Monday, February 4, 2008

Book club!

Good morning and GO GIANTS!!!!!

Quote for the week: All serious daring starts from within....

There is so much to blog and brain dump about! I'll try to jump in and chat daily but if I shorten your great conversations then just roll them over to the next post. Before I share some of my good news, let's all get on the same page about the book club. Shall we chat n' chew about our books on the weekends? Seems like we all have more time when the Saturdays and Sundays roll around. This week we'll have a few guests and one or two from yours truly. I'll be on the road again this weekend, another speaking gig, this time in Charleston, South Carolina at the new Jivamukti yoga studio (formerly Satsang). Please come by if you are around!

If ya like the idea to gather for the book club over the weekend then I ask that we hold the conversation till that time so that we're not all over the place.

How many chapters should we cover? Do you think that 1-2 a week will work in your schedule?

Have a delicious Monday full of vibrance and flowing (unpolluted) rivers,

PS. Congrats to healthy bright Becky and high five to Glenda (our little green solider bringing the juice to the front lines).
PSS. The Crazy Sexy Hubby aka Brian will be joining us for the book club and a guest post. A lurker right in my own home!Thankfully he is ready to come out of the closet. :)


Jamie said...

Just wanted to leave a quick comment to thank you guys for the encouragment re: my comment in the previous post. Breaking up sucks :| and I think we all know that. Each situation and each person is different. Today has been harder than I thought - I went home for the weekend and came back yesterday for the first time to a completely empty house as the ex finished moving out on Saturday. Even though we hadn't slept in the same bed for a while, I still always knew he was in the other room. I'm trying really hard to motivate myself to get back to my regular activities. My back has healed up mostly and I think I should be good to go physically if I take things easy, so I'm hoping to head back to my martial arts class tonight. I think I'm going to try a yoga class tomorrow night! My first time.

So again, thanks for the encouragment. I'm slowly going to get back on that healthy lifestyle path...

Becky said...

Hang in there. PHysical activity is always what helps me and keep the radio on alot. I am a nerd and like NPR, but the voices sooth me.

Can you get a cat? I can't remember now if you have a pet....I have a rabbit in my studio and that always makes me smile!

Yoga, martial arts, go for it!

Dianne said...

It’s official – my position has been eliminated and I am now unemployed. Yesterday I sent in my application to become a volunteer at the Washington Animal Rescue League (as well as five resumes to IT type jobs).

Today the volunteer manager called to let me know there were some openings for today’s orientation.

This is the orientation video. If you are interested in the next generation of shelters, this is it.

They also work with other shelters in a 13 state area, taking in animals that may need more TLC or medical care than they can get where they are.

They took in over 100 dogs from the puppy mill seizure last year, and they have all found homes. They currently have puppies of the dogs from the puppy mill. I noticed a lot of them all ready have adoptions pending. In the cat area, I didn’t see anything that looked like a Bengal, but I did see a gorgeous silvery tabby cat. I noted that a lot of the cat condos were empty and I asked and they are empty because they are empty!

While you are on Youtube, you will see a series of videos on WARL’s trips to help post Katrina. The Executive Director Scotlund Haisley has now been hired by HSUS to be their head of disaster

Recovery. As I suspected, administratively things are a mess there so I will probably be helping in the office of the volunteer manager and others.

But isn’t this better than going in every morning and being zapped to kill my breast cancer? I have six treatments left!

Love to all, Dianne

I will post this on my blog as well.

scnewme said...

Good morning Kris and everyone (and Brian too, since we now know you're lurking, lolol!),

Weekend chatting for the book club works great for me, and a couple of chapters sounds good too. Kris, I agree its a bit easier to find some peaceful moments during the weekend!

There sure has been so much going on lately in the blog...I'm keeping a notebook handy to keep up and get some of these incredible links I'm afraid to miss. Clint, thank you again for sharing your unending wealth of knowledge for those behind in the learning curve! I've been looking for something to help the bone pain I've been blessed with as a result of chemo, so I'm upping my turmeric and researching MSM...can't wait for your guest spot and the pic ;)

I do have a question to put out to everyone... Almost six months ago, I got the good news from the docs and immediately asked to get my port-a-cath removed. I was told not yet, had to wait at least six months. Soooo, now that I've had time to think (and think and think) and I'm coming up on six months in March (prayers please be answered)...if the option is given to me, I'm just wondering if I should slice my body open to expose it (and mess with my cell regeneration) to have the surgery at all? Do I mess with good mojo or just leave it alone? Anyone's experience and/or thoughts would be most appreciated. My family and friends don't seem to understand my anxiety, so maybe someone hear can share?

Much love and thanks,

xoxo Sherry

P.S. Love the quote, Kris...I'm an addict for those (even save the Yogi tea sayings in a dish for some instant inspiration)

holistic chick said...

Weekends and a couple of chapters sound great. I'm excited to be part of a community with the same interests! See you Friday! Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

A couple chapters a week and a discussion on the weekends sounds great. I'm picking up the book tonight!

Does anyone have a recommendation for a supplement that may help with morning grogginess and overall energy? I've made some great changes over the past six months-juicing, vegetarianism, yoga, plus I've cut out alcohol and caffeine, but I still have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, even after eight hours of sleep. I don't take supplements and I am overwhelmed by the choices. Suggestions?


MoreJoy said...

Sundari.....I'm not a morning person either, but my naturopath turned me on to Rhodiola Rosea. I take one or two caps (400 mg) in the morning and am good to go. I notice a huge difference when I forget to take them.

Good luck.

Cheryl said...

Hi Kris and everyone,

Kris, you had mentioned a few posts ago coming to Kripalu in Lenox MA. Any new info on that? I was there 2 years ago and loved it.


I just got back from my oncologist's office. I'm done with treatment (woo hoo) and we talked about future scanning, etc. I also have a port and would LOVE to have it out. It has moved around a bit and everytime it was accessed, it was a bit more difficult. I was advised to leave it in for a bit more so we can use it for CAT scans. He said it was up to me whether to remove it or not next month. My only hesitation is if I need future treatment I might have to have it reinserted.
If yours is in and is not bothering you, I'd leave it in. They can be left in as long as they're flushed every month to six weeks.
Good luck!


Cheryl said...

P.S. I love the idea of a book club; I have ordered the book and hope to get it soon. It is a GREAT idea to have specific days/times to discuss the book(s). Thanks Kris!


heather said...

A few chapters this weekend sounds great to me. Look forward to picking up the book over lunch today.

Jamie, I do martial arts as well, though I've been remiss and away from it this last year. I want to reorient my life to make time to start practicing again. Our dojo offers yoga as well, and it was invaluable to me when I was practicing. Will be sending good energy for your class tonight.

Look forward to talking with you all over the weekend about the book! Safe travels, Kris.


abbymaya said...

Jamie and Dianne, sending extra good thoughts your way!

The bookclub sounds awesome (I just ordered mine, it should be here soon)and the weekend will be a perfect time for some sneaking away from cleaning the house, laundry, etc. :)

Dee said...

Kris! Ordered the new book on Amazon last night. I got VERY excited about it and told pretty much almost everyone I know in which I got a reply 'but it doesn't come out for awhile, right?'. They just don't get it. It'll be like Christmas in June.

Yay! I've already read 'In Defense Of Food' but would love to re-read it all over again, it's pretty great. Michael Pollan in general is pretty amazing.

I agree with everyone else, I think a couple of chapters a week and chats on the weekend would be a good idea, any more than a couple and not everybody will be able to take part in it and that just won't be as much fun.

Jamie- Good luck with your first time of yoga class! I love it and highly recommend it. Physical activity in general is VERY important to healing, your body heals something like seven or eight times faster with exercise. Whether it's yoga, martial arts, pilates, or dancing to a Michael Jackson CD, as long as you get your body moving you'll not only feel better, you'll also be helping your body to GET better. Plus, the whole mind, body, spirit connection helps loads.

Sherry- The Yogi Tea 'quotes' always make me smile. The 'breathe deep' kind is one of my favorites, it keeps and helps keep my chest clear of all the junk.

leenda said...

Hi Dee! I'm excited for you!I went to Borders yesterday and got some books.The Raw Food Detox Diet,Detoxification and Healing,In Defense of Food,A New Earth
The Pocket Dalai Lama.I don't want to kicked out of the Kool Kid Club,but I don't know the name of Kris's new book and I went to Amazon to no avail..sigh.Would you mind sharing some info?Thanks in advance.
Kris,I'm good to go on the chapters and weekends,I look forward to it.I'm not as agile? as I used to be(mentally)felling a little
ADD,but will try to keeo up.Chemo did a number on my brain cells,but just like anything else i must be patient with the return of cells.
Hi everyone!!!Hope y'all are having a good day.

Dee said...

Hi Leenda!!Chemo brain is the worse! I have to admit, I've been there, hell I have my moments almost every day. It's all foggy and I get frustrated because I KNOW that I know what I'm trying to say/do/reason/argue/whatever and when I go to find it/locate it, my brain just farts out on me.

Hmm, that's weird you couldn't find it on amazon, I have linked it for you here. Thats where you can pre-order it for it's June 2008 release. I was surprised it was up there already! I was on the site purchasing The Raw Food Detox Diet, CSC Tips and Man's Search for Meaning for a friend of mine who is going through a bit of a rough spot with her treatment and those three books are like my life savers. They always inspire me, educate me, enlighten me, move me, and just...entertain me (the last bit being more CSC Tips then the other two).

The title of the book is Crazy Sexy Cancer Companion: Inspirations and Reflections for the Ride. Kris posted an entry a bit ago (I believe) with a little excerpt from it, I have no doubt it'll be amazing.

If you're unaware of how the pre-order shebang works on Amazon just shoot me a note or let me know and I'd be more than happy to let you know. It's pretty simple. :)

Barbara said...

You should come speak in Georgia. Can't wait to hear the good news.

Obsessedwithlife said...

It all sounds good to me! I'm open for whatever!

Lauren said...

The book club sounds great and weekends are definitely best. I will try my best to keep up although it may be hard since I've got a bunch of school stuff to read. Even if I don't read at the same pace as you guys I'll still enjoy reading what you all have to say about it.

Jaime, I'm sorry about your breakup. I haven't been able to quite keep up with the convos here so I'm so sorry you're going through a rough time.
Good luck with everything and definitely do the yoga class.

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey gang
The book is on hold.. read about my somewhat interrupted journey to the library at my site!

much love to all

debbiedoesraw said...

Ok I mean that I am first in line when the book comes in..not that I am on hold to read it !!
duh...on me!

leenda said...

Hi Dee,thank you for the info,I'll check in a bit.I was looking in March/April releases.Seems like I remember March 4th release.But then again I couldn't remember my OB/Gyn appt,knew it was in Feb,thought the 8th,so I called,it's the 26th...sooooo close.grrrr.And Kris posting it here,sure,but like I would remember!I'm laughing so hard right now,feels good.
What a good friend to get your friend such a great carepackage.For sh*ts & giggles,and good info..Cancervixen.It was my first book.Found it while flipping through a magazine in the onc office(1st visit)It did wonders for me.Thanks!

Dee said...

Leenda (or do you prefer Linda or what? lol)- I didn't even think to check the release section of it. I stumbled upon it while I was doing the gift box for my friend, I searched 'Crazy Sexy Cancer' and it popped up and then I squealed like a little kid. Really, there was hand clapping and everything involved! The June 08 release date is just what Amazon says, sometimes its changed, I'm sure Kris would know better then we would!

Deb- I actually got what you meant the first time! LOL. But glad you cleared it up in case anybody else was confused.

Jamie said...

Thanks AGAIN for all the encouragment. I shouldn't stay away from here for so long :)

Becky - I do have a cat! His name is Leo and he's got a nasty cold right now :)

Dianne, I'm sorry about your job. I hope that everything works out the way it should. I know for me it's hard to believe this right now but ... when one door closes another opens up (and sometimes more than one!) :)

Heather - which martial arts do you do? I am taking Wing Chun Kung Fu. I have to say I'm not great at it but I do like it :)

Lauren - I find it hard to keep up with everything, especially when I'm away for a while! Hopefully I'll have time to start "blog hopping" and catching up on all the blogs I usually read soon!

Everyone else - thanks for the positive thoughts and I hope ALL of you have a great day!

Jenny said...

Happy Monday Everyone!!! I have the book & would love to cover 1-2 chapters per week and then discuss it here over the weekend. I am at the very end of Home to Holly Springs which I am reading w/ a church group. Then I need to start Oprah's selection A New Earth as well as In Defense of Food...whew!

I got good news at my onc. today...I recently finished chemo for a recurrence...will continue herceptin for 1 yr. & zomeda for life (a long, long, long time!) My onc. showed me a graph of my cancer markers before, during & after the chemo & they took a nose dive! He's very happy w/ the results & I'll be going for PET/CT scan this week. I was on cloud 9!!
Then I made the mistake of sharing my good news w/ a nurse- Cynthia. She said "Yeah, we don't hang our hats on markers. We get lots of false positives and negatives and sometimes people have a recurrence & they don't show it." She couldn't just say "That's great."? Then I had to remind myself for the hour drive home that it wasn't just 1 marker result it was a continuous graph showing them steadily going down!!! Faux pas!

Dee said...

Jenny that's great! Keep your head up girl! And YES MAJOR FAUX PAS. I've been having quite a few CFP's (Cancer Faux Pas)happening around me lately, and instead of really getting offended and I often find myself stopping and just breathing in thinking 'did that person HONESTLY just think it was okay to say that?'. I mean, I'm all for freedom of speech don't get me wrong, it's more...a lack of...well, thinking before speaking. It's more disrespectful then offensive, at least I take it that way. BUT! You got great news and I hope you just keep your head up, keep your mind, body, spirit all aligned on the fantastic road of positivity and keep us posted!

capi's wiffle said...

scnewme, My dr's wanted me to wait 1 year after chemo before removing my port. I really did not like having it al all. The dr who put it in out it very low (so in a reg. t-shirt you can see the scar) so it was placed close to my breast) I have never seen anyone that had one this low. So after patiently waiting a year, and having it flushed every month, I had it removed. The scar I whave is worse than the first one, and the new doc. did a "scar revision". But with time it no longer looks like a large hickey. THANK GOODNESS.
I understand wanting to keep it maybe "just in case" but honestly once mine was remove I felt like it was all actually over. The chapter ended. It was one less thing I had to worry about. I was able to concentrate on getting over on.
What ever decision you make will be the right one for you. Think positive!!!!

My last PET scan is tomorrow, get the results on wed. I let you all now if i am "cured"

scnewme said...

Cheryl - congrats to you girl, you did it!! I'm still undecided obviously, but thanks for sharing!

Dee - I've also become a huge fan of, every single morning the Universe sends ME a very cool, personal about a great positive way to start the day - love it!!

Leenda...try not to get frustrated with yourself, you're not alone with those damn chemo effects, slowly but surely it really does get better. Keep your mind and body active, makes the world of difference.

xo Sherry

leenda said...

Dee,so cute..hand clapping.Funny I was going to tell you I don't care which on Linda or Leenda,I like both.My dad named me Linda,but pronounced it "Leenda"(spanish thing)so either one,it's all good.

treegal said...

Hi all,
The book club sounds great. Am going to get my book tomorrow and can't wait to get started. A couple of chapters a week sounds good to me.
Healthy blessings to all.

leenda said...

Sherry,thanks for the words of encouragement.I know everything you say is true.I was barely finished with chemo last year, and working(mental/physical).I'm offically back to work,but almost seems worse.Again,being patient,it will come in it's good time.I was @lunch w/ some girls from chemo,we are all on Hereptin and getting ready to finish.We all complained of some of the same things,but highlighted the memory.(paranoid?lol)I rember important stuff,like spelling,lol.sigh lol it's usually good for a laugh.
Linda aka Leenda
Leenda aka Linda
couldn't resist

Anne said...

I'm in for In Defense of Food. Already read it, but very quickly. Would love to dissect it with you all.

I need a kick in the ass. Doing pretty good diet-wise--lots of raw and juicing--but I need to get moving and get living. I dunno what's wrong with me. All I can manage to do is read or surf the net all day when I'm not working. I'm bored with my job, bored with life at home, bored with hubby, just generally feeling uninspired and trapped in indecision and fear of commitment (to any project or cause). It's hard to explain.

Anybody got any great books for a 45-year-old woman who feels the need for some new inspiration and a reason to get involved in something?

Dee said...

Leenda/Linda/LLWHATEVER!- I lol'd at your 'sign off'. LOVE IT!

Anne- Anytime I am feeling like that, the best thing to do, is just get up and do it. Get a great yoga DVD or just strap on some tennis shoes and take a walk outside, once you do you'll feel a million times better. The few times when I don't have anything going on, I want nothing more than to snuggle up on my couch with my dogs and my Tivo and just waste the time away, but I find that when (even when I REALLY don't want to- heck especially when I REALLY don't want to) I force myself to just do it, to stop making excuses and being lazy and just DO IT that I feel a million times better. Sure I sometimes hate myself for the first five or ten minutes going 'I could be watching Dr.Carter right now!' <-- ER for those unaware, I have a soft spot for Noah Wyle, but then I just feel SO much better.

As far as feeling uninspired, and wanting reading material, I recommend Viktor Frankls 'Man's Search For Meaning'. I recommend that to EVERYBODY because it really is just, powerful, moving, and so incredibly inspiring. It's one of my all time favorite books, my copy is SO beat up! 'Eat, Pray, Love' is also really great and I'm currently involved in a torrid affair with 'The History of Last Nights Dream'. He came to speak at the Havard Book Store and I went after class to listen and meet him and it was just, incredible.

Okay, this comment is long enough already! I hope something I said is a tiny bit of help at all. :) I'm quite the book nerd so I'd be happy to suggest more titles if you've already read those.

Bonnie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bonnie said...

Hi KC,

I am super-excited about the book club! Count me in! I like the idea of book clubbing it on the weekends, and I think 1-2 chapters a week will work. Can't wait to book club it!


MoreJoy said...

I am ready to start the book and look forward to the weekend chats. I just finished The Hundred Year Lie (fabulous book) and was impressed with the authors "detoxification journey" at Hippocrates Health Institute. His results were amazing. I would love, love, love to visit HHI but can't do three weeks. I understand that anyone can go for ONE week and was wondering if anyone here has done so.....

In the meantime, I will continue to be inspired by the Raw Food Detox Diet and continue to transition into this lifestyle. It's hard when hubby, kids and friends think that I've joined a cult.

I love the support that this group has for one another and I learn something new every day from reading your posts.

Annalin said...

Hey everyone! Haven't been around in a little while. Just catching up on everything everyone is saying =)

Jenny said...

Thanks Dee...I realize that my nurse's insensitive (disrespectful) comment says more about her condition than mine. I am working on keeping what my doctor said (all positive) in my mind instead of the negative stuff I got from the nurse. Thanks for the support!!!

Also...I'd love to take an informal survey....who has read Eat Pray Love, and what did you think of it? I remember that Kris mentioned she was reading it. I have it & read to the end of Italy. I wasn't crazy about it & a few other women I spoke w/ shared my opinion. What does everyone think? Should I give it another chance (after In Defense of Food, of course) and keep reading?

Anne...I haven't read it yet, but Oprah's new selection is A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle. You can register to be part of a 10 week course w/ Oprah & the author at her website. It will be every Monday night starting I think the beginning of March....but she just announced the selection a couple of days ago. You can check it out at,, or any book site or real (lol) book store. I'm going to give it a try.

Just finished Home to Holly Springs I'll get on to A New Earth & In Defense of Food. Too bad I read all these great books & have no memory!
Wow, now that I'm not "lurking" it sure is easy to end up w/ a looong post!
Don't forget laughter therapy! My therapist lent me a Loretta LaRoche DVD that is a recording of a lecture she gave on PBS called The Joy of Stress. I loved it! Simple stuff but true. Always good to be able to laugh at ourselves...& she suggests techniques to de-stress. I try to enjoy humor and a good, deep belly laugh at least once a day. What makes everyone else laugh???
Wishing everyone inspiration & laughter! xoxoxo

joyfuljude said...

Week-end book chat is a GREAT idea. Count me in.

Good thoughts and prayers to all of you waiting results.


debbiedoesraw said...

Hi Anne
I hear many books have lit my fire!
I would have to say The China Study made food crystal clear for me, for mental help read the Simontens Getting Well Again. For sheer entertainment read Water for good. Anything by John Robbins.. like diet for a new america. The power of now by Ekart Tolle. For meditation Body mind balancing by Osho.. with the cd. The Cancer Battle Plan source book.
For Raw Foods: Ani Phyos raw food kitchen, Rawvolution, Ph Miracle.

Hope that helps..I have more if you need them.

Dee said...

I wasn't a huge fan of Water for Elephants, but then again, it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to books. I thought it was good, don't get me wrong, but it didn't have me saying 'WOW'.

'Eat, Pray, Love' was the same reaction. I thought it was good, I saw how so many women could relate, I got that, I really did, but it wasn't anything groundbreaking to me. I always recommend it because sometimes it'll spark something in somebody, and now I feel like I'm sounding like some dead spark plug or something! But really, it is good it just isn't, it doesn't have that 'WOW' factor to it. Very few books/movies/music/whatever do for me.

I've been told it takes a lot to impress me, I blame it on my career and my parents. But mostly, on myself I suppose. Besides, there's nothing wrong with being picky!

Jenny- You're very welcome. And you're completely right, it's very much a reflection of where she is and who she is more than anything and hopefully that can make the bitter slide down a bit easier no? As far as a quick pick me up, nothing amuses me more than my dogs in a pinch, hell anytime. They're so ridiculous and have SUCH big personalities, total characters! They are always doing something just, so hilarious. Every day when I come home, or just need a break, I play with them for at least fifteen minutes and suddenly everything is right in the world. This is also true for Jon Stewart, or Conan...I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke Show, Will and Grace, Friends and Scrubs also work. Something light hearted that even if I'm not watching completely, I can have on in the background as I flip through the mail, or get ready to do more homework (seriously guys, grad school is killer!). It just makes me chuckle and smile.

WOW I am all about the long comments today sheesh.

Cravin' Veggies said...

I just checked my library's web-site and I am also #1 on the hold list for the book. Can't wait to read it!!


summer said...

Kris, I just saw your story for the first time on Oprah. You are courageous, cheeky! and full of life. The one thing that got me the most was not that you had cancer, that might seem strange, but it was the infectious presence for life you have. It just oozed out of you, you could see it in your eyes.... You hit home with me, you made me listen, not to the cancer part of your life, but the living part. I am 36 years old and have not been living to the fullest, I have been thinking ahead, instead of living in the moment like you said. Today is the day that you have made me want to change that. You made me realise that it doesnt matter what is happening in my life, it is my reaction and attitude to that. Thank you Kris, I am going to visit your site regularly.... You go girl!!! Desiree

Annalin said...

On behalf of someone who is in a nursing program and wants to go into onco. I apologize on her behalf for her insensitive ways. I have had warm, motherly nurses and cold, bitchy ones. It takes a warm person to be an onco. nurse and sometimes I wonder why certain people go into a field & knock hope out of those who need it most! Shame on her. And good for you for remembering to stay have good results, enjoy it! <3

scnewme said...

Capi's wiffle - I'm sorry you had a difficult time with the placement and scarring...think of it more like a badge of courage and honor!

Not trying to keep it "just in case" or for "future use and abuse"...I just have this idea that surgery can change a person's make-up....too long to detail here.

Good luck with your scan tomorrow...thoughts and prayers abound here...check back with your news!

Christine said...

Very excited about this book! I am going to the library tomorrow to try and borrow it, if not, I'll buy it! I can definitely do 1-2 chpts per week.
Looking for some feedback regarding genetic testing. I'm in remission for breast cancer and going for my first genetic counseling appt on Wed. What do they do? Anyone have any thoughts on this subject? I'm doing 50% raw, juicing, and always trying to do better! Just moved into a house with my husband on Saturday, so very busy around here!

Bueller said...

Totally excited. Sounds great to me!

Basic Me said...

I am thrilled to no end about the book club. I am going to say I would love to talk about say two chapters each weekend. By the way Duncan is a huge lurker .. I wake to questions.. how is so and so.. what is kris and debbie up too. Have you heard from bav so we are signing him up and making it offical.

Kris good luck on your engagement in S.C. that is one of my favorite places on earth.

Now guys mary mhc called me. Isn't that wonderful. I was so thrilled bless her heart she actually could decode this accent of mine into something that sounds like english. She is really going through it guys.. and like the trooper she is she is not mentioning it ... tomorrow her surgery is at 2 check in aty 11 should be over around 5 sso I will call and see how she is and report back. Pray hard for her. She and her entire family are having one of those horrid cllusters where each sister is a breast cancer surviivor. So there are always fears. I hope you know Mary that I am sending you tons of love nd hugs Concentrateonly on the fgood load your ipod and when you wake up you will be on your way to being healthy weathly and wise xoxoxoxoxoxox CALLIE

Christine said...

Mary you and thinking of you! Praying for your health and wealth.

Bueller said...

I also wrote about you and the book club on my blog

All the best

Mrs said...

The Oprah show with you just aired in the UK. I think you radiate health, wealth and love in the truest sense.

Am going to spread the word here - and not just to those friends with cancer.

Will catch up with your blog properly.

With love from the UK.

Mrs Lard xxxx

jahowie said...

I'm a survivor, and I found you on Dee's blog. Your blog is amazing. I wish that I would have had a community like this to share my thoughts and feelings with when I was going through it. Keep up the good work.

goony said...

Callie -

You are the caretaker of the world! I can't wait till I get to hear your sweet voice. What kind of accent do you have? I'll be praying for mhc. I know she was so nervous this week.

Kris, I have the first book for the book club on hold at my library!!! I wish I could go buy it, but I think I'm bankrupting my family with all the money I've been spending on produce.

I have a question about Aloe Vera Juice. Can you tell me what kind you use? I've been having some trouble in the garbage removal department, and thought it would help. Which brings me to my second question. What in god's name can I do to kill the candida in my body. I'm always on the verge of a yeast infection. If I wasn't taking a probiotic, I'd probably have one right now. My craving for sugar is just beyond intense. And I'd also like to share that my diet has been so good, even through the holidays, but I lost it for the Super Bowl. I don't even want to tell you what I ate, but there were leftovers, so I ate shitty for the last 2 days and payed for it dearly. The first night I had major gas pains, and yesterday I just felt like I was hit by a truck, but the craving for the food kept me eating more. Not today, I'm taking back my power! I think it was good to see just how terrible that kind of eating really makes you feel. I wouldn't have known it if I hadn't cleaned up my act a few months ago, thanks to you. But seriously, what can I do to slay the candida monster that is living inside me?


Jody Brouwers said...

Fab idea. I just picked it up. So far I love it.
1-2 chapters a week works for me. :)

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi all
Had my first colonic last night and met an amazing woman with healing connections...I am experiencing the fruits of my journey to health...she turned me on to this incredible wheat grass powder from Asia...roots and stems, grown in pure oxygen,people it rocks..the whole family is excited about it..taste is fantastic!

I will post more info on my blog:

If your gut is not working Colonics are a good way to feel better...I am officially hooked and let me tell you I was not into this before I tried it.. at all!
Good thoughts and prayers to Mary and everyone getting scans etc.

Sandra Joseph said...

Hey, Y'all- (that was for you, Miss Callie)

Jennifer, (goony) I'm guessing our Basic Missions goddess has a bit of a southern drawl. She lives in Mobile, Alabama. It's funny you menitoned it, Callie, because I've often wondered about your accent. I may have to call you myself soon just to hear your sweet voice. I am so glad Mary took you up on your offer. I know that your kindness must have been incredibly helpful and healing for her, as it is for us all.
Mary, sending prayers and positivity to you and your whole family. Breathe and take it moment by moment.
Anne, you might want to check out Marianne Williamson's new book "The Age of Miracles; Embracing the New Midlife." I confess I have not read it yet myself, but it's on my list. I am down with you on the boredom/depression thing. I have wasted far too many hours in front of the screen, computer or tv. Sometimes, I think we need to be gentle with ourselves and give in for a bit. But there are times when we need to require more of ourselves and get up and out. I find that talking to someone about my blues/blahs can really help. I love the suggestion of Loretta La Roche tapes. She is fabulously funny. Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. And a good Oprah show always inspires. Today, (Tues) Dr. Oz is talking about nutrition and tomorrow is all about the law of attraction. So, if you're going to spend an idle hour, at least watch something that might give you a spiritual boost, right?

I bought the books for my two fave book clubs yesterday, In Defense of Food and A New Earth. Looking forward to the weekend discussion, Kris! And can't wait to hear from your CS Hubs. Knock 'em in the aisles in the Carolinas. BTW, any new report from Dr. Beth aka Bav? Been thinking about her a lot.

Much love to all y'all-


Sabrina said...

I'm excited about the book club!!! I'm even more excited that I already have the book and don't have to go buy t ^.~

I am currently sitting on Landis Green, a gorgeous lawn in the center of my university campus, drinking my daily starbucks & reading Eat Pray Love. (I LOVE how Elizabeth Gilbert amazing.) I've given this gift as a book more times than I can remember and I finally have a week free of exams to enjoy it!!

I can't wait to discuss our readings over the weekend!!!

P.S. - My juicer should be shipped soon and I am VERY excited to begin juicing with all you fabulous folk!

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi all
Here is the info on the wheat grass powder and why it is different..from the INS bioscience website.

The only wheatgrass product in the world with its ROOT nutrition
• By using Biotechnology, even the roots of INS Wheatgrass are edible, rendering a truly health supplement even
to its core.

• INS Wheatgrass is cultivated in a sterile environment utilizing indoor organic aeroponic cultivation (IOAC) technology, thus ensuring precious nutrition in INS Wheatgrass are entirely retained in a dry-powderish condition.
Nutrients Hidden within the ROOT of Wheatgrass

• The ROOT of wheatgrass is rich in nutrients, amino acid, enzymes and active ingredients.

• Both wheatgrass leave and root contain many types of nutrients, which co-exist in synergistic proportion to form a balance and whole nutrition.

• The combination of wheatgrass leave and root facilitates the absorption of nutrients.

• Visit any fresh fruit bar and you'd find only wheatgrass leaves are squashed while the roots are left behind. Meaning, you only get half of what you deserve.

• INS Wheatgrass Powder gives you the most complete wheatgrass nutrition, so that you enjoy 100% of wheatgrass goodness.

And it tastes great...what a concept! Deb.

goony said...


I love a southern drawl. Just makes you feel all warm and welcome.


Have you heard of Dr. Whiting, and the products he sells at
Phoenix nutritionals? Specificaly the Liquid Daily Oxygen Aloe? I'm not promoting or anything, I just want to know if this stuff is legit. He says you need to kill candida by flooding your body with oxygen, that the candida diets only surpress the sypmtoms. Well if anyone knows anything, I'd welcome the feedback. I'm really having a time with yeast and sugar cravings and seem to have all the candida symptoms.


Shelsi said...

Hi Kris! I'm not sure if you read all your comments but I wanted to leave one anyway. I am a fellow cancer survivor. I am reading your book right now and am about half way through. Many great tips! Thank you! I was diagnosed at age 24 in January of 2007. I have a stem cell transplant coming up and hopefully that will put an end to all this cancer business. I would love for you to check out my blog or website if you have a chance. & I will keep in touch!

Lauren said...

Hello everyone!
Wish me luck cuz I have a job interview Friday!! It's a very very part-time position as a child life assistant at Mount Sinai hosp. It's working with children in hospitals and it would be perfect for me since I'm working toward my masters to become a child life specialist.
The thing is that my teacher announced the position in class, so a bunch of my fabulous friends will be interviewing. They are all probably much better than me in interviews :( and probably have more experience.
I swear I try to be positive, but I think my true nature is negative and I just try to fight against it! Boo to Debby Downers!!

Hope everyone is doing well!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Cool book club! This should be fun! I gotta go get that book. Also can't wait to see Brian's post :)

Oh, and goony mentioned candida, I'd also love to hear your thoughts & what you know about candida, and how to get rid of it...maybe at some point when you get time you can do a post about that. I think alot of people suffer from that, and don't even realize it. I think I have some of the candida symptoms- I got massive sugar (like candy sweets etc) & carb cravings, acne, foggy brain lol, and bad fatigue (tho I feel like alot of times I have chronic fatigue syndrome- or I wonder if any of it has something to do with the fact that I was sick with mono for a year when I was a teenager, and that year the docs gave me antibiotics every month for a year until finally they tested me...supposedly mono goes away etc. but sometimes I wonder if I got lingering affects of it in my body-since technically mono is from the epstein bar virus)
I have heard that Grapefruit Seed Extract, oregano oil, acidophilus, garlic,colloidal silver etc. kills candida off...Theres so much info floating around, I'm not sure what works and doesn't work. speaking of acne, I have also heard that brewers yeast gets rid of acne, I'm not sure if that would just fuel candida? your thoughts on brewers yeast?

Also anyone else here got any info or input on any of these issues?

Tae said...

I think all of it sounds great! I will go buy the book tomorrow (so I may be a bit behind the rest of you cowfolks).

Love you all.

By the way, Hubby-Ken and I are doing good. We have taken a few days to ourselves and are encouraging other family members to do the same. I think the family is at peace and Dave is getting there.

just t said...

Tae- glad to see you post, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family always ! peace- tina

Tae said... are facing this break up with an incredibly healthy perspective. You seems very strong. Oh, and embrace the yoga. It does a mind, body and spirit good.

Dianne...oh man! Animals in shelter or on the streets break my heart! Thats how my cat got his home, by giving me those "I'm so lonely" eyes. I think he knew exactly what he was doing! Congrats on volunteering for such a worthy and fulfilling cause.

Tina....thank you for the thoughts and prayers. I feel the love from this blog raising my up daily. I swear, I know when one of you is thinking of me, as I feel warm, snuggly feelings randomly through the day. I haven't posted in a while, as I have been a bit of a lurker. I know, shame on me. I just want to be able to have something to say about something other then JUST my situation. We are a community of strength and wisdom. One of us should run for office I nominate Kris!

Would you believe I have yet to see the CSC film? How ashamed am I?! Just fell in love with you, Kris, on Oprah and then even more so through your book. I'm so so so looking forward to buying and finally WATCHING CSC on dvd in march. I'm almost counting the days.

Mariely1881 said...

Hello everyone, it's been a while since i have been on this webiste. I always read and watch the action from behind the schenes. My nameis Mariely, I am 27 years old, and I was diagnosed with stage 3 primary peritoneal carcinoma. I had 6 rounds of carboplation and taxol, and in November my oncologist put me in remission. On Friday I had laproscopic surgery that revealed that I had new growth on my fallopian tube. There goes my remission party. At this point my case is being heard by a tumor board, and my oncologist states that there is nothing that she can do at her cancer center, therefore they are transfering my case to the Dana Farber Institute. They are going to treat my tumor to contain rather than cure. I have never felt so alone or scared in my entire life. My body and mind are still numb from all of the cancer comotion that has taken over my life again. Any help or encouraging word would be genuinly appreciated.

Trying to Just Breath...

debbiedoesraw said...

Know that you in the right place and in good hands like Kris's.
Try to keep your focus on you as a whole, not you as a tumor...sounds strange but reframing it as an attempt at whole person health and maximum immune function is what keeps me away from the cliff of panic and fear.

You are in my prayers
Expect a Miracle

Christine said...

I will be thinking of you everyday. I'm 23, so I can relate to being young and sharing a cancer diagnosis as well. You can count on me for anything! Please know we're all here for you. BE WELL!

librarymom said...

Jamie- hugs to you and you'll make it through the break-up, you are strong!

Dianne- congrats on your rescue aspirations. Two years ago we purchased a dog, the first for our family. A year ago we decided Potter, our pup, had too much energy for all of us combined, so we searched rescue organizations for a companion for him. We were able to find a perfect match. As I type I have two fluffy little toy poodle and toy poodle mix doggies running and chasing one another. Go rescues!

Anne- I feel like you do some days, like I need a kick in the butt. For me, I am beginning to realize that it might be becuase all of my life I have been an over-achiever, type A personality. I was not doing enough unless I was working two jobs, getting straight As in college, and homeschooling my children without any help from family or friends. Since my diagnosis a year ago, I decided that it is really okay to slow down, and to consider my own needs. I am still not good at it, but at least the thought is there for me to pay attention to. I think I may be burned out, finally, after 35 years of stress and hard work. I am working on honoring that. It's tough. Maybe there is something going on with you that you need to explore? Or maybe not, maybe it's just the time of year, the hormones, or whatever. In any case, go easy on yourself!

Joy- I SO want to do a week at Hippocrates or anywhere, really, but am buried under medical bills, mortgage, school tuition, etc. So, I always have to live vicariously!

Eat, Love, Pray. Awesome. Read it a year ago as a pre-pub (I am a librarian so I had access to it earlier than most). I could read that book everyday! It spoke to following one's dreams and respecting one's desires enough to follow them. A lesson for me, to be sure. I love the discussion about all the great books out there. I've read 'em all, and am always so excited to learn and share.

Mariely- please know you are not alone! Many of us have had to face a very scary diagnosis and/or recurrence, and we are here for you. It's great you can ask for what you need, keep it up. Let us know how you are progressing and my thoughts are with you as you face decisions and treatment.


clint said...


It's OK to be afraid . . . I can totally relate, as can others on here can. Your not alone

In fact, it's encouraged to embrace the Fear, and chew on it a while. If you can, let it ALL out . . . I mean it . . . . when the time is right for you, get on the floor and cry your eyes out howling out as loud as you can, and let all that Stress, Anger and Fear out of you... release that it's not keeping you Tight inside.... so healing can begin.

Just NEVER give up, cause there are solutions out there that you just haven't been introduced to yet.

Heck, you discovered Kris and THIS site didn't you ? ;-)

Never stop breathing. . . .



scnewme said...

Mariely, your emotions must be all over the place...and rightfully so. No one wants their world turned upside down, especially when you feel that it was just righted (not sure if that's a word). Feel everything you are feeling at this moment, I second Clint's angry, cry, scream, whatever it takes to get it all out.

Go meet with your new team at Dana Farber...find your hope, dig deep and search for your inspiration. It may not come tomorrow or the next day, but hope is there....and in the meantime, we are all here to support you in whatever way you need. Deb says it better than I do...expect a miracle, we all deserve that.

Librarymom - welcome back and thanks for checking in!

Shelsi - please keep us posted with the transplant...

xoxo Sherry

Obsessedwithlife said...

I just wanted to say, as one of the 'quiet ones' that you all inspire me. Little by little, I try new things to eat and drink and have enjoyed them all! I've been working out more and other things too :).

A couple of questions-how does one go about trying to find a good person to do colonics? Also, where do you get coconut milk?



Anne said...


Oh, yes, breathe. And juice. And let out all those scared feelings. I don't know--I just couldn't read and not post. I do know that you're in the right place. There are some WISE people here.

For all you juicing wise folks, I need an immune-boosting juice recipe, QUICK. My two daughters have both had colds and now I feel one coming on. Would love to head it off with a big dose of alkalinity. Any magic potions?

Thank you all for the book suggestions and the kind words about my doldrums. I know in my heart that I just need to get busy with some life-affirming, productive, happy-making project. I've just gotta figure out what it is.

Thinking of Mary/mhc tonight, sending prayers for a peaceful day tomorrow.

Basic Me said...

Well Sandra Jospeh darlin' I nevea' hahahah !!! would ya rekcon' I do nota hava an accenta.. ha. Lord Poor Mary.. Trying to dechiper me.. God Bless her..From English speaking california.

Well.. update. I spoke to MCH tonight and all looks good!!! Her prelimary slides are good so we will know in five days if the she is absolutely cancer free but I am sure it will stay that way God Willing .Hurrah... I am keeping her on that short list until the end results thought. She said she was in a lot of pain from the surgery and I am sure she was. YUK! But praie be all went well.

Mairly I have tons to say to you. But it will have to wait until tomorrow. Duncan had a big seizure today and to tell you the truth after the stress of the week I am surprised it took so long. No worries.. he is feeling much better he just milked this one and needed a bit of spoiling after the week of taking care of me. So I am going to make sure he is falls asleep while I am reading the last harry potter book again! And rests well. Last seizure it was Pride and Prejudice again. Oh that is one fun book to read outloud. ;) SO love and hugs to you all. I cannot wait for a long talk tomorrow. Happy dreams. And love to you all. Callie

Basic Me said...

My Sweet Mariely 1881-
Ok honey bun.. First you are not alone. Ever. It is terrifying and unnerving. But you are not different then you were the day before the remission repeal. Now when I read your post I was just stunned and scared. I sure know how you feel just like so many of us do here. I was really scared this week. I wanted no more cures.. no lung surgery and no more dad gum chemo.. so we get it. The other thing that I had to turn this laptop back on and tell you is you do have control and that is the thing that cancer seems to take from us. Lets go slow and work on this.. ok.. your dr. cannot take care of this .. well that can be a good thing. Dana Farber is the best of the best, that means you will get the type of care that will cause you to live longer, better and happier than ever before. Sometime change in care is just what you need to regroup and come back to win this game. So we are at the starting line and you have a hell of a team. new docs. the best.. and control of the tumor.. Amen.. control is control. Sometime that is the most any of us can hope for and if we have control well then we just may choose to kill those little cells once we get the upper hand. So you know all the scarey stuff. SO now you get to learn all the hope and arm yourself with all the knowledge and information to turn this little wagon around and make a difference. Never count yourself out of this equation. You have so much to do with the quality of life. Life really is what we make it. If each day we wake up as the General in Charge of our lives then we eat well, excersize and arm ourselves with knowledge and health and that is the good stuff. Now.. lets just say you take a minute and go thru all the things in the playbook that could go wrong.. now how could you make those things better. If everytime the emt's had come here wanting to put Duncan on a vent he would not have walked a mile yesterday. He knew that he was going to make a difference in his health or I was going to kill him. ha.. He was just not going to accept this ALS laying down. He has run the gamot of being paralyzed from the neck down to today. The Picture of controlled health and he is the first one of us to ask for his green smoothie in the morning. over the past five years. I have had bone cancer 27 inch tumor in thigh, cervical cancer, lung and lymph. And it just kept on coming. When I heard Kris speak about taking a crumb of information and making a cake out of it and becoming a healing junkie I thought. hey I can do that. I can regain some control and I plowed ahead with my life. I was not about to hit the pause button and wait to be sicker. I have a mission to run and things to do.. So fill your heart honey with joy.. you have a life to lead.. A life filled with abundance and joy and love and friends and maybe now and again cancer.. but you can find its place and then control and leave it begin tonight. Tonight you are here with us.. breathing and loving and living... dont give cancer a minute of that..Laugh at a movie, cry at one, make love, jump for joy, turn your stero up as load as you can and dance you booty off.. it is mardi gras... have a pillow fight and tickle fight. Wake up your dog or cat and get some cuddles you get the idea. Hell wake you neighbor. Call a real freind, Then sleep and enjoy the sleep. Tomorrow will come and dr. visit will come then go back to life. You know so many of my friends have died while I had cancer.. life is absurd.. So make it your life. Find what give you strength and peace and dig in. Mine your soul.. and above all things.. know .. just know.. you are so loved.. and never alone. Pick that phone up my number is all over this blog.. I am listening and so are SJ and clint and Debbie and Kris and MCH and becky, we are all holding you in our hearts and prayers.. Need something ask for it.. make everyday your day. I am sending you the biggest hug and love I can imagine. Be at peace settle this and move on.. remission is just that something that comes and goes... It will come again. Give it time. Blessings my friend. Callie

Dr.Sue said...

Jennifer (Goony),
I'm not sure about Aloe Vera for Candida, but it may be worth a try.
Alot of people have Candida. Something like 96% of all sinus infections are due to fungal infections. Have you been on antibiotics recently? Even if not recently, past antibiotics, birth control pills & steroids are the big 3 that deplete good bacteria, causing the overgrowth of candida. You seem like you do the right things. Eating raw, taking pro-biotics, trying to eat little or no (easier said than done) sugar (including fruits), yeast, processed foods or cooked foods,
Some other signs of Candida are worsening symptoms when it's humid, sensitivities to perfumes, allergies.
Hope this helps.

Good to here from you. Also nice to hear you've stayed healthy in spite of ill family members & stress from the new job. That is a powerful feeling.

Mary MCH,
Thinking of you and praying for you. Keep that wonderful sense of humor up. You're a strong woman.

So glad you called Mary. I'm sure it meant a tremendous amount to her.

Great news about your markers. Listen to your Doc. He sounds pleased. Sometimes people aren't encouraging because they don't want you to be "too up". I've heard that before. I disagree with that line of thinking. When you need some extra positive thoughts, check in. I think it's fantastic news!!!
Have a good evening all,

Dee said...

RACH! I am QUEEN of the coconuts, seriously, it's fitting yes? I thrive on coconut water (O.N.E. is my favorite, you can order it by the case and they deliver within two business days of processing, seriously, I have two cases coming on the 7th. I heart them), as for coconut milk, I get mine at Whole Foods (but I use it sparingly) same with coconut oil.

Mariely- Breathe in slowly to the count of four, hold for the count of four, breathe out slowly to the count of four. Repeat as necessary. You're not alone, nor will you ever be, we're all here for you 24/7 love.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi gang! New post in an hour or so an exciting and wonderful guest....

Mariely- Honey, welcome. Many of us are in the same boat. Dana farber is a GREAT place, you should absolutely be there . They are my hospital and I would never go anywhere else. It's OK love. Managing a chronic disease is difficult at first - check out the "make it go away" blog, but over time life will become normal and TERRIFIC again. better tahn before, you just wait and see. Let it out girrrrl, you are in shock and rightly so. We were all there at some point. Once you're back on your feet you'll be able to make a personal game plan.

Remember, just because they say it won't go away doesn't mean they are right. Lots of folks on this blog are making miracles happen. BUT what is a miracle? Is it magic from God? OR is it the results of a common sense approach to living? Hmmm. You probably know what I think. We're here for you. This is the most loving community on the internet and it's all yours dear one...

debbiedoesraw said...

Prayers to is he? You have both been working so hard on your health...I hope this is just a blip on the screen as it were.


debbiedoesraw said...

Anne Try this for cold busting.. you can even warm it up if needed. Hope you have an omega or other good juicer...
1 whole lemon, peel and all...please all organic!
1-2 cukes, no peel unless they are thin ones
2 celery stalks
1 " chunk of ginger
1 small fuji apple

It is like a ginger lemonade..very soothing. Hope they get better soon!

goony said...


Oh, you might be down right now, but you are certainly not out. I can't say I know exactly what you are feeling, but I know one thing. SCREAM! Yes, into a pillow maybe so your neighbors don't think you are being attacked, but scream. Cry. I have trouble crying, but if I watch a sad movie then it all comes out. Meditate. Journal.
And most of all lean on this group because you won't find a more supportive group of people anywhere. I'm praying for you to find your power and kick cancers ASS! It can be done.

Tae -

I'm glad to hear you are taking time for yourself. You are very wise and strong. I really admire you.

Dr. Sue -

Well a couple of years ago I was on antibiotics for 3 months. I had a very bad sinus infection. Me and my oldest son both suffer with allergies and sinus infections. I just bought a neti pot the other day, so I'm going to see if that helps us. But the candida, UHG! I swear I should buy stock in monistat. And sugar is like crack to me, I just can't wait to get my next hit.

Kris -

How sweet that your forum will be up on your canserversary. I'm so excited! Will there be a place for favorite links? I'm always excited when someone gives me one.

Well I can't say I'll be joining the book club just yet. I am BROKE! And I just found out I'm number 63 in line at the library for the book. WTF! Maybe the next one. But I have a stack of books by my bed, and I'm still trying to get through Kris' recommendations so it's all good.


Heather said...

Hello everyone. I've been hiding in the shadows reading and thought it was time to say hello. Kris, thank you so much for sharing all you have, you are such an inspiration. While I have never had cancer I do suffer from a host of many other health obsticles and have a family history of cancer on both sides and both my mother and grandmother have/had MS. Needless to say, why wait and see if I too develop one of these? I wanted to ask for some advice on getting started with raw diets and juicing. Is there a good book I could start out with? Someplace I read where Kris said she grew up on spam and tongue sandwiches? That made me laugh so hard I almost cried. I grew up in a family where we ate similar nasty things so eating healthy isn't going to come easy! I already have an Omega juicer and more wheatgrass I can shake a stick at (I grow it for our local juicebar) but before I started growing it for them I didn't even know what it was! So I drink WG juice almost daily but that's it.
Heather Dawn

Obsessedwithlife said...

Mariely1881- I was in a very similiar situation about 5 1/2 years ago! I had no treatment options left (it was my 3rd time with a type of spinal cord tumor-I'd done chemo, rad, surgeries, extensive stem cell transplant) and I just had to keep living my life fully-by being healthy and doing whatever I could to stay alive!

Stop by my blog if you want to chat more :).

Sending prayers and hugs!


Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks Ms. Dee, Queen of Coconuts :).


Jangle Pete said...

Thanks for the pix - very nice to see you every now and again- Brian looks to be just starting the book... Me too...

Heard you on NPR - yay! You're a star! again... Hugs - TH

Mariely1881 said...

Hello everyone…
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all of your Positive words of encouragement. I really needed that. It is so easy to fall into a deep hole when dealing with this. I can now proudly announce that I had my first crying fest today in my office, at work. I can’t really do it at home because I have not told my children yet of my relapse. Hearing all of your stories and motivation was exactly what I needed. After getting through it all, I have decided that I am going to change my diet beginning today. This will be very brand new to me, but I feel that this is where I should begin. I can only hope that I will soon find my own inner voice that will guide me through this. I think right now it has a sore throat, but it is trying to get better, thanks to all of you. I feel safe in knowing that I am not alone. For such a long time every time I walked into the cancer center, I always stuck out like a sore thumb because of my age, ( I am 27, and was diagnosed when I was 26) and now being part of this liberating community it is so comforting to know that my age does not matter. I feel so welcomed. I have not really felt like anyone knew what I have been going through, and now I do. Clint, Callie and Kris, even though we have not met, I cant even begin to tell you how wonderful your spirits are, and what a positive influence you guys have been the past hours. This is all so new and hard. I never looked at my disease as ongoing, and now I have to face the reality that it is. Callie, you are an exceptional mom, I admire your strength, thanks for sharing it with me. Tomorrow is “Board Room Day”; this is when my case goes up for review with the tumor board at Hartford Hospital and the Dana Farber Institute. I am trying not to let this consume my week, trying to stay busy at work and at school. A close friend gave me a deck of healing cards, and every morning, the first thing that I do when I wake up is pick a card, and I try to incorporate it in my day. I wanted to share the card that was my turn for today:

“Life is a circle from childhood to childhood. Childhood to childhood means a spiral of new beginnings. Relationships begin anew every day. Give your attention today to a renewing a relationship, initiating another spiral of life into a life that you share with someone or a group of people”

This was meant for the network of wonderful “sisters” that I have gained today.

Still Breathing,

PS… Any good beginners juicing ideas. After work I am going to go purchase a juicer.

clint said...

Hey Mariely:

Am glad your taking the 'Bull by the Horns' and being PRO-ACTIVE with all this, and not letting fear rule your life.

You have a lot of strong supporters in your corner, and Callie and Kris are just a few.

Keep us posted about the results of the Board Review.


. . . and don't forget, you not only have sisters as a support ... but also Brothers! ;-)


Dr.Sue said...

Jennifer (Goony),
I just learned about the neti pot a few months ago. I don't have sinus issues, but I think it makes good sense. I've read that people who use it cut down on their sickness a lot.
I know what you mean about sugar. It is like crack (I'm guessing!)
If I can go 3 days without sugar,then I can go a pretty long while BUT I've now been having some kind of sugar daily for probably 10 days, & that is not good. I kind of try to justify it by saying it's 70 or 85% dark choc.but it's still sugar! I'm going to start my sugar fast & see how long it'll last.
Let me know if things change if you go on a "no sugar plan".

Dee said...

I don't use a Neti Pot but I swear by the NeilMed Sinus Rinse kit, it's seriously my savior. When I'm religious about using it, I have zero problems what so ever (and let me tell you, my sinuses and I, fight like crazy).

britanie said...

oooh I am SO excited about your book club, Kris!!!! This is amazing. I cannot wait to get this book, I will be getting it this weekend and I think that a few chapters every weekend is perfect.

RachelRae said...

Wow, i have missed so much, not sure how, but I'm catching up.

There are sooo many awesome conference call services out there. They give you a bridge line & an access code. All you gotta do is call in & type in the code and we'd be set to go for a CSC conference call!

debbiedoesraw said...

RR What a fantastic Idea.. csc conference call.. I bet we would all try to talk at once!!
Let's make it happen.. Kris??