Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Today Show tomorrow!

Hi posse,

Just a quickie to let you know that I will be back on The Today Show tomorrow at around 7:40 AM. Why? The DVD comes out March 4th! I'll blog more about this next week. The DVD is wicked cool and includes over an hour of new footage including an amazing 25-minute yoga routine for canSer peeps led and designed by award-winning instructor, Rodney Yee. Plus deleted scenes, extended interviews from the original film, new how-to material like basic meditation skills, juicing and health tips as well as simple detox methods. Add it to your library if ya like, or send to someone who needs a little inspiration.

The DVD will be available nationwide in stores and online. You can also purchase it on my website, We'll be selling DVD's as well as signed books. If you'd like a personal note, you got it. All the proceeds from the sales will go towards maintaining the site and our new FORUM. Thanks gang!

So if you're up and sippin tea (or whatever else, I won't tell), check it out. No worries if you want to sleep in, you've heard my rap a zillion times. Lol! I was thinking that maybe we could come up with a funny signal to let you know that I'm saying HI FAMILY. Since I only have 3 minutes I need to stick with my talking point. Darn, I'd rather chat about YOU. What should I do? Rub my eye? Place my hair behind my ear? Fake sneeze? I will not pull a Britney (flashing bits and pieces) so don't even think about it. Sheesh.

Tomorrow is also Brian's birthday too. The crazy sexy hubby turns 42 years young. We're going museum bopping after the show. Soaking in some art for the soul. I hope you have time to do something fun tomorrow. Make the time loves.

Peace and media manners,


PS. Check your local listings, perhaps the show is on later in your area. :) Hope so.


goony said...

Yay!!!!! I still haven't seen the documentary so I'm counting the minutes till I can get my hands on it! Another Birthday in the Family!!! Tell Brian I said Pisces Rule and Happy Birthday. I hope it is the best birthday ever. Now for the signal. Don't rub your eye unless you are wearing smudgeproof mascara! LOL. I love the fake sneeze. I'll be peeing my pants laughing!


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Brian!

Just point to your heart! Casually raise your right hand and brush your pointy finger across your chest like you have a little itch to scratch. (And you do have a BIG itch to scratch. That's why you're going on the Today Show!) Wipe your finger across your heart and we'll know we're in there!

I went straight here this morning because I wanted to revise something about my post yesterday re: my MIL's diet. I just wanted to say that it has not been a walk in the park. Like she just gave up bread and coffee and martinis and everything is great. It's been a real struggle. Her weight dropped precipitously. A lot of it was due to her change in diet, but her cancer made her lose her appetite big time and have a terrible time eating (gagging, nausea, etc). It was awful. So there have been times when she said she wanted a McFish sandwich or an ice cream sundae. We jumped for joy and headed straight to the nearest dairy queen.

Anyway, I just wanted to disclose that and be honest about the difficulties of changing your diet. And sometimes you have to use your common sense about what's best for an individual.

Can't wait to see the DVD, Kris. Really. I can't WAIT! I love Rodney Yee. His skin is like a baby's bum all over his body. Makes me want to touch my tv!


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Goony! I was jokin' - I would pee myself too if I attempted that one.

Rebecca - The rodney comment may have to be forwarded to him...You made me snot.

PS. Please continue any conversations from the last post! I always feel so weird just cutting you all off.

scnewme said...

Kris - that's fantastic news!!! I missed the documentary too so I'll be scooping up some copies for me and some lovely csc girls I've recently met. Would love to snag a signed copy of the book unless you're planning another tour soon?!? Wow, The Today Show...and a little signal ala Carol Burnett pulling on her earlobe but Kris Carr style - you do rock!!

As we're eagerly awaiting the birth of the forum baby, I've been wondering if we could have a spot like a "thumbs up/thumbs down" for natural products like makeup, toothpaste, laundry soap, deodorant, etc. They do get expensive and it bums me out when I try something new only to be disappointed by its performance (I cannot seem to find a natural deodorant that lasts all day, eww I know). Just a very late suggestion...

See you tomorrow morning - happiest of bdays Brian...enjoy your day!

Goony - happy belated and keep on girl, can feel your strength and its awesome!

xo Sherry

LYB said...

Way cool! Thanks for sharing. I just set the DVR to record it. It will remain in my C-S library of your movie on Lifetime (which I won't delete until the DVD comes out) and your spot on Oprah. When the chips are down and I am reaching for the good-old bad food or just feeling sad about cancer and all that comes with it, I re-watch it all and it helps me get back to business. Thanks for that!

Happy Birthday Brian!

skyecat said...

Good Morning,

I'm not a constant blogger but a consistent lurker and it's all good!

Please Kris, do as Rebecca suggested and brush your pointer finger across your--heart as a shout out to your posse. Easier said than done with only 4 minutes... :-)

Happy birthday to Brian...I feel like I know you both so well.


goony said...


You probably already have your outfit already laid out, but maybe you could wear a certain color for your shout out.


jaymie said...

how about a little wink? ;)

lurky me said...

Oh, this is so cool! What about if you just did a quick peace sign over your heart, doubles as a "V" for veggies too, since we'll all be sipping our green bliss drinks at 7:40 tomorrow morning and toasting you! I can't wait!

Cravin' Veggies said...

YAY for you, Kris!! I cannot wait to watch tomorrow (DVR-ing it as soon as I get home from work...just in case!!) and I really cannot wait for the DVD!

Happy Birthday Brian!!

Peace and museum fun-ness,


cancer cowgirl xo said...

These are awesome suggestions! Goony - I don't have my outfit picked out yet, great idea. Green is a good color. Let me see what I got. Most everything is tight right now. Too much writing not enough yoga! oiy.

Glomerulife said...

hey Kris- good job and good luck

your voice and thoughts are going to be heard be even a bigger group of people so here is the question:

are you dangerous ?

I personally think your messages and ideas are not,if anything someone wanting to take full charge of their health is every health care professional's dream - however lately - reading the blog -i have some concerns on how you may be understood and what messages are

let me know if you are interested in hearing my thoughts and concerns

all the best now Kris &everyone

p.s. goony - hope the movie was great- will reply to your e-mail tomorrow night .

cancer cowgirl xo said...

PS. I just updated the post. Brian reminded me to mention that if you purchase the DVD or signed books through us, proceeds from the sales will go towards maintaining the site and our new FORUM. Thanks gang!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

glomerulife: Email me at info address. I know exactly what you mean.....

Tae said...

Yea for you being on the Today show! I will be up with the birds to watching you over my low-acid coffee (my vice that I can't rid)

Boo for me already pre-ordering you film off of amazon. I thought I was being all-ahead-of-the-game. I would have so bought it off of here so the $$$ could have gone where you wanted it to go. I have a feeling I know what all my friends and family will be getting for birthdays this year!

Kris...quick question. Do you ever do appearances at cancer benefits? Hubby and I are thinking about organizing a charity run in Dave's memory and hubby wanted to know if you speak at those sorts of things.

Basic Me said...

Hey love,
Congrads Pises they are the best... God bless them all especially if they marry virgos or taurus. HAppy Birthday Brian... Now duncan would tell you that being a husband with a weekend birthday would mean birthday weekend.. so breakfast in bed.. backrunb.. clicker control( dont watch to much though) You weekend to be spoiled pull in all the horror flicks and indie flicks and games you want to see... just ham it up being a csc hubby aint easy so milk it for all it is worth this is the kind of milk we can all have milk of love. SO I wish Brian the best of years.. I hope all your dreams come true and love and have more peace than you thought possible.

Kris... dont get freaked about all this we know you must feel wonderful and a little nervous each time you at least now you know you have all of us that if you did pee your pants of fall over we would all be loving you even more.. And you know we will all be up watching and sending you the vibes of joy and peace. Then enjoy tje day in the city.. boy this means an early communt for you.. go to bed early.. get plenty of green juice today and you will do a perfect job.. just dont think of anyone naked that trick never helps me it gives me the giggles and no blowing your water thru your nose when you giggle... wear those depends.. ahha Just kidding
I cannot wait to get the dvd through you and yes I will be all geeky and buy a new book if need be and send you my ratty on that has gotten me thru hell and back to you to write something in..funny how sentimential you get over things.. but that book is in my purse day and night. NOw it has my results in it and I show everyone sick: Look I am well today you must get on this lifestyle and read this book see here are my test.. hahha.. so the fee is ten percent. hahhahaah

well Susazanne Sugar Baker MOM and Cutue patotie Pops are coming by this morning for some green juice and organic mmuffins my dad is hooked. So better hustle up thier morning chimes in around nooon. I hope the sun is shining for you all and much love and many blessing to you both on the bday. Will be sending you love through the boob tube Love ya. Callie

Love to all Jenn it is no wonder all the loves of my life are virgos, pises or taurus...

Hello everyone and have a happy and beautiful saturday the storms have finally passes and the sun is out.. HUSKY are heading to the park PLAY DAY!!!!!! Hurrah. Duncan makes the best kites so we are off to pack our stuff after the family visit and go to the park. Peace love and sunshine to you all. Hug a husky to day or hopefully a new cockerspainel puppy. Callie

Becky said...

So does the air on Monday?

I like the heart idea....Just a little tap tap. That would be a hoot.

CAN'T WAIT for the DVD...

lozzarun said...

Hey! I think the peace sign over your heart is a great idea. Looking forward to the show

Can't wait for the DVD. I pre-ordered on Amazon too, but I'll try to cancel it and order through you.

Had my scan this week and I have a type of Lymphoma that's slow growing. Since I ditched my old habits.. my abdomen tumors have from 3 cm to under 1cm and most of the rest have too. It's only been 3 months. Yay!!!

The one in my neck that's noticeable is the only one that has grown a little. Guess I'll call it a fashion statement.

Cheers to green drinks and veges.

Happy birthday Brian! Go Pisces.


Becky B - Colorado said...

Yeah! Happy B-day youngster! I'm waking up my hubby and 3 teenagers to see you on the show girl...and my hubby is into juicing now!! He's even walking to Whole Foods to buy organic kale :-) I'm off to order the DVD & signed book - let's get that forum going gang!
Any signal works Kris, we know that you love us!

Sandra Joseph said...

Hi, Friends!

My sweet sis told me y'all were inquiring about my absence. Well, I am no Kris Carr (finishing book #2 in a so I have been hammering away daily on my book. Sorry I've been MIA. It takes me for-freaking-ever to write, so I've put myself on a bit of a blog diet so I can try to get more done.
I hate that I missed the pet post. My two 50 pound mutts are the loves of my life! I read through the comments and took notes so I can hook my babies up with better holistic health.
Kris, my Tivo is set for tomorrow and I cannot wait! When I was doing Phantom of the Opera, I used to "shout out" to my nephews during a particular moment in the show by scratching my nose. It's much easier to get away with that type of thing on a stage that's filled with dozens of other actors. When the tv camera is zoomed in on your face, it's a lot trickier. (Not to mention that you'll have to be thinking on your feet; I had a script and had done the show a bazillion times.) Still, if you could touch a necklace while you're talking or something subtle like that, we would all just pee ourselves!
Thank you for your sweet words about my writing a few blogs ago. I was so tickled.
Much love and concealor, (and a cup o' joe if you need it!)
p.s. Happy bday, Brian!

paulina said...

hi kris
i don't have cancer. yet. though the doc's threaten me my liver is the landing zone. i have hep c. and i am scared!!!! i am so grateful for you and i too can't wait to get the dvd. you have been a bright light in my world of doctors and hospitals and i don't know what to do next. there are 7 times more people with hep c than aids yet most of us are totally in the dark! hey kris, wanna make a new dvd on this one???
much love to you both.

joyfuljude said...

Happy Birthday Brian! May your day be full of happy surprises and as special as you and your dear sweet wife are!

Kris, where on here do we order your new book and dvd or will that info be in your new website?


Sandra Joseph said...

Wait a Tivo says Today starts at 9:00am. I'm confused. Help! I don't want to miss it or tape the wrong thing.

scnewme said...

Hmmm, after reading Sandra's last post (glad you popped in, too) I checked the DVR and my Today Show starts at 8:00 a.m. - "reunion of Newhart" listed as guests too??? Is this the right one?

Kris, I'm assuming its live tomorrow - please help us out!

Dianne said...

My sis said Today show starts later, too. Tomorrow is my ex from high school / college/ etc birthday too. He's one of the reasons I started reading about cancer after his mom died in 2006. I had no idea I'd be next, dx 9/26/2007. I'll be watching Kris since I missed you the first time around, before my cancer.

JANN said...

Blogger JANN said...

Hello everyone. I am Rebecca's mother-in-law who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 13 months ago. Rebecca has inspired me to join in this wonderful blog. Wow! What an amazing group of people you are! I've learned how important it is to surround oneself with loving friends/family and I can see how you all have done this for each other. I'm honored to be able to participate. As Rebecca told you, I was given 3-4 months to live and even the oncologist as well as the radiologist and family doc concurred. They all said that even chemo would not make a difference, so when I decided not to take it, no one tried to talk me into it. WELL...something shifted in me that day I was diagnosed. I was given the gift of hope.

I had lost faith in "hope" several years ago when my 19 year old daughter Shelby had died after a 5 year struggle with depression and anorexia. As we (she and I) fought hard against these afflictions, we never tired because we just knew that she emerge, finally, well and happy and ready to help others. We had big time hope. And tremendous faith in God. So, when she died, hope died too. And my faith was badly damaged.

I've experienced many blessings in the years since Shelby died, including 2 grandchildren, a great son-in-law Michael who married my daughter Lylen, and now the wonderful REBECCA (who you already know and love) who married my son Jason. But throughout these last years, is spite of all the joy, there was something wrong deep down inside me. I felt a deadness, a hopelessness, an inability to truly grieve for my daughter. I experienced way too much self doubt and blame and recrimination. I lost the ability to cry. But when I was given the "terminal" cancer diagnosis, the deadness immediately disappeared and I just KNEW THAT I WAS NOT GOING TO DIE.

I was lucky to know about naturopathic medicine cause my daughter was about to graduate as an ND in Oregon. Within days, I headed right to Portland to see Dr. Dickson Thom. He acknowledged the seriousness of my condition, but he was optimistic. He explained that we get cancer when 3 systems are compromised: the digestive system (including pancreas, liver, stomach, kidneys, colon, etc.); the immune system (including the lymphs); AND the emotional/mental system. His naturopathic protocol would address the digestive and immune systems. That is, his prescribed regimen would strenghten my body so that my body could heal itself. But he stated emphatically that I must deal with whatever emotional/mental/spiritual issues I was carrying if I hoped to get well.

This resonated with me. I knew that I had to finally deal with my personal "stuff". I knew another doctor in Oregon whose practice is based on the mind/body/spirit connection and he was willing to work me in. He utilizes NET: neuro emotional technique and kinesiology to find and identify blocks to healing. He found that I had what he called a "bitter root" which had progressed through the years from anger and unforgiveness to a deep embedded bitterness, the next stage of which is death. Carolyn Myss talks about this in her book, Anatomy of the Spirit. She says that our biography becomes our biology. I cannot emphasize enough the value of this work. My work with Dr. Kris Peterson (Hermiston OR) and my own spiritual journey back to faith and God is a key reason that I am doing so well and thriving 13 months after I was given a death sentence.

There are 3 factors that I credit for this miracle: The diet, the protocol that strengthened my immune system and the resolution of personal trauma accompanied by spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is very personal. Each of us has to find our own way here.

I did start chemo last June, six months after diagnosis. The naturopathic doc adjusted my protocol so that my body would be ready for the onslaught and I have tolerated it well. And the tumor has shown zero growth since then.

I'm not out of the woods yet. There is a still a big honkin' tumor on and in my pancreas. But it is just sitting there. There has been no metastasis. And the pancreas is still functioning normally. Pretty cool, huh? Thanks for giving me a place to tell my story.

February 23, 2008 3:06 PM

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Sheesh gang. I have no idea what time it will be, I guess check your local listings. Thanks Sandra and welcome back!!!!!!!! I know exactly what you mean about the blog world. Hard to be an actve part of it when you are writing. We'll know that from now on if you are mia that means you're creating. We'll slide you tea and snacks under the door so as not to disturb. Also, I love your idea. I think that the necklace is the way to go. Discreet and won't make me sweat.

strongerthanit said...

Jann - you are brave to come and share - thank you for the inspiration and honesty. Your children, children-in-law, and grandkids are fortunate to have you in their lives.

Kris and Brian - The Today Show AND Brian's B-day??? What a banner weekend!!! Can't wait to watch. Congratulations!

digital sage said...

Kris, I'm looking forward to seeing you (at some point) in the morning. I've missed all of your tv appearances so far. I like the heart idea like the others said here. Hopefully you won't be stuck in a close up shot if you do it though. ;-)

And say Happy Belly Button day to Brian!

(FYI - I love scnewme's idea for a section on the forum devoted to natural products. I'm moving to paraben free products, and I hate spending $$$ on stuff that doesn't work well.)

Obsessedwithlife said...

MRI results:

Well...the thoracic spine looked good but we are not sure how the right scapula area looks because the (idiotic) tech didn't do the scan right! She semi-blew me off yesterday when I told her she was doing it different than the other times. She told me-'You're thin so all your scans will fit on the spinal board'. Well apparently, lady, you were wrong!

The hospital has offered to do the second one for 'free'. Great. Not sure how that's going to work into the next couple weeks with midterms-the day of the MRIs make me feel pretty gross afterwards from the medicine they inject in me. My stomach and body are still achy 24+ hours later! (Plus it's pretty painful for me to lay in the positions that are needed for my scans.) GRR!

So, yeah...I'm a bit frustrated.

The other good news is that (my doctor is amazing, have I said that enough? ;)) we agreed to ween me off of the nerve meds-the tiredness and clouded feeling that have been giving me is definitely not worth the benefits at this point. So that will happen over the next couple of months-Yay! So, if the pains get worse again, I will up the doses of some of my other current medicine.

So good news and unknown news...


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Yeah Rach! Purdy thoracic spine, meds weening - go lil' mama, go! Sorry you had to deal with a saggy boob for a nurse. Totally sucks that you have to go back. For fuck's sake. Pardon my language. Are you going?

Drink lots of water and if you can go to a sauna or steam. Helps me move all the crap out. Also, cholerella helps too. xo K

debbiedoesraw said...

Cannot wait to see your mug on the tv set gal!
I am busy creating many raw treats for a party I am giving tonight...tune in for the results... some are my own creations!
love deb

Obsessedwithlife said...


Yeah, I'll go back but I'm thinking it'll be in a couple weeks now? Not sure-the MRI people are supposed to call to reschedule? Hasn't happened yet.

I've been drinking the water and actually started on FloraQ this week (it's like chlorella, right?)


goony said...

"for fuck's sake" Kris, that made me laugh. I never heard that one.

Jan, Welcome sunshine!!! Your story is amazing. It really put the idea of our emotional state and it's effect on our bodies, into a whole new light. I've been carrying a large suitcase of grief arround for 15 years. The wound is still so fresh. But I'm finally working through it. So here's to healing!

are you kidding me?! people like that just make me want to scream! there is too much incompetance in the medical field. Congrats on getting off some of your meds.

Callie, You know, it's weird. I'm a pisces, and every single one of my long term relationships, including my husband have been scorpios. I don't know what it is, they just do it for me!

FIL update. I just got back from the nursing home. CLINT, I gave him the DVD and we watched some of it together, but he's pretty tired, so he'll finish it up later. I just can't thank you enough for sending me that! My FIL says he feels like an old buick. Once one thing goes, the whole thing starts to fall apart. Today his "little man" is swollen. And he's been having blood in his urine, but of course the nurses didn't bother to check for infection, and now it's Saturday, and they can't send out the urine until Monday, so he's stuck with that new problem, and it's getting him down. He really needs a break. Every week it's something new. When I walked in he was eating cookies...... BUSTED! He swares he didn't mean it. Then the nurse gave him some cranberry juice for the infection down yonder. sugar, sugar...... oh, hunny, hunny..... never mind.

Sandra, can't wait to read your book. I wonder what it's about?


Dee said...

Kris- love the color/necklace idea, it's subtle and you won't be too nervous about fitting it in, or forgetting, on top of all the fun 'press' related pressure already there (damn those PR people).

A huge happy birthday to Brian and a big WOO HOO to you for tomorrow am, drink lots of water, get plenty of rest, and don't forget to breathe! You'll be fantastic, you know this, besides, we all love you and support you no matter what. Just be your kick ass self and everything will go swimmingly.

OH and I may have to re-order it through you now? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Sheesh! :P

Rach- Seriously, people like that drive me crazy. FFS indeed. You know how to reach me if you need anything at all. :)

Everybody else, have an amazing Saturday! Keep on keepin on you amazing souls you.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Kris-(duh!)-forgot in my MRI post to congratulate you on the Today Show-so fun! And tell Brian Happy Bday! My brother's 21 today :).

Dee- Thanks for checking on me!

Drinking water with lime... :)


Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks Jennifer!!!

Cravin' Veggies said...

Rebecca: Thanks for bringing Jann into the CSC family. ;-)

Jann: Thanks for sharing your story with us. You are so strong.

Sandra, scnewme, and Dianne: Today show here is from 8am - 9am. I thought it was live, too! I hope we don't miss it. Maybe someone will you tube it...?

Obsessed: Congrats on the good news. Be sure to let us know before your next MRI so that we can all send you good vibes!!

Kris: Even if you forget to give us a sign... we know you'll be thinking of us, and you know we'll be there in your heart (and on the other end of the satellite signal, of course!!)

Peace and hugggs.

Cravin' Veggies said...

Goony: Cookies and sugary juice?? Dear god!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks Lisa-Will try to remember :)!

Michelle J said...

Hello Kris, I'm a semi commentor but i just wanna first wish Brian an awesome birthday tomorrow!

Second, i am very excited to get to see you on The Today show tomorrow!!! I am going to DVR it just in case ya know? I love your book, your DVD, your philoshphy, your greenness, just everything!

A friend of a friend was just DX with breast cancer and first thing i did was to email all your info about your book and DVD to her!! She already has the book!!!

Good luck tomorrow!!! Love ya!

granola said...

Hey Kris,
Can't wait to see you on TODAY. I have a great idea--wear your Woodstock Sanctuary t-shirt!!! That would be awesome!
Happy Birthday to Brian--and don't forget to buy soy candles for the vegan raw b'day cake LOL! (no, I don't know if they really make them HA!)

Jann--Thanks for sharing your amazing story!

Lauren--Great news about shrinking tumors!

Rach--Hang in there! Great news about decreasing meds!

Green tip for chocolate lovers: got to and for every CLIMATE CHANGE chocolate bar you order, TerraPass purchases 133 pounds of carbon offsets--the carbon footprint of an typical American's day (yikes!) You also can find the candy bars at Whole Foods and other markets (some Borders stores carry them).
Can someone tell me how to make a link so you can click on it from my message? Thanks!

Dr.Sue said...

When you start feeling all warm & fuzzy inside during your segment tomorrow, you'll know it's all of us sending you hugs & love through the air waves!
Happy Birthday Brian, enjoy your day.
I ordered a couple of shirts from the Woodstock Farm, thanks agin for that post.
xoxo Sue

Cravin' Veggies said...

LOL, Sue... Crazy, Sexy, Butterflies!

angela said...

I have only been on your myspace blog. I have been meaning to come and join you over here! Will make it a point to see the today show and get the dvd. I saw the documentary at a book signing in NY in October but will absolutely get my copy asap. Lots of love,

Sharon said...

Finally! I can see your crazy sexy self on TV.
(I missed you on Oprah and was so mad.)
Good luck, you'll do great.

I'm placing my order for a DVD and book
from your website. I'd love a note or autograph from the canSer cowgirl herself.

Sending you funny pictures from Wooster as soon
as I figure out how to hook up my scanner.


clint said...


You can catch our 'Posse girl' on Oprah here if you missed her.


Basic Me said...

Rach... honey I cannot belive this.. I think these folks are nuts sometimes.. but lets focus on the postitive.. happy good thoraic.. and celebrate the good news so that your body takes the hint and accentuates the positive.. I am sending you tons of healthy loving thoughts.. I thought my adrenaline would kill me when I had to go back. Duncan says that cancel horse races because the adrenaline causes the horses to freak. So be calm..light a candle and dont freak.. I am to tire to have good words tonight. Hugs..

I will however show up at the hospital with Duncan's cane it can do some wonderful pounding on counters.. has practice.. haha

Kris you know I can't make a date with Jesus at 7:30 but I will be up with you and cannot wait... hahahah Maybe I can fake some massive illness and Duncan wont drag me off to early church.. Jesus understands he knows I am not a morning girl... So I will be here loving you on honey and looking for that necklace... NA.. just looking for that glowing gorgeous face..

Hope you and Brian had a happy birthday...

Gonny darling I love scorpios to... but I so belive in astrology look under taurus see callie staring back at ya.. Duncan and his brother are both fish.. wonderful!!

How is FIL.. I hope well give him out love..

I swear guys I had the most remarkable experience today with this man in the health hut.. He is amazing and had this whole thing for me about staying akaline.. He said that some things I need to research but we had a great talk.. Kris gave him your website you may just get a mini order.. he loved your book. I had brought him one..We have so many cancer patients here and no alternatives.. He is the real deal though no rub your belly pat your head while concentrating on a color.. that was yesterdays health food store meeting.

I am so glad Sandra is back.. He woman.. this book writing is a mess.. and hard work. It was easier to run the soup kitchen and all the other jobs. This writing bs. requires discipline and quiet.. ha.. when does that happen.

And guys.. would some one please tell me how to work the dvr.. I have cussed my brains out trying to set the little shitty thing.. I called the cable company and they have no instructions.. I am having a week of nuttiness.. Clint really came through with Oprah as always.. thanks Clint.. they need to sell that espisode.. it brought so many folks together.

Well Guys see you all in the morning waiting for our beautfil cowgirl. Kris sleep with lovely dreams!!!! You deserve every sucess.

Much love you all.

Gooney how did the puppy thing turn out.. went to visit a puppy fair today to make sure no one dumped a husky.. fell so in love with all the dogs and cats.. one little fellow may have found a home. But Saatchi has to lose that loving feeling before he comes home. What did I do pray as a child to send all nuts and animals my way and hold off the sane and stable..But sane is not as much fun.

:0 Love you all. Callie

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks granola and Callie!

I think the lady also put me in a stranger position than usual...I've never been so sore-like whiplash or something! Craziness!


clint said...


Your so welcome ! But . . . I think it's ME that needs to thank You sweetie, for using Paragraphs.

Said with Love.



Justme117 said...

I just set the Tivo! Its ready and raring to go! You will do great, you know your hot! Happy Birthday to Brian and have fun at the museum! Thank you so much for everything!

clint said...

Understanding Cancer TV

Saw this other clip of Kris on the 'Understanding Cancer TV' website for any of you who'd like to have a peek.

Kris, your so funny, ...."cause I'm a happenin Chick" . . . I cracked up !

The Cancer TV website seems pretty cool, it shows a few celebrities that had/have cancer.


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hey tootsies!

First, Jann - welcome! You are amazing! Thanks for joining us.

Granola! - exactly, problem is that it's covered in paint and Jenny is away. I wanted to get one the other day. I'll figure out a way for the next show. I think it's FOX or something.

Sitting here in curlers, car is waiting outside. I'll give you a shout out no matter what. Even if they have to pull me of the stage.

Hi Sharon!!!!! xoxooxxooxoxo

skyecat said...

Good Morning,

I just saw Kris on NBC, and as promised she gave a shout out to her wonderful blog community.

And it's true, what a fabulous group of people--although I am new to this blog--I have learned so much. And I want to thank all of you for that.


goony said...


ok, I missed it :( #:(%()%#)%#)&%)!!! I never sleep past 8am, but today I woke up at 8:30 and I missed it. SHIT!

Cravin Veggies. Cookies and juice, I kid you not. I wasn't happy about it. I confiscated the cookies, but becaues of the urinary track infection, I didn't swipe the juice. Last night I had a mini temper tantrum about the whole thing. I felt like what the hell am I doing running myself into the ground, while he is there eating cookies! I think I had low blood sugar because after dinner I came to my senses and let it go. He had a moment of weakness. Let it go.

Callie, No puppy. I just didn't have time to go to the pound yesterday. Maybe I should wait till my life slows down a bit before I get one. I've never had one and I don't know all that puppy training entails. I don't know if it will bring me some peace to have a little bundle of joy running around my house or give me more stress.
Taurus huh? I've got a really good astrology book. I'm going to have to look that up. I have a weird attraction to scorpios. even my cat is a scorpio. My cat and husband are born a day apart.

Last night there was a show on about Farrah Faucet. She has cancer and she went to Germany for her treatment. They do things differently over there. TheY give chemo, but only to the tumors, not the whole body. Then when the tumors get small enough they cut them out. And they are working on her blood so that it doesn't invade anywhere else. I think she was doing light therapy? Interesting.


Cravin' Veggies said...

Goony: Pups are *a lot* of work. They need lots of attention and patience. Waiting may be best for you...

Crazy, Sexy, Goddess Kris: Only got the 8am hour of Today here. Frig! So I am going to be scouring You Tube for it later...

Glad Skye got to see it, hope others did too!

scnewme said...

Ugh - no Kris on my Today Show, a major bummer. Thought maybe I missed it so I went through the DVR twice but the segment wasn't there.

Kris, I'm sure you were your radiant self, don't need to see you on tv to know that, but would have been nice.

Well, the sun is finally shining here...enjoy your beautiful Sunday all - off to start mine.

xo Sherry

Cathy said...

Hi Kris! Congrats on the today show! Happy Birthday Brian!
I missed the segment :( I watched the today show on at 8am...must have been the wrong one??
Give a shout out to where we can catch it on the net! :)
Hugs to all,

Tae said...

Boo...I missed it too. I don't get it. If anyone finds it on YouTube, put the link on here.

Kris, have fun museum hopping today with hubby!

leenda said...

Man!!I watched the Today show at 5(yawn)it's on early in Cali I guess,I missed your sweet lil face(sigh)Anyways I hope you have a great day musuem hopin'.Happy Birthday Brian!
Mornin' everyone!!Ya'll have a good day.Indoor rainy day games for me.I have a stack of books to keep me company today..and you guys too! Have an awesome day!
Toddles?ummm,got up way to early today,for the Today show,that I didn't get to see our green princess,sigh again

strongerthanit said...

Kris - What a great segment!!!! And Clint sent out a wonderful link to are beautiful, cowgirl. M

Sandra Joseph said...

Deborah, (Skyecat) what time was our girl on the tube? I, too taped the 9:00am show and did the scroll through. Nada.
Clint, can you work your web magic and make it suddenly appear here as a link?
Callie, thanks for commiserating about the writing torture. Wait, I'm trying to change my language about it...the JOY of writing. (Oy feels more accurate.)
Goony, you're the coolest chick. I think you're wise to hold off on the pooch, especially if you're getting a baby. Both of mine were around 8 months when we adopted them. I think that's a perfect age; they have much better bladder control than when their wee ones. The wee ones seem to wee-wee every hour, whether they're outside, on the carpet, or in your arms. There is nothing better, though, than being a pet mommy. I'm attempting to change my pic so you can see my teddy bear loves.
Callie, I'd love to see the Saatchi babe. I have such a clear image of her in my mind, I wonder if I'm close.
xoxoxo. Happy Oscar night, friends. (Clink glasses)

Sandra Joseph said...

Oooo, I'm so excited that I figured out how to change my pic. I had to show you my gorgeous sister. Monica is on the left, and NO, she is NOT younger than me (everyone always thinks so). :( She is two years and five whole months older. Now quit lurking and post, Mo! You should put a pic of your pups on your profile.

Elizabeth M. said...

Kris - Rats! Had a computer-free day (mostly) yesterday...missed the Today show post! I would so love to see your smiling face...Clint, are you able to post a link,so I can see?

I'm very excited about the DVD...especially the yoga. I truly need all the inspiration I can get these days. Have a bit of the old PTSD thing going on. It has been very hard to focus, and I'm terrified all the time. Trying to remember to breathe....

Brian - Happy Birthday to You!

Debbie - Got the wheatgrass powder in yesterday's mail! Thank you! It is really good! Having a big glass as I write...

Callie - I've been looking for great split pea and red lentil soup recipes...Do you have favorites? Do you put Kombu on your soups? I've been loving the lenten devotions a lot btw :)

IslandGirl43 said...

Kris, I'm out of lurking to tell you that you were wonderful on TV this morning. I think the reason that many of the bloggers couldn't find it is because it was "Today in New York" which comes on before the national "Today" show. Thank goodness for the wonders of satelitte because I saw you and I'm in Bermuda!

Keep up the good work, all of you. You are all so inspirational. I can't wait to buy several DVDs so that I can pass them around here.

Kind regards

debbiedoesraw said...

Oh damn I missed it! Stayed up late with my gal pals..more on that fun later!
Rach: HOORAY for you! sorry for the twit that twisted you..sort of a tounge twister ..say it ten times fast!
Clint: you are the linkmaster cutie..can you find Kris on youtube and get it up here (that sounded so wrong!)
Callie: I will talk to you live this afternoon... I think I will have to clear out the family as all the screaming and laughing will scare the pants off of them:)!

Love to you all,
PS if I sent you wheat grass samples let me know what you think-thanks Liz!

clint said...

Hi gang,

We never got it here either, (I'm in Houston) so I missed it too... It might have been showing just on the east coast for today, and then will be aired during the next 2 weeks for other time zones... am not sure.

Was hoping maybe in the new forum, there'd be a place to Post articles, and video's that people here can download.... is that a possibility Kris ?

(... he asks kindly)


Basic Me said...

Hey Goonet, I am with you on holding off.. Puppies are babies that never grow up they just learn where they are suppose to potty.. give yourself some time.. it will be hard with all the running.. but it will be something to look forward to.. you know what I mean.

SanfraJ I will get a photo of Saatchi up today. She is dead on gorgeous. Saves her life... hahaha
She is my little challenge. Never have a husky unless you can out stubborn them.. they do nothing that is not thier suggestion.. they run three miles before looking back to make sure your chasing them... they stop when ready..and we have to have little talks all the time about little things like.. that is mommas chair then I get howled at.. that is momma pillow same howl, momma is ready for bed she has been howling to shut the tv off the entire hour.. haha funny but she is love... and joy.. and wild.. no domesticating Saatchi she is a lot like her Momma that way. She reminds me of wolves I have worked with.... aloof, but trusting, playful but standoffish.. hardheaded but so loveable.. anyway she is my friend. I have progressed from dolberman babies, to lab helpin hands dogs, to friend and companion.. Now work for this girl. She is all about the therapy of life, the woods, the rain, the walks, the apples, and the good things.. she is funny. Yesterday I had taken her to walk her miles and we stopped at the market to pick up some food for a friend living here at the mission. Well I came out to the car and she and duncan were looking right into the sunset and it was so lovely and for once I didn;t have my camera. but if I did.. oh.. it was gorgeous. Oh well enough.

Elizabeth, let me look through my stuff on the reciepts it will take me a little bit.. I will get back to you.

I didn't see Kris maybe they taped for Monday? We will get the scoop when she is finished with her art thearapy day with brian. I hope they are having fun.

I am so glad you are enjoying the devotional.. It is so precious to me. I am learning alot about myself in this process. Boy life is wonderful and we change so much it seems like a circle. I feel like I haven't been this much myself since I was a child.. always spent to much time trying to make others happy. Now I love all my time.. but knowing me is neat. I am enjoying that for once. Being good company to myself. That is new not sending so many thoughts thru that my chest is beating in panic.. I am getting better. I can slow down and acccept now. I like that. Well thanks for coming. Be back on in a while.. have to dig for those rec. then dechiper.. love trying to read my own writing duncan swears it is in cuniforms.

Loving you all.. Deb how did the party go.
Rach did you get some sleep.
I hope all are well
Gooney give hubby, sons, and fil my love and prayers. Hugs all Callie

Basic Me said...

Clint honey no shit.. I am the worst.. Dyslexic and having this one long train of thougt that is not cohesive.. thanks for weeding thru it all..... and love ya tons.... I will write lines I promise to use paragraphs and punctuation for the ones i love..hahahahahahah

I love you. I hate I have tortured you all with my rambling. But we are in this together. Thanks for that laugh Clint! Duncan says is it impossible to read a note from me he is so happy I send everything to an editor and they are paid to tell me what is incorrect. Marriage lasts long time... this way... no kill... one another. Hugs Friend and thanks.. callie

Elizabeth M. said...

Debbie, the wheatgrass powder is good. Not grainy as some are, which is nice. would be good to have if I don't have fresh or am traveling and need green juice. Sorry, I was in a hurry when I posted before,and am feeling a bit scattered anyway..forgot to say if I liked it! oops!

totally chic girly said...

Boooo... I didn't see it either. I DVR'd the show.. but no Kris. That really sucks.
Happy Birthday Brian!!
Hope you two had a great day museum hopping today and spending the day together.

love n hugs!

Basic Me said...

Sandra Joseph- Here is Saatchi, She is giving me her " do you have an apple in your had or are you happy to see me stare" She is ready for bed. You cannot see you eyes are blue blue and she is about 75 pound this bed is huge. Well Love ya.ll off to find a rec. for legumes.. split peas and the like. hugs. Callie and Saatchi

clint said...

Callie, your SO cute... please know it was said with Buku Love ! ! I LOVE reading your posts, you know that.... and meant no disrespect.

You know me, I have a 'Tourette's' kind of humor.

Sandra, glad to see you came out of your cave and surfaced for air.... love the new pic !!


Basic Me said...

Oh sweet shit.. clint.. I know you were kidding.. I love you.. got to be able to tell the truth to your family for the love of pete.. NO pms here no tears NO hormones.. its ok gus.. I live with men.. hahaha...I love your humor and took it right on the nose like a cowgirl it was funny and OHHHHHH so true. Hugs huggy bear.. you did not offend me Never I am a queen of smart ass comments please.. never apologize love you and sending you roars of laughter. Callie

leenda said...

OMG!Look what Flavs did.He knows Kris isn't here.
Callie,I'm missing you something awful,gonna try to play catch up on puter stuff and will chat with you today or tomorrow.Muahh!
The Today show here had the Newhart crew and the Carb Queen on,was Kris on before that?
I'm so loopy from waking up so early(that's today's story)to watch I wasn't paying attention in church,wasn't sittin',standin',kneelin' when I was posed to,gonna need a nap soon I fear.

clint said...

Flavor Flav !

Come ON already, we're here to help you go towards the 'Light' my friend . . . there is help here, if you'll just surrender, and let go.


Sandra Joseph said...

Oh, Callie! I am breathless over that big white gorgeous love of yours! I want to cuddle with her right now! Thank you so much for the pic! I'm posting one of my Murphy and on the next post I'll show Griffin. My pics always seem to come out grainy on here. Am computer freshman.
Clint, where o where is your guest blog? I know we're all looking forward to more tales of you. Love the video spot idea for the forum.

leenda said...

Well what I was I thinkin,I should of been prayin for Flavs.I suppose it's not too late,here goes...this may take a bit,lol

Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday Brian!! (Pisces DO rule, Goony!!) =)

I cannot wait until the documentary comes out! I, too, have not seen it yet and am super stoked! I'll be buying extra copies for the CSC babes I know!! Also, it's amazing that you are signing books! That is a dream come true & I will most definitely be getting one!!!

Hope you & the hubby enjoy your day perusing the museums. The weather is gorgeous here in Tallahassee, Fl....although I'm enjoying it through the window I'm perched at in the library (gotta get those A's!!) I will be heading out to read 'Eat Pray Love' under a tree when I need a break.

ANYWHO..I'm checking the local TV listings in hopes that the Today Show has not yet aired! (I hope I can Tivo it!!)

Sidenote: are an AMAZING photographer. I was just browsing your site ( and the moments that you capture are so beautiful. You can feel the energy in the pictures!! Keep rockin' on girl...we're all on the bandwagon with our tambourines in hand jammin' out with ya!!


Sabrina said...

Scnewme -- I have fallen in love with LUSH All-Natural, Handmade Cosmetics. They are in atleast 30 countries and recently stores have been popping up all over the U.S.. They have everything from bath bombs, shower gels, hair products, natural henna dyes, moisturizers, face cleansers, toner, massage bars, deoderants, and much much more!!

Not many people have heard of them but I assure you they will become extremely popular w/in the next decade. Many of their products are also fair's a little blurb from their website:

"Why Does Fresh Matter?
Just like fresh fruits and vegetable are most nutritious for the body when in their most natural, unprocessed condition, this is also when they are at their most nutritious for the skin.

Skin care products like masks, scrubs and moisturizers made with natural, fresh ingredients contain many beneficial and nutritious vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

The fresher the ingredients, the more potent they are. This is also when they are most gentle on the skin for optimal healing, soothing and nurturing."

Go check it out:

I am a huge LUSH advocate b/c they truly are revolutionary in the way they package their products, practice fair trade, care for the environment (they even have soaps that come with packaging that you can plant b/c it is made w/ seeds)...the list goes on and on!! You can order anything you want online (except for the fresh face masks which expire within 2 weeks) and many people who try LUSH become LUSHies for life!! I hope you find the products you are looking for!!!

P.S.: Each product has customer reviews/ratings so check those out too!


Obsessedwithlife said...


Callie-I did get about 9 hours of sleep :). Today I'm going to a musical with one of my best friends and my family-can't wait! Thanks for chcking :).


Rebecca said...

Hey y'all. I missed the show, although I was up at 8AM but I was watching NBC. duh. Too much wine last night!

I want to thank you guys for welcoming Jann into the CSC world.
If you haven't seen her comment from yesterday, you can schlep through the flav swamp back up to some earlier comments. She's an inspiration to me and all who know her. And I know there aren't too many other canser cowgirls in rural Missippi, so your love, support, prayers and high fives will mean so much to her. And now, in addition to Callie, we have two Southern hot rods in the CSC community!

Here's a pic of my super-duper husband, Jason and Jann on our wedding day, last June. We were originally planning to get married in the fall, but we moved it up after the cancer circus came to town. We pulled it off in a little over a month and it was the most incredible, magical, FUN day of our lives! A true down-home Southern farm wedding. And it means the world, the WORLD! to us that Jann is doing so awesome and sharing her story with you all!!

Jann, you are a beautiful writer. I'm so proud of you!!

love, Rebecca

p.s. My husband and I started dating while he was my camera man for a documentary that I'm making (Miller's Tale, coming soon to PBS *shameless plug!*). So any of you out there looking for a great way to meet a spouse, try making a documentary. It worked for me and Kris!! Ha!

Rebecca said...


Dee said...

Hey guys! Just to let you know, it ended up being a 'local show' NOT the nationwide Today Show, that's why so many of you may have 'missed it'. Kris is going to try and get a copy of it to post because she talked about the blog on there.

Just wanted to make sure you weren't all freaking over why you missed it!

scnewme said...

I have to admit I am the tiniest bit relieved hearing others say they missed you too Kris - I am DVR challenged and thought it was me! Been scouring youtube and google, but haven't found anything yet...maybe its too soon...Clint, any luck??

Deb, I posted on your blog as well...enjoyed the wheatgrass samples - the taste is not nearly as strong as others I've tried, thank you again for sharing the love!

Sabrina - aren't you the best, thank you! Maybe you can get a referral appreciate you to check out the website.

I do love our little community so very much!

leenda said...

Thanks Dee.Cali is sooo not local:(

Sabrina said...

Scnewme: Anytime!! I actually have a coupon from them that has to be used before March. I am not home at the moment but will be back around 6pm so anyone looking to order anything from LUSH wait until I can give you the code and you loves will get 20% off.

I had to laugh at the referral discount comment...I have converted so many people to LUSH that I should technically be getting paid by them....BUT good news is they are opening up a store in my hometown so I will be calling them about getting a job!! I'm a LUSHie convert for LIFE!!

There's nothing like taking a relaxing steeping hot bath with their bath bombs...Big Blue is my all time favorite...turns the water a deep turquoise blue...feels like you are floating in your own little slice of tropical heaven!!


apoopslingingmonkey said...

Oh man! I missed the show!!! so bummed! Anyone know of a link that has the footage?

Kris that's so cool about the Today show, and the DVD!! I can't wait to get that DVD!!!!

Happy Birthday Brian! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

(what ended up being kris' shout out to the blog here?)

Cravin' Veggies said...

Rebecca: Oooh... I've heard about Miller's Tale. Can't wait to see it! Are you doing the Lacka Co doc, too?? Lots of talk about that around here recently.

Cravin' Veggies said...

Sandra & Callie: Loving your pups! They are sooo cute!

Deb: What kind of wheatgrass powder do you use? I've tried a few, but they are too gritty.

Elizabeth: If Callie can't find you a recipe, there are usually good finds on

debbiedoesraw said...

cravin : I posted on it a while ago... check my blog to read all about it! It is really nice and smooth.

Everyone go see Kris's photos.. I LOVE it, she is multi faceted like a diamond our girl Kris!

Lauren said...

I'm so bummed I missed the show. I hope it goes up on youtube.

Happy Birthday Brian!!! You don't look a day over 40. Kidding! You don't look a day over 25 :)

Rebecca said...

Lisa, busted! Yes, that's me. I'm curious, do you work for the county? What is the recent talk about the county doc? I hope it's not in the same light as a certain other filmmaker that has ties to Lacka county. I read the Scranton Times online every day.

here's my email if you want to move this discussion off CSC rebeccafmarshall AT


Sabrina said...

Dee: Which photos are you talking about?? Can you link us?! =)

I'm also interested in hearing where you get your wheatgrass powder! (I don't know if you are talking about the INS Bioscience wheatgrass powders or others..) I have yet to try some but I'd love to!


skyecat said...

To Sandra Joseph, Kris was on at approximately 7:45 am (around that time...I think if you go to they will have something maybe for those of you who missed seeing Kris this morning check there...


LYB said...

I totally missed Kris this bummed. I set my DVR, but it didn't start recording until 8:00 so I guess I missed it. That sucks, I was looking forward to it. Kris, enlighten us please....

What the hell with not fun scrolling past all of that. Nice one Clint!

Green cheers all....wish me luck tomorrow on my blood work and scope.

Basic Me said...

Hey Jann and Rebecca.. Road Trip!!!!!!! I am in Mississippi all the time.. I have got to visit my girls.. welcome and cannot wait!!! The wedding sounds lovely. Nothing like a down home southern farm wedding. I laughed at my Dad so much this morning!! If you haven't met a 75yr old cajun with the bluest eyes and the coursest language on earth.. I got it straight from the gene pool. Anyway< he came by this afternoon because Mom made some organic muffins for him and they are Getting healthy. Well.. My poor daddy... I lifted that muffin and you could have killed someone with the thing. It weighed a pound. I was scared of it! It was delicious. Chunks of apple and bran. But he said Tonka he calls me Tonka.. lovely means buffalo because I just get immovable on things. Anyway he said. I woke up with that crazy baptist turn buddhist shes been reading your blog and she nixed the biscuits and gravy and made me this damn thing! PLOP! Bang.. Dont give that damn thing to the dog it will kill her.. Well I lost it. He always makes my day. My poor little elf of a mom following right behind him telling him it is going to make him healthy otherwise she is going to kill him. Sundays in alabama... haha..

Anyway found some really good old receipts from my chef days.

Haven't found the split pea one yet. These are delicous. I have to tell you all these are the cooked meals and not the raw.. and they can be spicey in my hands so I will tell you what I do and let you back off the spice tonight. Please remember to substitute anywhere cooking is an art not a science. Dont like an ingrediant or dont have it.. use what you have.. It will be great.

Red Lentils with Basmati Rice Croquettes with Romaine and Mango salad and Cucumber Raita (dressing)

Red Lentils and Rice:
To make the patties use
1/3 cup basmiati rice
2/3 cup re lentils
1T. full grated or minced ginger root
1 1/2 t curry
2cups water
salt to taste

once this is brought to a boil reduce heat and cover. COok about 20-30 minutes tender. Mush with a fork into a pattie like mix. spice it really well while hot. I would use Black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic and onion powder. taste it.. it should be good.

make into patties resembling veggie burgers and sit aside. smaller a bit

when cooled in fridge for a while warm some ectra virgin olive oil or canola oil in a non stick skillet and fry the patties when golden on both sides they are ready. In india they would use some Ghee or clarified butter.. if you are using dairy the taste is great if not.. use evoo

Raita Dressing Run one clove of garlic thru a press put in food processor the add 1/2 cup plain yogurt ( you can sub, buttermilk here or coconut milk.. not soy)
1cucumber seeded peeled a season this mix after running thru the food processor so it is smooth and creamy. Like always I would season it highly but you are layering tastes so remeber that to much sea salt is overwhelming.

4 cups romaine bit sized pieces
2 frsh limes
2T extra virgin olive oil taste
combine lime juice and olive oil and add seasonings.. dress salad.

Now take the a plate and separate the salad into four servings. place patties or croquettes ontop maybe two per person. sprinkle the pattie with the Raita delicous warm crisp and creamy. ENJOY


Green or Red Lentils and Root Veggie salad

1poud turnips in 3/4 in dice
3 small red oinions quatered
1/4 cup plus one tablespoon extra v. olive oil.
salt and season to taste
1 1/4 C dried greenor red lentils
2 cloves garlic
2 bay leaves
2 T lemon juice
1 T dijon mustard
1t tarrogon leaves
6cups mixed baby greems salad

take onion and turnips and place inn bowl coat with oil and season place on tray in oven and place in middle rack of oven ON about 375
in the meanwhile take the lentils and place a sauce pan on medium bring the lentils water and bay leaves to a boil and the turn down and cover and cook until tender not mushy this time. Make the dressing out of dijoin mustard lemon juice and olice oil and tarragon leaves and lentils.

Divide salad into four servings and plate. toss lentals and root veggies and dressing mix together while the veggies are hot. take the let cool a bit before plating.
Spoon onto salad delicous.
Spiced Red lentils (Dal)

1 3/4 c lentils
1/2 t tumeric
6 cups water
2t canola oil
4 cloves of garlic minced
1t coriander seeds
1/4 t red hot pepper flakes
2T fresh cilantro leaves
2T lime juice
6 cups water
salt season to taste

Lentils and tumeric and salt in water bring to a boil and then turn down heat and and simmer stirring once or twice. This time the lentils should be falling apart. Red are more tender than green 30 minutes. Should form a rough puree when stirred with wooden spoon. Remove from heat. If it is still soupy just let it simmer longer.. it will firm up.

Once ready correct salt..

In a skillet heat oil in skillet over med. heat. until oil is hot.. add spices and seeds.. and when the seeds pop they are done.. Now add the lentils to the seeds and oil you just prepared ( here is a not we are not adding butter again in india they use ghee.. one tablespoon could be butter for flavor) that you cooked to the seasoning and adjust seasoning with salt, pepper, garlic powder, oinion powder add a bit of lime juice then put some lime quaters on the table to add as needed. Now you can use this on a pita and sprinkle lime juice and cilantro on top.. yummmm spicey and delicous.

You can also roll this mix up like a taco in lettuce leaves and add the cucumber dressing from the last rec. You can even top your salad with it instead of the old chicken salad topper or tuna.. yeah veg heads..


I will keep looking for the split pea soup rec. it is delicous. Have to hit the job and make sure everyone is settled and deb and I get to talk tonight. Hurrah. Fun and Joy.

How did it go today Gooney?? Talk with you soon. I am thinking you are a force of nature child.. Love you so much.

Leenda loving you... and everyone.

OK... Little Miss. Ms. Write your details and if you come thru Mobile call me I will come and meet you for lunch. I talk at the university in Jackson all the time. And travel alot.. Jackson has the best art Museum and I have taught there.. love it. My best friend went to the "W" she said Hey!

So sorry this post was long. Hate we missed Kris.. Someone has the video.. bless her.. she should be on cnn like sanja... making the world fit for living in.

Love you all. Callie

SJ>> love those fur babies what a face... I bet you get suckered a lot.. Saatchi is so spoiled.. She said send tail wiggles and love to your boys.. she is such a flirt.

scnewme said...

Callie - I do adore you!! Geez,is there anything you don't do?? Your recipes sound so damn good - if I had all the stuff in the house, I'd start cooking now, I swear! I've been in one of those i-have-no-clue-what-to-make slumps...not good at all...and I need something to warm me up (my yogi tea just isn't cutting it) in this freezing weather. Perfect timing and a great reason to get to going tomorrow.

Cravin' Veggies said...

Callie: Your last post had me literally laughing out loud! I can just picture your parents!! I'd love to be a fly on your wall...

clint said...


I have been meaning to ask you, have you

...SHOOT ! the Oscars are on, brb

Elizabeth M. said...

OMG Callie - you are the best! thank you thank You Thank You. the recipes are great! I can't wait to try all of them. You are so sweet! (did I remember to say THANK YOU?)

And love the story about the muffins. Tears from laughing....:)

(Ken) said...

Happy Birthday Brian...from another Cancer Husband. I'm not too far behind you at 40. Daniela, my wifey, going through chemo for breast cancer, was sent a link to Kris' website. We can't wait to see the documentary. The mix of attitude and art is awesome!!! Thank You both.

Basic Me said...

Kris... I am writing the Oscars.. Best Documentary Film.. Crazy Sexy Canser.. were are these folks.. mars......sheez..........I am talking out to lunch eating white bread sandwiches man!O man!

Hope you all are having a great night. I want another weekend day. I am sooo in trouble. I have to take next week and do my junior league time or I will be the first chair kicked out on my pink and green buttocks this week. Holey Moley.. The pressure. Those ladies are serious. They can change the world.

Well hugs and kisses to you all and flav rest your weary little fingers.. your karma is nasty after taking a hit while Momma Kris was gone. Mean and Ugly.

Gooney I am Glad you like the reciepes. It has been a long time. Long time. Food is fun. There are some really good reciepes out there. Thai food and Indian are easy to convert. I could have thai food everyday. I love it. I go down to the Thai market here and the Mom is always cooking inside the store in this wonderful contraption that has a little fire in pot and she makes things that I am sure I could never identify in a million years. But they all taste delicious. But you have to be careful you can be set on fire if you dont ask. She tells me I like babyfood and food that is not hot at all. Holy Markarel. I would die. I have spit it all over the market. And she laughs.. but it is so fun to learn.

Ok. I am going to put a lidoderm patch on every square inch of my body and sack out ... Saatchi tried to kill me at the park. She ran the entire park. I am sore all over. But will live. I needed a little shaking up. Handsome Akita get the slip again. She will catch him one day. She has a crush on him. ;)

Love ya'll.

Christopher said...

Dear Kris,

I am so excited your DVD is finally coming out. Congratulations! I know so many people who I think will love to finally see it. We talk about it to our clients and friends all the time.

Speaking of, if your schedule allows, we would be delighted and honored if you would like to find an evening to watch it with our community and perhaps do a book signing and short Q&A at the spiritual/healing/art center I run near Union Square in Manhattan.


Christopher Pelham
CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)
123 4th Ave, 2nd Fl
New York, NY 10003

JANN said...

Callie, I'm so psyched that you're a southern girl from Mobile. I'd love to meet you in Jackson sometime. I too have worked with the MMA. AND my brother lives in Fairhope AL. Seems we have much in common, including a coon ass legacy! I grew up in New Orleans. Moved to Mississippi when I married. My email address is

Sweet Rebecca, thanks for posting that cute photo of me and Jason. And thanks also for your kind and loving comments. You are a bright light and I love you. to go to sleep. Must get up at 5:30 to fed the cows...really!

adri said...

Hi Kris, my name is Adriana, my mom has read your book and is looking foward to owning the DVD. My mother asked me to write you because she is one the the rare one's as you are, she was diagnosed with HEHE 3 years ago and just last week was told that it appears to have moved into her lungs. My mom's name is Milagros or Millie is fine, she would really like to exchange emails or write to you some of her experiences. My mom is old school so she doesn't have an email but my email is, I live with her so I will make sure she gets the message. Take care and hope to hear from you soon, I know you are busy.

Kind Regards

PS. I am reading your book and you are funny as hell, love your humor!

Nicole Anchondo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicole Anchondo said...

Hello beautiful people!!!Iam new to this whole blogging thing but it shall be fun and i shall prevail!
My name is nicole and i was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphocitic Leukemia on November 15th 2007 . Its been a hard road but Iam tough as nails:) I just wanted to let you Kris know that you are my hero and my inspiration to be the best i can be and you let me know that even if i have cancer i can still do whatever it is i want !
Thank you for that it means the world to me . So if you, brian and alll the other fellow bloggers will except me in this amazing group i would be ever so delighted !
I have so many questions and so many things to say and i cant think of a more better place for all that to go down!
your new friend

goony said...


Sandra Joe, You and your sister are gorgeous! Is your hair naturally curly? I'm so jealous. I absolutely hate my blog picture. My husband saw it and said "what is with this picute, it doesn't even look like you".

Callie, you really know your shit! I love cooking. I read cookbooks like people read novels. Unfortunately I live with 2 picky eaters, so experimentation in the kitchen doesn't usually go over well.

Now I have a few questions. Last night we were with FIL. In his room were 2 bags of fruit, apples & oranges, and a bag of baby carrots. I'm feeling like I'm walking against a very strong current every frickin day of my life. He's asking me to help him through this. To find a way, he'll do anything. I've explained he can NOT eat sugar, not even from fruit. I don't know if he's eating it, but it's obvious he's not telling whoever brought it that he's not eating it. Should I send out an email to everyone in the family that he can NOT eat sugar, not even from fruit?
Then there is this idea he has in his head that if he eats cottage cheese and linseed oil it will cure his cancer. He read this book HOW TO FIGHT CANCER & WIN, BY WILLIAM L FISCHER. that says if you eat cottage cheese and linseed oil it will cure your cancer. I'm automatically thinking WTF! Since when is cottage cheese known as a healthy power house food, like it's cousins kale, spinach, wheatgrass, romain, chard, collards....get my point. So I have to ask, because I said I would. Has anyone here healed themselves with cottage cheese and linseed oil?


jennsfirstattempt said...

OK...I'm taking the step to come out and join the blogging world (soon to be forum). I've been a lurker ever since I saw the first CSC. Thankfully I TIVOed it and get to watch it for quick tips and pick me ups! Of course I have the book as well and read it all the time still!

So why am I here? I am so inspired by everyone. No, I don't have Cancer that I know of. I have some suspicious moles that I never got removed because I'm scared and don't want to know. If it doesn't hurt, why fix it. I know, terrible attitude. HORRIBLE...but I'm scared. I have really bad depression/bipolar so I'm trying (ok wanting to) adapt the CSC lifestyle. I bought a juicer and it's still sitting on my counter untouched. Am I lazy, scared, what is wrong with me. I even bought the veggies 2 times now but have found an excuse not to use it. I want to feel good. I really really do. I hate the black hole I find myself in most days and have to believe that there is an answer out there somewhere. I see the miracles that happen on this blog by juicing and have no idea why I can't bite the bullett and do it. UGH UGH UGH. What is wrong with me.

The depression has gotten really bad lately. It frightens me to think this is my life. I want to make changes but don't know where to start.

OK. thanks for letting me vent. For the forum, I think it would be neat to learn more about one another so the guest blogger is awesome. I feel like i know Jennifer (goony), callie, clint, and debbie. Of course I can't leave out our CSC Mama Kris and Brian (happy belated).

You are all so amazing. You bring me hope and inspiration and I think each and every one of you for the gifts you have given me.

I'm begging for ideas on baby steps to adopt this lifestyle once and for all. To be honest, I think the whole things intimidates me and I always do ALL or NOTHING....It's easier to do nothing right? It's time to take action. What do you healing junkies suggest for my first "Baby Step" this week. Thanks and Love and Huge Hugs to you all. Peace, Jenn

debbiedoesraw said...

@Callie: girl your phone call got me going.. wait till you hear the dreams I had...I have a new idea for our book...more later!
@Jennsfirstattempt: Jenn, welcome and girl, you need a blog of your's the new version of a room of your's easy and maybe that will push you to try things like juicing and then post about can vent every day! Of course we welcome venting here!
Goony: Hope you are doing well and healing yourself along with your FIL!
Tae: How are you doing? Thinking of you....
ALL of you: Callie and i will be needing your input, are you ready for that?
love deb

debbiedoesraw said...

goony love...take a breath... it will all be ok.. somehow.
there is a protocol with flaxseed oil and cottage cheese...the dr claimed it worked. Not remembering her name.. you can google it.

love your name is Goony...
deb xoxoxo

debbiedoesraw said...

Welcome Nicole!
I am a fellow leukemia gal...please visit my blog at
You are in the right place my friend.
ok i will stop posting now... cannot resist a fellow word I made up just now...:)

debbiedoesraw said...

Nicole also check out Planet Cancer for under 30 year olds...lots of love there too even for us old folks (me)
last post...for now!!!!!

SolShine7 said...

Awesome! I'm glad the DVD is coming out soon. Wishing you all the best in your travels.