Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy belated Valentine's day!


How did the entire day go by? I was trying to peel away and be with you from the moment I cracked my peepers and I said hola purdy world - I love you. Five years ago today my fancy big life was pushed into the shallow grave of oh well, never mind, not this time toots, you’re a sick person now. I banged my fists and fell into a puddle of tears and then I said, “fuck that!”

Fast forward. If I only knew then what I know now. Yesterday I handed in the final copy of my second book and I feel great. I had to giggle and say, “wow, look how far you've come, sassy cat.” Think about it: without the "little c," I would never have met and fallen madly for you or my hubby. Nothing means more to me.

OK, so enough gushies, you've all been chomping at the bit for the news. So without further adieu....

I haven't actually been the most honest cancer cowgirl.

Confession time: Remember when I was on Oprah? Two weeks later I landed in the hospital. Pneumonia. I had pushed it to the limit. As Brian sometimes says, I write “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” self-help books.

There I was, hooked up to a ventilator-like thing and editing my article for Natural Health Magazine. It was 3 in the morning and I started to laugh so hard it hurt the puss in my lungs. Enter my aha - something’s gotta give – moment: Cancer isn’t killing you, the Crazy Sexy Cancer Industrial Complex IS! In walks the doctor, “WOW your chest x-rays revealed some serious stuff.” “Yeah, yeah, I know its cancer, relax; can I get out of here?” The girl who never takes an aspirin loaded up with drugs and took off in our pickup truck.

Cut to last month, my big annual scan (I was really nervous so I kept it to myself). What if it's worse? How can I lead my family if I'm tanking? Stress is bad and I’d been bathing in it. What if there are tumors in my toes, nose and all my bits and pieces!?!

Lay your burden down girl - it is what it is and you are healing. I touched the scan bed like I do before I strut on a plane and I prayed. Prayed hard.

In walks my groovy oncologist, Dr. D. He hugs Brian (who's closer to the door) and while locked in embrace, Doc happily says, "things look better than ever” Huh? Yup. In fact, my lungs look great. Most of the beauty marks on my liver are a bit smaller. Maybe it was my position on the scan bed, maybe it's no big deal, but to me it means a lot. Nothing is in my nose, toes etc. However, a few of the tumors do look slightly bigger. But since I have 24+ tumors, this was great news.

But I want to give the right impression. One Dr (not mine) told me that I am "dangerous" - my message is dangerous. What if people stop going to chemo because of you Kris? You have no idea if you are helping your body at all - no proof.

Hmmm. I reminded him that my message is about self empowerment and by no means do I advocate an either or mentality - that's what you do sir. I encourage both worlds to come together and for patients to see beyond their illness and make and plan a healthy life anyway.

With slow moving dormant cancer it's hard to see tangible progress, hard core proof. I'm a patient patient though and I choose to look at small victories (no substantial growth and some regression) as an enormous accomplishment. Makes me happy. Makes me drink more green juice.

Whether it’s the nature of my disease or the nature of my choices, here I am: still strong, still stable. I’m doing the best I can. Remember, healing (and/or curing) takes place in a centrifugal force. You have to stop it before you can turn it around. I think of all of you and I see myself as an amalgamation of your experiences. Good bad, happy sad, here we are, so let's go!

Now for the freakiest news. Dr. D thinks that my stability is stronger than ever and therefore it’s OK to chat about next steps. Yup, you were right, crazy sexy MOMMY!

Until Brian, I never thought momminess would be for me. I used to see kids as very short people who scream in restaurants. Now for some reason I look at them and my knees get gooey. Brian is a natural, if you could see him with wee ones, you'd know how special a mini B and Me could be. And to be honest, I think a little vegan revolutionary would make me damned proud.

So here we are at the top of the mountain. No one else with my cancer has ever had chicklings – not that the top doctors in the world know of. I'd be the first. Gulp. And yet I know its gonna be OK. Am I nuts? It's a lot to think about and we do not take this lightly.

Thank you for allowing me to chat. Thank you for caring. You are my inner circle and you've made Valentine's Day magical.

Peace and hearts, champagne in the morning too…

Your K

PS. Dhrumil is still working like a maniac. Hang tight, our playground is almost open.


goony said...


I'm almost speachless! CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your beauty spots are shrinking! I'll admit that I worry that you are pushing yourself too much, but worry no more! Crazy Sexy Mommy! You are going to be an amazing mommy. You and Brian will just be the most amazing parents. I am so so so so happy for you and Brian. You make my heart grow. Seriously, I'm having a hard time speaking right now. If I was there with you in person I would give you one of those jumping up and down hugs!!!


Carla said...

Crazy Sexy Mommy and Daddy!!! Awesome!!!! Good luck and congratulations with those beauty spots shrinking!


debbiedoesraw said...

Perhaps every minute of love you have given the world is the elixer that shrunk your beauty spots and made them glow with you do!!!

So many congrats...and you know we can't wait to spoil that baby...or those Twins???

love you to pieces
PS did you notice how cranky everyone got yesterday?
We get like that when we have to wait!

holistic chick said...

Kris! Congratulations on everything! Two huge blessings..shrinking spots and sweet babies! You will be such great parents!

Please don't push yourself too hard...we're here to help you!

Hugs, kisses and lots of love from Charleston!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

You guys! I love ya. Deb, you crack me up sista. I did see all that, it was stressful. :)

To be honest I had some champagne and didn't want to drink and blog!

PS. I edited my blog a little, I guess I get scared to put good tumor news out there. Am I too safe?


I just want to give the right impression. A few Dr's have told me that I am "dangerous" - my message is dangerous. What if people stop going to chemo because of you Kris? You have no idea if you are helping your body at all - no proof.

Hmmm. I reminded him that my message is about self empowerment and by no means do I advocate an either or mentality - that's what you do sir. I encourage both worlds to come together and for patients to see beyond there illness and make and plan a healthy life anyway.

With slow moving dormant cancer it's hard to see tangible progress, hard core proof. I'm a patient patient though and I choose to look at small victories (no substantial growth and some regression) as an enormous accomplishment. Makes me happy. Makes me drink more green juice.

Ya know what I mean?

Martha said...


I love Kris's comments about not being either/or but embracing self-empowerment. This either/or business in our culture has to go...or is that sentiment also a hardline either/or construct?

Whatevah! Bottom line: You're a terrific model of doing what's right for you! Even if that's a hit of champagne every now and then! I hope it gave your tumors the hiccups.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Thank you Martha! I actually just cut and paste the whole thing into the body of the blog - such an editor!

Not sure if the tumors hiccuped, but I sure did! My head hurts a little.... :)

Crazy sexy hang over.

Dr.Sue said...

I'm so happy to hear your double great news!
Another new endeavor for you, only this time even though it may be a little scary, it's all good.
Many prayers & blessings to you & Brian. Good thing you hung on to those little cowboy boots!
xoxo Sue

Dianne said...



Such great news! That will be one crazy sexy little baby! and lucky too! You will make great parents. And great that the spots are shrinking too.

Also, the doctors couldn't be more off base. Your message is in no way dangerous. You help more people deal with not only cancer, but health and life in general with all you do. I've been juicing now for over a month, and although I don't have cancer, my husband does and he is still going for chemo, but actually doing better now than before we were juicing. He looks forward to it every day, it has become our new cocktail and we toast to each other every evening with it!

Rhonda Radliff said...

Hey Cowgirl!
Great news!!! Scans and biopsies are spiritual acts. Sounds like you reached new areas of you this time around. When we look inside ourselves we see all kinds of things, perhaps including canser, but certainly more than just canser. Glad to hear about your AHA moments.

Even more wonderful is your journey to mommyland. Parenting is a creative adventure like no other. As a mother of an adopted daughter, the love grows every day beyond all that I could have imagined. You will soar to new heights as a parent (and hubby too).

You are God's beloved, we are all God's beloved. And even God rested on the seventh day... sleep baby. It's healing.

Lots of love and congrats,

totally chic girly said...

Kris~ Huge congrats on the news!! Whew... I am sure you are jumping around for joy. That is so great.
I think you will just be awesome parents, way to go!! Huge hugs and congrats.
Best v-day news ever!!
love and hugs...

Cheryl said...


Congratulations on all of your good news!
I have never, ever, never, ever (emphatic enough?)interpreted your message as Don't Pay Attention to Traditional Medicine. I have had 2 surgeries, 2 rounds of chemo (1st scan coming up in 2 weeks). Those procedures are part of my answer and I had little control during each of them. Juicing, vegging, exercising is how I maintain control of my health and my life. You and all of the delightful CSC folks are wonderfully empowering.
Off to the treadmill!


clint said...

Kris and Brian,



I have to admit, I did tear up a lil when I was reading your news . . .

You have "plowed" for 5 years, defying odds and cutting your own path. . . educating us and the Degreed people even.

You've probably heard this too, but Chinese medicine sais that having a baby, and breast feeding is like THE Ultimate Master Cleanse a woman can do for her body when there is canser present. Was curious what your thoughts were on this.

Again, I am thrilled beyond words... and my Heart Chakra is wide Open today from your news ! !




cancer cowgirl xo said...

God, I'm checking for comments like every 2 minutes. I have to get out of the house! Thanks so much loves. You gals are making me feel pretty great.

Sandra Joseph said...


HUGE congrats on your terrific news. I have a good feeling about the wee one in your future. I hope you will keep us posted along the way.
I also hope you will tell us when things are not going so well for you. We lean on you and each other so often here; it's one of the great beauties of the family you've created. I hope you know that we would never be disappointed in you or think less of you if you had tumors in your toes. You are a champion even if you bow to the holy trinity on occasion (coffee, chocolate, and wine OR workaholism, negativity, and overachieving). You are a rock star no matter what your beauty marks do. So please take the pressure off of yourself and let us lift you up next time you hit a rough patch.
That said, yahoo to you on a victorious five years. I think those doubting docs need to read this blog and the testimonials of people like Dhru's aunt before they tell you there is no proof.
Big hugs and clinking glasses,

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Clint! I posted my comment before seeing yours. THANK YOU Huggy. If it ever happens you will be the crazy sexy uncle! Still plenty o' time. No rush, I got a lot of other stuff to do first.

I've never heard that before - master cleanse analogy - but I will say that I think there is some truth to that.

Keep your beautiful chakra wide open...

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Sandra: You are the crazy Sexy big mama now. You are right. I will lean on ya'll when my dark times come. I have felt the responsibility to be the strongest. So silly, I know, I know....

You said it perfectly. But you are a writer after all, a very talented writer.


OK, I'm off to the post office so I get off this blog for 30 seconds and do some work! :)

clint said...

Awwww.... thanks Kris... "Crazy Sexy Uncle" . . .C.S.U. I like the sound of that.

I'll see what I can dig up re pregnancy & the cleansing thing. I do remember though, in my counseling days, that that's one of the first things Chinese doctors would tell a woman to do when they came in with cancer(especially breast).... they'd say right out...."you need to have baby !" !

You guys would make Awesome parents, and your 'Golden Child' would be one hunka burnin Love, good looking kid ! :-)


arose said...

What great news! I can feel your joy and energy. What a lucky babe that one will be...I guess you will need to add a pregnancy section to the new forum!!

Love to you all!

Kristin said...

That's great news! Fabulous post as usual. I wish you all the best!

Basic Me said...

I cannot shock you any longer!!!! I know they are shrinking beacuse your doing it. I am so thrilled and Happy I cannot expain the limitless amount of joy I have for you. I know it having felt it. Praise God, Buddha, Elvis and the mat it took all four but the five of you pulled this off. haha.. I am estiatic. I feel like it is Jan. 30th again and I was being let free. Kris I believe those little freckles will never bother you. I remember you saying you were under the weather when all the bloggling first got started. It is ok. we all learn by doing honey bun. Tears are streaming down my face. I am glad you were ale to bury your old life. I cannot wait to se what the universe has in store for you. One thing I do know if I have heard the longing in your works. We need as my daddy would say number one daughter or son to be born!! what a child. Sipping green juice and goring up on this raw diet that baby will be the most well and cherished one on earth with a gaggle of csc aunites and uncles. Oh kris really...congradulations.
Miracles are 1/3 inspiration, 1/3 determination and 1/3 blood sweat and tears.. you can do anything. Look at the miracles we have all seen. Kristy, Duncan, Me and scores of others Aunt Hema. It is real it is not positve attitide meet cancer. It is scientific and sound. And you my lady are the grand dame of the whole relovltion. SO lets have us a revoltion babay. WHOOO HOOOOO tumors shrinkage.. whooo whoooo little gain little loss equal out in cajun thought. Love ya. Cannot belive how mush love I am sending you and how mush joy I have for you right now... You did it so here it comes .. we have given the love, given the joy, given support on here.. Now we all need to give those Kris Carr Hell Yeah's!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

lozzarun said...

Hi Kris,

Congratulations! What great news!I'm a crazy sexy lurker coming out of the dark. Saw you on Oprah before you were diagnosed and you were inspiring then. Since I've been diagnosed you are one of my idols. As soon as I heard I had the "c" i started blending anything green that I could.

Your message is not giving people the wrong message. It is empowering. The only thing I have control over are my actions and your message had taught me that.

I never thought I wanted kids either, but it suits me and was the best thing that happened to me. Big life change though. Some days I find myself in my PJ's at 3pm. Definately challenges you to still put yourself first, but canser taught me that. I've got 2 girls ages 2 and 9 months. I planned on more but I have an indolent cancer and we have to see how it behaves. But mine is treatable not curable.

Bottom line is if it works for you do it.

Terrific news!! Enjoy.


Witness said...

Kris, Super duper extra congrats to you and B for the great news! I only wish happy bestest love for you and I mean, how cool is that to be Rare Momma, defying the odds?! Just take a break now and then and de-stress-its just the worst stuff, stress, and it invades in areas we didn't think anything could get into, so come on by the blog and read and be peaceful. I don't want your mission to cause you stress and pain! Peace and Champagne to ya sister!

braintumorsurvivor said...

Fab post Kris. Great news on the scans! And a wee one perhaps? Wow. You will NEVER regret it. I too was never the type to oooh and aaah over babies or all things baby -- tiny clothes and shoes. Just wasn't me. Then I had my baby boy and he's added a richness to our lives that I never, ever, could have imagined BC (before child).

A girlfriend of mine said it this way. "When you fall in love, it's as if your love fills the entire room, all the way to the ceiling. Then you have a child, and it's as if you've walked outside. And now your love fills all of the outdoors."

Re: stress and cancer. Just read online the other day that they've found receptors on tumors for adrenaline. Pretty darn good proof that these suckers live on the stuff. So all you cowgirls out there, do whatever you do to keep the stress way down. Meditate, darn it! Pray. Walk. And keep it up.

Love you all,

Cravin' Veggies said...

YAY! The sun is shining directly on you, Ms. Kris!

Congratulations! The gods/goddesses are surely sending blessings your way!

Peace and love.


MoreJoy said...

Kris, Congradulations! Such great news. I got goose bumps reading your post today.

We are ALL so happy for you.


strongerthanit said...

Oh dear Kris -

What wonderful news, you crazy, sexy and rowdy cowgirl!! You've pushed yourself hard to help yourself AND to graciously give us canser-vixens the hugest kick in the it's time for YOU, my dear kiddo, to kick back a bit and take good care of YOU and the little cowpoke you've got inside you. And Brian - way to go!!!!!!!!!!!! With much love, M.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

strongerthanit - Hold on hot stuff, no bun in the oven yet! No no no... I'm not preggers, just thinking about it. LOL! You just made me sweat and puke. Stop that.
love ya

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Callie: Thank you angel. Thank you. You are a treasure.

What a love fest today! Sheesh. It's making me itchy. All this good stuff headed my way.

youvgotdale said...

"CRAZY SEXY SALAD" FOR KRIS CARR AT MOTHER'S MARKET YESTERDAY. Kris, a friend of mine who is an AMAZING Raw Food Chef for the Mother's Market Chain in Orange County, California created a "Crazy Sexy Salad" for you yesterday at the Huntington Beach Mother's Market in your honor because she was so moved by your documentary. I told her I would pass that along in the blog. Someday you must meet her and taste her raw, organic chocolate pudding! I posted this yesterday but didn't want you to miss the good salad vibes. Congratulations! You seem to be on a fast moving train going in the right direction and we are all going on this ride with you. It's exhilarating!

rachel said...

I just wanted to say how inspiring you are! Thank you for sharing your story...with both it's ups and downs.

And a big congratulations!

Grendle said...


I never thought I wanted babies, either, but low and behold when my late 20's rolled around..BAM!...babies were all I could think of. I think God does that to us to make sure we procreate (She might want to slow that down!). When my baby finally came, I've never felt such love...I wish this for you and Brian. Also, stress less please. Things (books, posts, etc.) can take as long as they take! Here's to shrinking beauty spots!


Russ Perez said...

Well if this isn't the best blog I've found yet, i don't know what is. I'm just starting my journey and will be starting treatment soon. I cant wait until tonight when I have time to read it from start to finish. Thanks for being here and congrats!


strongerthanit said...

Kris - Don't sweat and puke!!! Save THAT for when you ARE preggers!! OK - so I was jumpiing the gun just a tad - the love and joy is still there - front and center........the world IS your oyster, cowgirl. Still love you. M

Anne said...

What's IN the salad? Did I miss the recipe?

Kris, what great news. I, too, remember you saying you weren't well, right about the time I started lurking here. But I agree with Sandra. Let us in on it when times are dark. I really can relate to your feeling you have to be stronger; I'm in a management position and I feel the same way at work, like I can't lean on my staffers/coworkers when I'm having a bad day because my job is to be strong for them and lead them. I'm afraid it would scare them if I were to tell them, sometimes, all the fears I have about the job we do, putting out a regional magazine in hard economic times when our market has become flooded with competition. It's not the same thing as cancer at all, but I just found myself knowing exactly what you mean by feeling you have to be strong. I hide bad news until I've worked things out in my own mind or gotten better or reached a point where I can talk about it without falling apart . . . private suffering. And I know it keeps me from being closer to some very important people in my life.

I'm so thrilled for you and Brian as you move ahead with thoughts of parenthood. It's a huge step, but such a fulfilling one. I can't begin to explain how much I love my daughters or how much blessing they've brought to my life.

debbiedoesraw said...

Welcome Russ!
We need more men here!!! No offense Clint, but you must be tired of being our main man, cute as you are..

I wrote on my blog today about our old friend Sugar, that seductress.. a day late like Kris.. I spent too much time refreshing my browser yesterday.. seriously I got nothing done all day!
love ya all super duper buckets full,

Basic Me said...

'scue's me... welcome russ.. dunc is coming along.. too.. and kristen carr.. you cannot go thru all your shit alone.. we are hear for you too.. leaders have to be able to be held up.. let us hold you sometimes.. weaknesses are really the momentuem for our own courage.. I am so proud of you. I know how the complex can kill you basicmissions had me hospitalized I had to realized that you cannot save the world if you cannot manage time callie.. hahaha.. it is a catch 22 haha.. well wanted you to know we are here.. anytime..
lay your burden down.. we will only think more of you..hugs precious one.. no go forth and think about multiplying. ha.

Rebecca said...

Kris! Triple ninja backflips for such an exciting and moving blog. I'm calling US Weekly. Briss (or is Krian) are gonna have a baby! But your post was also sobering. I think the lesson for you is to shut down that Crazy Sexy Industrial Complex and come back to the porch and watch the yard sale. Here's some ginger lemonade. We all love you so much, your words are like salve. And ometimes we put you on a pedestal (you deserve it sister!) But I hope that the pressure of all this love doesn't make you feel like you have to be perfect because all eyes are watching. We love you and your champagne hiccups!

I'm so thrilled about the baby train coming to town. My uterus has been SCREAMING for some time now, especially since my in-laws were diagnosed with cancer. My vision of my future is filled with babies being raised with Grandpa and Grandjann. Hopefully sometime soon the new forum will have a section on changing diapers, raw food for baby recipes and ABC singalongs!

So much love, Rebecca

Tina said...

Hi Kris

I typed a whole message up and then *poof* it was gone. Anyway, congrats on the canceversary and on the wonderful news about reproduction! You will love it. My Riley is almost 5 now(you met him in Sept at Borders in VA), and during this last year of cancer adventures and 3 surgeries (minor one this week!), he has been my angel. You will love their little arms around you. I adore the quote from the fitness store lululemon (I think that is right), "children are the orgasm of life" - isn't that great??! Being a mommy is the best thing in the world.

As for your doc thinking you are misguiding people - poo on her/him/them. I too did not take chemo or drugs and am doing quite well, thank you! I feel good that I have inspired friends, family, and acquaintances to eat greener and exercise more. I feel and (am told) look great too. Go vegan!

Happy days,

Katherine said...

Dear Kris,

Long time fan, first time blogger here. Congratulations on your wonderful news! I too spent many moments yesterday thinking of you (and refreshing the page :) ) . . . You bring so much joy and healing to the world! We MD's only wish we could do as much sometimes . . . Thank you all for this wonderful, warm community.

Peace and love,


Brian Dowd said...

Congrats Kris! Keep on inspiring all of us!

Rebecca said...

P.S. Michael - to answer your question from yesterday (you're not nosy, thanks for asking)... I also lost my very good friend and business partner to cancer in December. And both of my husband's parents have cancer. Last night, Jason and I got all dressed up, headed to a fancy restaurant and had a very romantic dinner. About an hour into it, we realized that pretty much our entire conversation was about scans, blood tests, results, chemo, tumor markers, metastases, etc. We looked at each other amazed by how much our lives have changed. How cancer permeates so much of it, but also how we've integrated it so seamlessly, how it's made us better, stronger people. This blog is so amazing for its inclusiveness. It's a place for venting, for sharing, and especially for learning. I want to become a well trained army so I can bring the information I learn here back into the battlefield.


clint said...

Yes ! Welcome Russ... your in the right place.

Deb your so funny, ... I have to down 5 cans of RedBull to be the "main man" and keep up with Kris and the ladies on here... ;-) Whew !

Truth be known, Miss Callie's the Trooper here... the 'Old Soul' of us all.


just t said...

Kris- congrats on your great news !! I'm so happy for you and Brian !! motherhood is the best, take it from me, i've done it five times. much love to you both, tina

Krystal said...

You are amazing. I found you page after hearing about your TLC documentary. You have inspired me to live a better live, treat my body better, treat myself better.
I am so thankful for you and your blog.

scnewme said...


I've been kept away by work and my kids and a beautiful Valentine's Day - important life moments to be cherished and celebrated. Could not wait to get back to hear your news and wow, have I missed alot!

Your "confession" is so touching...not that anyone doubts your humanity and giant-sized heart - but my eyes are joyfully tearfilled to know that you think enough of all of us to share. That in itself is a leadership quality that many people never realize in the short time we are here.

A year ago, I literally handed my life over to some awesome docs, went through massive amounts of chemo, hospital stays, transfusions, daily shots to harvest my stem cells for future use, bottles and bottles of drugs (you get the picture)...and somehow made it through. Although I've received the "remission tag" for now, my lymphoma is an agressive one, that "likes to come back" and is currently incurable. I will always look for medical options that may become available if I should need them for the future.

Your teachings are not a substitute for my medical choices, and you have NEVER said they should be. You do, however, fulfill needs which are barely recognized by many in the medical profession - the emotional, spiritual side of life and how to deal with life-threatening illness on a daily basis. To feel empowered, and most importantly, finding the HOPE to fully live without being defined by illness.

Dangerous, I strongly disagree! You created a community that may have begun with similar "dis-ease" experiences, but it has become a loving, supportive, nurturing, educational home which has done nothing but enhance and bring joy to my life. Everyone has something to offer and much to learn - where is the harm in that?

Cheers to you, Kris and remember - people are afraid of what they do not or cannot understand. You keep blazing your beautiful path! I love and appreciate all that you give!

Happy today - every day should be about hearts and flowers and love!

xoxo Sherry

Water Babe said...

Kris -

Just finished CSC a few days ago. You are one amazing cow girl! Thanks so much for all that you have done and continue to do!

I'm recently new to this blog site, but I have to say already that I'm in love with it! What a great community we have here. Rock on!!!!!

BTW - I never got the impression in CSC that you were trying to sway people from modern medicine. Never once entered my mind. So, "dr" is totally off base in my opinion. But, he is right, you are dangerous!! Because you are cultivating some very strong people out there - so tough that cancer better be scared!!

Great to hear about the news! :) Let me know if I should be saving my baby clothes for you! I have two little boys - 3 and 19 months.


Lauren said...

Congratulations Kris!! I'm so proud of you! You're awesome and your message is awesome! I know you won't, but don't let anyone change your mind :)
It's funny when you first said you had good news I swore you were going to say you were pregnant! I know you will have a beautiful baby if you want to!

Tae said...


Your physical and mental success and health has changed us all for the better. Congrats on the good scans and the green light for mommiville. Expect one hell of a green baby shower from you CSC family!

Not to kill the glow in here...but I need to share:

Today is my birthday. Today is also the day Dave started talking to people not in the room with us and asking when his flight was. Heavy stuff. But, peaceful. I'm imagining someone warm and familiar boarding The Big Plane with him and being his tour guide for his Next Home. Thats the best birthday gift I could ask for. Peace and comfort for him, hubby and our family.

just t said...

Tae- Happy birthday ! try to do something nice for yourself, a nice bath, nap, ? something, you deserve it ! i left a post for you on the last blog. love and peace, tina

goony said...


Ok, I'm going to do this, and I hope you don't get upset. Here goes:
"I hope we all feel that no matter what kind of news we get, this is a good place to share it. Nothing is guaranteed. If I could guarantee that juice would "cure" you I'd be a zillionaire. I can't. This is a place where we can all try, learn, share, vent and grow, no matter how long we have."

You spoke those words just earlier this week, and because you did, I felt OK about sharing my heartache. Seems like I've had nothing but bad news lately, and hopefully that will change ASAP, but you gave me a place to come to for support and I can't thank you enough for that. We know that you are just human, well maybe superhuman, but we know. So please don't stop sharing with us. I couldn't be happier for you if you were a part of my own family. I'm sending you vibes filled with hugs and high-fives, and hell yeah's and happy tears!


debbiedoesraw said...

Welcome Brian!
I guess this is boy day...ummm and i am the unoffical boy greeter... visit Brian's and Russ's blogs, both very inspiring gentlemen.

Boy Power...maybe this means Kris's baby will be a boy??
I will start making something in both colors, in case of twins..ya know..

Tae said...


I just found your comment! Thank you. I know (and cherish) that my CSC family is praying and mediating oodles for me, Dave and family. We feel it, crew...oh, do we feel it.

I feel grateful that I could and can be part of his life and he part of mine. A noble heart he is.

Michelle J said...

Kris!!!!!! I just want you to know how very happy i am about your wonderful news! I do not post here to often but i always read and am concerned about everybody here especially you my friend! I am very excited and cannot wait to see what the future holds for both you and Brian!!!

Survivor08 said...

Wow Kris...hugs and congratulations too you! I too have been watching from the shadows, but reading your post today I knew I had to comment!

You are amazing and inspirational! I am so thrilled to hear you news!


Frosty_style said...

Wow! Congratulations Kris! I love reading your blogs. You are an inspiration for women everywhere! I am glad your beauty marks are shrinking and I pray that you and Brian are able to have a happy healthy vegan baby! The vegan babies of the future will continue the healthy lifestyle movement. You go crazy sexy cowmommy!!!

Dee said...

Kris! That's fantastic! Congratulations you glowing, original, amazing soul you. I am so proud to 'sorta' know you.

As far as the CSCMama stuff goes, take each day as it comes to you, you of all people know that when it's right, it's just right. You and Brian deserve happiness more than anything, and I just know when the time is right for you two, you'll have the most gorgeous family inside and out. And for goodness sakes, don't jump start the morning sickness yet!

I am so happy for you, and so proud of all you have accomplished. I know this is all just the beginning for you and I wish you nothing but happiness, joy, and success in every venture of your inspiring life as possible.

Lots of hugs, kisses, high fives, and a weird version of a herkie meets a Dick Van Dyke style trip coming your way from me.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

THIS IS SO DELICIOUSLY AWESOME!!!!!WOW! I'm so happy for you and Brian!!! I'll be hoping and praying that you'll get pregnant soon, and that you guys will have a strong,vibrant,radiant, cute, kick-butt cowgirl or chap baby!!! Soooo exciting!!

Mariely1881 said...


CONGRATULATIONS!!! The two of you will be exceptional,and wonderful parents!!!


Mariely1881 said...



Mariely1881 said...

PS... I had the green juice today, and I must say NOT BAD... NOT BAD AT ALL. I CAN DO THIS...


Cravin' Veggies said...

Hey Kris and Brian!

I just could not get the two of you and your wildly fantastic news out of my mind today.

I dedicated my practice and meditation to you today.


Martha said...

Where's MHC (Mary)????

Justme117 said...

Kris- I teared up on todays blog. You are beautiful. Keep on truckin' and doin' your thing!!!!!

Clint-Thanks for the article on skim milk!!! Very helpful......

APMonkey-Thanks for the thumb healing vibes! I need them! I can't wait till this cast comes off!!!

Kris and everyone! I was wondering if you could fill me in on the different types of yoga...whats your favorite and why...and what kinds have the best benefits?? What are some of the benefits??? Ah! Sorry....I am a very interested newbie....

granola said...

FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And I SERIOUSLY DISAGREE that encouraging people to educate themselves about health & nutrition is dangerous! Sounds a little "God Complex" to me. People get scared when confronted by others who educate themselves. Sounds like old school thinking "just do as the Doc says, and don't ask questions"
And you have single-handedly (with the love and support of your family) created this AWESOME online community. CELEBRATE!!

Glomerulife said...

Heeey there!

GREAT NEWS !Fantiyastic ..

Kris ..this is what i think will happen sometime in the sort of near future. There will be in the medical literature a case report of spontaneous tumor regression ( if your dr. has not already started writing your case up)– and the smarty pants in our world will go hmmm this is not the natural history of this condition.
she is strong crazy sexy.. in her attempt to live right and she watches her diet, her spirits ..etc formed a little health gang .. could that be the case Or is it she has a shmoookoo looko variant form of this disease that is even more slow growing than expected – BUT it regressed ..maybe it is the crazy sexy way ..or is it ?
Fast forward someone will say.. Hmmm why don’t be do a bigger trial and see if this is just an association OR a cause and effect relationship. We will assign some people to be real , fun and sincere .. ask them to drink some green stuff , eat healthy and “live like they mean it “ and let us assign the other group to do whatever they are doing .
Now I am willing to bet it will be positive study or show a trend towards regression(i.e. good stuff happens). 25.dollars and 75 cents is my bet that I am right .

Forget all of the above .. the beauty of this news and of getting to know you and know about you
( and many of the people here ) is to know how strong we can be when we are sincere ,real and try to do everything to the best knowledge we have.

Please let Brian give you a big hug for me!

finaly , for the Dr. who said you were dangerous.. he obviously have not heard your message or have seen your documentary .. not once I got the impression you suggested people should shy way from conventional med. If there is a suggested benefit. But what can I say ....

No Progression ..Yess Yess Yesssss!  Go CS way !

All the best now

joyfuljude said...

GREAT NEWS Kris! Big time Congratulations!

I cried too. LOVE to hear happy news.

Hope that crazy sexy babe gets started SOON! :-)

Kris you have done so much for all of us and taught us so much. I even crave green juice now! YIKES!

Jumping up and down, two thumbs up, celebrating your joy!


Krystle Freelove said...

Did I miss an article on skim milk??

Sabrina said...

AHHHH KRIS!!!!! WOW!!! I am overjoyed for you, girl!! I felt every word you said and you are F-I-E-R-C-E (in a marvelous, awe-inspiring way) to the core. I love your attitude about life and its’ major ups and downs -- after all, life is all about our day-to-day choices and looking at the world in an optimistic light makes all the difference.

YEEEEEEHAW on thinking about having kids. You have everything it takes (and a WHOLE LOT MORE) to be an exceptional mother....(plus those little cowboy boots you have would look adorable on your child one day!!). I know thinking about kids is a serious subject…I am just so thrilled that you could be the pioneer and pave the way for future mommys-to-be with the “little c”.

Also, THANK YOU for letting your doctor know the deal. It’s so interesting how much schooling doctors get when they are medical students about procedures and medical techniques…yet they don’t take any classes on how to communicate properly with patients (including cross-cultural communication) or about how to deal with people who practice alternative medicine (either in conjunction with treatment or w/ complete refusal of medical treatment altogether). GO GIRL!!! Congratulations on your second book also!! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!!

I’ll be enjoying my first green drink tomorrow!!! *FINALLY* I know I'll want to do a juice feast pronto!

Peace & Green Love,

Chris said...

First time here...never commented online before! I read your book. My sister gave it to me for my 50th birthday. (yeah, that sounds old, but I'm not old.....really!!) Then I saw you on a morning show. The receptionist at my oncologists office told me about the documentary and of course, I had to Tivo it so I could watch it over and over! After watching it and reading your book, my sisters and I decided to buy quite a few copies of your book and distribute them to people (women) who are undergoing chemo where I go. Now I am ready for the DVD so I can give it to some more women I work with who have just found out they have cancer.

I love your spirit, your determination, and your zest for life. I am looking forward to visiting this site often to hear how you are doing. And I can't wait for your next book!

Thank you for helping me get through some tough times with my cancer. After reading your book, I was uplifted and rejuvinated! Keep up the GREAT work you are doing and God Bless!


Sharon said...


What wonderful news.
You will be a wonderful mom and you are living
your life so courageously and beautifully in front of so many people. It takes a lot of guts to do that. It's added pressure when the world is looking at you and waiting for your next word, thought and move. You are an inspiration to our family.
We follow your blog daily and our little girls,
even though they don't know you, remember
to pray for you every night before bed.
Looking forward to the next book.
Sharon (parker)

Karson said...

Woo-hoo! You deserve all the good things coming your way. And happy cancerversary (I guess I can say happy, right?)! Today is my one-year cancerversary, so it's all still pretty new. My husband and I are going hiking - getting out in nature and remembering how ALIVE we really are. Keep taking in all this love for you! Happy day!

goony said...

I know you are in NY, and that's where your doctors are at, but my FIL, after hearing of your shrinking beauty spots, and Callie's cancer free diagnosis, would like to know if you could give him a referal to a good oncologist here in Cleveland. Someone that would help guide him through more chemo if he so decides, and nutritional healing. The doctor he has now instructed him to stop all nutritional supplements and eat lots and lots of fruit during chemo. Not the message that I'm getting from everyone here. I'll put this request out to anyone that reads this and knows of a good open minded oncologist in Cleveland. Please let me know.


Glomerulife said...

look who is back here !

can flavobavo treat subnormal mentality ?

p.s. we have not missed you at all :)

librarymom said...


Congratulations on the 5 year cancerversary, the positive scans, the green light on mommy wishes, and the accomplishments-personal and professional.

Please don't feel as though you cannot share your hardships with us. As a "leader" at home and at work myself, I believe that it is important to set an example. Life has ups and downs. Demonstrating how to deal with those ups and downs in a positive manner is important. Also, no one is perfect. It's important for others to see how we handle mistakes, choices, etc. By the way, when you become a parent, these two concepts will really hit home.

It's great to hear positive test results and scan news- can you imagine how depressing it would be if we only heard "bad" news allt the time?! Hearing the good stuff keeps us on track and keeps us motivated to stay the course or even step it up a notch!

Parenthood will make you re-think everything. It's another amazing challenge and opportunity for growth. There is nothing like the love for and from a child. Best fertility wishes to you!

Of course your work is not dangerous. First, many of us were already out there, doing what you were doing, living the way you were living. Your book was one of a few that espoused an alternative canser treatment approach, but it was the only one that came with an attitude, and it was the only one aimed at those of us still young, and young at heart. Your blog began first and simply as a place for us to meet and chat, and to provide much needed affirmation and exchange of information. It has grown into a wonderful, caring family! How is that dangerous again??? The only people that label this kind of lifestyle of empowerment, education, hope, change, and integration of traditional and alternative medicine as dangerous are those that have something to lose. The medical community makes a great deal of money on each canser patient, they have a lot at stake if people start becoming informed and making decisions based on their education that as a result takes them out of the traditional hospital setting. Too bad, so sad.

Much love and peas to all!

goony said...

Does anyone here have Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma or know of anyone that does? I'm trying to find a specialist in my area (Cleveland) I'd also like to know if the CSC diet has helped at all.


goony said...

I appologize for monopolizing the blog right now, but I have one more question. Has anyone tried mistletoe therapy? I've read this is used in Germany and wonder if it is available here in the States?

clint said...

Hey Jennifer:

It might be tough to find a clinic that uses Mistletoe Therapy here in the US... much like Ozone, people are flocking to Germany to get treated with a wide variety of cancer treatments that the FDA outlaws here.

I suggested Ozone a while back because you can order a Machine from Canada, and do it yourself in your own home, and... it's probably 10x's more effective than Mistletoe Therapy.

my 2c,


Ernest said...


Great news that you and Brian are going to have a child! And great news too in the no-news is good-news with your latest node scan.

My wife just received the diagnosis of EHE, after some months of pregnancy that got complicated by floor-looking doctors, who didn't want to perform a liver biopsy.

Our son, Adrian, popped out just a tad over a month ago. All's well and we sing out-of-tune songs often.

If you'd like to contact her please feel free to email me and I'll pass on the email to her.

Take care,


Martha said...

And he can't even spell! Would you take life/death health care advice from an anonymous, thoughtless jerky lurker who can't even spell? I think not!

clint said...

I know Marhta, sad ist'n it, Flavneiods can do taht to poelpe.....poor guy has no cleu deos he ?


Michael said...

so let me get this straight...over the past few years you've graduated film school, made a successful documentary, had that documentary air on a lrage network; had the chance to work with an attractive, energetic, positive, inspirational woman....proceeded to marry that woman...and now you get to spend the next few months working hard to create a child with her......

I think I'm starting to hate you

seriously....congratulations to both of you...Kris, if you pursue conception the way you have pursued your should expect quintuplets


Obsessedwithlife said...

Congrats on all the exciting news! I love hearing your words and message. Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself!

I felt very 'Kris-esque' the last 2 days-I danced around WFs and then juiced this morning and later had some coconut water and my fridge is full of yumminess and health and GREEN!

I get scared about the kids thing myself. Not sure if I can have them and even then if I can or adopt, how long I'll be around. It's so hard but I guess that's life and you just have to go with it and do the best you can!

Sending good wishes!


Cravin' Veggies said...

Clint... you're a stitch! LOL

Obsessed... don't you just love opening your fridge door and seeing a garden?!?! Much better than looking at half empty pickle and mayo jars!

I spend sooooo much time in the produce area of the market that the produce guys probably think I have a crush on them!! LOL

Peace and greens,

jaymie said...

hello everyone,
my name's jaymie. i'm not exactly new around here but this is my first comment. i've been a daily visitor since i saw the lovely lady on oprah. so, without further ado,
YAAAAAAAAAY!!!! YOU GO GIRL!! that is amazingly wonderful news and a super huge inspiration. congratulations kris! maybe this will help you remember me: i e-mailed you a few months ago...does "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" ring any bells? i hope so! xxxx

Nicole said...

Congrats on your scan and good luck with Mommy hood.

cancer cowgirl xo said...


I'm itchy from all the love! Thanks everyone. New post tomorrow. HOLY CRAP, the forum is amaaazing...Eveyrone who emailed will get in, I can't pick and choose. Want you all and MORE AND MORE AND MORE. hang tight for instructions. Dhru needs another day or so.

SHARON PARKER! You look exactly the same and I can not wait to catch up with you! I've been playing massive catch up with my life and I know you emailed us a while back. I have to find it and connect. I want pix of you and your kids!!!

Ernest! Yes, yes, please connect with me! Did your wife have EHE while pregnant? I'm so sorry to hear the news but I gotta say I'm kinda glad I'm not alone. We'll have an EHE section on the forum and I hope she joins. Blessings to you and your family.

Goony - Hon, I don't know anyone in Cleveland but keep putting it out there. More greens, LESS fruit. Greens are the way, Green smoothies great. Green juices even better. Looking for an open minded Dr. can take time. Crank up the juicer while on the hunt.

More tomorrow. xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

PS. Dee, I didn't get your email! Send again - call it Dee-forum. It's so weird seeing some of your real names, I know each and everyone of you by blog name.

Jillian said...

Holy Crap Kris!! Congrats!! I'm a first-time blogger- but I visit the sight and the blog almost daily (I'm internet shy!)

Anyway- your news makes me want to jump up and down, and I maybe cried a little... Your an amazing woman- I don't know how I could have done this battle without your advise and all the pearls of wisdom from your community.

Keep it up!


Basic Me said...

Hey Tae_ Happy belated birthday. I thought about you all night and never got to the computer.. I had a moment when I think I send half the world out to worship the DOG on basicmissions and spent hours correcting my dyslexic silliness.. But Hey... you cannot go wrong with worship the Dog blogs.. haha... no way that could be a bad thing..

Gonney I am going to hit my little colonies of friends and see who is good in cleveland if they know anyone? I know it would probley be hard to travel. I know in the back of Kris' book she a link to cancer flights that fly you free or fligts cheap on an airline.. could he do that if he had to?

I know there is a huge I mean huge huge craving for sugar when chemo hits.. It is not what your body is wanting. It want fuel good fuel and good fats because the vomiting and the stomach upset makes you feel like you need sweets.. weird. If you can find a green smoothie precious FIL will drink pour it to him. Just keep the sugar down. I will email you my reciepts.. there are not many. I was determined to drink a lot.. of green juice and I swear it makes you feel so good. I have to admit it took me a bit to get aclimated. I began by starting more with tomatoes.. but they have sugar.. cabbage, kale, celery, avocado and red peeper and tabsco and then worked my way away from the sugar in the tomatoe and moved to all greens. But at first I couldn't handle it out right. I also worked really hard with the wheat grass.. everyone teased me because when Kris said wheat grass enemas I did't question.. my friends said you must have faith in this woman. I told them I would eat rocks if she told me too. haha.. anyway.. the wheat grass takes a bit of adjustment to because you can get nausea if you dont have anything on your tummy. It also took awhile before I enjoyed it. Now I feel sluggish without it.. But then haven't you heard. I have lost my mind.. I count poops and the whole bit.. Have you pooed three times today.. hahaa..

Kris I emailed under hope that was ok.. I am dying to see the forum. Fun time.. I know how the one more day thing goes.. I am doing a radio show here and we are setting up video teaching blogs on healing.. OH I almost lost my whole site today.. Would not have needed wheat grass tomorrow would have needed bail.. hah.. but all is well. Cannot wait to get the heal your life video blogs going. Fun.. I pray.

SO looking forward to talking to you Jennifer.. send a phone number thr basicmissions and I will call with phone numbers and all that jazz for FIL. How are your kids and the flu and hubby?

Brian- when is the next bookclub day? That was fun.. keep kris hugged..
ok.. have to hit the road.. time for work. Friend in the hospital with no where to discharge them so they will not discharge him onto the street. da da we go..

Love you all have a great night. Callie

Anna said...

Although as western medicine is terrified of us taking our health into our own hands and taking away their and the pharmaceutical industry's power, I'm sure the other doctor is convinced that you are, indeed endangering your own health.

Your journey may be the very thing that helps that person to realize that an holistic approach is not only viable but preferable to chemo, etc.

You are an inspiration and a pioneer! Thank you for your relentless optimism, honesty, and web presence!

Glomerulife said...

hey everyone ..

can't keep up with all your posts
hope the forum has quick msgs ..

did i miss anything major ?

Callie how is Mary? please give her my regards when you talk to her.

Kris .. how did ya like the case report story :) u know it is coming 5 , 10 , 20 yrs , who day it will come

Hearing good news is great.. Calli then Kris .. keep it coming guys .. i knew 2008 is going to be a good yr

back to work on this side ..
g'nite everyone

Whole_Body_Healer said...

Well what absolutely FABO news! CONGRATS on your scan results! Still being here on the planet & rockin 5 years from your original diagnosis is REALLY great! I totally get your nervousness around the scan time. Of course, I think that's pretty normal, but I also think there's a certain vulnerability that can creep in when one steps into virgin territory and out there in a big way! When you put yourself into terrain that few have traveled before & you share about this, I think it's natural to have some doubts now & again, and a scan, already filled with some apprehension is a perfect screen for all fears to get amplified. I also get how the pnemonia thing could contribute too. I see this as a friendly nudge from the Universe to slow down, ease up & get back to center...and you have!

As for this doctor that says you have no idea if you are helping your body at all - no proof, it seems like he lives in a black & white world of absolutes, completely discounting the power of one's own experience of their body, & the fact that the cancer is not progressing, for 5 years no less! And I TOTALLY agree about the small victories! Life is made up of moments, which add up to a lifetime...small victories, small steps are the pieces that build to BIG victories, like 5 year survival, and now the possibility of Mommy-hood, all of which may have seemed far away or non-existent possibilities in the beginning...certainly something that probably didn't exist in his view of the world.

And what IF people stopped doing chemo?! Well, that would be THEIR choice. There are lots of dimensions to healing & lots of ways to get to the same destination, but people choose what is right for them on their journey! The world is NOT flat, but many, dare I say most, thought this to be true, until various courageous souls showed it to be different. Shifting paradigms always has the challenge of continuiing to stand despite the the nay sayers. It takes courage to pursue the possibilities AND to be in the vulnerability of being human in one's inevitable experience of doubt & fear, and choosing moment by moment what is the next best choice on the absolutes, stay present & in your truth, whatever that is for you!

And, as for little chicklings, the power of intention, conscious choice, and good self-care, infused with lots of love & heart are powerful, quantum forces for bringing souls into this world, all of which you seem to posess my dear. So, good luck in your "practice" sessions!


P.S. This is a longish post, especially for a 1st visit/post!:)

skyecat said...

hi, yikes--creating a blog is an interesting event, i've been trying to post here for a few days, but this is the first time i've had to truly go through the necessary steps.

kris, you are beautiful, on the inside and out--you are an inspiration. brian is also inspiring and selfless.

thanks to all of your blogger participants for their candid, funny, wild and sexy crazy posts...i look forward to reading on a daily basis.

i laughed out loud when i read cravin veggies comments about hanging out in the produce aisle--i too noticed the guy looking at me yesterday as i read the labels comparing organic strawberries to, well, the run of the mill probably additive enhanced ones.

too funny.

thanks all for your courage.


Glomerulife said...

Hey Michalene,

welcome to this group !

I Am thrilled to learn about your journey to recovery and wish you ongoing remission.Keep up the good work.

I felt obliged to reply to some of your comments .regarding medicine being black and white- it is everything but that . you weigh the benefits and risks in each case and rely on your current available evidence and/or experience.When a patient comes, you provide them with the best information you have and give them a choice. like you , I feel people are entitled to the choices they feel comfortable with as long as they are clear about the long term possibilities and have realistically considered the potential outcomes .. good or bad. let me give you an example .. some patients make the decision to "cure" their body in a natural way, or feel their "bodies are telling them" that 2 sessions of treatment are enough ..etc and this is not just malignancies it can be any other medical condition
hypertension , kidney problem ..etc .What i have noticed is people may make that decision of going the natural way and remind you that it is their body and they know what they are doing .. which is fine. However many end up coming to your emergency when the condition has significantly worsened and the route of management now is not the same. an example a blood pressure pt. that was not treated right and now coming with their first stroke. or a kidney disease failed the "natural way" where damage has occurred and a scarred kidney now will not benefit from treatment and you have to discuss the dialysis route rather than reversal of disease .or a smaller number of tumors that could have responded to chemo and now have gotten too large too numerous to be controlled.My point is some treatments have proven efficacy and are worth considering even when not viewed as "natural" ,alternative therapy can be an adjunct in this case.In other conditions like Kris's for example there is no proven effective protocol and luckily the tumor is a slow growing one - so what she did is the best way to handle it and i am sure there are other people in her situation.The bottom line yes people do have a choice but at the same time they should accept the consequences and not come back to you asking for heroic measures!
I believe a choice has to be responsible.

do not get me wring ,I respect alternative therapy and feel the time for the logical hybrid of he two schools has come. My only issue with alternative treatments is that they are not regulated as conventional medicine and some homeopathic practitioners can actually do harm.As in example one was overloading my patients with a vitamin her kidneys cannot clear and had put her through the side effects of that.I get letters from other conventional docs when they see my patient but never had an alternative practitioner communicate with me my patients,and visit and plan.My point even the natural choice may not be perfect and one really has to use with great thought all tools available when they decide on what to do with their health

anyways i am off to work now ..

have a great day everyone


Elizabeth M. said...

Jennifer - Goony, check out
I went to this doc. he is in Chicago. I traveled far to see him to treat cancer.(I live in the DC area) His protocol involves nutrition, and the chemotherapy is more gentle than standard. He may be able to tell you if there is anyone in Cleveland for you to see. (hope so) btw - We will soon be neighbors! My husband and I are planning a move to the Cleveland area! We don't have a date yet. I think it may be sometime this summer/fall. I've really enjoyed reading your posts and pray for your FIL and you often. I'm praying that all the love and information you give him will encourage him to fight for his sweet life!
if you go to my blog,
look in archives during the summer - around june to September. There are a lot of posts concerning IPT therapy there. Hope it helps!

Iffat said...

Hip Hip Hurray!!!! Kris


what a great news. I am Happy for you.

wish you all the best for you and your little bundle of Joy.


Whole_Body_Healer said...

Hi Reem,
Thanks for the welcome. And bravo to you & other doctors who are participating in this dialogue.

My comments regarding black & white were NOT about medicine being black & white. They were about an individual perspective seemingly being closed to possibilities that may not have fit in a given worldview. Perhaps I could have worded this better & since I wasn't there I do not have additional context to know more specifically this person's actual info at best.

The key here I think is dialogue & openess to the potential contributions of various perspectives. I have seen doctors & alternative practitioners alike being very closed to the perspectives of the other. Sharing what's going on in various "camps", medical, nutritional, etc. is ideal for maximum benefit to the patient & practitioners' ability to work from a full-deck. This can happen voluntarily through practitioners, or with the patient being the integrating force of the "team". In my ideal world, the patient takes responsibility for their health, and consults with various team members/practitioners to assess what each has to offer & makes their best choice at the time, with the information available. If the current approach does not work/produce desired results, or new information becomes available, then the patient goes back to the team with this input & reassesses the next best step. And ideally, the dialogue also goes the other way too.

Ultimately, it is when people have the courage to take responsibility for what may be considered a non-traditional healing path (at the time) & have positive results, that a greater range of possibilities emerges for others to benefit from & take that experience & build upon it. Positive results can be disease stabilization, extended survival, improved quality of life, etc. "Cure" does not have to be the only positive result. And for sure there are risks on a less traveled, non-traditional path. As human beings, our living systems have individual uniquenesses not yet comprehended or embraced for even "customized" approaches to be effectively utilized. So in the gap, we must rely on our best information gathering from resources we trust & go with our gut/intuition, and then listen/observe the feedback our body gives us. Whatever the choices, be they traditional or not, some choices may have consequences that are not reversable. But there is some empowerment in doing the best that you can at the time & "choosing" what seems to fit for you. Every healing path is unique in some way. May we all be blessed with the guidance to find our way to whatever path may be best for us, and hopefully share what we learn along the way, if that feels right.

Angelica said...

wow k!
im so glad for your stability for your goals for your work.

in the midst of the health fads, if getting back to basics is working i say go for it.

I hope you are able to have ten bouncing baby vegan revolutionaries.
flying on trapezes while passing out vegan goodness info.

imagine that. youd be like the organic von traps. only crazy sexier. lol.

awww. im happy for you. good news for you feels like good news for me. is that odd?

you're a part of us. and im glad for that.

much love and moonbeams with hope and happiness sprinkled on top.

p.s. thanks for the pep talk through myspace. it made me cry when i read it. thank you for hearing me out.
miss save my ass technologies. lol

vegemom said...

I have words of encouragement for your quest for mommiehood. In 1997at the age of 33 I had a stage IIIa lung cancer that was inoperable. Needless to say I survived after chemo, radiation and a lobectomy. In May 2005 I started to not feel well, heartburn and fatigue. I discovered at the age of 41 after being told that I was probably infertile after the treatment I was in fact pregnant. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl ten days before my 42nd birthday. She is now 2 and I am in my 11th year of remission. All things are possible with faith.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

vegemom~ WOW! thats awesome vegemom! God surely has blessed you :)

miriam said...


Congrats! Your good news is so inspiring.

I have an appt with Dr. D's colleague, Dr. G., on St. Paddy's Day so that we can have the whole fertility discussion. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news. (I actually emailed you a while back about EHE babes with babes - you had put out a call for them in your book and I responded even though I'm not quite there yet.) And what fun to know there's someone else out there on a very similar journey.

Sorry this is a belated comment - I went on vacation and didn't check in!

Miriam ( for anyone out there who wants to discuss pre-EHE or during-EHE pregnancy)

Tragicomedy said...

If I have learned anything, it is to not believe my GYN. He told me I couldn't have kids and the irony of it is, I was already pregnant and neither of us knew.