's what is ingrained in many/most of the minds of America. People see a label claiming 'healthy' and just think that's an okay to gobble it up without even a second of thought. It is just completely baffling to me.

I could go on and on but I'm trying to refrain. I think if everyone educated themselves, and really READ the labels (that doesn't mean just read what the ingredients are, that means be knowledgeable of WHAT they are) of the items they put into their bodies, it would all change.

We are the consumer, business is supply and demand, the less that junk sells, the less it will be available. It's just a matter of waking up the mass market to what they are doing to themselves, ignorance isn't bliss and all they are doing is just self medicating mental/emotional problems with food. The industry rewards their laziness to educate themselves, with even more products aimed directly at the soft spot, the 'healthy' choices.

If a product has to have a label claiming it's HEALTHY on it, it most likely isn't, and you shouldn't be eating it in the first place.

Kris- I tried replying to your email but gmail gave me an error, but then said it sent, so if you didn't get one back if you could let me know I'd appreciate it. I swear, technology is not my friend lately!

goony said...

Dianne -

Thanks for the link, the laptop lunch system is really cool, and i'm going to get one for my son. I packed his lund for 2 years, but this year he wanted to buy and I let him. Mostly because I just didn't know what to pack and he was sick of PB&J. That site rocks, and I look forward to providing him with a VARIETY of healthy meals.

I have weaned my kids off milk in the last month. They still get a little IF they eat cereal, but that's it! I called my son's school to see if they had anything besided milk for luch and they had water or orange juice, but it was an extra $1.00. *&#^@(%(!

Has anyone seen the new forum??????!!!!! I can't wait! I sent my email for the free pass, but I must have been too late.


Anne said...

Oh, yes, Laptop Lunchboxes are great! I got one for each of my daughters at Christmastime and we have cut back so far on our zippy bag use that I'm not sure I've used a single one since, and I used to buy those at Costco! My oldest daughter is in sixth grade and I worried that the Laptop Lunchbox might be considered "uncool," but it's actually been a huge hit. As is often the case with my free-thinking, animal-loving, earth-helping daughter, she's a trendsetter. I've had several parents call me to get the website and I'm happy to educate them.

I do not take a Laptop Lunchbox to work because it's not big enough for the HUGE salad that I take for lunch. Instead, I take a giant Tupperware bowl that is big enough to put pasta salad in for a potluck! People make fun of my huge blue salad bowl, but I love it because I can load it up with romaine, tomatoes, avocadoes, cucumber and red onion and toss it all together with lots of room to spare without spilling.

Another favorite is a salad of spicy salad greens, mixed with ribbons of kale and beet greens and chard, tossed with sweet carrots, red onions, tomatoes, raw almonds and a few golden raisins. So good!

We've got houseguests right now--my parents. They eat well considering their upbringing--lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains--but still too much meat. My mother is making a pot roast tonight. My husband and I are going out to dinner (taking advantage of the babysitting services), so I don't plan to eat any of the pot roast, but it's sort of grossing me out smelling the meat cooking in here while there's a headline on the front page of the paper about the huge beef recall.

I keep thinking about Pollan's subhead in the book, the one that caught my attention because I'm an editor by trade and thought for sure that someone had made a mistake: "You are what what you eat eats, too."

Which means, in consuming that roast, they're eating pesticide-laden grain, antibiotics, hormones, cow shit, cow shitty-water, cow pee, fear . . .

Looking forward to the forum!

debbiedoesraw said...

Jennifer: I use the udon noodle soup and miso noodle soups for Sam. I make miso soup with wakame (kelp) that she loves. She cannot have any nuts due to an allergic kid in her class. She likes refried beans too, an occasional not too healthy frozen mini pizza sometimes. I am raw, fam is not. Mostly vegan, but they do eat meat. It is hard to be a divided clan sometimes. Soups work so well for us. I give her fruit , fruit rolls, water and she is happy.
good luck
Ps to Anne: you made me laugh with your cow pee! It is beyond is digusting and vile how the cattle are treated by us humans. Downright inhumane.

clint said...


... and am very fortunate to have 3 doctors as good personal friends, who aren't your normal GP.

They genuinely want to help people, and are constantly passing new information my way, and risk their licenses to help people with treatments and technology that works, and.... that Europeans have been using for decades... but is frowned upon by the 3 letter agencies here.

Please, by all means post the e-mail pics. I though it was one of the most thought provoking e-mails I've seen in a while.

No, I mean Huggy

abbymaya said...

I'm really excited about this book discussion, reading Pollan's comment about disassociating the nutrients from the vegetables was (to quote Oprah) such an "Aaahh" moment for me. Seriously, why did it take seeing it in b & w for me to somehow connect the dots?

I have a friend with liver problems who is convinced that if he just takes more vitamins, more supplements, eats only dark chocolate with acidophilus he'll be all set. He's getting this book as a pressie, along with a side of broccoli, for his birthday!

Rebecca said...

Hey everyone! It's so hard to keep up with all of this delectable (except the beef recall) conversation! I'm trying to ween myself off the CSC blog addiction and get some much needed work done. I'm really looking forward to the new forum and hope there will be a section to know more about some of your stories. And I vote for CSC meetups. I'll host in NYC. It'll be BYOV with dance offs!

Braintumorsurvivor- FIL, MIL, BIL, etc. is in-law.

Callie - awesome recipes. Oh, the broth I've been missing. But not anymore!

Cravin' Veggies said...

Oh, yes! Broth made from the veggie pulp is soooooo good! (Thanks for bringing that up, Callie... I was so happy just composting it, it took me a while to figure out that I could use it for broth first, then compost it!!) I have sooo much yummy broth in my deep freeze, I should probably start giving it away!

MoreJoy said...

Granola--I agree completely with you regarding the lack of media coverage on animal curelty and slaughterhouses. Perhaps after todays news, more people will wake up and take notice.

Check out and click on "meat the animals." If anyone out there is contemplating becomming a vegeterian and has not yet done so, this will do it.

Anne-- still lmao over the pot roast discription.

I am going to start a vegetable garden this summer. Living in New it's a short season. Does anyone have any helpful tips out there on how to get stated and what veggies are best for the beginner?

I hope you all have a peaceful night.

Jangle Pete said...

My wife and I are really starting to read the ingredients on everything. I'm hoping to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from my diet. So far, so good. Also, the organic section in our local Wegman's grocery store is growing. I hope that I'll live long enough to see the processed foods placed in that 1/15 section of the store, displaced by actual food grown without pesky pesticides. The book is a true eye opener, with no hidden agenda.

Whole_Body_Healer said...


Iffat said...


I and my hubby wants to know the name of that stupid doc who thinks you are dangerous ..... so, we will never ever make a mistake by seeing him.

we all need to stop or boycott these qualified professionals (I think, they are un-qualified and non-professionals who deserve no patients coming to them). seriously, please give us his name.

Love and Hugs to you

writestuff said...

Dear all,

I've changed my name from braintumorsurvivor to writestuff. I'm tired of being defined by canser, so I believe this is a big step in the right direction. Still me, though.

Thank you, Rebecca, for the blog education -- I really do appreciate it. It's no fun feeling dumb!

Love this place, Kris. It's been said before. Thank you.

leslee said...


*you are dangerous because you inspire us to be the Gods and Goddesses of our own Life*Experience!

*you are dangerous because you encourage others to stand up and shout, "yesssss!!! whole heart*edly, YESSSS"- to the Rainbow magiK of our Souls..

* you are dangerous because you are helping to lead this take.back.responsibility.for.our.own.Well*Being REVOLUTION that we are all a part of!!

and if THAT is dangerous, gRRRRlie, then wrap yourSelf in that banner with PRIDE!!

lovelovelovin' you.. all of you xoxox

robotslingshot said...

Pollan's book is really great. He is right on the money... and now when my mother wonders what happened to the food system?? She has a chronicle to read.

In my work at The Leonard Lopate Show in New York we had Mr. Pollan on to discuss the book, which your reader's might find interesting. I blogged about it here

I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the next book club read!

Happy belated Vday, and glad you are doing well...

DianneR said...

I noticed there is another Dianne posting here so I changed my name to DianneR. Sorry Dianne.

I just read an article in the NY Daily News about how New York City jails just did a healthy overhaul of the jail menu! The article states that they are being fed fresh fruit and whole wheat bread and have also banned sugar sweetened beverages. The article goes on to say that the healthy food doesn't cost the city any more money and that this diet cuts the chances of having strokes, heart attacks and other medical emergencies. So, let's keep the prisoners healthy and keep feeding school children and hospital patients unhealthy crap!

Basic Me said...

Hey Guys,
Hope all is well. I think I am in the same boat I think I was too late for the forum.. Clint let us know how it goes. I had written from my email account. I haven't a google one. OH well.. such is life.. Some one let us know how it is going. I am so thrilled for you all if it is open.

Kis this is a wonderful discusion. About that [pulp] if you make fruit smoothies for little ones.. use that in your fruit whole organic grain muffins.. delicous.

Not much happening here. I am off to get to work. We finally got our phone back on and I am backed up at work. Ha.. any idea's for a work colonic. I want my desk all neat and clean. haha..

Wishing you guys a wonderful day. Happy thoughts and veggie bliss.

Heard from Susan she is doing well she hasn't been on here for a while but says hello. Callie

clint said...

Hey Callie:

I'm in the dark as much as the next person re the Forum . . . so, I think we're all in the same boat.

They are probably still tweaking.


bubbletoes said...

Hi Kris!

I've been reading your blog for a while now and I think it's time for me to leave a comment. I particularly love this post! I think it's important for people to understand the common views that society and food today. Greed and money play a huge role in how companies brainstorm advertising strategies. Among the altered beliefs that society has adopted is the "more for less" idea. Too often do people focus getting more protein, more calcium, more antioxidants, all of these and more ADDED to their foods. Really, how much protein do you need in a day?? It's frightening to think about how these "fortified" foods came to life.

I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your previous "coffee" post. Too often in life do I see people trying to practice perfection, just to seem them fail by not meeting their impossible standards (i know this happens to me quite often). When it comes to a healthier lifestyle, it's important to look at the whole picture.

Love your blog!!!

debbiedoesraw said...

I am shedding a tear after listening to the Omnivores Dilemma re: corn and cows -those poor cows and good lord what have we done to wonder so many of us are sick. Our food has been majorly messed with and the chickens are starting to come home to roost, in tumors, chronic illness of all sorts,general ill health all around....
There have to monumental changes..we will need a tidal wave of protest to stop the money machine from killing us all.
I am so afraid for our children....

love and many many vegan kisses

digital sage said...

For those who have commented on how unhealthy most school menus are, and recently dianner's comment about the healthy eating in some prison's -

A dear friend was serving for 6 years in the Navy (on an aircraft carrier) and he would tell us stories of how - for the enlisted - the lunch of cheap chuck burgers one afternoon would be recooked into mystery meat product for dinner, and turned into something resembling a breakfast the next morning. No mention of veggies (certainly not healthy one's, anyway.) The officers got much better food. It's no wonder when he got out, he ate everything he couldn't on the ship - good and bad - gaining a lot of weight. It screwed up his metabolism. These are the guys and gals fighting for us, they should at least get some healthy meals.

debbiedoesraw said...

Sorry but I flashed on Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes, screaming when he sees the destroyed statue of liberty..."What have you done, what have you done??"

Re: our food supply 'Get your hands off me (my food), you damn dirty apes! (substitute the USDA, Feds and alll the money mongers getting rich off ruining our food supply for the apes)....
Sorry, I am a bit passionate about this mess.

Tae said...

Dear CSC family,

my beloved brother-in-law, Dave, passed away today after a long fight with ASPS. He went peacefully, with family around him. Ken and I were holding his hand as he left us.

Kris-as he was going, I kept thinking of the short story you wrote about dying. He is with Elvis now, showing Buddha how to work those hips.

Clint-I truly felt what you meant about feeling incredible gratitude that you were part of your girlfriends passing. I am so, so, so unwordly glad that we were there .

All-thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I'm looking forward to looking forward, healing and continuing to channel Dave's messages of love and understanding daily.

Love and peace of body, mind and soul,

clint said...


My deepest heartfelt condolences go out to you, and your family.... as well as a big heart felt hug to you my dear !

What you went thru, I had a hard time putting into words myself. Am sure your brother in law is in a good place now that all of you were there for him, and saw him off.

What an experience you just went thru...



debbiedoesraw said...

Oh sweet are wise beyond your years..what a blessing you are to your husband and to your BIL.

Make room to grieve him as I am sure you have been doing for some time now.
I will keep you in my prayers.

joyfuljude said...

Dear sweet Tae..

Sending you big hugs. God bless..


Iffat said...

I am so sorry to hear that Tae.

I am very sorry for your lose.

He must be in a good place.

-- Iffat

librarymom said...

Tae- I know you have suffered a loss, but what a blessing you were to one another. Keeping you in my prayers.


adventure grrl said...


I just want to reach through the computer and give you a big virtual hug. I really feel your pain and think your courage has been so amazing.

I lost my cousin just two years ago and it was gut wrenching. But I've found a lot of support here and also through writing about it.

xo and thinking of you and your family.

goony said...


I am so so sorry for the pain you and your family are in right now. You are a blessing to everyone around you. You know we are all praying for you and your husband. I'm sending hugs and prayers to you tonight.


granola said...

So very sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts & prayers.

scnewme said...


You and your loved ones will heal together - especially knowing your love and strength were such comfort to Dave. My sincere condolences, you are in my prayers.

xo Sherry

Becky B - Colorado said...

I need help for a student of mine (kindergarten - only 5 years old) whose father was just diagnosed with lung cancer. I'm not sure what kind/form, etc. All I know is that it sounds very, very bad. Apparently he was given 4-7 months, max and he is only about 40 years old. What can I do to support/encourage/help this dear family???

patricia said...

my heart goes out to you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Rebecca said...

Tae, I'm with you girl. You are not alone. Thanks for sharing. You're in my heart.

Whole_Body_Healer said...

Ahh, I messed up & posted this originally in the wrong place, so here it is again!

Hi there. I saw a commercial on TV tonite that epitamized the post that started this discussion thread..had to share it....

Diet Coke Plus -> Diet Coke with VITAMINS & MINERALS!!

Is that a joke or what?! It's only one of the most acidic every day (for some) drinks around. How could any vitamins & minerals even survive in it?!

Whole_Body_Healer said...


I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I am sending mega heart energy your way, & wishing for you the grace & love showered upon you, to hold you tenderly & guide you thru this passage.


Dr.Sue said...

I'm sorry to hear of your brother-in-law's passing. What a magnificent gift you each gave to one another. Everyone should be as blessed as Dave was, having you & your husband standing by him, not leaving him alone. Many people don't have anyone who is willing to endure all that it takes to stay steadfast until the end, God bless you, your husband, and Dave. May peace be with all of you now.

Elizabeth M. said...

Tae - I'm so sorry for your loss. your BIL was lucky to have you, and you him. I will hold you in my heart and prayers as you grieve. Blessings...

goony said...

becky b,

My son is in 3rd grade, and earlier this year, one of his classmate's father died. The teacher sent home a letter and asked for donations to be sent in so that one of the mother's from the class could make a quilt (one of those knot quilts). So much money was sent in that it covered the cost of the material for the quilt and then the rest was used to buy a gift card for our local grocery store.


davilasfe said...

An article/interview of interest:

Michael Pollan Debunks Food Myths

debbiedoesraw said...

Becky B
First thing, run to the bookstore and get the family a copy of crazysexy cancer tips. Perhaps the donations could go to buying a good juicer and high speed blender so they can go more raw. Even if it does not "cure" him he will have improved quality of life and it may give the family hope for their future.
Also get them "The Anatomy of Hope" by Jerome will helps so much.
Hope that helps...keep focused on support of their health and peace of mind.

goony said...

Hey Gang,

My FIL has asked me to go with him to his oncologist appointment tomarrow. It is for a consultation regarding starting up the chemo again. The last couple of days have been really tough. Last night I had to witness his last will and testimate. It was a very uncomfortable sickening feeling to be planning his death. His oncologist scheduled him for more chemo without him even consenting to it. I'm very nervous about going with him because while it seems out of everyone in the family I have done the most research, and I don't know if that is true, it just seems like I'm the only one speaking up about alternative treatments, I can be a real flake when I'm nervous! My brother and sisters-in-law are all very supportive and loving. I don't mean to sound smug. But even they joked last night that I'm the "medical person" We all agree that chemo is not the answer for him. It didn't work the first time, and now he supposedly only has 6 months left, so why would we do it again, and possibly, probably, ruin the last 6 months of his life?! I want him to try other things like ozone, nutrition, intravenious vitamin C, intravenious nutritional therapy, juicing, IPT therapy.......Anything that will stimulate his immune system. I just read this morning that chemotherapy is only 2% effective in treating late-stage cancers. I know that his oncologist doesn't support these complementory treatments. He has confiscated the vitamins that my FIL had at the nursing home. He has been told not to eat many vegetables, but lots of fruit. How can I effectively , intelligently, articulate my doubts and fear of traditional chemo and argue that supporting and strengthening his immune system is crucial to him fighting cancer?! I need to make a list of questions and statements or clinical studies to support my argument. If anyone has any ammunition for me to use tomarrow, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm not good under pressure, and I feel like I've done all this talking and now I have to back it up. What if I'm wrong! I don't want to be responsible for hurting any chance my FIL has in fighting this. I'm panicking.


LYB said...

thanks for sharing yourself with us and I am sincerely sorry for your loss. I can only imagine what you are going through. You are strong and loving and that will help you and those around you. Be true to yourself, let yourself grieve and hold onto us and those around you that love you.

Dee, thank you for your encouraging words. I know that I have to be okay with my inner self and be healthy from that direction. It is just so difficult when I work so hard to be so healthy on a cellular level with no real visable results. In addition to my doctor at the Dana Farber, I am seeing a fabulous doctor who is medically trained as a western doctor, but all about integrative medicine, Asian medicine, organic, all raw foods, etc, etc. I do feel like I have the best of both worlds as I live in this beautifully small town an have this doctor at my finger tips, but also the Dana Farber. My local doctor is really treating my whole body and in ways that agrees with all we are trying to do here. It is so refreshing to have that and I do feel so lucky to have him. I have an appointment with him on Monday for full blood-work up, a 24hour urine scope and he is going to investigate my blood under a microscope. If anyone is in the Ct/NY area he is really worth a visit. Let me know and I can help you get in touch.

Heres to green juices....I am off to make mine!

Sabrina said...

AHHH. I am kicking myself for not opening a page of the book yet!!! I love the passage you quoted from the true! And I don't think you sound negative in the sound 100% honest & truthfully, that's what we need -- the brutal, honest truth. We need to be the one's micromanaging what goes in our bodies -- not the industries that are pushing loads of crap at us. I'll be diving into this book soon & jumping on the bandwagon with discussion. Keep spreading the news about green superfoods!!!

Also, I have a quick question about my Breville Compact Juicer --> I had planned on using the Elite but the one I got was the compact. Can I use this juicer to make green drinks? Or is it too fast/powerful to get a good yield of more fragile greens (lettuce, spinach...etc)??

Robert Scholl said...

If you're into juicing (I drink 11 fresh juices a day) check out the Norwalk Juicer created by Norman Walker. Huge % of living enzymes in every juice! Check it out:

And if it ain't organic, I shudder to think what it has in it. Painfully true...

debbiedoesraw said...

I am so sorry that the world seems to be on your shoulders right now...just know that we all have your back, bolstering you through this journey.

I guess my only advice would be to get your "team" on your side, be polite and politely, refuse the chemo for your FIL and calmly take him to the alt. dr, chinese medicine place or wherever your gut tells you to go. His Onc cannot force him to do chemo, but especially for older folks, dr=god and your FIL may be afraid to and your team may have to help him. Trying the educate the doc now would probably just waste your precious time.

I feel your pain...please make sure to make some Goony time too...
love and prayers for a good appt

Basic Me said...

Oh how sorry I am that your Brother In Law passed aways. It is so sad. I know you will be fine. But I know how much you are hurting. I think it is so true what Kris explained dying like. One room after another until you get to the VIP room. I know he is at peace. It is both a horrid day and a blessed one when the suffering ends. When Dave began to talk last week and open up he began opening the door that allowed him to move on. I am praying fo much for you and your family. Please keep in mind that your family has been thru an enormous event and it will take time to heal but joy is waiting on the otherside of the pain and so is the joyful and fully restored Dave. I will keep you all in my prayers. Much love and My deepest sympathies. Callie and Duncan

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Tae - All I can say is that I love you.

New post later or tomorrow gang. Promise! xo

Basic Me said...

Jenn I am calling you at noon. I have marked off time. I hope you are home. Listen you have a lot of questions about the dr. Listen it is not my bus. but before you let the dr. run the show. have this first interview with him and take a yellow legal pad with all the questions. After you get what should be done for him medically out of the way the interview him on the whole juicing and suplements idea.. Bring some research you are paying to be thee. Be non confrontational and then tell him to give you and FIL a day to think about if he is the man for you. Make a few questions on that list that are important like, who will show up when FIL isin crisis, how open and communicative will the relationship be. Tell him what kind of relationship you are wanting from your oncologist. Most onco. Are very sensitive.. So just see if he fits. He is not the only guy in the bucket you know. Let them know you want to be a patner in this process and not just be told how and when. Just talk. But if you have 100 questions it is ok..write them out and go. If it is not the dr. you need find another. It will all work out. Donn't be scared about wills and things.. everyone should do that even if you haven't got cancer. I also think I am addind a little freaky voodoo into my world doing that paper work each year. Knocking on wood all the time. But it is the normal course of things and FIL is very ill. So he is thinking about you and the rest of his family alot right now. I am glad you found a dr. It will go well. Relax precious one. Ok. Talk to you soon. Hugs callie

Basic Me said...

Well Debbie is right about trying to educate the dr. now. Just take your time. If you feel chemo is right fine.. If you dont just say no. Depends on how your FIL wants to spend the next six months. He should talk to the dr. about that for sure. The Dr. should certainly understand. Dr.s are trained to save life at all cost preserve it no matter what. Sometimes it is better to begin to let go and enjoy life. You decide and keep in the back of your mind if you get that staph down and you get his quality of life up and his immune system up he may not live longer but he may live better. Just dont fill like this is your only option. Both are important if this chemo can save his life.. fine.. I would ask.. point blank.. if not.. then you know. Keep fighting chickadee. Love ya. Callie

Tae said...


Maybe it is time to nudge your FIL to get a second, third and/or fourth opinion on his best options. There are so many paths he could walk regards to his treatment, he has to decide what treatment option speaks to him. If chemo is not what he wants and his doctor keeps pushing him towards it...time to find a new doctor.

Need ammo for your visit tomorrow? Bring Kris, Callie, and the countless other stories of success through alternative treatments with you. You have to listen to your gut and encourage your FIL to have a little heart to heart with his gut.

Good luck! We're here!


Tae said...

everyone and all

I love you all so much...thank you guys for the support and warm words.

One day at a time!

Iffat said...

lyb -- Laura,

Can you please give me info of that great western doctor you know. I am in NJ area and have been looking for a doctor like that for a long time and spent quite alot of money on really lousy ones.
I and my family would really appreciate if you could share his info. We have quite a bit of health issues in our family especially severe food allergies.

Thank you very much

love and blessings

LYB said...

The doctor is Dr. Brad Harding in Kent, Connecticut.(860) 927-1855. His practice is called Progressive Medicine and he is FABULOUS, the real deal! I have known him for years. Where in New Jersey do you live? I used to live in Bergen County. Check him out and let me know if you have any questions etc.

-green cheers!

Iffat said...

Hi Laura,

Thank you very much for giving me Doc's info. I will make an appointment with him. I used to live in Clifton, NJ. Now we are in central NJ (North Brunswick).

Does this Doc check the blood under microscope like Dr. Young in San Diego, CA?

Thanks again.
Love and blessings

She8 said...

Becky B,
I think you are most of the way there because your heart is obviously in the right place! My son was in pre-school and kindergarten when his dad was diagnosed and then went through a year of treatment. And we had just moved across the country to a brand new area just six months earlier! The best things for him and all of us included the kindness that these "strangers" showed us, the PTA organized meals to be brought to the house, people asked how the kids and I were doing. Most importantly, my kids were loved and even though they knew everything that was going on, everyone also tried to keep things as normal as possible for them. The only thing I didn't appreciate was that my son's kindergarten teacher held back concerns about his reading progress because she thought I had "enough on my plate". No no no no no... Gently keep your student on track and talk to the parents about how he/she is doing in class, emotionally and educationally. That family is lucky to have you in their lives...

Basic Me said...

Jennifer I absolutely loved talking to you today.. Girl do you have an accent... HAHAHHAAHHAHA I am looking forward to hearing that the visit to the dr. went well and all is great. I think Tae has a point... time to take control but he has no worries with you helping him along. Just remember you can only love him into joy and peace and that is healing.

Good luck tomorrow.

Tae I have you and hubby in my prayers constantly.. now come healing and peace there too.. I hope you know we love you.

Clint I re-read eat love pray and you have got to read it and read about Richard from Texas it is you.. besides you would just love the lessons.. although you probley know them .

Well someone let me know if the forum is up and how it looks love you guys, callie

Kristi said...

I was wondering ..did you change the post? I thought I had read that your oncologist said 'you were dangerous' somewhere.
I don't think your dangerous but what is dangerous is anyone claiming that you can cure cancer with organic greens.
Chemo is not fun. I'm a young bc survivor and did six months of the stuff.
If my diet in the past has had a hand in my cancer diagnoses..i just don't think that starting to eat all organic now is going to be a miracle cure.
I know many girls with metastatic breast cancer who died no matter how much greens they ate..
Maybe, just maybe if you ate whatever you wanted you would still be here and be stable?
I think you are taking your disease seriously and making changes, and doing what you think is right but you going organic and you not progressing don't exactly mean one caused the other.
There are so many variables.
So maybe what the dr meant was that the message can be dangerous to those who need chemo and to those that chemo has showed to help prevent a recurrence.
just my thoughts..
Kristi Collins

clint said...


Ok... you must be doing some some powerful manifesting miss Callie. Just today, I talked to a friend of mine that I lent a book to a few weeks back, and she out of the blue had offered to let me borrow the 'Eat, Love, Pray' book. Your scarrrrrring me ! ;-)

Guess I'm supposed to read it.


I hope your hanging in there, and breathing thru the difficult parts...

Big hug to you my dear !


Sundari said...

Wow, the support and love in this blog is AMAZING. I just wanted to mention the book: The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. It is a great companion to In Defense of Food. It is packed with information on the relationship between diet and disease. Campbell has a similar perspective to Pollan, but Campbell has hands on experience with the research leading to the findings that are talked about in this community. The China Study has helped me answer questions about diet and nutrition that I hadn't yet been able to figure out.

ps-Did anyone else see the video filmed by the humane society that triggered the beef recall? If that doesn't make someone want to be a vegetarian, I don't know what will. If you decide to check it out, please know that it is VERY disturbing. Hopefully it will open the eyes of Americans that are unaware of the reality of animal treatment in the meat industry.

SolShine7 said...

Amen to that! I have a friend who moved to Europe and she says it's better over there.

Hopefully the next president will make some reforms in food processing policies. Banning high frutose corn syrup would be a good start.