Thursday, February 7, 2008

Extra Special Guest Blogger (and cherished pal) Dhrumil Purohit

Green drinks, chemo and my aunt’s journey

In the summer of 2004 my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a total of 8 tumors and they were growing in size each week. Doctors told her that surgery followed by an intense schedule of chemo were her only options.

This was the first time that anyone so close to me had been diagnosed with cancer. I was a little sacred, but I have to admit, I was also a little excited.

Since August 2001 I had been eating an exclusively raw food diet. I wasn't sick, I just wanted more energy, mental clarity and better skin. And boy did I get it! What I also got was an opportunity to see first hand how much of a difference diet can make for individuals who have a chronic or degenerative disease. My college roommate, who had really bad Asthma from the time he was a little kid, started eating raw with me and in less than 4 months his Asthma mysteriously disappeared. He also lost about 60 pounds of extra weight and got rid of at least two different types of allergies. His doctors couldn't believe or explain Mihir's transformation. They gave him the standard, "We have no clue what's up, but hey, if it works for you then keep it up!" It was then that I knew I was onto something powerful.

If the right attitude combined with a raw food diet helped Mihir with his asthma, what possibilities were in store for my aunt Hema?

Hema was well aware of my self-healing and raw food escapades. On our second conversation about her diagnosis she put all her cards on the table. "I have to live. I have to be strong and I have to thrive. Not just for my spirit, but for Neer and Namir (her children). I have to do this and I'm willing to get unconventional. I'm still going to go through with surgery and chemo because that's the doctors plan. But I want to make healthy eating and spirituality my plan. Will you help me?"

That was the first time in my young life that I had been asked of something so grand. But without hesitation I replied with a big fat, "Yes! Let's do this!"

A central part of Hema's healing journey revolved around a green drink. Very similar to the one Kris made for Dr. Oz on the Oprah show. For the first month after our conversation, in addition to eating exclusively raw meals, Hema was drinking two 8 ounce green juices a day. She was rocking and rolling! If this Crazy Sexy Cancer blog had been out then, she would have been on this page lighting up the comments with little tid-bits of how great she felt.

Four months into the plan Hema was doing amazing. She had already gone through one surgery (with an excellent and speedy recovery) and was now gearing up for chemo.

Out of the entourage of doctors that my aunt rolled with, it was the Oncologist who worried the most about her diet and specifically the raw greens. His biggest concern was bacteria. He was worried that an infection could occur while her immune system was vulnerable. He did his best to educate my aunt about the risks, but she was steadfast! After doing her own research and talking to a few raw food friendly docs, Hema new first hand that 1) the greens contained little to no bacteria and 2) staying raw and drinking her green juice would speed up her bodies ability to heal from the drugs.

Hema also took precautions to make sure that her food was totally free of anything that could harm her system:

* She bought only organic greens: Conventional and non-organic produce is more likely to contain bacteria because it has a greater chance of being grown next to conventional animal farms, (also known as factory farms).

All of the recent spinach-ecoli incidents occurred at non-organic farms that shared water with factory farms. Organic farms have very strict restrictions on how close they can be to conventional farms. For that reason organic produce is safer, better for the environment and better for your health.

* She called upon the power of hydrogen peroxide: Everyday Hema added a half a cup of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide (it is very important that it is food grade and NOT the stuff from a drug store) into a big sink and washed her vegetables in it.

Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, is a strong oxidizer and kills bacteria in a fast and safe manner. It is multi-purpose and has been used for many years by people in the health community as a non-toxic cleaner, mouthwash, toothpaste and vegetable soak. Before you start using it though, you may want to read up on the power of H202. A great book is Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle by William Campbell Douglass.

Chemo Session 1: Hema's oncologist at Lankenau Hospital (just outside of Philadelphia) reluctantly agrees to her staying on a raw diet, but is happy she is taking precautions. He gives her drugs to take to counter the nausea and vomiting that many people feel after chemo. Hema reluctantly takes them, but notices that aside from some slight discomfort, she feels fine.

When her oncologist called the next day to check-in, Hema shares that she has no nausea, hasn't vomited and actually feels okay - a little tired, but still okay. He's amazed! Hema even tells him that she's thinking about chucking the aftereffect drugs starting tomorrow. He doesn't think it's a good idea, but at this point is open to new possibilities.

Since my aunt anticipated that her recovery would be much faster than what most cancer patients experience, she opts for a speedy chemo routine. Session after session her diet stays the same and her green drink recipe taste better and better. Which is good, because it becomes tougher for her to stick with the routine as the chemotherapy continues. The chlorophyl and alkalinity from the green juice and raw diet encourages the body to continuously detoxify. And since the chemotherapy drugs are quite toxic, she goes through spurts of not wanting to drink her green juice. But Hema sticks it out. Her hair still thins and Hema has her rough days emotionally, but overall the doctors are amazed at her recovery and can't believe her blood work.

Fast forward 4 months and Hema is still feeling amazing. More importantly her spirit is thriving. She no longer feels at the mercy of a disease, she is in control and now sees cancer as exactly the thing she needed. It opened her eyes and become the calling that led her to drop all of her old stories. Stories of why her life was or wasn't a particular way and how she wasn't in control. Now Hema is at the driver seat and totally loving the ride.

At around the 1 year mark Hema receives some fantastic news. Her cancer is officially in remission. We throw a little raw food party to celebrate!

Fast forward to today, February 2008 and Hema is still great. Her diet has stabilized at around 80% raw food and 20% vegan cooked food. And of course, she still has her daily green drink. Cancer is still one of the best things that ever happened to her.

Thanks for being the crazy, sexy woman that you are Hema, I love you very much.

Dhrumil Purohit is team lead and editor of, a blog about the transformational power of raw food


Sabrina said...
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Sabrina said...

Thank you so much for this guest post. I am a member of and have been wanting and intending on changing to a raw/vegan diet. After seeing Kris on Oprah, reading her book, reading her blog & the wealth of information available, and reading various books on raw eating ... I have wanted to but not been ready to "take the plunge" so to speak. Your words have enlightened me and I am finally taking the steering wheel. I'm ordering my Breville a.s.a.p!!! :)

Hema's story has touched me and will touch many more. You are an amazing person!! Your dedication has given people the gift of life back. Life is much more appreciated when you've gone through hardships that show you how precious every moment is. Thank you so much!!!!!

LYB said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I love hearing more and more stories of inspiration, health and well-being. I love hearing about other peoples success with raw foods and green drinks, it is extremely moving and encouraging. I will add Hema to my list of energy and will continue to draw strength from her story.


debbiedoesraw said...

Your auntie is so lucky to have you to help her go raw and rawk the canser house!
Thank you so much for sharing her amazing journey. Stories like hers are what we all live for..and hope to tell ourselves one day.
ps thanks too for giveittomeraw and we like it raw, two of my fav websites!

leenda said...

Drumil,thank you for sharing your Aunt's courageous battle with us.Your Aunt trusted you with her life,what does that say? To the green!I visited your site,lots of info and real interesting.Take care.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

I'm getting ready to hit the sack, early flight in the AM, but I just wanted to say that I feel so lucky to have met you all, lucky and blessed to be a hub for inspirational stories of hope, education, hell YEAH and spirit.

Dhru, you are a change maker.

Family, you are the future.

Sleep with the angels...

Lovingraw said...

I have had the pleasure of meeting Hema and she really does light up the room. What a wonderful "home team" you guys make. Dhrumil, you are awesome, keep on inspiring. Kris, your already like family. Love you all! Philip : )

Basic Me said...

I am so thrilled you are our guest blogger. I cannot tell you how this post hits home for me. As previously posted I had gone to the dr. to check on when and how surgery would be done for osteoscarcoma that had moved from bone, to cervix to lungs and lymph nodes. Eight months ago I began the csc lifestyle and transition on to a raw 80/20 vegan diet and went to get the results and voila cancer dead. DEAD> I have the paper to prove it. So when the 6 tumors I had the largest being 14mm have died and my lovely dr said it was do to this diet. I was thrilled. I cannot tell you how I feel a sisterhood to Hema. You were the prophet for her and put the miracle in her path. Just as Kris has done for me. I would love to add your site to the list of recommendations on basicmissions and I will be praying that Hema stays the miracle she is. I firmly believe that a miracle is 10 percent energy from God and 90 percent effort. If Noah would not have built the ark then thier would be no flood to talk about surviving...
You al know I am sending my thank you and hell yeahs.. up for you all. Sabrina get to it honey... you will have never felt better. I have never felt this good in my life. I have lost forty three pounds and feel like dancing.. Take teh plunge we are all here to catch you. Kris have a great and blessed flight. Much love and prayers.

Hugs, Peace and Veggies
visit the lenten devotional if you get a chance.

Many Blessing. Callie

Dee said...

I was/am SO excited when I found out that you'd be the guest blogger! You've done so many incredible things and continue to motivate me pretty much every day (seriously, I swear, if it keeps up...I may need to detox myself from you!).

I love hearing stories like this and I love how strong of a woman she is. I'm sure you're wickedly proud of her and I hope she's proud of herself.

I want to slap you a high five and a big ass 'HELL YEAH!' to top it off.

Dhrumil! You are a change maker, a dream weaver, and a wonderful man with a glowing spirit. I am blessed and honored to have your words of wisdom and inspiration a part of my daily life. Thank you for everything you always do and for sharing with us here at CSC.

Can I hug your aunt now? I seriously, seriously want to hug her. Gah!

Dhrumil said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the love and the appreciate on the post.

Hema Auntie says hi too!

@Sabrina: Appreciate your being part of the community. It's a much better place with you. Don't worry so much about taking the plunge as much as starting where you can. Green smoothies in the morning are great for that!

@LYB: You are certainly welcome!

@debbiedoesraw: I'm a big fan of your blog! Keep it up and the team and I totally appreciate your readership.

@leenda: :)

@Kris Carr: I'm so glad we met. Boy are me, you and Brian going to shake things up! Can't wait for the forums to launch.

@lovingraw: Phil, you're up soon buddy! Hema says hi.

@basic me: a powerful testimonial you have. I'm putting together a list of testimonials and I'd love to have you on it. Shoot me and email when you can!

Dhrumil said...

@Dee: You are too cool. I'm going to pass the message along to my aunt. I know she'll appreciate it.

p.s. I love your recent post about the green lemonade. That's pretty much my every-other-day green juice recipe. I toss in a little ginger for kicks.

Also, this Monday we'll be posting an interview with Natalia Rose. I think you'll certainly enjoy that.

Keep doing your thing!

clint said...

Wow Dhrumil, what an incredible story . . you are wise beyond your years my friend, that is for sure.

The world needs more people like you !

Thanks for sharing your amazing story.



Dee said...

Dhrumil- Well thanks! I don't mean to make you a messenger to her, but I do appreciate you passing it along :).

That being said, that's funny you mention my blog because I just wrote about you in it! Now if you do that juice that I posted on mine, every other day, I'm curious to what you do on the other days. If that makes sense.

And yes! I will enjoy the Natalia Rose one, well I hope I will at least. You're either very observant or stalking me. The former, yes?

Clint- Your picture always makes me grin and want to hug you. Just had to be said.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Dhrumil~ very cool post! & love your website! Looking so forward to your Natalia Rose post on your site!

Michelle J said...

Dhru, thanks so much for your very inspiring post! I loved reading it dude! I am a memeber of GITMR and love the site, its quite amazing!!! Keep up the good work and i hope to meet you soon at a NY meetup!!

Becky said...

That was so incredibly inspiring! Thank you so much and a blessing on you and your aunt. I immediately made my morning green drink this morning and loved every minute of it.

This is proof to me. and Callie, you are so right about the 10/90 thing. We are ALL working our tails off to ovecome all of our obstacles. That is what I love about coming here.

Green is officially my favorite color.

Peace and love! off to chemo!

Cathy said...

I love hearing inspirational stories like this! Thank you so much Dhru for sharing with us! I am a breast cancer survivor and didn't discover all of this until after I was finished with my treatments. I did it as a way to empower myself and deal with the fear of it coming back. I have a long way to go but am learning so much and feel better than I ever did with the ways I have changed my diet so far. I will be sure to check out your website!
Kris, I am so grateful to have found you and this crazy, sexy community!
Laura, sorry this thank you is coming so late....wanted to say how much I appreciated your comment on another post about my dad who has pancreatic cancer. Thanks for sharing your husbands story with me. It is hard but I know deep down that my dad has follow his own journey and I support him.
It is so nice to have a place to come to where there is so much support, sharing, and light!
Peace and love to all....

Jenny said...

Hi Everyone...
Thank you Dhrumil & Aunt Hema! You both rock! I am definately vegetarian, 90% vegan now. I totally believe in eating completely raw/vegan, but I do not have support in my husband & 2 teenage daughters think it's "stupid." I also have a weakness for dessert, which creeps in a little....MUCH better than in the past. I need to make a commitment & start progressing toward 100% raw/vegan. I believe it is the right way to live!!!

You'll hear from me a lot more here as I make my way in this direction....we all need the support.
I am sooo excited about this...Dhrumil's and Basic Me have me really wanting to gte going & be soo good to my bosy...healing foods!!!
I can't wait for meet-ups on here!
Ok, enough gushing...but Thank You!!!
PS Tomorrow is my 18th wedding anniversary & planning on going out for dinner...any suggestions? We're in Hudson Valley, NY, so Woodstock, New Paltz, NYC, Westchester restaurants are great. Thanks!

Basic Me said...

Happy Anniversary Jenny! what an accomplishment. Enjoy your night. I dont know a thing about that area but let us know how it goes. Oh. You don't worry about your hubby and kiddos.. the will come around. Sometimes it takes time. I have bbeen working on my BIL for the last eight months. Nothing got thru. He thought there was nothing food on the menu. Well we are surprising and he and his wife are having problems with thier health. Each time Duncan or I get a check up and the results are so great. It changes thier mind just a little. You just keep doing what you need to for you.

I am so impressed bu Dhrumil's and Hema's story. Wow. Dhrumil I will send that testimonial to you tomorrow. Thanks for asking. Many Blessings. Hugs to all! Callie

clint said...

Pick me up n hug me Dee, but don't squersh me ! I have degree in hugging, so be warned.


. . . and I too drink the coconut juice (bulk from WholeFoods) it's great !

Basic Me said...

Hey Gooney Darlin',
How are things today. I know you sound like things are a bit overwhelming right now. Hang on tou can do it. My mom swears that no one can define love until they are covered in vomit and cleaning up after your loved ones and when you pass the door and they are all asleep you think they are gorgeous. I am sorry you FIL is having so muc trouble. Like you I am wondering what? About the scrimp... I know this that I am putting you and the whole clan on our prayer chain. We have 50,000 provders in the basicmisisons network and 700 people who offically pray. Everyone will be sending you love and joy and when I light my lenten candle tonight my prayer will be for you and for Dr. Sue and all the csc loves.. I a with everyone eles. Ocsams razor.. now who cannot love clint for that. And yes Clint I think you are right. You know thier are lost sanskrit documents you study about in comparative religons that talk about the cure for cancer, diabetes and most disease that comes from an outside source in your body. I really believe we have found it. I am amazed at the progress here. I had vowed to do this for one year. Both participate and the diet and I will never go back. Kris has given us all a gift of health and a gift of self that is remarkable. I know a ton of you were on the raw food diet a long time ago. But this old cajun was still muching on steak oscar and eggs benedict and making croissants every week for duncan..........those days are gone with the wind. My sister came by yesterday and said she would make me supper because I had just gotten out of my epidurals. I was fine to make supper. But she took one look inside the fridge and ran like a warrior. She said anything in there had to be cleaned and chopped and if I had had meat she was sure she would have had to catch it and wring its neck to cook it. Haha.. it was funny .. we working together and had a lovely meal and she loved it.. She just was looking for the mac and cheese and chili in a can to make duncan his old favorite junk food I would let him eat. Chili pie.. Now we didn't eat on this plan but we didn't eat junk.. yukko.. it was cute though. OK jen if you get down pick that phone up sweetie. If you have to leave a message I will call you write back. 251-648-6510 I am not crazy. I love you all. And if I can offer just a bit back to all you have given me. Call. Hugs to my little Jen and know precious one this to shall pass. Keep going to the devotional for lent on it is really helpful to start your day centered. I just read the most lovely book by Christt Turlington about Living Yoga she is a devout catholic and uses her Rosary as her prayer beads and she has become a pro in placing the practice of Buddhism and Catholosism together and it is a source of real peace and understanding. I loved it.
hugs. I am talking to much. Love you all. Callie

Sabrina said...

This community keeps getting better & better!! I'm looking forward to what Natalia Rose will talk about! I recently purchased her books (Life Force Energy...along with a plethora of raw/juicing/vegan books stacked up waiting for me to read) and have heard her name so much after visiting websites geared towards healthy eating. Your guest bloggers are so enriching -- I always feel a surge of enlightenment & optimism that benefits my mind, body & soul more than I can tell you.


p.s. Can't wait to discuss "In Defense of Food" over the weekend with all you beautiful people! <3

Bueller said...

Lovely post. I will refer to it on my blog
I can't wait to read more from your guest speakers! What courageous people we are !!

goony said...


Wow, what an amazing post! Very uplifting. Your spirit is very bright, much like Kris. We are drawn to this light that you and Kris, and other here share, like moths to a flame. You have given me extra hope today, so thank you. I'm so glad that your aunt is doing well.


goony said...


Hello Darling! Thank you for your uplifting message today. I feel so much better knowing me and my family are in your prayers. I would love to know the name of the book by Christ Turlington. I wanted to meditate with mala beads but haven't been able to find any, so I figured the rosary was just as good. I printed out the instructions on how to pray, and even though I didn't understand how to meditate on the stations, the whole process of repetative prayer, and giving my whole soul up to god to bring peace into my body, worked like a drug. I was very at peace afterwords and will ocntinue to use the rosary.

I had to take my youngest to the doctors this morning, because he isn't getting better, and we found out that he has an ear infection in both ears. Last night after I fell asleep, my son went to my husband and said "Daddy, I hear a train in my ears, do you hear it?", my husband said "No", and then my son put his ear up to my musbands ear and said, "Can you hear it now?". That almost made me cry. I can't stand seeing my children and my FIL suffering and not being able to do anything about it. God it is a terrable feeling. He is on antibiotics now, so I will be sure to supplement a probiotic with it.

FIL update, well if I don't get some answers today, I might just go up to that hospital and scream at someone. Today we found out that his doctor has an indian accent, and my FIL has bad hearing, so we think what the doctor actually said was "you have fluid in your lung", not, "you have food in your lung". Which makes more sense. They did an ultrasound to get the fluid out, but that didn't work, so today they are going to try a cat scan. They had to give him even more blood today (low on hemoglobin), but no blood in cough, or urine, so they think his body isn't making enough because of the chemo and staph infection. They still need to check his stool though to rule that out.

I just want to thank you all again for giving me support through all this. I don't mean to hog the posts, or be a downer.


Chris said...

You can find mala beads on the

They also have cushions and other meditation supplies. Can't wait to get to my cushion tonight. ahhhh (ohmmmm!).

Happy weekend all.
Chris in Wyoming

Chris said...

me, again!
I found a site or two on using the mala beads:
(they also had mala beads for sale)

Chris in Wyoming

Dee said...

Clint- I promise I'll be gentle! I used to buy it from bulk from Whole Foods until I priced it out and realized it was far cheaper to just have it delivered, especially because the more you buy from the company directly, the more percent they knock off the cases. I'm all about educating myself on pricing things out, and making it all as easy and healthy as possible. Coupon cutting can make you crazy! I'd rather be a tad OCD about pricing things out, then be stressed about not having enough for bills y'know?

clint said...


I'm OCD with some Tourette's thrown in there for good measure ! ;-)

Can you disclose the place where you order this stuff online ?

(I won't tell a soul)

huggy bear

Dee said...

Clint- LOL! It's on my most recent blog post. All the info you need is there.

Xoxo queen of the coconuts. :P And I will forever call you huggy bear.

clint said...

Thanks PYTDee !

Dee said...

You're welcome HUGGYBEAR!

goony said...


OK, so sodium bicarbonate is just baking soda? Do you take it?


clint said...


I'm not sure if it's just 'baking soda', but I do know that you can buy just the plain ole 'Alka-Seltzer (in those little blue, 2 tablet packs at a drug store) and that has 1916mg of 'Sodium Bicarbonate' listed as the main ingredient in it (without the Aspirin® added of course)

I think taking baking soda (in a box) might be a little harsh on the lining of the stomach. (I know, I used to take it as a kid and have burping contests :-)... but that's another story.

And no, I haven't taken it. I've never tested positive for cancer (when I had my illness)

Here is what the webste sais as far as what was her treatment was, this was taken from :

For the period of a month, she is administered sodium bicarbonate (one teaspoon in a glass of water) to ingest half an hour before breakfast (that is, on an empty stomach) for the purpose of maximising the effect

I think a little more research might have to be done here...but, if all it is is taking Alkaseltzer, 1-2x's a day... I mean, why not.

And again, I am not saying take the stuff here... but if it was me, I might try it for a month or two, and see where it goes.

(aka Huggy bear)

Mariely1881 said...

Dhrumil, thank you so much for your aunt's story, it is through people like her that we get inspired. Hema you are an amazing woman.

Just Breath...

joyfuljude said...


Thank you so much for your inspirational story. I wish I had known you before my breast cancer.

I'm off to check out your website.

Best wishes to your dear aunt!


Dr.Sue said...

It probably would be fine to just take Alka-Seltzer, however 1 tab does have the equivalent of 1-325mg aspirin, which is hard on the gut, & almost 2000mg of Sodium Bicarb. The citric acid just creates the fizz when combined with the sodium bicarb. It may get expensive though. A better way may be to get your dr. to prescribe it, it's pretty cheap. The main drug that interacts with it that I can think of is Lithium. I'll do a little bit of checking on this, as NaHCO3 (Sod.Bicarb)isn't really prescribed too much. I'll get back to you. Sue

clint said...


I they sold an Alkaseltzer that has only Vit.C & Sodium Bicarbonate in it, isn't there ?

If not, I will slit my wrists now for giving Jenniefer the wrong info.....
(the Humanity of it all)



Basic Me said...

mala beads hurrah!!!!! I have wasted more gas then I can say looking for them.. Hurrah.. I am ordering when we get off the phone.

Jennifer-Gooney.. I am so sorry you have had such a time of it. It is awful when a loved one is sick and you cannot make them better. I cannot imagine what I would do if I had children and they were ill.. oh I lose my mind when saatchi even looks funny. How can a husky look green but she steals and then gets this look. I cannot imagine. You are the best. The name of the book by Christy Turrlington is Living Yoga. OH it is beautiful. I checked it out at the libray. Trying to get my devootional material from all different walks of life and sources. It is fab. I am buying that one.

I will email you the mala sanskit meditations. It is lovely and you can swap out when you want. I love the rosary. My mother falls asleep every night with it in her hand. I always wondered if she was praying or going to bed with a weapon to kill my crazy dad with. Ha.. No.. she prays it each day. It is a family tradition.

Well I cannot belive it is Friday. I have to work this weekend. But I am planning on some quiet reflective time this weekend. And I am planning on my first diet cheat. I want a bite just a bite of sugar free, organic wheat flour berry cobler. I am dreaming about it. I will probley settle for a fuitless green lemonaide shake, shake. But let me have my friday night fantasty.

Sleep well all and Know you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Many Blessings. Callie
check out the lenten devotionals on I know it is shameless but they are pretty good if I say so myself. love ya'll

OH and Debbie wrote a fabulous I mean fabulous article on beginning nutrition in our lovely raw 80/20 lifestyle that will be posted tomorrow night. Check it out she is brilliant but we all know that. Hugs Deb

Dr.Sue said...

Clint and Jennifer,
I was thinking of plain Alka-Seltzer, but of course, every OTC Product seems to add more products to specialize & treat different conditions so I had to look that one up!
No wrist-slitting(?) necessary (ha) Yes, there is Alka Seltzer Gold,
NO ASPIRIN, just the Sodium Bicarb & Citric Acid.
You know, you can get Sodium Bicarb Tablets & powder I guess OTC. I suggest you call up Walgreen's or Wal-Mart pharmacy, or wherever you get scripts filled, & ask the pharmacist. I don't work in retail drugstores, so I'm not sure if they have bottles behind the counter, or if you'd have them order it?
Another thing about sod.bicarb is that if you have any high blood pressure or edema (you probably don't),then don't take it. Sodium retains fluid in the body.
Anyway, thanks Clint for looking for the other Alka options!

clint said...

Thanks dr.sue . . . I thought I was losing my mind there for a minute.

I was about to impale myself on a stalk of Celery too....

whew !


Sabrina said...

Does anyone know of any green drinks that can be made using a blender? I do not have a Breville yet but plan on getting one soon. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! :)

Dee said...

Sabrina- You can make pretty much any green drink in a blender, the problem with a blender is it becomes less like a juice and more like a blended soup because of all the fiber in it. If that makes sense. The juicer separates the fiber and the juice from the vegetables. That being said, one of my favorite 'blended juices' in a blender or mini processor is as follows:

Peeled and seeded lime
Peeled cucumber
Coconut water (I am telling y'all, queen of the coconuts! LOL)
Tiny dash of stevia

I got the original recipe from CSC Tips and then fiddled with it to tailor to my mood. Some days I don't use the stevia at all, some days I use more lime, some days I add some dry coconut or some fresh ginger shredded/minced on top.

Clint- Set the celery stalk down and slowly, carefully walk away. Or, if you can't resist doing something 'manly' to it, rinse it off and toss that baby in your juicer! You could also you know, just eat it.

LNastasi519 said...

Hey Everyone!

I had my first green drink this morning!!! Yay!!! I juiced romaine lettuce, kale, celery, a cucumber, a green apple, parsley, lemon and ginger then added it to my blender and threw a banana and some hemp milk in it. YUM!!! Can't wait for my next one!!

Lauren N.

loving green said...

A meme for you from me

goony said...

Dr. Sue, Clint,

You guys are fabulous! Too funny. Thanks for the laugh. Don't you harm a single hair on that cute head of yours now. Dr. Sue, I never thought to ask, what kind of doctor are you? I think it is so cool that we have a doctor in the house! You guys are quite a team! I'll do some more research on the sodium bicarb thing.

Callie, you too my sweet soul friend! Your basic missions post about waking up to 50 cent and a lawn mower had me crackin up! You and I are very similar in that way. I can't stand being woken up! I've never been a morning person. I've given up trying to find the mala beads within driving distance. I even considered making them myself, but I've got enough projects on my plate right now. I'm just going to order them. And I'm gonna put that book on hold at the library too. Sounds like a good one!

My son's fever FINALLY broke last night!!!!! Liam, that's his name, was running a fever since Monday.

FIL update. Well it has been confirmed. The doctor with the Indian accent said "you have fluid in your lung", not "you have food in your lung"! How fricking funny is that!!!! I mean you gotta laugh. I was coming unglued thinking he had a shrimp in his lung, and wondering why the heck the hospital wasn't moving faster to get it out!! They did a cat scan and inserted a needle through his back and into his lung and got the fluid out yesterday. Now if I could just get some answers as to why the fluid is there in the first place and why they have to keep giving him blood.

I saw a good green shake recipe over at We Like It Raw. It was Sarma's recipe, so click on her name, Sarma Melngailis, then click on Read Sarma's Latest Blog, and then you will see her blog, named "Finding Clarity In The Blender, The Green Shake. "
Also a book you might want to get is "Green For Life, by Victoria Boutenko. I believe it has green shake recipes. I haven't read it yet, but I have it on hold at the library, at it looks very interesting.


Marjorie said...
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apoopslingingmonkey said...

hey everyone~ heres an interview with Kris and Dhru that you download- so cool!

Grendle said...


Thank you so much for sharing your Aunt's story. I look daily at this blog for inspiration and this is a big one!


Rebecca said...

Dhrumil - Thanks for sharing your story. It's a great booster! I believe so strongly that diet and a positive, hopeful attitude is such an important foundation! It confounds me that it is not more widely believed and practiced. My inlaws who both have cancer have had great success changing their diets. They are doing the anti-inflammation diet. Is anyone else doing that or heard of it?
When my friend and filmmaking parnter, Stephen was going through his treatments, my hubbie and I begged him to change his diet. He lived on coffee and french fries. One of his oncologists said there was no compelling evidence that eliminating sugar, among other things, would have any impact on his health. I wanted to track down that doctor and give him a smack down! Stephen also said he'd rather die than give up coffee. Sadly he did die in December. I'm not blaming his diet. I know his cancer was very aggressive. I just commiserate with Dhrumil's experience with the lack of understanding, support and encouragement from many health care providers. There needs to be a revolution in this area!

Goony- has there been any mention of pneumonia for you fil? Fluid in the lungs is often a sign of that and someone with a weakened immune system is particularly at risk.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!
It's rainy here in NYC.


Dr.Sue said...

I'm glad your son is on the road to recovery. If your FIL has been lying down mostly, not sitting up or getting out of bed, it's quite common to get a fluid build up in the lungs. Usually though, the caregivers wherever your FIL is at know this & would try to keep him from lying flat all the time.
Oh, I'm a PharmD-Doctor of Pharmacy, not an MD-Doctor of Medicine.
I'm glad you mentioned that book from Victoria Boutenko, as I'm off to walk to the library & I'd like that book too. I get her monthly newsletter. It's not real in depth, but its interesting. Her kids have a raw book out for teenagers that's supposed to be good also.
Have a good day!

A carrot is more pointy, it probably wouldn't hurt as much. (Just in case you ever have to choose your weapon) ;)


Dhrumil said...

@jenny: You'd be surprised how quickly cravings for sweet foods vanish when you have the greens as a staple in your diet. Instead of trying to stop having sweets, start having green juice or green smoothies! It's a mental shift from scarcity (less) to abundance (more). Liquid chlorophyll changes the fundamental way your body interacts with food. Foods that you use to crave stop tasting the same way. p.s. Happy anniversary!

@Sabrina: Here are a couple green shakes that you can make only using a blender


@Grendle: :)

clint said...


I agree, there really does need to be a revolution in this area doesn't there.

Sadly, it can be like 'Farting against Thunder' when it comes to trying to get most doctors to think as individuals as opposed to a group.

Maybe you can lead the revolution Rebecca ?



Thanks for saving my life, I owe you one. I've cleared all the celery out of the house so there's less chance of me getting impaled.


just t said...

Callie- hi, I would love to have a copy of your mala sanskit meditation.

tae- please check in !

love and peace to all, tina

clint said...


Hey my friend I have have Kris's Oprah segment on my computer MPEG'd (in 3 different video quality and sizes) and if you were still needing a copy of it for your website, would be happy to get it to you. (I read you website where someone requested it)

Just thought I'd offer.


Appreciate the carrot advice, thanks ! :)

Wanted to ask you . . . have you heard any information about using HGH for joint regeneration (i.e. injecting HGH into a hip joint or other joint to rebuild cartilage)

Thanks in advance,


goony said...

Clint -

AH!!! Can you post the Kris on Oprah here? I never got to see her documentary, and only cought part of her oh Oprah. I saw enough to get me here and living this CSC life, but I would really love to see the whole thing!


heather said...

Dhrumil, thank you so much for this post and Hema's beautiful, inspiring story. I'm looking forward to getting familiar with It's all very new for me and I'm loving that there are so many great resources to turn to. Thank you again for the guest post!

Bueller, no more baulking at bok choy, indeed! I tried the amazing and super-easy bok choy salad recipe for lunch today from your site and loved it. Bok choy's always been one of those things I've never quite known what to do with, and this recipe was tremendous. Thanks for sharing it.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend.

Be well,

clint said...


I wish I could get it to you Jennifer, but I have the file (.mpg) on my computer(only), it's not on a website yet (that I know of).

If you want, email me (click on my name here to get to my email) and send me your mailing address, and I'll burn you a CD and send it to you.


Dee said...

YOU GUYS! Google is your friend.

So is youtube. That should be the entire Kris Carr segment from Oprah. Enjoy people.

just t said...

OOOHHH DEE !!! thank you, you hip young chick ! peace t

clint said...

Good find Dee . . . I did a search for this on Google 2 days ago, and it wasn't there.

...(where is that celery stalk...?)

scnewme said...

Dee, that is too funny!! I was just asking my daughter (she's 12) to help me get it off Youtube and then saw your post! Its right there for all the world to see! Now if I can only figure out how to get the foxymusic linked to my blog, it'd be one of the best days ever, lol!!

And Clint, was laughing so hard at your "farting against thunder" that's a new one to stash in the arsenal!!

Dhrumil - much thanks for sharing your Aunt's personal story...these are exactly the kind of testimonials we need to move this lifestyle to the next level! Continued health and raw, green love,


Dee said...

Screwme- Do you mean how to insert the 'signature' into your blog entries? With FoxyTunes? It supports blogger so you shouldn't have any problems. Or do you mean something else? Feel free to shoot me an email, my addy is in my profile, I'll be happy to walk you through it.

Clint- What celery *crunches slowly*

Dee said...

*slowly stares at typo, then backs away*

I heart you Sherry! Remind me next time to not SPEAK to somebody at the same time I type kay? Thanks.

Dr.Sue said...

I don't know of HGH's use for cartilidge regeneration. I know of it for the obvious-muscle building, and also some fair documentation for osteoporosis if bone density is already low. I'll see when I go to work Monday, one of the pharmacists knows alot about HGH and has many discussions with doctors & medical directors as they have to present alot of charts and paperwork to get it covered under insurance (usually used for children w/deficiency). I'll let you know what I find out.

clint said...

Beat ya again Flavs! :-)

You can treat canser with raw foods!

It's easy, cheap and effective!


RachelRae said...

What a great story! thanks so much for guest blogging!
~RachelRae the SW student

Feel free to join my CSC discussion group on groups. do a search or email me for an invite:

clint said...

Thanks dr.Sue,
I appreciate you looking into that for me.


totally chic girly said...

good morning gang!
Dhrumil ~ thank you for this uplifting post. Your story is quite amazing and proof of this amazing lifestyle and the power that we all have.
I have been absent for the past little while, but you have all been in my heart.
Being newly pregnant, and going through this huge journey to get here has been both a blessing and a curse. As most of you know, information and knowledge is both blessing and a curse. With the click of the mouse you can find out the good, bad and the ugly on just about everything.
That is where I have been lately, looking for the good, bad and the ugly. My hcg levels have been doing funky things, going up but not doubling. I have been obsessing and scouring the internet for meaning.
Anywhoo... here I am.. back to the posse... :)
If any of you are interested ( I know someone mentioned about my pregnancy blog) I do have one. The address is:
Ultrasound is scheduled for 2-14-08... prayers and positive vibes are ALWAYS welcomed.
Love to all... Kristy

Grendle said...


You wrote of your Aunt Hema using 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide to clean produce. I was wondering if she or you have ever used the peroxide in drinking water? I have heard it can work miracles and that it can kill you. What's your take on this subject? Thanks for your help!


Treat Cancer said...

You can treat cancer with Flavonoids!

It's easy, cheap and effective. It costs only $20.

Dhrumil said...

@Grendle H202 is great for so many things! The book I mentioned in the blog is a great starting resource.

Much love to everyone for the comments.

Have a blessed week.

Mary a.k.a. MHC said...

I love this story. Thank you Kris. I wish I had someone to walk me through it all. Is there like a menu to follow. YOu know....1) get a juicer, 2) get a book on juicing recipes, 3) ect. a real novice format?

Della said...

Hi Kris! I want to first tell you how much I loved the book and am reading it again as I am being treated for sarcoma at MD Anderson right now. I am desperatly awaiting the dvd and look foward to your second book.Could you give me some feedback on Hippocrates' Life Change Program? You are a true inspiration and your words have helped me go thru this difficult time.

angelina said...

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debbiedoesraw said...

merlin again, my friend, I must say...