Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jimi Hendrix and our forum

Good morning peaceful warriors!

Daily quote...

Give up the love of power for the power of love. - The Reverend Jimi Hendrix

Goddess, I adore that man!

Just a sunshine quickie to let you know that I am thinking and loving each and every one of you...

Some news: Our AWESOME forum is almost ready and though I want her to go live tomorrow, she's shy and lonely and needs a little more prep time before her coming out party - this weekend. So in order to make her feel better we need to fill the pages with chatter and delight.

So I would like to invite the first 20-30 people who email me at with FORUM in the subject heading to stroll around, have a private sneak peek and start some delicious conversation. Anyone interested in pioneering with me? Talk to us! We will contact you with directions on how to log in and some high fives.

Big post tomorrow (my cancerversary), good personal news (I had my scans a few weeks ago but there was so much going on that I didn't want to steal any of the thunder).

Have a lovely day lovely. Remember, start by tying your shoe THEN put one foot in front of the other and LIVE.

Peace and FORUM!!!!!



debbiedoesraw said...

Kris my girl, I felt like you would have good news for us....even with the morning get to school, where's the dog?, are you dressed?, need to juice, got to make miso soup for daughter, I don't know where your shoes are..Let's GO! going on here..I felt I should check...
lots of big giant hugs to you and hubby B.
love debbie

Lauren said...

Good personal news!! I want to know now!

Cravin' Veggies said...

Oh yeah! Good news! Can't wait to hear!!

*Reflecting some of your incredible energy your way*


clint said...

Kris, I 'Ditto' that... me wants to know the good news too !


wuv Clint

scnewme said...

Hendrix, a rockin genius! Countless nights spent jamming with him (who needs Guitar Hero, lol)...a great time to blast some -awesome that you have good news to share - makes everything right with today - congrats to you and yours!


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Thanks gang! He he he, I love creating mystery. :)

Clint aka HuggY B: There is a section on the forum for a featured member, we want you to be the first. You cool with that? I've got your info so I will email you directions for long it. PS. Did you read Eat Pray Love? I think you are like the character Richard from Texas, except you are Clint from Texas.

Maybe you should have your own corner of the forum....Hmmm...

Did ya'll email us yet or what? I have the patience of a nat.


scnewme said...

OMG - You can call it "Clint's Corner." The possibilities are endless!!!

Cravin' Veggies said...

Since we know the possible magnitude of your secrets (like your Oprah appearance), you now have us all salivating like Pavlov's dogs... lmao

Cravin' Veggies said... every time the washer buzzes or the oven timer dings, I will have to check for an update.

he he


heather said...

I didn't juice this morning so have been feeling a bit blah, but was totally revvv'd up by coming here and seeing Jimi's beautiful face and hearing about mysterious good news (yay in advance!) and Clint's corner and a new forum to be launched and maybe a sneak peek! Woo hoo.

Though patience has never been my forte, I'll let the anticipation of good things to come feed me all day until I can get home to my juicer!

Clint is SO Richard from Texas. You're right on there, Miss Kris.

Wishing you all a lovely day. The sun is shining here. Before today, we had something like 11 minutes of sun in all of February. Though it's still 12 degrees I might just go outside to suck up some of the light!

xxoo heather

Rebecca said...

Can't wait to hear your news Kris! I'm hoping it involves something else growing inside of you and I don't mean cancer?!

I don't know Richard from Texas, but Clint, I do know your bowtie is fly!


Rhonda Radliff said...

Hey CSC coyboys and cowgirls!

Good news! Can't wait. Congrats in advance!

Sir Clint needs more than a corner! How about a CASTLE! haha. You may have to get a bigger bow tie to handle all the compliments!

Forum email is sent. Ready to Rock and Roll! Can't wait to pioneer.

Testified about raw food last night to a group of canser dudes and dudettes. Hoping to encourage them to try some new things. We shall see... they didn't seem to love the idea of dark green juices. go figure. I steered clear of colonics for the first conversation.

Fever just won't go away. I am bored with fever. More acupuncture today, but truthfully I am thinking the cough, fever and rumblely chest sounds may mean fluid building up again. I am going to send OUT all the bad fluids.... I am not a friend to pneumonia and she is a guest I don't want to host anymore!!!

Happy I love you Wednesday! (It's a great story, but I will build the suspense too and tell you later)


strongerthanit said...

Sounds terrific - we ALL have the patience of gnats!!

I've been away from the blog for a while - was derailed once more with another Hopkins stay, treament, and more infection.....interesting banter and information I've missed. And I especially appreciate the chat about to heal and to cure. Oh, what a difference!!!

Any of us with metastatic disease knows this. I am clinicially sick and will never be cured. But I don't stop eating well and raw (!!), exercising when I can, and thinking positively.

As my doctors repeatedly tell me, had I not assumed a wholesome and healthy manner of living years ago, I'd be sooo gone long, long, ago.

We are who we are; it is what it is.....move on best you can, take the good with the bad. Don't think I am minimizing this - many days and nights have passed when I have been paralyzed with fear or sadness - I am human! It's all about choices - yes not easy ones especially when mentally bashed with bad news and poor prognosis. So, as long as I can, I will continue to take the chemical beatings if it means I'm in this life with my family just a little longer.

debbiedoesraw said...

Strongerthanit: Welcome back and thanks for your words they are spot on girlfriend.
@ Kris and Dhurmil: I sent my email, oh like 2 secs after this post went reply yet. Is the address correct..or my gnat paitence is too tiny to wait too!
love you all
PS go to basic missions and read Callies words..I am going to start calling her Pastor Callie! She is one spiritual lady.

Martha said...

Hi all:

All this food talk is finally seeping into my consciousness. I had a steak dinner last night but then had dreams that I was putting my beloved cat in a roasting pan. Everyone in my dream was saying, "that's okay, it will turn into a turkey as the oven heats up," but I couldn't get past the fact I was putting something in the oven that I had just been petting. I wonder if my steak eating days are (almost) over. (Am chomping on raw carrots for lunch.)

By the way, have you seen the new magazine Ode? I got my first issue the other day and it looks like Fast Company for the raised consciousness set.

goony said...


Oh my gosh, you are killing me!!!!!

I hope I'm not to late to get the sneak peak, I'll email you as soon as I'm done here.

Martha, That is just too funny. I'm going through the same thing. Semowhere between Skinny Bitch, and China Study, I completely lost my ability to eat meat. Especially a piece of meat that looks like, well , FLESH!!! Last night my family ate spaghetti with meatsauce, and I ate a very large sweet potato, with cinnamon. I felt completely satisfied when I was done, but my main problem is coming up with things to eat since I have to do double duty cooking. Some things like pasta primavera or minestrone soup work for everyone. I'm very excited to see the recipe section on the new forum!


Martha said...

Hi Goony:

(It looks like our friend Flavs -- I originally typed Flabs -- is back at it again. This *has* to be an automated thing. How could anyone be this obstinate?)

Anyway...I'm thinking I'm going to pull down my recipe book Italian Vegetarian (or maybe it's the other way around, I've only seen the spine, haven't actually dipped into it in all the years I've owned it) and see what yummies might be had there.

Reading In Defense of Food, which I did in one sitting, being inspired by DebbieDoesRaw's page, and now this FLESH thing (ewwww) just may be changing my ways.

Now, if I can only lick (so to speak) my sweet tooth, I'd be made in the shade!

goony said...


Fuhgettaboutit!! Sugar has got a stangle hold on me. It is really rediculous how I can't make it through 1 day. It doesn't help that I have kiddies in the house. Tonight I have to bake cookies for their Valentines Day Parties. A few nights ago I was tearing through the kitchen trying to find something sweet and found a tootsie pop in the back of our bread drawer. I don't even know how long it has been in there, but I ate it. So sad.

Flesh. I never thought of it like that until recently. Sometimes it makes my stomache turn to even look at it. And then I have to cook it. This is a major shock to me because I had absolutely no intention of becoming a vegetarian. It just happened. I'm still eating fish though. I don't know if that makes me a cheater or what. Vegetarian Cookbook is a great idea. I think I'll get some from the library.

Your dream reminded me of a very funny dream I had when I was nursing my first child. I dreamt one night that my breasts were like those froth machines at the coffee stores! I was filling up everyones coffee cups with froth! How funny and grose is that!


Cravin' Veggies said...

Eating flesh really does sound gross, doesn't it??

Strange how innocuous words are created for things that we don't really want to think about.

Like calling soldiers 'troops' so as not to actually think of it as people dying.

Or eating 'rump roast' not the flesh of a cow's ass.

Just proves how dupe-able society has become...


leenda said...

LemonMovie.wmv (6048KB Hi everyone,hope ya'll are doing well,we know Miss Kris is!She must be ready to burst with joy.Anyways,my friend emailed me this and of course I'm grossed out by it.The thing is, a couple of weeks ago I went out to lunch and had a salad and some ice tea with a big ole lemon wedge,and I've had tummy issues ever since then.I broke down and got some probiotics today.Has anyone else had a bad experience or heard of this before.I'm so sorry that my message started with the link,I'm not a computer geek,just hoping it made it on here ya know,lol.Love and hugs to all.

Christin ><> said...

lalalallala-----i think Kris is pregnant!!!!!!Quick! Let's start a rumor!!!!! heeheehee......i wnt to know what the news is too!!!!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

YAH! Good news!!! AWESOME! wow I bet your cancerversary this year is a whole lot different from your 1st cancerversary... Look at how much you have accomplished over the last few years, and how many lives you have totally changed, helped, given hope too! :) you my friend are a ROCK STAR in your own right just as Jimi was!

Dee said...

WOO good news!

See, I get stuck in the ER and the hospital and I miss being one of the first 20/30. Darn it all. Boo.

That being said, I'm very excited for the forum and everything else coming down the pipe line!

And Jimi Hendrix is...awesome. Made.of.awesome. My mom was at the original Monterey Pop Festival (the same one that launched Janis Joplins career) that pretty much launched his career in the States. She still has pictures! Ridiculously cool.

RachelRae said...

Question: I am trying to determine what in my diet is making me so darn gassy! Not just a little toot toot here and there, but the "Silent but deadly" kind. I am not sure if its the amount of carbs, fiber, or even milk (just a tiny bit on cereal). I believe it has something to do with the foods I eat while I'm at work. Maybe its time for another colonic?

I will look forward to your thoughts & suggestions.

clint said...

Hey Kris:

Thanks for the kind offer... yes, I'll ride shot gun with being the first guest blogger.. I just emailed you now, and haven't yet had a peek at the Forum, so I am flying blind here with what to see and expect :-)

I have to say, I am flattered with the offers for a section of the Forum, I'm thinking though, with work, time restraints, etc..., I might want to keep it to being an occasional responder. You guys are so complimentary... really... thank you.

and gooney . . . am having trouble typing here with the image of you being a "froth dispenser"... I mean, come ON !! ;-)

scnewme & rhonda . . . you are too cute, "Clint's corner"..."castle" ???? man... I don't know if I'm ready for all that.


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Dee - did you email us? i hope so!
I'm stuck editing book 2 and can't check. Brian is the keeper of the mail anyway. Poor guy. Love it all but sometimes it floods in like a fire hose of HELP!

We'll give you guys instructions tomorrow or Friday at the latest. Then go play.

Clint: No worries you can freelance in any ole corner ya like. If you want your own, just holla.

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi all
So I am very jealous that you are all (most) reading the book for our forum BUT I got Omnivores Dilemma on tape and am devouring that tasty morsel. What a fascinating it.
Thanks for all you all give

Dee said...

Kris- Yes ma'am! I just double checked my sent folder. I sent it at 1:36pm EST lol. Gmail is so accurate! Poor Brian! Hopefully he won't get drowned. And YAY BOOK 2 *is excited*. And double yay for playing.

RachelRae- I've only ever had that problem when I wasn't really staying on top of what I was eating. Not that I'm saying you are. But maybe you're not getting enough water? When you eat more fiber and more vegetables, water is so so so important. It sounds like your body has a lot of backed up toxins that are trying to get out. Do you do colonics or enemas?

Deb- Isn't OD great? I really loved it. It's what made me fall in love with Pollans pose. I then went back and read the rest of his work afterward.

tryingtobeme said...

Tie shoelaces first, then one foot in front of the other. Phew! I can't tell you how helpful being reminded of the basics can be.

Lauren said...

Kris I leave my apt. at 7am tomorrow! You have to write your blog before then or else I will never make it through the day!
Yeah think about me...that's what I'm saying.

Rebecca said...

Dee - I worked for many years with D A Pennebaker who made Monterey Pop the movie! I've seen it ten trillion times. Penne's lascivious camera preyed on all those hippie beauties in the audience. Perhaps your mom is there...
We put together a box set DVD a few years ago with tons of outtakes, have a look!

Basic Me said...

Hey guys, Oh clint I cannot wait. And Miss Kris you so deserve every oun ce of happiness you have.. I am praying to not explode before I hear your great news.. I am on pins and needles.. I cannot wait. I am so thrilled for any blessings coming your way. WOW>>> Well I have missed alot today. I had some emergencies here.. life at a mission right. I tell you guys once you get off the meat you just cannot go back.. and the sugar was the worst but the stevia and apple additions helped alot. Missing you guys.. cannot wait until the forum is open.. Love you all. Callie

Basic Me said...

OH Lord I just re read.. this.. Clint you are Richard from texas.. I loved that book and the man is sooo cooll.. not quiet as cool as you. You got the mojo going. OH and if we have another CSC top dog baby.... I am so convinced that life;s miracles are 1/3 inpsriation from the divine, 1/3 sheer ass stubborness and 1/3 hard work. OH I am losing I am so thrilled you have good news.. WHOOHOO>. I will shut up now. Love you all and how cool is hendrix. Callie

Cathy said...

Kris, Girl! I want to know the good news now! :)
Can't wait to hear! And looking forward to the forums...
Hugs to all!

Dee said...

Rebecca- I actually have it! Haha, Janis Joplin/Jimi Hendrix/Old Aerosmith/Mamas and the Papas/Led Zeppelin is the music of my child hood. That's what I grew up with! And that's what I love very much still to this day.

My mother gave me the box set as a present and I saw her in quite a few of the shots and man, I love how rebellious she was! Nothing like pissing off an old world Italian family by running off to California to be a hippie for a year!

I also attended the anniversary concert last year, it was so much fun! -end of rant-

debbiedoesraw said...

@ Rachael: After hearing "was that the dog, no thats' mommy"...and "Mommy's gassy" a few too many times and feeling rather..socially unacceptable...ehem...I will say that the colonic took care of it for me. After the colonic I tried to be mindful of what I ate, made sure to chew really well and to try not to eat on the run HA HA! like that will ever happen. I also starting using the wheatgrass powder about a week ago too...I noticed that my gas is gone and my elimination is perfectly normal now. I think I was constipated..also dehydrated, go fighre, but I upped my water intake too. Grains like Ezekiel get to me too I think...
hope that helps

clint said...


. . . and WHO is this Richard dood ! ;-)

You have me all curious now... can anyone gimme a quick synopsis ?



Sabrina said...

YESSS!!! I'm so excited for the forum!!!!!!! :) I'll be juicing for the first time this weekend also and I'm very excited! I know I will LOVE it!!

p.s. I am reading Eat Pray Love....SUCH a great book!!!


Michael said...


I've never disagreed with anything you've discussed on here....until now....if one were to discuss the most overated musicians of all time....Mr. Hendrix would HAVE to be in there. I know it's been said before.....but honestly, if I had no responsibilities and could just drop acid all guitar playing would get much better, and I would always think of some clever things to say.....someone else on here back me up?

Take you for example....unless you have something to tell us all, you're not currently seeing rainbows coming from your telephone....yet you consistently come up with clever things to say, and are a gifted writer....although it may be interesting to see some "altered state blogging" on your behalf....


apoopslingingmonkey said...

darn! no new post yet with your good news! lol oh well bummer, I'll check back later :) I cant wait to see your good news!!!!!

Cravin' Veggies said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!



clint said...

It's a boy . . . I can FEEL it !!


just t said...

Clint- you crack me up ! you always put a smile on my face ! peace- tina

Dee said...

Michael- If your stance is solely based on the fact that he dropped acid and did a lot of drugs, then you must hate a whole lot of creative geniuses who are considered 'iconic'. Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Elvis, Ray Charles...we could go beyond the music genre and toss in people like Monet, Poiret, Hemingway and so forth. I could go on and on.

While I understand how a lot of people can feel as though Hendrix is very overrated (you can argue pretty much anybody is overrated if you really wanted to), stating that simply because he was dropping acid as part of your reasoning is kind of well...a cop out.

Regardless of whether he was on drugs or not, he influenced an entire generation of people and he changed music as we know it. That alone, deserves respect.

clint said...

Ya Michael ...

What Dee Said !


debbiedoesraw said...

Ok Kris if you don't tell us soon I am going to burst Like that Blueberry kid in willie wonka did!!!! Juice will be hell to clean up... so TELL!!!

Also, on the topic of addiction, I will be posting on sugar today my sweets! Happy V Day!

Tell us soon Kris...we are all waiting gnats...buzzing, waiting, buzzing...

leenda said...

Kris, must tell us.Some are getting fussy and are picking on Jimi,lol.Sooo for the sake of peace in the room...please tell us?!Happy Valentines day to everyone,hope you all feel some love today.
Love and Stuff,

Cravin' Veggies said...

Yeah! Go Dee!

Clint... you crack me up!

Kris... your killing us, love. You can't even imagine the anticipation. Like waiting for the 6th lottery ball when you've got the last five!

Chop, chop!


Basic Me said...

Ok I am loosing it. Kris Carr you tell now.. or will gonna tell brian on you..

I bet I was to late to make the forum. I am dying to know what is up. I am with clint.. we need to start making booties.. that would be the most spoiled child in history and his orher first words would be F... cancer.. I cannot help but laugh... my nephews first word was shit. My sister is still mourning it wasn't something lovely like Momma or Daddy.. nope he was aggrevated and let us know.. Auntie must not have been minding her mouth around the baby.. Well he was a broussard right.. they use to put the cussing rev. on my door... now I am babbling..
I am teasing you.. I am so looking forward to your good news and Happy Valentines Day and happy this time cancerversary!

Clint Richard from Texas was a man Elizabeth Gilbert met on her trip to an Ahsram in India. He was a wise Texan! And had that tell it like it is smart and funny but oh so sweet cowboy way about him. He was so spiritual and had come clean to himself about himself and was just Richard. No pretense and no games. Just a friend and a truth teller. You have to read Eat Love Pray. I am like Debbie I am in book siberia. It is check out at the libray but on wednesday I am going to buy the thing. I spent my allowance.. hahah.. big time this month.. a little shopping therapy.. I a writing a ton or reciepes so I am going to add a page to my site for them pluse for anyone to add to it. It can give us a place to get out of the raw rut as my beautiful nutrition expert calls it. It will be ready in a few days. OK. I will stop typing now. Must get to work. Hugs and love and sweet potatoes to you all. happy valentines day. Callie

Waiting with Glee. Callie

goony said...

Sorry Clint, I'm blushing!

I must have been too late to get the pass to check out the new forum. Has anyone seen it? What's it like?

I think it's a girl!


totally chic girly said...

Kris ~ Happy Cancerversary! Happy Valentine's Day too :)

Please... do tell the good news... I am too excited!

Ultrasound day today... I am so stoked! Will be having it at 2:30 pm EST ~ send me your positive vibes please!
6 weeks yesterday.. :)

Will post when I return...

Much love on this day of love... and heartbeats :)


Basic Me said...

Kristy good lick on the ultra sound it will change you life. What a beautiful thing to do for Valentines day. Hey Gooney love.. like you I dont think I made it in time for the party at the forum.. but.. i dont see the new post yet.. so I am lurking around hopeful. happy Valentines day to you all. In 1980 today at 3:35 duncan kissed me for the first time that was my Valentines day gift. Sweet to remember. Today we are going to the museum and he has built a kite for us to fly after our picnic. Delicous. SO it will be a great day. Love you all. Someone let us know how the forum is going. I am so thrilled for Kris. Callie

Iffat said...

Hi everybody,

I am just falling in love with this community.
Happy Valentines day to everone.
and Happy CanServery to Kris.

Can't wait for the Good news Kris.

wishing you all good.

Love and hugs

Dr.Sue said...

Happy Valentine's Day All!

Five years could you've imagined all of this? What a wonderful blessing you are. Looking forward to hearing your good news, you deserve it.

That's an excellent idea for a recipe share on your site. Been loving your daily messages.

Lots of love & hearts to everyone this wonderful day!

Rebecca said...

Happy Valentine's!!! Iffat, I second that emotion! Will you all be my Valentine?

Damn Kris, Valentine's Day is half way over...Queen of suspense.


Sandra Joseph said...

Okay, missy Krissy! I am still on theatre time so when I woke up AT NOON, I thought surely I would not have to deal with continued suspense. Come on! Bring it, will you?

Whatever your news, today is cause for celebration. Five years is just the beginning. I vote for a big bash on your 50th! Valentine's Day is my new favorite holiday. I will always be enriched by the love I feel for you and this group.
Callie, what a sweet story! I hope you do lots of smooching today.
Deb, great article on basicmissions!
Mama Kristy, let us know about the heart beat you heard today!
Hugs and kisses and big healthy hearts,

youvgotdale said...

"CRAZY SEXY SALAD" AT MOTHER'S MARKET TODAY IN KRIS CARR'S HONOR. A friend of mine is an AWESOME Raw Food Chef for the Mother's Market chain in Orange County, California. Her name is Keri Hendrickson. She was so moved by your documentary, Kris, that she is creating a special Raw Salad for you TODAY at Mother's Market in Huntington Beach. I told her that I will pass that along to you. Her food is so amazing! I'm addicted to her raw, organic chocolate pudding! We are celebrating you today, Kris.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

The suspense is building and building! Kris I hope you don't feel too pressured now to give us HUGE GINORMOUS dazzling news lol,
If you got a new plant or something, don't worry we won't be too disappointed, I'll sure we'll all still be supportive and extremely joyful for you :) LOL

in re Jimi, you may find this interesting...
find his name and click

Lauren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rhonda Radliff said...

Hey Jennifer/Goony...
Thought of you today and your FIL. hope all is going along well. Wishing you peace and love.

If you get a chance...
Listen to "talking to my angel" by Melissa Etheridge.

"Don't be afraid, close your eyes, lay it all down, don't ya cry.
Can't you see I'm going where I can see the sunrise...
I've been talking to my angel and he said it'd be alright."

Peace baby,

digital sage said...

Yay Kris! Happy cancerversary! And happy V-Day, everyone. I can't wait for the new forum. I'm keeping the page open for the rest of the afternoon in case there's an update...

Angie said...

I think there are a lot of us not getting s@%* done today b/c we're watching our screens on Kris's blog site!!

Happy V-Day everyone!

strongerthanit said...

Happy Canserversary Kris!!!!!!! And a Happy Valentine's Day, too!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOX

Beth (Bav)- if you're out there I've been thinking about you.

clint said...

Callie... you the coolest !

Thanks for the explanation of Sir Richard.... I would have never known.... by your description, he kinda sounds like olé Soul Gus on 'Lonesome Dove', minus the rough exterior.

....and .... am happy you "got some" for Valentines Callie...


goony said...

How sweet of you to think of me. I'm a little withdrawn right now just because I'm feeling worn down. My youngest son has been sick for 11 days now. The flu turned into ear infections, and then last night at 3AM he started throwing up again. I don't understand what is going on with him. Did he catch the flu again, just a week after having it? I took him to the doctor, and even she doesn't know. So while my FIL is in the hospital trying to absorb what is happening to him, I'm pretty much a prisoner to my home, taking care of my son. And to top it off I've been in pain the last 2 days. I keep trying to find the positive in all this. My son never gets sick, but now for almost 2 weeks, he is so weak, I can't take him out of the house. Why is this happening now when my FIL needs me? Well that sounded conceited, didn't it! You know what I mean, right. I think what I really mean is when I need to be with him. If it wasn't for the support of this group I would probably be extremely depressed. This group teaches me something new everyday and makes me laugh, which is the best medicine. So thank you for thinking about me. I hope you are well.


Elizabeth M. said...

Dear Kris and all - Happy V Day!
Kris, have to say you're keeping me in big suspense too! It's fun though!
Big smooches to all

Basic Me said...

hahahahahhaah I am laughin my ass off at clint.. I think I failed to mention I was 14 when Duncan kissed me for the first time.. Right now my mothers is having a Suzanne Sugarbaker stroke. HAHAH lol.. this is hilarious.. I love it... but then today I am not 14 years old and life is more fun. haha..shame on me.

Richard is must like Gus. I love Gus. But then Robert Duval and Larry McMurty are a golden combination.

Just checking in for the good news. Kris we love ya. We have decided to name this Kris Carr day and celebrate it every year because you deserve a day. We are on pins and needles. Lokking forward to the good news. Callie

Michael said...


Ugh, spread the dread a little why don’t you…...just trying to create discussion regarding the significance of a musician’s contributions...usually a good way to do that is to include an opinion that others can then react/respond to in an intelligent seemed to have forgotten the latter. I do apologize though…I didn’t mean to insult your close friend Jimi….it’s not pathetic at all that you defend someone you didn’t even know, and don’t let Clint tell you any different.

I especially loved the part where you came after me for only mentioning one reason regarding why I thought he was overrated, when you gave none. I know it’s hard sometimes to develop an opinion contrary to the popular opinion, but you may want to make that effort….you run the risk of being a little dull and predictable...just a suggestion


clint said...

All RIGHT Michael, that's it !

Wheat Grass at 20 paces my friend !!


KNOW ONE talks to my Dee that way!!

Prepare for battle...


......(popping roids as I type this)

goony said...

Oh, No. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! I thrive on the positive uplifting beat that rocks this blog, so please let's not bring it down with insults over tastes in music. Some like Jimi, some love Jimi, and some don't. WHO CARES!

Kris, I'm sorry if I haven't said so, I can't even remember if I did or not, I'm so tired, but I wan't to wish you a Happy Valentin'es Day and God I can't wait to hear your good news.

Callie, you crazy sexy southern mama, Ya-Ya! You don't know how much you make me laugh. I love that you are known as the cussin rev. ! I have such a potty mouth too. I can not wait to read your recipes.

Karen said...

Rock on Jennifer, I AGREE. Happy Val Day everyone! And happy Canserversary (sp?) Kris, can't wait for your post! Peace, love AND chocolate - this day is awesome!!

Basic Me said...

Dear Treat Cancer,
Obviously you do not catch a hint. We have tried to love you, ignore you and give you space. Kris has been kind and sweet as she always is.. But Sugar this is her special cotton picking day so back off. Now I have gotten that off my back I will go back to my lenten devotional. Ha. Callie

Krystle Freelove said...

So has anyone seen the Forum yet? I cant wait to check it out! Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!! XOXO
Krystle Freelove

debbiedoesraw said...

This is a place of kindness and forgiveness..let's move on.
nuff said.

Cravin' Veggies said...

Whoa, Michael, honey... we don't do that kind of thing here.

To insult her intelligence was a very low blow.

Michael said...


I'm going to sound like a child here....but if you look back...all I did was weigh in on Jimi...not unlike someone would weigh in during a conversation on Football (Superbowl just happened, so it came to me first) ...Kris said she loved the Patriots (Jimi)....wanting to develop a conversation....I just said, "I dont think much of the Patriots, I'm a Giants fan".....then Dee weighed in and insulted my mother (not actually, but you get the point) post was really 3 paragraphs of me saying what you just, chill out.....I was just trying stir things up a need to get personal....he's a musician....I can have an opinion that differs from yours.

I personally like Clint's response....just mock the whole thing, because it is silly....but you're the level head that will prevail....because I'm now taking your advice and dropping it....I apologize if I injected some negativity....that wasnt my intention


debbiedoesraw said...

all is forgiven Michael... I am curious.. what brings you here? Do you have a story to share? We all do...

clint said...


NEVER Lose your potty mouth... your perfect the way you are !!

RachelRae said...

@Dale: That is the coolest thing ever about the Kris Carr salad!

Just wondering if anyone else might have some insight as to why I'm so stinkin' gassy? I'm thinking it's because I'm not staying on top of what I'm eating.

Kris, I'm still waiting on your thoughts about soy!

Much love to y'all!
~Rachel the Social Work Chickie

totally chic girly said...

Geez... I posted something.. where did it go?
Anywhoo... I'm back from my ultrasound. Bad news/good news.
I should be measuring 6 weeks 4 days gestationally. I am measuring 5 weeks 3 days actually. This doesn't come as a huge surprise giving my slow betas.
I have to go back for another ultrasound a week from Monday so they can talk another look.
All that was seen today was a gestational sac. No yolk sac, no fetal pole. Which, is not all that surprising if I am measuring behind in time.
So... I am a little worried...

debbiedoesraw ~ I thought about what you said while I was on the table. I felt your hugs. Thank you.

Kris ~ where is your news? I came straight here to look.... C'mon chica!!

joyfuljude said...

A late Valentines wish for you all. Hope you're having/had a good one.

Kris, big time congrats on your canServersary. Yay!!!!!!!!!!


debbiedoesraw said...

Totally chic...Yeah! You saw something and that is wonderful to be paitent..isn't it like 8 weeks till a heartbeat..maybe sooner now with new tech stuff.
I kept checking your "speedbump" blog, just like I am doing OCD on this one!
love to you...blessing on your little one

Michael said...

thanks....I'm just one of those "lurkers" who have had their life touched by canser...but am not ill myself.

I lost my boss about a year ago...he was ill for about a year to the day before he passed....we would go out to lunch together all the time....he was tough old guy who was alot of fun to hang out with, an old NYC news director if that helps paint the picture a little better.

When he became sick, those lunches made for some interesting conversations....the disease gave him a wonderful perspective on things...and his story telling skills as a writer allowed him to express this perspective very well.

Thats why I poke my head in here and check out what folks are talking about on here....I miss those lunches, and see this as a possible source of that perspective that is such a great gift.....and maybe the conversation turning to music made me think "OK, I can weigh in on this conversation...."......I think, perhaps...:0)...I was a little abrasive...causing Dee to react the way she did. I'll blame my boss, he was a b*ll buster....he wouldnt really respect an opinion if you didnt seem to feel strongly about combine my experiences with him, and the common theme of Canser....what would you call that....displaced stubborness?...who knows....I also grew up with 3 older maybe I'm just used to arguing with women...:0)....kidding of course.

Kris also reminds me of a friend of mine....and I'm also a photographer who is currently shooting I kind of relate to and respect what Brian and Kris did with the documentary.

Sorry for the rambling....just wanted to explain why I'm compelled to read the blog....I'll consider the environment more before I open my mouth next time...:0)


debbiedoesraw said...

Wow Michael, thanks for sharing your story with us. It is really hard to lose a friend, especially one that is a good verbal sparring partner. I guess in cyberspace words can become more than you intend because we cannot see each other nor hear the voice inflections.

Please, do see this as an act of censoring of your words. You see many of us vent and rage here...we just try not to do it to each other.. unless your name is "flavs"... We do all love a good laugh and a gentle ribbing though.. it tickles! :)

Please keep coming and keep talking and keep thinking of your friend. I have a feeling he would want you here.
love and hugs

clint said...

Nice Debbie,

Michael, am sorry to hear of your boss's passing... I guess you saw him 'evolve' right before your eyes with him dealing with his illness. Am sure he appreciated you.

Ramble away my friend... there's no such thing as too much.

(unless, . . . ahem ... like Debbie said, your Flava Flavs ;-)


Dee said...

Michael- I was never getting personal, you voiced your opinion so I voiced mine. The main difference between the two of us is that you seemed honestly offended that I had one of mine own. I was just curious as to whether or not, since that was position on Jimi, if you felt that way about other musicians or artists with the same 'reputation'. You seemed to think that was me setting my bra on fire and 'following the masses' because its 'the cool thing to do'.

Not only do you know absolutely nothing about me but the way in which you first responded, speaks volumes of you.

Just because you don't like what I said, doesn't make it wrong. You wanted a debate to be sparked, so I lit a match. And then you were offended when there was a big fire? Please.

I don't understand why what I said is being considered a 'reaction'. I merely responded to what you said and was pushing the conversation further. You're the one who took it another way. Of course the childish insults tagged along with it just made the whole situation very well...I already said it, childish (close minded, naive, infantile, and petty all work there as well).

Not only is this place filled with people loving and healing, but it's also a place filled with respect. And while my intent with my response was NOT to be disrespectful what so ever (and I still think it wasn't, I was merely just stating facts and questioning if that was your sole reasoning or if there was more to it) if it came across like that at all, then I do apologize. However, you Michael, were just down right disrespectful and rude and apparently didn't care. And honestly? You should be ashamed of yourself. Instead of stopping and thinking, you jumped up on a high horse and insulted me in quite a few ways and then presumed that it was okay just to drag me through the mud?

It's a shame that instead of debating back and forth over a topic with facts, true opinion and some respect, you had to throw insults and dirt.

Michael said...

Debbie and Clint,
Thanks for understanding...I was a little embarassed after realizing I had gone ahead and dropped a negativity bomb in a positive community such as this.

I see you guys keeping things light and giving support to anyone who needs it on here....but I can't say I know your personal stories...are you fellow lurkers?...or has canser had a more direct effect with you personally?....

You don't have to answer those questions, I'm not trying compromise your privacy....just curious


librarymom said...

Hello gang,

Gosh, this past month has kept me away from this lovely place far too much! I feel so far behind and "out of it"!

After returning from a fabulous 9 day vacation to Florida (from the snow drifts of WI), my entire family fell ill. While I managed to avoid the colds, I did unfortunately develop a blood clot (or several as is usually the case) in my lung, so back to the hospital I went early this week! In addition to canser, I have genetic blood clotting disorders that put me at major risk for clots. Hundreds of thousands of people die annually due to blood clots to the brain, heart, and lungs, it is pretty serious stuff. I had multiple clots and a partially collapsed lung a year ago, following brain surgery for my brain canser. Anyway, a hospital is not a fun place to be, that's for sure! I also don't have the the time to spend in a hospital- I have a family, puppies, and jobs! Before I went to the ER, I packed bags of water, fresh fruits and veggies, Ezekial sprouted grain wraps, Lara raw food bars, etc. to last my stay. Of course the staff thought I was nuts. However, the nurses were shocked that I had canser when I had to disclose it to them (how could someone so healthy in appearance have canser), and the doctors admitted that I appeared to be in great health (with the exception of brain cancer and those lethal blood clots) and urged me to continue what I am doing. Ha! By the way, great doctors respect an educated patient. I asked many, many questions, relayed the latest info. on my blood clotting disorder that the ER doc would not necessarily know as that is not his field of expertise, and requested that we begin at the non-invasive level (blood tests, etc.). The doctor orginally had ordered a CAT scan, but I requested that we discuss it first, as CAT scans expose one to a horrendous amount of radiation. As with all of my doctors, he respected my knowledge and questions, and I was able to avoid all diagnostic films. Woohoo!

I find this winter to be a bit of a transitional period for me. Last year at this time, newly diagnosed, I was spending hours and hours researching treatment options, scouring medical journals, connecting with other brain cancer survivors, traveling to medical centers for second, third, and fourth opinions, etc. My family and I were also in shock dealing with the fact that the neurosurgeon lied to us- telling us he had removed the entire tumor when he did not, and dealing with the two life threatening diagnoses I had been given. This year, I have my sources at hand(including this great place!), my plan in hand, and my sights set on my goals. I have taken charge and done things I thought I would never do, such as change jobs due to stress, and I have taken a break from the 24 hour a day focus on what "treatment path" to follow. I guess I have found my stride!

On this Valentine's Day, we all need to hug and kiss those special people who have seen us through so much, and we need to give ourselves a hug, too, giving ourselves credit for all we have survived, and for making the wonderful choice to become powerful, healthy beings.

Michael said...


sorry you feel that way, I'm not sure at what point it got personal....but I'd appreciate it if we could drop have to admit, it's pretty ridiculous


granola said...

Happy Canserversary! You are a tremendous positive spirit on this planet! Thank you for all you do!!! Cannot wait for you wonderful news!

Goony--when you're feeling down, just think "What would Linda McCartney do?" LOL! Seriously though, some parts of life are so low, like what you are in now. I can only say that sorrows in our lives are directly proportionate to the love in our lives.

OK, town council at work. Please check out the following links.

From NBC nightly news: can't find this story too many places: the conflict in the CONGO is reaching Darfur status. Please check this link (and appreciate getting to feel safe in your home as you go to sleep tonight):
Also, where do those beautiful red roses come from? And who are the people who pick them? Check out this link from ABC news.

And, please check out FoodSciGuy's blog at:
It is a MUST READ!

Healthy lives & healthy planet to all!

clint said...


I'm a Bi-Lurker with an occasional post here n there. Kris has forced me at Gunpoint to post my personal Life story on here as a guest blogger, and that laundry will be aired, I reserve the right to plead the 5th on this one ;-)

huggy bear

Dee said...

Clint- The bow tie was in my dream last night, I need to not fall asleep watching Hitchcock, it was in that dream sequence with the big shadow of the bird flying from 'Spellbound'. Don't know if you've seen it but

Librarymom- LOL @ the staff! I bet they were staring at you going ' the world'. I hope by now you're feeling much better and I send nothing but love and support your way! And hugs! And maybe some Lara bars?

Michael- I don't hold grudges, ever, there's no point. However it was very much in my right to respond to all the things you said before while I was gone. I said my peace and that's really all. I'm not making a voo doo doll out of you or anything! So no worries there.

Goony- Keep on keepin on lady! And laughin! I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, always.

Dee said...

HUGGYBEAR- You know the gun is really just celery stalks she's designed to scare you...right?

Kind of like when fraternity's claim they're going to have you jump down onto broken glass but really it's just crushed up Doritos?

clint said...

OMG ! Thanks Dee .. . you are a life saver ... I will cancel my appt. with the Therapist tomorrow.

The ole Dorito's and the celery stalk trick thing huh....

And what's this obsession with my 'bow tie' lil missy ??? ;-)


debbiedoesraw said...

Hey Michael
Thanks for asking...I have CLL which is a form of chronic luekemia...most all know me here by now so I don't want to bore can visit my blog and get more insight into me.

Truth is Kris and her crazy csc lifestyle is helping me heal and hopefully prolonging my life...see the Bucket List post for my goals...
That said, this is sacred ground for me and I protect and fiercely love every single person who lurks or posts or just passes by to wave hello.
Even if I never get better or even if I never get to hug anyone here or even if I die when the onc says I will (7-10 years is my prognosis) I am a better person for having known you all.. and that means you too Michael.
Kris said it, many people over the years have said it...When the student is ready, the teacher will appear...some days I feel like I got held back in preschool...we all have stuff to learn.
much love and green health

Rebecca said...

Ladies (and Clint and Michael!)
This has been one of the most interesting and fun stretch of comments yet! I love the drama! The suspense! But I'm glad the hatin' is over. (dee-I love you because you are so fierce!). Michael, I'm the same as you. I don't have cancer, but my life has been forever altered by it. Debbie, thanks for sharing your story again. I missed it when you first shared it. Librarymom, welcome back. What a month! What a year!
And I've been wondering for a bit what everyone's story is. I sincerely hope that on the new forum there will be lots of room for learning more about each of you.

Kris, wherever you are, hope you had the most spectacular day. Hope you are doing back flips on a mountain top. 5 years. A dream!


granola said...

Thinking of you. Hope your job hunt, treatments, and volunteering are going well. Hope you get a chance to give us an update! Or just a shout out hello.

Also, any news from Mary (mhc)? Thinking of her too.

Michael said...

Debbie –
I bookmarked your blog, you certainly have that perspective I mentioned before. Was it something that grew after you were diagnosed?....or were you always that sort of grounded, welcoming person? When the discussions go to nurturing your mind, body, and spirit to heal… seems you’ve got all the bases covered…and under that calm demeanor is someone fighting hard.

Clint –
Sorry to hear Kris threatened you…..if it gets ugly, see if Dee can have your back…...I was about 1 more post away from a crowbar to the head about an hour ago, she may be helpful to bring along...
.:0)...I’ll look forward to reading the guest blog when the time comes though.

Thanks for the welcome…..glad to provide some entertainment….I’m honestly not trying to be nosey…but you mentioned that it has forever altered your life….I know it’s not something that is like asking someone what kind of car they drive….but I’d be interested in hearing the story of a fellow lurker

It was great getting to know you all a little better today…even though the initial circumstances were less than ideal


Glomerulife said...

Hey everyone! Kris and Brian

hope you had a great day!

The forum sounds exciting cannot wait to see how it works out.

QUESTIONS - what would the green drink dhrumil said his aunt took be?

Kris/ CSC group- is there a specific green drink favored over the other for different health conditions- would appreciate reliable links to look into

this may sound crazy .. it feels like there is something missing when i do not check this blog

Kris- can't wait for the good news

Take care .. wonderful ppl


Basic Me said...

Kristy all will be late.. look at all the late bloomers here.. I am certainly one .. that baby is just relaxing and taking its time..loving the cool water of love bath it is in.. It has learned to chill with all the evolving as clint calls it here. I am praying for you and sending you all the energy of strength and joy on earth. beginnings are hard, endings are hard and life is in the middle.. hold on.. you are in the middle. Don't let the fear get to you... just hold on.. and please know you are loved.

Clint I love that saying " you saw him evol before you eyes.. " that is one of the most profound things I have ever heard. I know it is Clint day here. But you are hitting the mark today. I am putting that in my little book of qoutes and one day soon it will show up somewhere.

Micheal.. thanks for sharing.. take time.. talk.. let things out... stress of loss and life can get to you.

Debbie you are my little warrior bee. My sisters name is Deborah and in hebrew it means Bee. It was the name of a great warrior in the ancient hebrew army who stormed the walls of a city and trampled around it so often and didn't let up until the walls fell and the city was hers. They said she was as lovely as she was armed for those she loves.

Jenn.. how are you today and your son? That flu is awful.. I hope FIL is doing ok today and hubby and the babes.. Life can really get old being cooped up. I hate that everyone has been sick.

Well I know the excitment will end tomorrow when the forum opens for us all. I cannot wait. I hope Miss Kris and Brian had a wonderful valentines day and I am glad that whatever the news is that she had a happy cancerversary.. She will have a new word in the dictionary before long.

Ok.. I give.. I am heading to bed. Sleep is a weapong duncan tells me.

linda, lauren, everyone.. happy valentines day to you all. All the world of best wishes and love to every one who reads these words. hugs..

Callie and Duncan and Saatchi Bean

Dee said...

Reem- I cant speak for his Aunt but I know that Dhru does the same Green Lemonade (pretty much) that I do (he does it every other day I believe)

I juice the following:


I made a post about it here, it has more info on it.

Any dark green leafy vegetable is really great (nutrition wise), I know quite a few people who do swiss chard and a combination of others but I prefer all the different kinds of Kale (and there are quite a few!).

Krystle Freelove said...

Hehehe! I can't stop laughing about these posts today! So humorous!

Just wanted to say hi- Michael I am also a fellow lurker. Growing up I lost a few acquaintances I knew to canser, but more recently, my gma about 3 years ago. Sorry to hear about your boss. I actually became hooked to the CSC lifestyle just by stumbling across the Oprah Show! MY life will forever be changed. I now juice 1-2 times a day, exercise regulatly, read a lot about nutrition, and think about the decisions that I do to my body. I feel sooo great! Anyway, welcome to the group!

I love this lil community, I love the inspiration, you guys are wonderful!

Kris... I just got done with dinner, and watched all my fav shows (Thursday nights are my DVR catch up days), got all ready for bed.. and I couldnt wait to get to my computer to read your good news! Sadly, I have to wait another day. :-( Im sure its worth the wait.

Have a lovely dovey night folks!

Krystle Freelove

Krystle Freelove said...

Almost forgot... I wanted to post to y'all what I do for my juice. ITS ABSOLUTLY AMAZING JUICE. Are you ready?? Ok:

1/2 cucumber
2-3 carotts
2 heaping handfuls of spinich
2-3 celery stalks
1 apple
1 orange (peeled)
2 kiwis (optional)
1 Stevia packet
(I also throw in whatever else might look good... sometimes some romaine lettuce, kale, whatever I have in the fridge).

NOW keep in mind... this is probably only good for the non canser dudes and dudetts. BUT I am also asking for feedback as well. Ive heard its not good to mix your veggies and fruits? Something about it not digesting quick enough when combined? Kris and posse, let me know what you think.


just t said...

Hi everyone- I just want to apologize to everyone for the way i hogged dr. Bav on previous blogs, it's really been bothering me and that's why i went back to lurking. I 'm really sorry !

Tae- you are bring me out of my lurking. I think and pray for you often. i'm not stalking you, i promise. it's just i went through a similiar situation, i helped my best friend to die at home. i know the ups and downs and the ins and outs. my heart goes out to you and your family. just remember that you have a family here, a family that wants to support and love you ! if there is anything i can do for you please let me know !

dr. Bav- my thoughts and prayers are always with you as well !

again everyone, please excuse my grammar, my lack of schooling really shows ! but i want to try ! peace- tina

goony said...


Please don't let the ultrasound get you stessed. It's really important to stay calm. I know it's hard. When you are pregnant, especially after all that you have gone through. You can obsess over every little thing. Remember that that little baby inside of you is an individual with it's own little personality. My two pregnancies, couldn't have been more different. My first was completely laid back and slow. I was 2 weeks overdue and had to be induced, and still the baby didn't want to come out. I was in labor for 15 hours and ended up having a c-section. He is now 9 years old and just like when he was in my belly, he is very slow and doesn't like to get out of bed! I tease him about how he didn't want to come out of my belly. My second pregnancy was completely opposite. I felt like I was racing. I had a lot of energy. I had my first contraction at 7:30am and he was born, naturally, by 1:00pm. Just 5 1/2 hours. He is now 5 years old and is always the first person out of bed and can't stand to be late and requires very little sleep. What I'm trying to say is that your baby is just doing things at their own speed. Maybe they will be a little lollygagger like my first born! Try talking to your baby. I did it all the time. And try not to worry. Enjoy every nano-second of this time in your life because it goes by so quickly. I loved being pregnant.


goony said...

Sometimes I sound like a drunken sailor, but there's nothing like a good cuss word to express yourself! I love that show, the Actors Studio, when the guy asks the celeb. what their favorite cuss word is. You are too good for my ego!

I got 2 vegetarian cookbooks at the library the other day, by non other than Linda McCartney!!! I just had to raz my husband. To my surprise, his response was confussion. He didn't even remember calling me Linda McCartney. WTF! It really hurt my feelings, and he doesn't even remember! OMG, MEN!

I'm not going to have any nails left if this goes on much longer. From one nat to another, PLEASE, end the suspense!


Rhonda Radliff said...

hey ya'll,
heading to the hospital and will be away from the 'puter for a while. I have the consistently high canser fever and now the rumble cough. It's not that bad, but my chemo tends to create fluid around the lungs and heart so they watch it closely.

Since I don't want to make a visit to the er this weekend, I am choosing a 'work in' at the hospital leukemia clinic.

I have had fever for about 10 days now. It's a drag and some days I do just stop and sleep. However, as the sole support of the family, work is important too. Gotta have that insurance!

Always glad to 'see' ya'll talking and discussing the important differences in life (music, drugs, sex, babies, etc.) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I can use all the distractions I can get at the moment. Sometimes canser is consuming and it's good to get your ire going about something less 'dramatic.'

I think Jimi would be please we spent some emotions on talking about him. Most artists enjoy being 'conversation starters.'

May each of you create today a day to be proud of, a day with laughing memories and heartfelt moments.


Amanda said...

okay long time lurker first time commenter but the whole 'debate' or whatever you want to call it, really got to me.

michael i don't know WHY you went off on dee like you did, i mean, you wanted to spark a debate so she did but then you were just plain rude, rude, RUDE and immature about it. and you're right, it was all ridiculous because you MADE it that way. she did nothing wrong! just because she has an opinion that isn't the same as yours doesn't make her some uneducated fool. and on top of it, you tried to brush it off like it was no big deal that you were just a total jerk.

i've been watching this community for a long time and i have to admit, i think i'm more annoyed by the fact that instead of actually supporting one another and sticking up for each other or someone like dee who's been nothing (from what i can tell from the past few months) but supportive, respectful and a massive shoulder for anyone and everyone in this community, you all just 'loved the drama'. this isn't high school.

there was no drama, just some guy acting out because he didn't like what somebody said. instead of handling himself properly he acted out like some kid. michael i'm sorry you are in a rough patch but that doesn't give you an 'okay' just to be a total dick. everybody has their own stuff to deal with, everybody has their own pain, that isn't an excuse to be a complete and total jerk to everybody who doesn't agree with you. and what's so twisted is that you wanted somebody to debate with you, she did, and she still was at fault! what kind of logic is that?

the whole thing frustrates me probably a million times more then the people actually 'involved'. and honestly? i'm just really upset at this community as a whole. i expected a lot more from you guys. learn some respect!

clint said...

Amanda . . . do you, uh, . . . have any Valium® ?