Monday, February 25, 2008

Breakfast in bed

Hi team sexy!

Rrrrr. The show ended up being a local affiliate, which really suck-ola-ed because I talked about YOU!!!! The anchors were super nice and the segment was still rockin. I promise to get a copy and post it. However, I am so sorry that many of you got up at the ass crack of dawn to see it, hope you went back for more snores or got motivated and trotted out n' about. I wish I could drive our pick up truck to each of your castles. I'd make you breaky in bed as a thanks. Until I then, here's my favorite canSer cowgirl flap jack recipe. It's flourless, wheatless and yumful. Remember, 80/20, so have a big ole green drink first and then fire up the griddle.

Kris loves Seed Pancakes

1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
1/4 cup raw sesame seeds
1/4 cup raw flax seeds
1 cup ground millet (use a coffee blender to transform the millet into a flour)
1 1/2 tsp of baking soda (or try baking powder)
1 tsp sea salt
1 packet stevia (or more)
Use unsweetened soy milk to thin batter - I use westwood unsweetened vanilla, don’t love soy, perhaps you might have a better substitute

Mix with passion
Cook the cakes in coconut oil – the best oil for high heat.

Museum day was worth its weight in gold for me and Brian. I had no idea how depleted we were until we gorged on images, ideas, and art. The birthday boy was giddy (he did have a beer with lunch). We went to MOMA and blew our heads open at the "Elastic Mind" exhibit. Then off to the public library for the Kerouac exhibit which celebrates the 50th anniversary of On The Road - a delicious masterpiece. I majored in english and the Beats were my obsession. My final paper senior year was on Ferlinghetti, the lit king who started The City Lights book store in San Fran. Ferls was a cornerstone of the movement. Kerouac was the dude who injected a heavy dose of spirituality into the arm of the revolution.

I got an "A" but most people thought I was a freak because I turned down the lights, played jazz, and read my paper aloud with DRAMA and languid mental masturbation. I was 19. I may have worn a beret as well.

Now it's happy Monday and my goal is to take a bit of that fun and freedom of yesterday and yester-year and thread it through my work week. I really need another techno detox big time!

I also need to blog about the damn scale. Anybody want to chat about those pesky numbers? Confession: I had a mini meltdown getting ready for the boob tube interview. Oiy. Aren't I more advanced at this point? Dee made me smile by encouraging me to rock tight jeans. Then she said a lot of other nice things that made me feel silly and purdy. We love Dee.

I digress.....

Peace and Oopsies,


lulusophiejulia said...

you were a superstar on the today show. you are such a natural. you looked beautiful. your skin is sheer perfection. loved your necklace. your message continues to shine through in such a positively radiating energizing way. you inspire in a million ways times infinity. just like you have a picture of you and oprah on your writing desk, i have the picture of you and me from the open center on mine. it is a constant reminder to remember that life is my inspiration and to choose wisely.
off to try your yummy pancakes.

lulusophiejulia said...

hi again,
have you ever tried anything from wild hive farm in clinton corners?
just wondering.

skyecat said...

Hi Kris,

You looked terrific! Your outfit was lovely. Were you wearing a tunic over jeans? And your hair looked nice too. When you say you had a meltdown, hey, forgive yourself--it happens to the best of us! (I have one at least once per week--rushing to get dressed for my commute to the city)...

I get up at 5:00 a.m. most mornings for work--I work in Manhattan and live in NJ--so getting up early to watch your segment was no problem (for me at least).

Thanks for sharing about the Kerouac exhibit-- I am a big fan of the beat generation and since I work close to the library, I will head over today or tomorrow to see the exhibit.

It sounds like Brian had a wonderful birthday--what a special way to share the day--museum hopping! It's a wonderful thing.

Have a great day all. Oh and here are some words of wisdom from our man Kerouac:

“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes "Awww!”

Peace and Healing,

leenda said...

Morning Kris! No apologies needed for yesterday morning early wake up.It's not your fault I live on the West coast.How about we meet half way for breakfast?
Yes,lets talk about the damn scale.I'm over my meltdown and I'm now I'm little pissed about it,but I'm getting over that too,so it means it's time to get down to business.What will make the metabolism say oh yea?!I don't know where to begin.I haven't started to juice yet,I haven't bought a juicer.I'm going to see what corners I can cut to make that happen.But,as a virgin juicer what do I do?I don't want to fail at juicing and going raw,so I've been putting that off until I get rid of the puggies.I didn't want to make juicing part of dieting,I want it it to be part of my lifestyle.I mean if I get frustrating with dieting I don't want to be frustrated with juicing as well.Make since?But I'm down with ya on the taking control of situation.Any advise for the juicing/raw virgin,wiling to do anything?
Museums,I haven't been to any in so long.I'm right by San Fran,soo many good ones there.Road trip.
I believe the sun is out,so I shall start with a walk,good place huh?
Linda aka Leenda

Cravin' Veggies said...

Glad you had a great time at the museums. They are sometimes other-worldly, aren't they?!

Hope you did rock those tight jeans! Can't wait to see the vid...

Oooh... and thanks for the recipe! Yummmm.


jennsfirstattempt said...

OK...I'm taking the step to come out and join the blogging world (soon to be forum). I've been a lurker ever since I saw the first CSC. Thankfully I TIVOed it and get to watch it for quick tips and pick me ups! Of course I have the book as well and read it all the time still!

So why am I here? I am so inspired by everyone. No, I don't have Cancer that I know of. I have some suspicious moles that I never got removed because I'm scared and don't want to know. If it doesn't hurt, why fix it. I know, terrible attitude. HORRIBLE...but I'm scared. I have really bad depression/bipolar so I'm trying (ok wanting to) adapt the CSC lifestyle. I bought a juicer and it's still sitting on my counter untouched. Am I lazy, scared, what is wrong with me. I even bought the veggies 2 times now but have found an excuse not to use it. I want to feel good. I really really do. I hate the black hole I find myself in most days and have to believe that there is an answer out there somewhere. I see the miracles that happen on this blog by juicing and have no idea why I can't bite the bullett and do it. UGH UGH UGH. What is wrong with me.

The depression has gotten really bad lately. It frightens me to think this is my life. I want to make changes but don't know where to start.

OK. thanks for letting me vent. For the forum, I think it would be neat to learn more about one another so the guest blogger is awesome. I feel like i know Jennifer (goony), callie, clint, and debbie. Of course I can't leave out our CSC Mama Kris and Brian (happy belated).

You are all so amazing. You bring me hope and inspiration and I think each and every one of you for the gifts you have given me.

I'm begging for ideas on baby steps to adopt this lifestyle once and for all. To be honest, I think the whole things intimidates me and I always do ALL or NOTHING....It's easier to do nothing right? It's time to take action. What do you healing junkies suggest for my first "Baby Step" this week. Thanks and Love and Huge Hugs to you all. Peace, Jenn

debbiedoesraw said...

Kris, girl... are you saying that you are ....fat??????
Are you fing kidding me!!! Or is it the reverse? You seem perfectly great weight to me... I'm just sayin..

So loved the all's Jacks work...then wished I could hitch across the country like a guy...sigh...

Do you like Raymond Carvers work? He was one of my loves.. also Andre Dubus.

much love to all, got to get some book Ideas to Callie.. from my dream to yours

patricia said...

Good morning everyone!
I hope you are all having a fabulous day.
I just wanted to let everyone know that the Church that I attend is having a mass today for "the intentions of ones with cancer" I am going to go in honor of each and everyone of you. I love this community and pray each day that everyone finds the strength, courage and health to rid their bodies of sickness and stress and heal, heal from the inside out. You are all so beautiful.

Dee said...

Haha and Dee loves you!

I think the weight thing is tricky, very tricky. Me personally, having been pretty much every size under the sun, I've learned to kind of just 'go with it' but I won't lie and say that I don't have my down days once in awhile too.

Gah, I could go on and on about the whole weight/scale debacle...something near and dear to my heart/body/mind/soul. But if I start going this comment will be forever long and I'll end up late for a meeting!

I'm so excited to see all these new people/faces/names coming out to say hello! WELCOME EVERYBODY!

As for MOMA, I'm jealous. Very jealous. I'm so glad you two had such an amazing time, you guys rock.

And I just may have to try the Seed Pancakes recipe, had a bizarre-o dream about pancakes last night...

Cravin' Veggies said...

jennsfirstattempt: I think de-lurking was your first Baby Step. It shows that you are truly interested in what is being said. I don't have canser either, but my sister did (she was just a few years older than I am now,) so that was a catalyst for me. I paired that with some health issues my husband has, and decided that if we wanted to make it to see our grandchildren (long way away) we need to change our ways. We changed over to a mostly-vegetarian diet (we still eat fish occasionally) just about a year ago. I started a blog at the end of last year - initially, just to put the information out there (to refer back to and to be accountable to someone, anyone) but it has become a great place for catharsis and for finding like-minded 'stranger friends.'

Really, there are no better people than the people here on this blog. They are supportive, kind, and beautiful.

You have found the right place for helpful hints and encouragement. Ask any questions you have... visit our blogs... and like Deb said, start your own blog!

Good luck and Welcome!!!!!


Grendle said...

Kris and All,

The weight issue is one that gets me a lot more than I'd like to admit at my wise old age! After all these years, the thought that gets me on the right path is "What advise would you give a good friend?" You would tell him/her to be nice to herself and be healthy, who cares about numbers! Having a scale in the house made me completely crazy-I got rid of it! There's still the weigh ins at the docs, but not the daily obsessing and judging at home. Be nice to yourself!


Dianne said...

Jenn and others, do not flog yourself. I too have a juicer sitting on the counter in a box, and have bought veggies more than once. I was already depressed when I was DX with breast cancer in Sept 2007. I was in my fifth week of radiation when I was laid off from my job. And I broke up with my boyfriend of 7+ years as he would not deal with me in many levels. So I think for me and you the first thing to deal with is the depression. I think getting off sugar and onto some life affirming things - green tea, veggies, meditation - helps me. I am also working with animals as a volunteer and that brightens my day.

Do any of you follow Leroy Seivers blog on NPR? He is amazing too. He did a video with Ted Koppel on his journey with cancer.

Basic Me said...

Thanks for breaky in bed.. Duncan got the flap jacks compliments of you.. excuse. I was starving this morning. I am glad you had a wonderuful time. I cannot wait to see you in all your glory. Honey bear you are not the only CSC with issue on the scale. It happens to everyone. This lifestyle should crank it right off. You have been mega busy. Which in turn means mega short on concentration on self.. Truth to you.. how long has it been since you jumped on that trampoling and danced. Just put a little more dancing in and all will come out. And try and remember that if you haven't noticed you are the sparkling gold standard of beauty the rest of us are fighting to reach! Go easy. You are on a roll. This will roll off too.

Hi Jennsfirstbabysteps, Look at you woman!!!! You are making a huge step today. Wham outted yourself. Well I think just from a person to a persons point of view is that fear you keep talking about is holding your hand a little tight. Ok. Most of us have suffered from depression not on your scale but here is an idea. I have found when I cannot get out of my rocker and moving fear is rocking in the chair beside me. So tomorrow. Make a schedule. MINI one. At 10:00 I will juice.Now if you juice by 1 pm fabulous..just do it even if you hate it. make yourself. Then be proud and thrilled you whooped up and sent fear packing. Then at 10 the next morning start getting ready.. and before you know it you will be juicing each day closer and closer to you goal. Depression takes tons of habits to beat. That behavior modifacation crap really works. It is just painful. Don't worry about it being bad or not what you wanted. Just make yourself clean it all up and do it again. This monster you are fighting really has fuel. Have you figured out the fuel for it yet? Not moving. is the fuel. AT all. It feeds on you. SO if you buck it a little a day then next year at this time it will seem just a pain. You said bi-polar so I bet you know that jazzed feeling you are waiting on to be ultra inspired and ready to go at nine times normal and hitting perfection. Well that will be the feeling you are able to culitvate thru the hard work. Then you hopefully stay on meds and wont hit manic or depression. It is a delicate balance. Movement kills the fear.. that voice that lurks saying you will fail, you wont be like everyone else, you will be less.. it is a liar and bullshit. So press on and just put three things in a day for a week then add it is ok at your pace. Life will get better. I cannot wait to see how you do. NO pressure. Just one day at a time. That is how a life is made. I have a close friend with this. I am however not a dr. so make sure you talk to yours if you need too.

Let me know how it goes. You will be in my thoughts always.

Ok guys. got to get my tooshie to Junior Leagueing it.. Love you all. Happy trails

Oh Kris.. isn't if funny how we come full circle in our lives over and over again. You are the kerovac of your own movement. A revolution baby!!! And we are on the journery listening to music and feeling it all. Fabulous ride across america. The more we change the more we stay the same. Life is a circle.. Love it. Hugs Callie

jennsfirstattempt said...

Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome. I love this family you have created Kris. Callie, Deb and Lisa, I appreciate your suggestions and will start my own blog today (big gulp). Callie, I'm going to make three goals and go for it. There's really nothing to lose right? I'm so excited to be a non-lurker. Love and Hugs (and veggies soon). Peace! Jenn

jennsfirstattempt said...

I forgot Dianne, Thank you! I'm checking out your blog. Hugs

Witness said...

Hi to all the rockin' and beautiful canser babes and dudes and to Kris and esp Mr. Crazy Sexy - Happy Birthday to Brian! I had to post because (insert Twilight Zone music here) I also went to a museum yesterday! And it had been ages for me too! Which is such a shame since I am an artist, I should be going all the time! I went to see the amazing Ed Hopper exhibit at the Art Institute in Chicago, so if any of you are Chi peeps, go check it out! Feb is free at the AIC and the exhibit is only $10 in Feb too! It was a super awesome show and as an added bonus we checked out the photography gallery and they were having an amazing show called "Girls on the Verge", with pics of girls from all over the world at the ages of about 11-15yrs. It showed us the awkward beauty that being a tween/teen girl is and the vulnerability and hope they all have. It was truly incredible and as I looked at all of the girls in these photos, I couldn’t help but wonder what they thought of themselves and of the world. Kris, it would be great if you blogged about the scale because no matter how many shrink sessions or how many Oprah eps, it still gets to me, this weight of me, and I have to say that after looking at the lovely ladies in those photos yesterday I can see the same things running through their minds. How do we cure our culture of this, or can we? Maybe just one day at a time…
Take care all!

Barbara said...

I was so happy to hear the DVD was coming out so soon. I can't wait to get it. I'm excited about the yoga routine. Thanks for the recipe. I will have to try it!

Cheryl said...

Hi Kris and everyone,

I love love love MOMA. I go every time I'm in NYC, which is a few times a year.

Weight: sigh. I had just gotten "healthy" before my diagnosis (lost a needed 20 lbs, was running and weight lifting). Chemo sent me into a tailspin. Cut to a year later, done with chemo and I have not been as healthy eating-wise as I should be. I love my green drink in the AM. BUT I'm making up for lost time by seeing lots of friends, out for dinner, etc. which does not always add up to good eating. Throw in a trip to Italy and BAM: 10 lbs back on. Oh, and the wine. My weakness.

I just feel better when I'm eating healthier and have to get back in the swing.


Basic Me said...

jennfirst: OH and precious beauty.. you make that your date with yourself. NO pressure.. that will kill you.. just easy in.. then voila. if you miss your date. Tomorrow is another day. Kris has a three day rule. Let yourself off the hook only in emergency for three days then it stinks so get moving. You cannot fail if you love YOU it is ok. Have a cup of tea and tomorrow is another day scarlett! Love ya.. big. You are brave and wonderful GO FOR IT! Let us know how it goes.. good bad or ugly.. we are here and it is fine.. Love ya.

Iffat said...

Hello everybody,

I was away from computer for two days and missed out TODAY show with our BIG Champion Kris. what a bummer!
Hate it!
I wish they air it again.
Can someone please post it somehow.
May be our knowledge power house Clint can do something about it?
Can't wait to see Kris again and again're such a inspiration.
and a very very HAPPY Belated Birthday to Brian.
May you both enjoy many many many .....Birthdays together.

Love, Hugs and Blessings to all.

countryliving said...

Thank you so much Kris for your inspiration and strength!
I so appreciate everyones honest and insightful views, it is a
wonderful education for me.
Love and blessings to you all!

skyecat said...

Well, I walked over the the Library but the Kerouac exhibit is closed until 3/1--so, I'll go back--it's a must see!

What a beautiful day it is outside today--I hope you are all getting out and enjoying the sunshine--and if you can't--well, it's being sent your way.

Obsessedwithlife said...

You two are so cute and I'm happy you had such a lovely day!

Art can definitely do wonders!

Yes, I've struggled with the weight thing too-I know I'm not overweight by a long stretch but it plays with your mind when your clothes (the ones you love) are getting on the tight-side.

And yes, we do love Dee!

debbiedoesraw said...

Ok Miss Kris..I have been thinking and have to tell you that any fertility doc would tell you that a few extra lbs are GREAT for baby making..also the thought came into my crazy head that perhaps you are already .....preggers????!
love you
PS to Brian csc bday boy: you still have to do book club ya can do it midweek, we'll let you slide this time:)

JANN said...

Callie, I'm so psyched that you're a southern girl from Mobile. I'd love to meet you in Jackson sometime. I too have worked with the MMA. Do you work in the arts or art education? My brother lives in Fairhope AL. Seems we have much in common, including a cajun legacy! I grew up in New Orleans. Moved to Mississippi when I married. My email address is

Sweet Rebecca, thanks for posting that cute photo of me and Jason. And thanks also for your kind and loving comments. You are a bright light and I love you.

Got up early to feed the cows with my hubby Grey (5:30am). We came upon a baby calf who had JUST been born and saw him stand for the first time! That's why mama cow didn't come running for food when the rest of the herd did! Grey is also dealing with cancer (lungs, liver, brain). I'll tell you all more about him later. Needless to say, it sucks a BIG FAT EGG that we are both dealing with the BIG C. It's a blessing that I'm feeling pretty well right now, cause he's kinda weak and gets winded very easily. I've just fed us and he's settled in the easy chair. Now it's off to chemo for me.

It is a GLORIOUS day here in Mississippi. Cool with lots of sunshine. Absolutely beautiful. And the chemo is the worst set up I've ever seen. Thank goodness the people are wonderful.
Blessings everyone, Jann

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Cool! Thanks for the recipe :) Do you have a brand recommendation for coffee grinders? or any other kind of grinder?
Also a recommendation for a 80/20 cookbook with great recipes?
Glad you had a fun day :) sounds like a great time! I can't wait to see that video clip. As far as the scale, uhh, throw it out the window :)
I have gained 6 very un-needed pounds since dec. I have not been working out like I used too, and have had a bit too many 'cheat' meals.
(i think partly because i run out of raw food ideas, get bored then eat a crappy quick meal etc.)

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Kris~ oh! maybe you can have a recipe room for the forum!! That would be AWESOME!!!!!!
(maybe people have already mentioned that, probably, i cant remember?)

And, Callie~
publish a book of all your recipes please for all of us lol :) and if theres a recipe room in the forum, I hope you share ALL your ideas! LOL & Debbie too!

Justme117 said...

Kris! You cant take a bad picture!! Because your gorgeous!! Seriously, every time I check the blog and see your purrty face on there Im like "awwww"! Beautiful. I think you are my girl crush. :)

I'm glad to hear your segment went well. It wasn't on by me but I know you rocked it, and Im sure you looked smokin'! And don't worry about the melt down. We all have them. And I have learned from YOU that all you need in those times is a change in focus, "from your body, to your perception of your body". I have had the wisdom of Kris ringing in my ears all week and, I can't even tell you.... the result was many "AHA" moments as Oprah would say. So thank you.

Hope your day is good! Put on those cowboy boots, dim the lights, and rock that beret while you bust a move today!

Tae said...

Yes please to the scale/weight blog! Some major body issues (not to mention emotional eating issues) going on here!

Lauren said...

Kris I loved the Jack Kerouac exhibit. It is fabulous. I need to go back. I was there 2 hours, but there's so much to read. I loved reading all of it.
I hope you read the letter Jack Kerouac's mom sent to Alan Ginsberg or was it someone else? Anyways it was fabulous. She did not approve at all of their friendship and wanted him out of her son's life! The way she told him off was priceless.

So...the scale, I hate it. Why is it so easy to gain weight? I think I could probably gain 5lbs in a day if I wanted to. That shouldn't be possible, but I swear it is. Although when I got the stomach flu I lost 6 lbs in one weekend. I was like (a la Devil Wears Prada) "I'm one more stomach flu away from my goal weight!"

adventure grrl said...

Yesterday I blogged about the big, scary scale.

Plunging into depression, I gained 40 pounds and it is not cute. But yesterday someone who reads about my battles wrote in AND GAVE ME SUCH AWESOME PERSPECTIVE, I thought I would share it with you guys.

In part I wrote:

"One of the reasons I broke up with my therapist is she kept insisting that what I weighed did not matter. Which is why I had to fire her because to me, IT REALLY, REALLY, REALLY DOES MATTER. I couldn't help but think after she said that, that after 2 years and 6 months of visits and paying her what amounted to what half a car costs - SHE DOES NOT GET ME AT ALL.

She wanted me to say, "I am not my weight."
ME: "But I am"
HER: "No you're not."
ME: "Yes, I am."
HER: "No you're not."
ME: "Yes, I am and you're fired, Lady!"

Then I flipped over her coffee table and her "Psychology Today" magazines and Co-Dependent No More pamphlets went splaying everywhere and I prompted STROMED OFF.

Okay, that last part might be a LIL' exaggerated. The point is, I AM MY BODY. And this body, with it's round belly and big butt, were hard won by grief over my cousin's death, sadness, devastating break-up, unemployment, unexpected parent illness (read: mother going crazy), etc. So if I don't acknowledge that I AM MY BODY it's like ignoring all it took to get me here."

One person wrote in saying they could NEVER love their stretch marks. Then someone else wrote in BLOWING ME AWAY.

She said she had sarcoid and it left her with terrible scars and stretch marks and she said when she looks at them she says, "I'm glad I'm here to see them."

WOW. That really moved me. I've dealt with so much unexpected death and illness around me that I'm shocked I sometimes need a commenter on my blog to give me perspective.

"Hey back fat, hey little chub rub, I'm glad I'm here to see you."


apoopslingingmonkey said...

frustration with diets etc. I can totally relate..but dieting and juicing are so different...and juicing living, is way better than diet living... juicing mindset is way different that dieting mindset. Dieting has been apart of my whole life lol, but juicing only since October, and they are sooo completely different. Juicing will naturally automatically inspire you to start eating healthy...dieting at least for me never really inspired me to be "HEALTHY" rather dieting inspires to be "THIN" lol...way different! think of it this way, do you take a bath first to get clean enough in order to take a shower... if you wait until you get rid of the 'pudgies, or until your 'thin' or all ready 'healthy' or already 'eat righting' first, in order to start juicing you will probably will never juice... because we can never hold up and live up to our 'standard' of what we think is perfect or near perfect, or even acceptable according to what we want or think...let go of the bondage of frustration, break the chains of the diet mindset, and embrace the green juice...once you start juicing you will realize ...and even if you don't want to go all raw or 80/20 or even 50/50 lol, just as long as you add some green juice each day, just make that your first and only goal, a glass of greens a day- and even eat what you want the rest of the day, cause eventually you will soon see that your eating habits will automatically start to come in line with the green juice...its weird, but very true... If I drink my greens at breakfast, the last thing I want at lunch is a hamburger lol...and if I eat a green salad at lunch with some avocado,seeds,sprouts etc, the last thing I want at dinner is eat a, I'd feel like I ruined my whole healthy day, I'd feel like after giving my body living food all day I'd hate to now give it trash, and there was no condemnation in my thinking, like the way 'dieting' brings condemnation in the mind....Juicing kinda frees you from that condemnation mindset. And for me personally on the days I cheat- a day that has an unhealthy meal, is usually the day I don't start out my day with my green juice. Take that step of faith and go get the juicer :)

hi, glad your out of lurker mode....note to all you other lurkers out there, please stand up, please stand up :) come out too, Im sure there are more, lol.... anyway, buy some greens to start, at least eat greens salads, or just get a juicer, its really simple to juice too, and its not as overwhelming as it might seem, and it actually tastes good lol :) and pretty much what I said to leenda, might help you too for first steps :)

Whole_Body_Healer said...

Goony, re: linseed oil & cottage cheese...Deb is right, it's flaxseed oil & cottage cheese. The doctor who had this treatment protocol is Dr. Johanna Budwig. Some people swear by it. There is a Yahoo group (flaxseed oil2?) that focuses on the Budwig diet. There is also a guy named Bill Henderson, who advocates this as one of the components in a healing protocol-Beating Cancer Gently. Here's a link to his book/website, Beating Cancer Gently Site

Here is a podcast where he speaks generally about the approach & some about the Budwig approach. He also mentions the Yahoo group. The basic idea is that the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil creates greater permeability of cell walls & thus enabling greater oxygen uptake, to help create an unfriendly environment for cancer to thrive. He discusses 5 other components of the protocol in this podcast. Bill Henderson Podcast

Here's a list with descriptions of other of his podcasts of possible interest. Bill Henderson Podcast TOC

I do not have personal experience with this protocol. I have an allergy to dairy products, so couldn't even consider it. Just providing these pointers in case you want to learn about this approach.

Perhaps a silver lining of the cottage cheese thing is that your FIL is starting to be engaged in his healing, maybe not fully or even utilizing the best approach, but engaged nonetheless. But of course you can help educate him. I wondered if you were kind of feeling alone in helping your FIL? If your family is happy for you to lead the way, it would be helpful if everyone is on the same page; if they're not, consider asking specifically for this support, relative to your FIL. Also, if it's feasible, perhaps you could speak to the nursing home staff & see if they would help in restricting some of your FIL's food along lines that have been agreed to relative to sugar.

Then there is the sugar transition. It can be hard to go cold turkey off sugar & can be even tougher emotionally if you're trying to confront your fears about all this & the possibility of death...we reach for the cookie (especially if it's right there in front of us!) or whatever to make us feel better, even if only for a short time. In my experience, I found that having low glycemic fruit (1xday), such as an apple, instead, helped in the switch from goodies like cookies, and then gradually shifting the fruit to less & less frequency. This helped tremendously & the taste shift away from sugar can happen in 3 or 4 days. Hang in there! Your gift is preciious.

Whole_Body_Healer said...

Kris, congratulations on your TODAY show experience. It sounds by all accounts to have gone well! I trust that whenever the video becomes available, it will be a good time to be seen. Glad you 2 had fun on the expedition. Happy belated BDay to Brian!

Tae said...

adventuregirl- now YOU have given me great perspective on my own body issues.

I always thought of my fat as a sign of weakness...weakness that I filled myself with food when I felt emotionally empty, weakness that I couldn't say no to the cravings.

Now, I'm seeing them as a sign of strength. I made the choice to give into the weakness of food rather then the weakness of walking away from the hard stuff.

leenda said...

Hiya Poops,
Thanks Luv for all the guidance.I ttotally get it.Dieting for me is being very mindful of what I eat.It's sad that I'm overweight cuz I don't do burgers & pizzas.Chemo,neuropathy,and no exercise has alot to do with it,plus not being totally mindful of what and how much I eat.
I don't have image problems,and I'm ok with my bod and curves.I guess why I'm cautious with atempting juicing until I start being more mindful of what I eat is the fear of not being satisfied.I would be upset if after I went to the trouble of juicing and then made a bad food choice cuz I was hungry.Seems when I diet for a bit,it's not long until cravings and the hungries are under control.
So that brings me to being a juicing virgin.(I know I'm making this harder than needed)I want to be successful.I don't have a clue as to what to eat all day every it.But after that..I want to be happy about my choice,not scared cuz I don't have enough knowledge on a day to day basis.
This should be very easy for me.I love veggies,salads.etc.Here's one of my big things.Fruit.Oh hells yes.Love it!!!Put See's and fruit in front of me..fruit 99% of the time will be my choice.I do believe in time it will all fall into place.I know to bepatient and not be overwhelmed by all of it.It's alot,really,food combos,etc.But indeed,it does come down to that leap of faith.
It's painful to walk,or sit or stand,but ENOUGH!Went walking today,and I'm glad I did it.Sooo pretty out.I soaked up enough sun at Lodi Lake to convince me that the pain may stay with me for a bit and walking may trigger it more,but I'm going for it.Baby steps.Thanks for holding my hand while I take them.

debbiedoesraw said...

to Leenda and all needing equipment:
this website has great prices and free quick shipping... they will also give you money off if you order a certain is great for all your stuff. I got the Jack LaLanne 150.00 it is super powerful and makes fast incredible green smoothies.. just as good as vitamix and blendtec..Way cheaper. I got the excalibur 4 drawer dehydrator and the omega juicer (219.00)
vist me at
I wrote about my mom today.. she passed away four years ago...she is so missed.

Jillian said...

OK- I am officially de-lurking myself! Jenn, you've inspired me to get out of the shadows. Plus- big news (drum roll please...) I bought my first juicer today (applause)! Of course then I went out and ate french fries and Jack Daniels- but I feel really yucky and won't do that again anytime soon.

Here is my abv. story: I'm twenty-nine (30 in 3 weeks- I can't wait, my 20's weren't all that great) and was diagnosed with cancer of the glandular cells of my cervix. So I had a hysterectomy, and they realized that my tumor was twice as big as they thought, so chemo and radiation was recommended. I only had 6 weeks of treatment, but it was really intense and sucked a lot. Now I'm in remission and kicking ass at life like never before!

Kris- It was at my first chemo treatment that someone told me about your book. They brought it for me to read at my second treatment and I was hooked! Anyone who says you're dangerous is just insane- you got me THROUGH chemo, you didn't discourage me against it. Seriously- doctors can be nuts sometimes...

Anyway- I couldn't go veggie while I was in treatment- anytime I ate a veg it came right back up... my tummy didn't like it. But now I'm reading all about the wonderful world of raw foods and eating about 75/25- which is good for a meat a potatoes girl!

Anyway- I read the comments on the blog all the time and you women (and men) have given me loads of encouragment and laughs and ideas and inspiration.... I love you all and you're all in my thoughts and prayers every day!

Well- expect to hear alot more from me- once i start talking I don't usually shut up!

With tons of love-


Jillian said...

OH Kris- about the scale... if you don't step on it, it can't hurt you!

But seriously, I've been there- I quit smoking a couple of years ago and promply gained crazy weight- add to that the stress of cancer and the steriods they gave me during treatment. Well- the scale isn't much of a friend to me.

Just remember- you're hot- from the inside out (just ask your husband, I'm sure he'd agree!). And cut yourself a little slack-you've been under a lot of stress... sitting at a computer all day for a month righting a book is bound to have an effect! Plus- maybe a little extra weight is God's plan to get you ready for Crazy Sexy Mommyhood!

Much love,


debbiedoesraw said...

Welcome Jilly!
You are a true rockstar canser babe are in good hands here...Kris's cute little hands!
And all our arms around you too!

MoreJoy said...

Kris, Wish I was able to catch your interview on the Today Show. Do you think they would consider an encore?? What if everyone here on this blog wrote in to the Today Show and asked to have the segment repeated on their National broadcast. Just a thought....

Debbie, got your samples in the mail today!! I can't wait to try the juice tomorrow and I'll let you know what I think. Thank you lovely lady.

Pleasant evening to all.

Dee said...

Jilly- Congrats on the remission! And the 'coming out' here on the blog. We're so glad you did! (Maybe I should just speak for myself?) Either way, thank you so much for sharing your story. I love hearing about everybody's experiences.

So many newbies/oldies/whatevers popping out and saying hello! It's fantastic!

Sundari said...

Juicing is spreading like wildfire! Kris has sparked something in people that has caused a ripple effect. Has anyone read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell? The CSC community is a living, breathing "tipping point" that has opened the floodgates of healing and light. I swear this blog has a heartbeat.

Kris-Thanks for stopping by my blog again. Hearing from you inspires me to reach out to more people and spread love and encouragement!

Dr.Sue said...

I bet the Kerouac exhibit was cool! Long ago I loved reading Kerouac, Ginsberg & Burroughs.I think Burroughs was the biggest freak, interesting writer though. I liked reading about guys who partied more than me!

I loved those recipes. I too am a huge Thai & Indian food lover, my husband, not so much.

I've been a LUSH babe since 2000. I love their stuff. My fav is the Karma products.

I really liked the wheatgrass powder, sweeter than what I have, though both are very good. Thanks again.
xoxo Sue

Dee said...

Sundari- The Tipping Point is simply fantastic. And I definitely agree.

Justme117 said...

OK...this might be the dumbest question ever.....but here goes.......... I have learned a lot about eating raw here, and a lot of people talk about 80/20 or 75/ exactly do you know what percentage you are eating??? Ive really been trying to turn around my diet, and I think I have been doing a good job, but I don't know...

Ex: Today was, green juice, fresh berries (breakfast), huge salad with avocado, baked sweet potato (lunch), home made all natural chicken noodle soup and a veggie burger for dinner.....

What could I/should I do to tweek this? Is this ok the way it is?? I am fighting to get healthy and would really appreciate your help......

Becky B - Colorado said...

-jennsfirst: welcome to the blog girlfriend and welcome to juicing!! It took me forever to buy my juicer, but when I finally started juicing I couldn't stop! My hubby & 3 teens think I'm crazy - veggies & yoga, etc. - I just keep going! I hear ya about the depression - some of my days are really dark, but I bought a "Happy Light" from Giaim (10,000 lux = simulted sunlight) and use it every morning for 1/2 hour. BIG difference in my moods - most of the time - there is no magic pill or quick fix! But you've come to the right place, sweetie!! Kris: I'm in Colo. so I missed the show (got up early!)- I was bummed but I know others will post it! And...HOW do I order the DVD & book from your website??? Last, Debbie: where do you find that wheatgrass everyone is talking about?
I love you all more than words can bless me!!!

debbiedoesraw said...

becky b
It is from overseas.. got it from my colonic lady.
come over to my blog and look for the post on INS bioscience wheat grass.. it is really good and really different.
I can send you a sample.. just email me at and give me your mailing address.
PS it is good that all around you think you are crazy.. it keeps them on their toes!

Michelle J said...

Hello, i'll delurk a bit! Just a funny thought on scales and being weighed. A friend of mine swears that if she moves her scale to different parts of her home, the weight shown flucuates, so of course she goes around with her scale and waits until she sees the lowest weight! :O)
Scales can be dangerous!!!

P.S. Kris Carr left a comment on my blog!!! I find that very cool!

Dee said...

Justme- The easiest way, at least for me, to stick to 80/20 is to think about it in math terms. Yeah, I'm kind of a dork, sorry. Basically, 80% of what I eat through out the day is going to be raw. Let's say, I am going to eat 10 items, 8 of them, will be raw. For me, a typical day usually includes avocado on sprouted grain bread with some celery sticks, green lemonade, a larabar, an alt sandwich on sprouted grain bread, maybe a chopped salad somewhere in there, and then with my 'dinner' I'll have one or two cooked items. I always feel better on days I eat more raw than not, I tend to feel sluggish when I consume more cooked foods but sometimes, a baked sweet potato REALLY hits the spot. I don't know if you follow levels, or food combination or anything like that, but if you don't or want to know more about it, I really recommend Natalia Roses 'The Raw Food Detox Diet', it's a great tool to really educate yourself on how the food is processed by your body and why what you eat and when really matters. I hope this helped, if you have any more questions don't hesitate to email me or whatever. :)

Dee said...

Oh! And Justme- p.s. NO such thing as a stupid question, ever. Especially not here!

Rhonda Radliff said...

Howdy CSC Cuties,

Jennsfirst...rock on sister and let it out! Negative brain talk is nasty stuff. You can juice and eat more raw, just try to add ONE raw thing in per day. Just think in a week you will have 7 raw things in your day! If you miss a day, just keep adding.... it all makes a difference! You can do it I just know it.

Jillian... congrats on the remission. Your 30th bday will be superfunderful (my new made up word)!

Regarding LUSH products... my time living in europe was made so so much better because I was addicted to LUSH. All the products are a feast for the body in how they feel, smell and rejuvenate the soul. Do it... you won't be disappointed (it's the equivilent of 'wheatgrass' for the outside of your body)

About the body... Yeah, well I have been overweight since about... birth. I can ramble about body stuff for minutes. Seriously, we are our bodies that's true. People will judge us and think that they know us by whay they SEE and perceive. HOWEVER, only I can choose to let others define me... or not. Most days I choose to define myself. Other days I let the taunts, jabs and stares reach my heart.

My only suggestion for dealing with 'scale stress' is don't do it. If you feel strong and healthy on the inside you will shine from your smile to your toes. If you are proud to be alive after fighting for each breath and each day, your body becomes your temple to celebrate. Besides, our bodies are constantly transforming. Why judge something that 'ain't done yet'?

Kris and Brian! Hope all birthdays get celebrated with breaky in bed and art!

Andre Dubus is one of my favorites. Debbie... who knew we would both crush on Dubus?

Clint... I'm in Houston. Let's meet for some raw food maybe?

Well folks, I'm back to work to get some stuff done before the big BONE MARROW BIOPSY in the morning. Big day at the cancer center tomorrow. I am banking on some great pain meds to ease the pain.
love and hugs,

leenda said...

Good luck tomorrow Rhonda.Tell them not to be shy with your meds!Will be thinking about you,keep us posted.
Sleep well

Sabrina said...


Scnewme: The coupon code for Lush is giftforyou08. Anyone who had read the post about their natural products & wanted to check them out can use that coupon code online for 15% off your entire purchase (Expires: March 15, 2008 @

^^Sorry not a plug, I don't work there but I think products like these are much better (all natural, environmentally friendly, donate to charity & use fair-trade raw materials) than manufactured chemical concoctions. =)

Sabrina said...

Just realized my first post never went through =/ gahh!!! Oh well, love to you all!!

Debbie: My mom often talks about how hard it was losing her mother 4 years ago as is truly a great loss ....yet, optimistically, it's quite a great gain for the both of them since they are in eternal heavenly bliss -- smiling down upon us and wanting to watch us follow our dreams.

;) Whatever your interpretation may be, I know having those beliefs gets you through the tough times!

Kris: Glad you had a special day with Brian!! Loved your story about your final paper...reminds me of my AP English teacher who dressed in dark purple & black, dramatized poems & loved Edgar Allen Poe, & didn't believe in Valentine's Day. She was the BEST english teacher I've ever had.

I truly believe that being yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you change is one of life's greatest accomplishments.

I'm tired!!! Can't remember what else I posted =/ Get a good sleep chickadee's!! Night!

karen said...

Hello all,

I am new to this. A little scary as I have never been on a chat room before. I am currently in Houston, have been on Gleevec for GIST for over a year and am now being upped because its just not doing what it needs to right now. I have to admit that its time for me to start really fighting this sh*&t with more than just my attitude.
I go back to Chicago tomorrow and am looking for ideas on my first steps into more raw foods and wheatgrass. I have a juicer but need some helpful advice.

Justme117 said...

Ah! Dee! You are the best thank you so much. And dorks rule! I myself am a fellow dork. I love all things dorky-at the top of my list....Star Trek. Love it. :)

Dee said...

Karen- Grab a copy of CSC Tips and The Raw Food Detox Diet and get to reading and educating yourself! Both are wonderful vasts of knowledge. If you have time, grab anything by Pollan (Michael Pollan) to further the self educating. Knowledge is power.

Justme- You're so welcome! Let me know if there's anything, anything, anything else I can do. :)

Hilary Baumann said...

Skip the Soy Milk and try homemade Almond Milk (much tastier than the packaged stuff... less likely to be GMO.)

Soy makes me muchousy unless it's fermented (like real tofu, miso or real soy sauce.)

There are plenty of recipes for making your own almond milk on GITMR Someone even mentioned simply using an unsalted almond butter with water, some agave and vanilla for a quick version (but I haven't tried that recipe yet.)

LYB said...

Okay, so finally saw my blood under a microscope for the first time. A little anxiety raising to have my doctor and good friend really see me from the inside. All looks pretty good,in fact really good. I have some cleaning up to do, but we won't know everything until after the gamit of tubes of blood come back from the lab. Also, Doc wanted to watch the slide all day to see how my blood reacted through out the day. All in all, Doc was impressed and feels with a few minor adjustments and of course re-instituting wheatgrass will get things to be exactly where we want them to be. Another round in 6 weeks and I am more committed than ever! This blog is a big part of it too, thanks loves!

The scale issue..... a problem for me. I can't get my weight stable and for someone who has been active and healthy and fit for a lifetime, this is hard to stomach....quite literally! Ugh...frustrating.

Green cheers to you all....have a wonderful day!

Jenny said...

I didn't get to the blog to see that you would be on TV, but I happened to see part of your appearance are radiant ! I immediately exclaimed "Hey!" when I saw you & my whole family thought you must be my best friend the way I reacted!

I'm glad you enjoyed MOMA....I'll be taking my oldest daughter there in the spring. I'm looking forward to it.

It means so much to me that you have shown our lives in a different light. I do have your doc on tivo, but I plan to buy it for the extras....can't wait!
healing love energy to you & everyone in our little town.

Cheryl said...


Good luck today! We'll be thinking of you.


jennsfirstattempt said...

Good Morning CSC Beauties,

A big thank you for all the wonderful and inspiring comments. I had my first GREEN DRINK this morning and I have to tell you I loved it. The green color is just intimidating. They say never judge a book by it's cover, well the same goes for juicing.

Deb, I've decided to start a blog! Thank you for the nudge! Juicing and this lifestyle seems to really be bringing miracles to a lot of you so I figure what do I have to lose? I have always heard about the food, exercise connection to depression but get so caught up in a vicious cycle that it never gets done. The blog and my new friends will inspire me. Something about putting it on paper (or in cyberworld) holds people accountable I think. So today I will start the blog and we'll see what happens as I change my lifestyle.

To all the other lurkers (you know who you are), come's a safe place and is really amazing to connect with so many wonderful people. I'm so glad a couple of you did yesterday!

Kris, I'm still amazed that someone said you could be "dangerous." WTF-how is making positive changes to your lifestye dangerous? I don't get it. The medical community drives me bonkers. I will blog on my views and horrible experience with a particular doctor soon- when i get the blog up and running.

Until then, Thanks everyone. You have already made a difference and I love this safe feeling you have created.

Clint- where are you?

Peace, Jenn

hidenator said...

Hi Cris,

I was watching Oprah show tonight by cable TV in Bangkok Thailand. I guess it is quite late for you, anyway, I was quite impressed that you are doing. I had minor cancer in my throid gland and had enlarged too much, so cut off my 40% of them in 2003. I am still having small medicine not to have same tumor again. Now, completely ok since then. Oh, forgot to tell you that I am a Japanese guy, 36, having 3 kids, and stationing in Thailand alone (my family in Japan)for my work. I will check your blog once in a while from now on.

Becky B - Colorado said...

Yeah Jenn!!! Here's a big high five through the web to you for juicing this morning...I'm getting ready for work & currently enjoying my kale/celery/cucumber combo (very green!) and wishing it hadn't snowed last night...I'm SO ready for spring :-)
Debbie: can't wait to try the wheatgrass - you are a doll!
Kris: I NEED the Dvd & book hun.....must convince my family I'm not going bonkers after all and your first hand testimony will do the trick! How do I order it?? (Oh yeah, my 15 year old daughter loves to watch the trailer for the dvd - she's now a huge fan and spreading the word to all of her friends!! Way to go Kris - you are helping to change a whole new generation!!)

debbiedoesraw said...

Welcome Karen
Go to has GIST and is using a nutritional protocol to fight it and it doing very well with it. He has a nutritionist that specializes in gist.
good luck!

Cravin' Veggies said...

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

More de/un-lurkers! Fantastic!!

Welcome and Congrats Jilly!!

Sundari & Dee: YAY! Another must read to add to my ever-growing book list.

Jennsfirst: You rock! Just remember... Baby Steps. Can't wait to visit the new blog!

Rhonda: Thinking of you today.

Tae: How are you and your husband doing?

Clint: Wherefore art thou?


Chris in Wyoming said...

Good morning! I am amazed every day when I read the sharing, caring, love, recipes, help, suggestions,! You all are wonderful and I am happy you are chattin' together on the porch!
BeckyB-Colorado--Where in Colorado? I am in Cheyenne, Wyoming...
Dee-as always, you offer the best stuff!
Debbie-I got the packets and will try them out. Thank you so much. So, how can we order them for ourselves? Purchase through you?
Callie-you make my day. I loved the lenten reading 13...right on and I will make my list and find my rock.
Hugs all!
Chris in Wyoming

Treat Cancer said...

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librarymom said...

jennsfirstattempt: Congrats on that big first step- delurking! Give credit where credit is due, you done good! Surprisingly, this winter I have had my first bout with what may be depression (or just really out of what hormones during my cycle). It's tough. Many of us understand, and we are here for you. For me, what gets me out of bed and in the driver's seat are my kids. They wil not have memories of mom with brain cancer AND depression! Find out what gets you out and about, and go with it. I also get the "all or nothing" mentality, but the kindest, most gentle way to go about lifestyle changes are gradual. Again, go easy on yourself. It's easy to fail if you go all out, but it's easy to succeed if you take small steps.

Patricia: Thanks for the cancer prayers. I believe in the power of prayer, and it's great to know there are people out there carin' and prayin' for us canser survivors.

Dianne- You are totally on the right track about getting off sugar and on to some life-affirming foods. And yes, I follow Leroy's blog, too!

To all the others coming out of the closet to join us: A BIG welcome! Thanks for adding to our community- we can all learn from one another, and grow from the communications, no matter where we are on this journey!

And finally, to all who have posted: Your posts, no matter what the content,encourage me to stay the course. The weight of the world has been upon me the past week- hormones, another blood clot in the lung, horrific virus that left me in bed with 104 fever for two days, etc. Then my husband caught it, passed out at work, and I had even more on my plate while he was out of it. Whew. Kinda makes me want to eat cookies and crawl in bed! Anyway, I read through the blog daily and I get an energy surge from y'all! I am once again seeing the silver lining, and wanting to remain on track with my raw lifestyle. It's been a year of raw and juicing, and I know I am healthier because of it!

karen said...

Thanks Dee and Debbie,

I am going to the bookstore today after I close on my new condo with my fiance. So many great things happening in my life despite the canser!

I am sure I will have lots more questions for all of you. My sister actually got me the CSC book and I LOVE it. She has printed off lots of recipes and we are planning on a juice party in the very near future.

'Kassandra' FILM ON DVD. said...

Hi Kriss,
All I eat is organic.
Do you also only eat organic and go to only organic restaurant?
It seems that on some packaging that you photographed the word ORGANIC was missing. hmmm that's why I asked. about alcohol, there is tons of sugar in it and sugar feeds tumor so did you add the sake into your drink or was it for your guessed. I am so confused. Nadia.
And what

debbiedoesraw said...

hey Nadia, your blog is um, well, interesting.. so do you do all your 'chats' nude?
just wondering..